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In the Bible, 'heaven' has 3 basic meanings. Use the context to determine the meaning in each case.

What Is Heaven?

The word “heaven” is used in three basic senses in the Bible:

(1) the physical heavens;

(2) the spirit realm; and

(3) a symbol of a high or exalted position.

The Hebrew word translated “heaven” apparently comes from a root word that means “high,” or “lofty.” (Proverbs 25:3)

See The New Brown, Driver, and Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament, page 1029.

Where Is Heaven?

>> https://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/questions/what-is-heaven/?fbclid=IwAR05vb4wB163K_q2MZfC3xp9xjQla_6Ft9n1ww0aaP945Qv_ArPPqB_wfvI


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Heaven is a place for energy beings to inhabit, where Jehovah lives from "everlasting to everlasting". and NOTHING in this Universe does that. Not even atoms, that in deep time dissolve into nothing. 

Where did Jehovah live before he created the Universe at the Big Bang?

Obviously in a different Universe on the OTHER SIDE of the Big Bang, where the physics of time and space are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than this Universe, and there is no 2nd law of thermodynamics (be a sport... look it up).

In this Universe, entropy affects ALL things, and there cannot be an exception.

That is WHY .... there are angels that are emissaries to this Universe.

Heaven is a different dimension, not a part of our spacetime continuum.

... and where there is no linear "arrow of time", where Jehovah would have had to have had a beginning.

That make for a very good reason to understand Quantum Physics, so you can prove all this to yourself.

OOPS! .. I forgot ... we are not supposed to get educated in "useless things".

... just sit down and pet that skinny male lion with the ravenous look on his face,  that has been fed straw for the past month.


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