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Microsoft Flight Simulator will return in 2020 with a reboot. Here’s a look back at the...

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Ah yes! My favorite! Besides Tetris, it's the only video game that I actually bought and loaded on my early PCs. I've gone several years without playing any video games or simulations, but I'll be very happy to try this one again. (I have to admit that I have also used the flight simulator function on Google Earth, and even tried out a few free flight sims for the iPhone.)

I don't think people want to admit how often in the early MS Flight Simulator, that so many of us took off from the default airport and found ourselves trying to manage circle-eight maneuvers around the World Trade Center buildings in a Boeing 747 -- and inevitably crashing into them (pre 9/11).

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I also used to enjoy Tetris ... then I started designing chemical plants and refineries, which is sorta like the same thing, except getting paid very well does have its attractiveness.

Sigh ... I guess I will be buying the new Flight Simulator ... and the yoke ... and the pedals ... and the throttle...

Sigh ... so much for that new 26.5 inch long Remington gas operated shotgun I wanted ....

I suppose either one will be helpful during a Zombie or Liberal Apocalypse.

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