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This website will be closing down on December 31, 2019 if California doesn't amend the CCPA.

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14 hours ago, admin said:

@TrueTomHarley No. Not based in California. But the rules are so sweeping it can include sites like this one.

Well, if you are not in California and have no critical interests there, who cares if you run afoul of their law? What’s the worst that can happen?

Dear Mr Admin:

Hasta la vista.....baby! I’ll be back!

Very truly yours

Arnold Schwartsnegger - Governor emeritus of California”


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It's based on where the user is as well....not just our company. 

A New York corporation can still be fined "per incident" by the CA Attorney General for CA users.

And unless Google comes up with a way for us to block CA users then the risk is just too high to justify making $20 profit running some forum.

The bigger fish can afford to code more and load up on attorneys and use investors $ to pay exorbitant fines.


oh... and Typepad .... in order to fight spam MUST be using IP blocking.... hence they must be storing IP addresses somewhere.... and where is that disclosed?  ... Can you spell lawsuit?

On this site we delete our IP list every 24 hours. Better not to keep the info in the first place.

You'll also notice I approve members "manually".... one by one to avoid spam nowadays.

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17 minutes ago, admin said:

You'll also notice I approve members "manually".... one by one to avoid spam nowadays.

Well, you let Arguis Maxus slip by. Also Dr. Adhomenum, Dr. Max “Ace” Inhibitor, and a host of others I no longer recall. They are all me—inspired by someone else here who does the same.

If you go down the tubes, where am I going to go for my daily fix? Methinks I’m in trouble. I may even have to start being productive and tackle more things on my wife’s to-do list. Say....you don’t think SHE is behind this, do you?

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@TrueTomHarley I suspect your wife is in the clear on this one. 🙂


There are many small time bloggers worried about this law right now. 

I doubt development companies like IPS or Wordpress have dedicated anything to this problem. They were probably hoping Google would make it go away.  

Yet. Here we are. 

Would you risk life changing fines “per incident” to make even $100 monthly profit?

High risk + Low Reward = Find a new hobby for most small time publishers/bloggers/forum owners  


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