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Jehovah hates turkey

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3 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

You are going to have to do some serious explaining, to justify that statement, as it makes no sense at all.

Further, if Thor is the reaction you get when eating a Thanksgiving Day meal, you need to take some Athpirin.

Unfortunately, Thor would not be able to help him when it comes to the judgement seat of Yahweh, the last time we someone used a false god to go against Yahweh didn't end to well - recall the story of Elijah (1 Kings 18)? Technically a hares not having a chance in a den of foxes.

Matthew simply exposed himself for siding with the goddess Ceres, likewise, to him siding with the other false gods, Tammuz and Saturnila, as past discussions show.

That being said, mainstream Christians always want to justify Un-Christian practices. The baffling thing is, WHY?

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On 12/3/2019 at 11:32 PM, Matthew9969 said:

Apparently you didn't read the label on jw.org.

You are always accusing GB of being dictators but this proves you wrong.  Personal conscience is recognized.  There are so many things which are left to personal conscience - such as blood reactions.

Personally, I think jehovah loves Turkey because he made them.  It is the humans which use them for the wrong purpose.  Just as humans misuse blood without the respect for the life it represents.

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12 hours ago, Space Merchant said:

like to point out is some Americans do not know how to clean their food. No cleansing, no nothing. Which results in blood and or chemicals in the food. One thing that cannot be deterred is what is fed to the livestock, in which are used as food sources.

True.  There are things we do not have control over. Kreutzers disease is a result of cannibalism..... feeding animals their own kind. 

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Oh my, pagans eat turkey!!!! that is ground breaking news, I better start checking labels to make sure there are no turkey by products in the food.

Gee's, you guys think these pagan gods are real, your wako wako wako.

I'll stand by my statement that jw's and pretending jw's commit blasphemy when they claim Christians are worshipping other gods when in actuality they are worshiping the most high God and the Holy Spirit is working within and around those Christians lives.


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I know where you are coming from, but I realize that in human motivations there are truly INFINITE variety.

Before my wife became a JW, about 9 nears ago, she was Catholic, and she tells me that neither she or her mother worshipped the  many idols or statues and whatnot in her church.

... and besides ... you cannot blaspheme against a person, or against God if you are misrepresenting what a person believes.

Now, you are just making stuff up.



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  Quote @Arauna  " Just as humans misuse blood without the respect for the life it represents. "

Which humans misuse blood ? 

If the blood represents life, then do you think it is ok for humans to take it out of the human body and then mess with it, by breaking it down into 'sub-sections' / fractions, just to please other humans ? 


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As Les Nessman of WKRP, Cincinnati Radio once said in a live broadcast Thanksgiving Promotion from a shopping mall with an overhead helicopter tossing out turkeys from about 2000 feet, and they spattered as they hit cars and pavement "they are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement" Oh, the inhumanity of it!", and Station Manager Arthur Carlton said "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly !!".

WKRP _As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly_ Thanksgiving (1).mp4

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15 hours ago, 4Jah2me said:

do you think it is ok for humans to take it out of the human body and then

Do not twist my words......  I said people do not have respect for blood.  So no- we are NOT to consume whole  blood in any way. When it comes to fractions, it is a personal decision,  such as vaccinations - which are grown with fetus tissue etc. 

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6 hours ago, Arauna said:

So no- we are NOT to consume whole  blood in any way. When it comes to fractions, it is a personal decision, 

I would VERY much like to see the scripture for that one.

It is a rhetorical comment, of course because there aren't any ... merely the personal opinions of a group of men who are trying not to be financially sued out of a job.

While you are looking that up, consider this ..... If its OK to receive everything that is blood that is fractionated .... can you also DONATE blood if you are assured it will be fractionated?

.... might be a handy source of income when a Brother or Sister's rent is due, and they don't have enough money to pay it.





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