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2019 Annual Meeting wishes

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"The typical JW online profile is incredible for its ineffectiveness. “Hi. I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Do you have a question about the origin of the cross? Ask me.” "  - TrueTomHarley

Never saw that online approach. Agree it is not effective.

Also like your deliberation on the times we approach people.  I keep saying to people in the service that evening is more productive.  When I go out in morning, I find I am getting to the age where I no longer wish to go back out in the evening to a certain Bible study, but push myself to do so. When I get there I realize it is really the right time, no interruptions as when I do in the morning. The lady suggested I come evening, but I was trying still to get her to study in the morning. She also runs a business. 

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8 minutes ago, Melinda Mills said:

Never saw that online approach. Agree it is not effective.

Oh, I probably bump it up a notch, as I do most things. Maybe it is not “typical.” But I have seen it. And the ones “atypical” often do not stray too far from it.

It is not effective because it gives the impression that we are one-dimensional people who eat “Bible sandwiches.” For some of us, that is not too far from the truth. Don’t misunderstand—it is not such a terrible thing to be that way, but it does limit one’s range in the ministry.

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    • By Jack Ryan
      I've been able to get my hands on these pictures of the new printed Study Bible which was released at the Annual Meeting yesterday. Has a light brown cover rather than the grey tone of the regular bible. The page edges are gold rather than silver. And it only includes Matthew-Acts. Surprisingly, while many of us were expecting the Org to reduce printing operations even further, this actually wasn't the case this year. Although apparently they did mention that due to the "high resolution colour pages and high quality materials", the Bible is rather "expensive to produce".

    • By Jack Ryan
      Location of Annual Meeting was Jersey City Assembly Hall, date October 5. A new complex will be built that will host 1000 workers for the Audio/video and art production. The architect from the Britain branch relocation project is being reassigned to Patterson where announcement will be made of a renewed Patterson with its own visitor center. Building of the new AV complex will be complete 2026, it will be as professional as any "worldly" complex and the size of the complex will be EXACTLY the same size as Warwick Bethel and it will be located in Ramapo, NY. Construction begins on 2022, a 4 year project.
      Expanding buildings projects doesn’t mean that the end is delayed , those buildings will continue to be used after Armageddon
    • By Jack Ryan
      The locusts of Joel Chapter 2 no longer refer to Jehovah's Witnesses and events surrounding 1919.
      The locusts in Revelation chapter 22 however still do refer to the anointed, but are now no longer connected with the prophecy on Joel.
      Joel 2 now refers to the "Babylonians", the coalition of nations that will try to destroy God's people.
      The context of Joel chapter 2 points the time period of fulfillment to Jehovah's Day in the Great Tribulation and how God will save his people.

    • By Jack Ryan
      Is the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" now going to be renamed "Faithful and Prudent Slave" since Discreet sounds like they have been hiding secret child molestation documents away from the authorities and it doesn't sound good in front of the courts?
      I know they are prudent now in their new Spanish translation.
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