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“This is outrageous”: Joe Biden said Saturday that President Trump “could be impeached" for threatening his family

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Sleepy Joe is a clown in a collection of clowns, that individually are funny to watch, but collectively are dangerous to the Republic.  He, and they,  are so divorced from reality it is hard to even wrap you mind around how people that function normally can do it.

I suppose it is like a good carpenter who walks into the cockpit of a Boeing 747, has somehow gotten permission to fly it, and looks around and says "OOOOooo!, look at all the clocks! ... I need to set them to the time on my watch!"

You may want to take the next flight out.

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I agree, because  charges can be brought up in the House of Representatives,  which is currently Democrat controlled, with a 51% or more vote, But then it gets referred to the Senate, which has a Republican majority, and where it takes a 66% vote to sustain the impeachment to go to trial.

This will NEVER happen is a sane world, however the Ship Of Fools is on a fools errand, commissioned and piloted by fools.


Impeach a Fool's Errand by Fools.wmv

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