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@Matthew9969 There one for you too Matthew. Now both you and the JWs have some common ground.

That being said, you need to understand what a cult is and what a religion is. Apparently, people tend to call anything a cult whereas they don't know what that term entails, let alone, such ones use the word if they legitimate have disdain for or do not agree with them at all, i,e. Muslims consider the Tirune a cult, or taking worship up to Eostre or Saturnalia... There's a bit of irony to that.

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16 hours ago, Matthew9969 said:

I'm willing to label them as a high control group.

You are high controlled as well. The general public considers Christians as a collective as high control due to the fact we do anything and everything to seek, and or draw close to God, and apply the teachings of his Son, so much as so, as even to mock us. In your case, as per last conversation, the general public mocks mainstream ones even more because they adopt paganism and practices that are not of the church and that are not of Christ - which I pointed this out concerning you in the past, and I can easily link/quote if need be.

JWs are as they are because of Restorationism, having a strict code concerning the Bible and it is riddled in their Christology, hence why you have a handful of people who in the general public that does not always agree with them, but point them out as following their roots in Restorationist.

In your case, you have creeds, created and formed during a counsel, as for others, they have their start, as is with other Abrahamic Faiths such as Islam.

That being said, the Christology matters, always, as is as to why such and such persons as as they are, but in the eyes of the general public, you are just as high controlled as the next guy and will be targeted for not so sound doctrines and practices that never originated with the church, reasons why I often quote and love to use Galatians 1:1-11.

The irony of it all, you are the majority in Christendom, and they are the minority - the statistics on who is increasing and decreasing shows.

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