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Foreigner linking data privacy with the CCPA and free speech questions

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16 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

Since it is only one state—California, is there some tool so that you could block anything from that state. If you and enough webmasters do such, and Californians are blocked from enough sites, citizens will feed their politicians to the sharks. (who may spit them out).

Why would you continue false information and hate to continue? Didn't you say you are a witness? The problem is, California usually sets a legal  precedent for other states to follow. If anything, you should blame people like JTR, witness, Shiwiii, Srecko, etc. for having the government to rethink how much freedom of speech has, especially when it threatens the lives of people by hate speech. 

What should be advocated is the censorship of such people in websites. Since Webmasters aren't willing, then it's up to the government to take control. Then again, you should know being a webmaster.

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@Foreigner no. Definitely not a JW despite seeing a lot of your stuff on here. 

Free speech has nothing to do with this post. This is about data privacy.  

Google and Facebook went too far IMhO and now the internet will change quite a bit in the future if something isn’t done. 


Getting rid of someone else’s speech can be pleasing until the State decides that YOUR voice is now prohibited. Then you’ll scream for it. In your own bedroom. 

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7 minutes ago, admin said:

Getting rid of someone else’s speech can be pleasing until the State decides that YOUR voice is now prohibited. Then you’ll scream for it. In your own bedroom. 

Something that's often done to people here for the wrong reasons. Data privacy is one way to regulate hate speech. Now that I know you are NOT a JW, then I understand the "BAN" on honesty in which you prohibit certain speech, thanks. There should be no further inference TTH.

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I don’t think that is what foreigner is referring to TTH. I think it amounts to what free society has abused on a technological advancement.

The fact that the “Admin” is PRO opposer has no conductive or responsible solution. If he (you) are going to delete someone for speaking their mind, it should be done across the board, not just those you don’t like. That in effect has given the government’s just cause to “regulate” the internet. If Webmasters aren’t willing, then they will. The original intent of the internet super highway was to be informational in a constructive, way. It has become a “destructive” avenue now. Too many accidents, and too many casualties.

However, that shouldn’t matter since the governor (God) of this world has the last word. Man can’t solve what the devil considers ambition. Especially when someone can incite violence to another anonymously. The responsibility was the webmasters, just like a parent.


Free Speech in the Algorithmic Society: Big Data, Private Governance, and New School Speech Regulation


“The problems of free speech in any era are shaped by the communications technology available for people to use and by the ways that people actually use that technology. Twenty years ago, in 1997, when I began the Information Society Project at Yale, we were just entering the age of the Internet. Most people were still using dial-up modems, there was no Facebook, Google, or YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat; there were no iPhones.Only twenty years later, we have already entered into a new phase -the Algorithmic Society -which features large, multinational social media platforms that sit between traditional nation states and ordinary individuals, and the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence agents to govern populations.”

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I think @admin‘s fears are overblown and that outfits such as Wordpress, even Typepad (which is part of a large conglomerate of 2nd-tier technologies) will come up with a solution that they will use to justify a price increase, hopefully not too huge. Our worst dreams do come true, but they usually come true gradually, not in one fell swoop with a swipe of the pen.

There will be a gate at the entrance of blogs where ones who wish to participate waive away privacy rights. Or (better yet) there will be developed some tool to ban anyone from California, and then the outrage of those persons will cause lawmakers to reconsider. They do not want to be like John Jay, who negotiated a treaty so onerous that he latter wrote he could ride at night from Philadelphia to Washington, lit solely by the burning effigies of himself hanging every 50 yards or so.

Still, he is closer to this than me, and paying more attention. Maybe I underestimate the problem and the WNM Forum will indeed go down. If so, I will miss it. But I will also move on. I have used my time well here. Engaging with malcontents, villains, as well as avant-garde brothers has served to hone both my writing and my thinking. In turn, I have used that to write larger assemblages that stand on their own, regardless of whether distribution methods may change. Admin himself rebuked me long ago, and the experience eventually served as a quirky introduction to “TrueTom vs the Apostates.”

    Hello guest!

I suspect that you, Foreigner, would miss this site more than me. Where would you go to upbraid people? If you are in a congregation and you carry on there as you do here, it will become such a contentious and backbiting place that elders are likely to call you on the carpet for it.

22 hours ago, Foreigner said:

Now that I know you [Admin] are NOT a JW, then I understand the "BAN" 

You didn’t know that? He has said it often enough. So here you come charging like a bull, upbraiding for apostasy anyone displaying the slightest deviation from the latest writing of the Witness organization, far in excess of what they would ever insist upon, and you do it all before unbelievers, making Witnesses look ridiculous. It is nearly as absurd as the spectacle presented when brothers tell each other on FB that so-and-so is disfellowshipped, and so be careful not to associate with that one. Since you can’t really know, one sister even proposed phoning an elder in the home congregation to ask if so-and-so was in good standing or not. All this before unbelievers! I responded that if I were such an elder, I might comply once or twice, being caught off guard, but after that I would say: “Look! I have a family, a job, congregation responsibilities, and a life! I don’t have time for such nonsense! Stay off social media if you have to ask such questions! The Witness organization never sent you there in the first place!” The internet is not the congregation and cannot be made to behave like one. This should be understood before you venture onto it.

@JW Insider brought up the topic of what is the benefit of an online forum. I gave a few reasons relevant to myself, but did not include the following: Another value to me of this forum (and online in general) is the discipline of tackling heavy spiritual topics knowing that unbelievers might be listening in, and learning how to say things without turning them off. I mean, they may not like the religion itself, and if such is the case, there is nothing to be done about it. But sometimes it is our own inartfulness that is the turn-off, and I have learned to be artful (relatively).

Few Witnesses are good at this. When they engage with non-believers, it is strictly mundane, regarding business matters or the weather—or they go into “witness mode” and address them to tell of the paradise, petting the animals, and how the Trinity is a crock. They can’t mix the two. I have learned to do that, and I credit sites like this with providing the practice so as to make that possible.

It is a good skill to develop, I think. We won’t be described as so “insular” should we ever pull of that trick. But I think we never will pull it off.. “Insularity” is too close to being “no part of the world”—a condition that must be so for Christians, per James 4:4, for example.

22 hours ago, Foreigner said:

What should be advocated is the censorship of such people in websites. Since Webmasters aren't willing, then it's up to the government to take control. 

Would you look to the government for your salvation? Not me. In Russia, the government has not restrained the “such people” [Witness, Srecko, Shiwiii, etc] you describe. It is Witness HQ that it has restrained. 

If Admin’s worst fears are realized and his site goes down, other sites will go down for the same reason. That will kick out tons of “apostate” sites, and I have no problem with that. “I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it,” is the saying of Voltaire, not me. When it comes to trashing spiritual things, I’d just as soon they not say it. I can live with it should that become the new law.

None of this will affect the official channel, that is not into collecting data in the first place, and when they do for the sake of log-in accounts, I think even already they require applicants to yield on such newfound concerns—and you should hear the apostates howl over that!—probably agent @Jack Ryan has started a few dozen crybaby threads over that, spinning it, as he spins everything, that the bad Watchtower is doing it so as better to “control” people.

In fact, I think what Bethel will say with regard to BITE apostates is: “The idiots! They pressed their “victimization” complaints to such absurd lengths that the asp came around to bite them in their own rear ends, knocking them all offline.” Jack did it to himself!

As for Admin, he will have to find himself a new hobby. They are offering pickleball lessons down at the Rec Center, I hear—a fine way for duffers to keep in shape. It wouldn’t hurt me were I to sign up myself, and maybe I will see him there. Maybe someday I will even see him at the Kingdom Hall—that is, if he did not get chased away by the hotheads here.

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