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4 minutes ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

"STUFF HAPPENS" (paraphrased)

Get used to it.


Or sin, be it willfully and or someone struggling to combat it. A constant battle man faces everyday, even young ones. In this day and age, it has become more serious over time due to the oddities and ideologies and conduct now acceptable today. Young ones are more effective because of the school systems now integrating some things you wouldn't catch yourself talking to your family about on the dinner table.

That being said, we must not simply get use to it, we must always be ready to dodge the incoming jab of sin, and should we be it, do we stand up and dodge and fight against the urge of sin or do we simply lay there and allow sin to be unhinged and lay out an unspeakable amount of hay-makers to secure a victory? Do not let sin win, do everything to fight against it, and should it win, do not give up, push it back.

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.... to esoteric for me .....

...reminds me of the time before dawn  I was leaving my motel room to my car, right outside my door, and a fellow walked up and inquired about my giving him some money, and would not take no for an answer.

I pointed my five shot revolver at his stomach, and said "I am so broke, if I emptied my gun into your stomach, I could not afford to buy more bullets".  This did not deter him and he said, looking down at the gun, "I don't want any bullets man, I want some money". 

I explained I was NOT going to give him any money, and he went about six cars down and started banging on someone's door.

I went to work.

I try not to flail about with my appendages in pugilism, or fisticuffs.

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