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Jack Ryan

The Watchtower and the Colored people

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27 minutes ago, Arauna said:

There is a time for everything..... humor can also be derogatory 

So....who decides?


... by the way ... I heard  that joke from a black comedian, Eddie Murphy.

I had the frame of reference to find it EXTREMELY funny!

OH! ... and I thought it was funny your attempt at black pronunciation.  You have real talent there!


Lighten up! ... you will live a LOT longer.

People with no sense of humor ... it just FEELS  like they are living forever.  Especially if you have to be around them.


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46 minutes ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

Lighten up! ... you will live a LOT longer.

Unless I am very mistaken (and what are the chances of that?) she is the one more suited to counsel you as to how to live longer.

She is older than you as it is, and she was not afraid to take on Alan the Obnoxious. You ran like a scared rabbit even when your two favorite subjects, Trump and global warming, came up on the docket.

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10 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

You make a quote from the movie "Cool Hand Luke", and missed "Shakin' the bushes boss"?

I think I didn’t miss a thing. You are either doing something unmentionable or you are making your escape—and not a moment too soon.

Besides, I just made that line up myself. If it turns out that movie plagiarized it, they’ve got a major lawsuit on their hands.

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    • By Jack Ryan
      As a born-in black JW in the US, Watchtower tried to teach me to be ashamed of my natural body and black features. There would always be talks about how dreads, braids, and afros are dirty, unclean, and unprofessional. According to JWs, being seen with them out in the ministry would bring reproach on Jehovah or judgement from the householders (as if the householder wouldn't see my skin and still be racist if they so choose). In the Watchtower's eyes, just naturally the way our hair grows and is culturally handled is a sin apparently.
      I noticed many black men that convert to Da Troof shave their heads. Before I finally escaped and became POMO, I remember a young dude who converted recently. He had a beautiful high top afro that must've taken so time and energy to grow! But afros are bad. So he shaved his hair off. My own father shaved his afro, and said he would never grow it because he doesn't see any other black men in the hall have afros.
      Women are pressured into putting chemicals that can literally BURN the skin off their scalps, to be accepted by Jehoover. I only got a perm for a few months of my life, but it was excruciatingly painful. I had huge scabs and wounds all over my scalp. Racism that we face because of our hair is a broad problem in the US at large that's been getting better in recent years, but it just shows that the bORG isn't the racial sanctuary they try to say they are - despite their incredibly vile racist past.
      Has anyone else noticed this or been faced this?
      - faerykid
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