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Can Jehovah's Witnesses eat Meatless Burgers at Burger King?

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The impossible burger contains a couple of oils, also an ingredient that they use in laxatives. and Heme that was discovered using stem cells (human) to replicate the juices in the patty.

On the other side, I’m sure Burger King has a policy to clean the grill between real meat and plant based material.


Anyone know if Beyond Meat is the same?

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15 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

I checked, and it seems that we ARE in fact allowed to eat meatless hamburgers, but we are NOT allowed to donate blood.

The working theological premise is that before you can be a blood DONOR ... you have to be a blood OWNER.

But you are allowed to use fractions of human blood that other people have donated :) . I thought blood was sort of sacred and belonged to GOD. If so then I would have thought NO ONE has the right to rip it into pieces. So in line with that thought I would think no JW would want to 'steal' blood fractions that actually belong to God. 

However it is possible that the scriptures actually meant not to literally drink blood, as it was the custom at that time. 

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52 minutes ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

..... sigh ......

Apparently ... sometimes my jokes are just for me!

Probs' because I'm British and don't understand American humour 

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One of the best British jokes I ever heard is:

On a magnificent 1000 hectare estate in England, the Lord of the Manor was out on the meticulously groomed front lawn, under a tree, reclining in a hammock, drinking tea and reading a book, with his butler by his side,

A flying saucer lands on the lawn, a ramp comes down and out walks an alien roughly resembling a cross between a squid, a cockroach, and a chicken, and waving many tentacles he sqiggles over to the Lord of the Manor and says "Take me to your leader."

The Lord of the manor puts down his tea, folds his book, and hands it to his butler and says "My good ...um... person ... you do not need a leader, you need a surgeon".



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