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Born: 1950-

Location: ?

“Tony” Morris as his friends call him 

Part of a series about:


"Tony Morris pioneered in Cranston and Huntington View congregations back in the 1970's & 1980's. His real birth name was Anthony Esposito and he was adopted by non-italian parents. He was best friends and best man with the late Bob Rosati of Cranston, and was also a mentor to now circuit overseer Lou Puerini from Cranston. I knew Tony and both of his young teenage sons very well and spent many an afternoon and weekend out in the field with him both before and after he moved from New England to serve in North Carolina. He was relaxed, mellow and home schooled both of the boys so they become pioneers and bethelites." - A friend who knew him


Served in a medical capacity at Long Binh in the Vietnam War 1968-1970 (discussed in one of his talks) (Link here when we find it)

Studied with Jehovah's Witnesses and subsequently baptized in 1970.

He married his wife Susan who is Irish. (year ?)

Was in full-time service from 1971-74, then raised two sons (Jesse and Paul) and resumed full-time service in 1979.

He served in the circuit work and went to Patterson in 2002.

He has two sons (Jesse and Paul) both reportedly serving in Bethel. Appointed to work in the Service Dept. and served as a helper to the Service Committee of the Governing Body. (as one of the "Nethinim" in 1992 and reportedly even wrote that article while serving in the writing dept.)

Announcement of his appointment to the Governing Body was made on August 24, 2005 

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 1.11.52 PM.png

Once commented regarding the Society that "We tried running a loose ship [in the 70's], and it didn't work."
Anthony Morris expressed his views on tight jeans in Rome Italy - January 2014
The Real Armageddon - Why? When?

In 2019 he was caught up in a controversy over his buying lots of expensive hard liquor at a liquor store.

Talks by Anthony Morris III (on the first wiki)

Antonis Morris.jpeg

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 12.08.14 PM.pngAMorrisIII.jpg.w180h207.jpganthony-morris-gilead.jpg

In one video I saw, Anthony Morris III makes the comment "I come from a wealthy family, you all know that". Does anyone know who this family is? What is their business? Where does such wealth come from?

Related items;

US Branch Visit - Saturday November 8, 2014
Comments on Ireland's Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage - June 2015 


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Not  just  easy  for  us  all....  but  one  is  fact,  we're  all  imperfect  still  in  the  next  1000  years  ;-(   I  will  better  not  judge  about  humans,  bec. Jehovah  is  watching  me...   HE  alone  has  to   judge  to  HIS  time,  over  us  all !  HE  is  almighty  just,  we  never  can  do  that.

But  -  thank  you  for  the  again  detailed  reminders !

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On 5/14/2016 at 6:27 PM, The Librarian said:

(as one of the "Nethinim" in 1992 and reportedly even wrote that article while serving in the writing dept.)

Gene Smalley was the much more likely writer of the "Nethinim" article. Also, note that Bro Morris was not even invited to Bethel until 10 years after that article was written.

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      Here's another one,  @TrueTomHarley
      He snuck out on Sunday morning to go to a liquor store (bypassing many others stores close by) out of state to spend almost $1000 bucks on whiskey. He should have been doing 'pastoral' duties that Sunday morning in the Headquarters where he lives and runs the place.
      Instead he dressed up in disguise; a trenchcoat, tennis shoes, and a low billed hat to go out of state at a special 'spiritual' time to get his liquor instead of dressing up in a suit with other brothers and going like normal, or having those under him purchase it.
      Many critical thinkers here believe that it belies a dishonesty. He could have picked a better time and place, and manner of dress to get his 12 bottles of high end scotch, at the least. Also, the manner of his purchase suggests a bigger problem, not only with him, but within the compound itself, if this is allowed, while they preach the opposite to the masses.
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      I saw this thread on Facebook and would like to know the truth.

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