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The WEST's war of words against CHINA. Starting with the Uyghurs.

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On 8/16/2020 at 2:33 PM, TrueTomHarley said:

Did he really say that? One time I called him out on how it is not much of a “last days” if it began in 33 and he said that as far as he was concerned, Armageddon might come in the next 5 minutes.

I appreciated that Arauna was "addressing" me obliquely rather than through direct accusations. This is good manners on a forum, because the person will "know" he or she is being addressed, and can consider the merit of the accusation, but not feel threatened or feel a need to take it personally. You yourself have also been thoughtful and diplomatic in counseling me without direct confrontation. Of course, I know for a fact that some people seem to get even more irritated and defensive from this oblique manner than if they were accused directly. I'll take it either way.

And to your defense of me, thanks. That's my view. I've seen quite a bit of political "sign-watching" that ends up with the idea that, for example: "It kind of prepares us for what we can expect in future." (Not very oblique.) This is a valid opinion, but I notice the sheer magnitude of some of these expectations: like implementing a new world currency, or implementing and enforcing UN directives or "agenda" on a global scale which are slated for many years in the future. These types of things might very well happen, but thinking things like this must happen before the end can easily lull others into thinking that the real Global Government solution must be at least 5 to 10 years' off.

On 8/16/2020 at 2:33 PM, TrueTomHarley said:

Far more likely, I think, nobody reads this thread—I note that my invitation to respond in any way, with either an upvote or downvote, has attracted only two hits.

I was the first to bother, but only flippantly, to see if I could safely predict the following outcome:


Exactly!!! It was too easy. You probably don't even need names to know who was who.

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Whatever perception that is will be solved when they learn to mind their own business, as we are all advised to do. Just how do they do that? Are we to believe that the Wt expects people to eat Bible sandwiches 24/7? I think not. It is indulging an interest that is going on here, that is all, same as if brothers were working on a souped-up stock car, and trading shop-talk back and forth. There are 8.6 million Witnesses in the world. Whatever two or three of them may being doing does

By now, most people have heard about the "Weeger" issues in China. There are supposedly concentration camps, torture camps, medical experiments, thousands imprisoned, etc. When someone changed thousands to "for all we know, there might even be millions" the new number changed to "millions" without Western media even batting an eyelash.  So here's an opinion about it, which focuses on Xinjiang Province (also known as the “Uyghur Autonomous Region”)...There’s a lot of background to this, but

I haven’t tried to rank them. If I did, I don’t think you would be in first place. I do take it seriously. I just dial it back a notch or two. If it is any consolation, I dial JWI’s stuff 2 notches or 3. You don’t think I buy all his stuff, do you? It is but food for thought—sort of like that verse that says you think you know it all after hearing the first witness, and then the other fellow comes along. I don’t know why he goes on and on the way he does—to me, all one need do is see

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4 hours ago, JW Insider said:

but thinking things like this must happen before the end can easily lull

I have often said - these Agenda 2030 plans are on the table - and as we speak they are implementing their plans.  How far it will go - we do not know….. but the bible is clear...…. the image of the beast will rule for a short while (because others will give it their authority - by trickery or willingly - we do not know) and then go into oblivion.  Those people with its political mark will NOT get everlasting life... the bible is clear. Many people will be forced to have its mark because it is Satan's intention to deceive or force people to get this political mark..... they will face tests if they refuse it.

Why am I bringing this up - because it is already under our noses and can happen very quickly...… never ever have I indicated that it is far off in any way.   Hunger is at the doorstep of the entire world with this Covid 19 bankruptcies everywhere. It is not my fanciful thinking...…. it is already here. A very high percentage of home owners in USA defaulted on their home payments last month (if I remember correctly it is 37%).  When government help stops we will see wide-spread hunger, looting and upheaval - unless the government uses stronger measures to keep people contained...….   a totalitarian type of control will ensue....

5 hours ago, JW Insider said:

It kind of prepares us for what we can expect in future."

If one does not foresee something it is very hard to deal with. Easier to know... at least for me personally.  There are the type of personalities that prefer to know nothing at all..... and just go unprepared into what is coming...… although I doubt one can prepare oneself for what is really coming.  However, I cannot unknow what I know.  Sometimes I do wish I had a less inquisitive nature. 

16 hours ago, JW Insider said:

US government has sponsored and supported much more international terrorism than Iran ever has,

Agreed USA is a dragon and acting as a "prophet."  The CIA operations and propaganda and funds they throw around has been the same since the cold war - overthrowing many regimes.

Regarding the terrorism, I wish to bring to your attention that Iran is an extremely aggressive regime.  It has funded most of the conflicts in the middle east  - but I am not here to talk politics but would like to mention my knowledge of islam and the battles within it. 

My knowledge of the conflict in Yemen and the starving of children (Shia Islam inspired) and my knowledge of the problems in Lebanon with Hezbollah-funded insurgencies from Iran ….. even the conflict in Syria.   The brand of Islam that Assad follows in an offshoot of Shia - Islam.  Saddam Hussain was also pro-shia….. a minority ruling over the majority Sunni.   The conflicts in Middle east is between branches of Islam.  And ALL branches of Islam are conquerors, when the time is right, because Mohammad was waging war every two months to expand his empire...until his unexpected death...... This expansion was carried forward after his death and is called the "golden age of Islam" under the caliphates who waged the wars. The third caliph had the Quran written down 21 years after the death of  " the prophet" because so many men who learnt the verses by rote were dying in the battles According to Islam history written 200 years after his death).  They gathered all the stones etc the Quran was written on and wrote it down and burnt the rest of the writings which differed from those that seemed to be true. Caliph Uthman was also a masterful soldier and took on Persia, Afghanistan etc.  Later they took Africa and the conquest only ended when they were stopped in Tours - France, by a Frankish king. 150 years after Mohammad's death most of the present Islamic world was already been captured (except for Constantinople)  and soldiers paid with booty and slaves..  The split between Shia and Sunni came after the 3rd caliph in time of Ali.... disputes about succession.

Iran wants 'Dabiq' which is in Saudi Arabia territory and constantly undermines it - as I explained before.  This features in their final day prophecies and they have to fight a war on this territory against the Anti-Christ which will be a battle against the one-eyed JEW and his followers...…. now you know where some of their hate against Israel comes from. They are against USA not just because they are allies of S Arabia .... but because of the eschatological prophecies.  The alliance between Israel and S Arabia makes sense.  Israel knows about Iran's plans, and know what is going on because  their intelligence is the best in the world.  In the end Armageddon will bring all these groups who hate each other to conflict - brother against brother. 

I am not taking political sides - just saying what is driving most of these conflicts in middle east - is terrorist religion. S Arabia bombing civilians in Yemen...… a human catastrophe.  Yet we see that Iran is working with other totalitarian states such as China and Russia - even doing military maneuvers together.  Last week China provoked Taiwan by doing military maneuvers in their ocean waters.

What does this prove?  That things are moving forward in the direction we expect it to go and it can develop into something very dangerous very quickly.  The ongoing tensions remind me of the time before both the first and second world war when no-one wanted to go to war but it was sparked by some incident.  Wilhelm 2 was aggressive and building up weapons before WW1. Same with WW2.

We presently see a lot of posturing while people will soon be starving as crops all over the world are failing and Covid 19 has broken supply chains and decimated farming industries......

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Is it true that North Korea are killing pet dogs and eating them as they are starving due to flooding of their crops ?

And is it true that somewhere, I think it is India, they have said that their people will not be able to buy, sell or work if they don't have some kind of paperwork or card ? 

Things 'flash up' on my Facebook and i read them, but when i go back to find them they seem to be gone. 


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I would just like to bring to your attention that so much 'good headlines' and press in the west has been paid for by the Chinese CCP. I see recently that new York times has broken off all ties. They used to put in long articles which were written by the almost 200 journalists working for the CCP - most probably the military wing... and paid for by them. Yes, CCP has a propaganda press core. They flood social media with good stories.... At least people are now waking up to the deception. Rather look at what they are doing to Jehovah's witnesses and take note. Their Human Rights are so wonderful that they deserve a high position in the UN Human Rights Council together with all the other Muslim delegates from countries who kill 'unbelievers". They vote each other in high positions and most of them have been bribed and get these positions because of corruption.

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On 8/16/2020 at 10:02 PM, JW Insider said:

Actually, it doesn't. I purposely started this topic in a non-Jehovah's Witnesses area of the forum. And no one has moved it to a JW area, even though several people kept bringing up JW beliefs here.

What does :non-"Jehovah"s Witnesses is not bringing reproach to Jehovah's name? The fact the name itself has the name of God even from none conforming people just makes my point on how disingenuous this point is.

13 hours ago, JW Insider said:

Exactly!!! It was too easy. You probably don't even need names to know who was who.

Most definitely, you two are too predictable, especially when you are being called out on your narratives. Opinions are no more than opinions no matter how high one regards themselves. The Holy Spirit speaks for itself with those of fine works and faith.

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1 hour ago, César Chávez said:

Most definitely, you two are too predictable, especially when you are being called out on your narratives.

Everyone here is predictable.

1 hour ago, César Chávez said:

Opinions are no more than opinions no matter how high one regards themselves

Everyone here is fond of their opinions. That doesn’t mean they regard themselves too highly.

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12 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

Everyone here is fond of their opinions.

True.… but time will tell who had read the signs (and I am talking Biblical signs) and who did not.

20 hours ago, 4Jah2me said:

Things 'flash up' on my Facebook and i read them, but when i go back to find them they seem to be gone. 

Because the billion dollar Teck companies are censoring all information the UN does not want you to see. As soon as it is uploaded it is taken down.  Doctors and researchers who are going against the WHO narrative to ban the use of hydroxychloroquine and publicly say that it really works are REMOVED from all internet outlets.... and they lose their jobs.  It is blatant medical persecution. (UN Migration compact has a clause wherein journalists need to go for re-training if the do not tow the UN-line).  Member nations willingly comply. 

This deliberate negation of common sense (which is leading to many deaths of the elderly) -  is to me a sign that we are already going the way of China where information contrary to the state narrative is removed and where respect for life no longer exists. The propaganda regarding the worship of the state and what the state (UN) only believes is 'good or bad' will be the only information you may see soon.  They are currently tabling a law in USA (under the auspices of the pharmaceutical industry) to no longer allow natural health products (certain labels) where people could make their own decisions on what medicine they allow into their body and keep themselves informed of the health industry. Independent health (medical) doctors who sell these products are under attack.  They treat us all like ignorant babies so they can make the bucks when you go to see them.  I only use natural products or nothing... but used hydroxychloroquine for Corona.

My father was a naturopath, homeopath and osteopath - so I know quite a bit and keep abreast of things.  To me it is a great pity that these super rich corporations (the pharmaceutical industrial complex) want to control everything and just give vaccinations for everything.  New research is not done any longer.... it is easier just to throw together a vaccination for which they (by protective law) cannot be taken to court and need not provide extensive testing.  It is all a rouse these tests.  The recent court case in USA (which  received NO ATTENTION in the media) indicates that the FDA received NO conclusive testing for any of the vaccines that they have been mandating for our children for the past 20 years. There are a few states who have already brought in laws (something like 49 vaccinations before the age of 12 and a few more before the age of 18..... even if you homeschool your children.....draconian? 

When they start playing with your blood and your DNA - this is a problem for me..... similar to the conditions before the flood when human DNA was mixed with that of angels, they are now messing with our DNA/RNA replication and there are NO laws to protect humans against medical abuse.

Similar to China - those who do not comply  - may soon find themselves in re-education camps or something more sinister.   The world is NO LONGER NORMAL...….  

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On 8/16/2020 at 10:20 AM, Arauna said:

But is does intimidate its neighbors.  They built 7 artificial islands and then promised USA they will not militarize it.  Next thing they have airports and ports where war ships are docked and airplanes ready to take off. …on these islands.... which may lead to problems.  They are claiming seas and fishing areas which have never belonged to them historically (for past 150 years).

This is mostly false.

A high-level, general summary of China's border disputes is found here (as reported from India): https://theprint.in/theprint-essential/not-just-india-tibet-china-has-17-territorial-disputes-with-its-neighbours-on-land-sea/461115/

Not just India, Tibet — China has 17 territorial disputes with its neighbours, on land & sea China has disputes with Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Nepal, Bhutan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar and Tibet.

The article will provide a good starting point for anyone who wants to look into each dispute, one by one.

I've looked into details of most of the disputes already, and think that the following article gives the best high-level summary of what is really going on. I'll re-quote it here. For anyone who doesn't wish to read it, I thought the main points were these:

  • The US has hundreds of battle ships in the South China Sea, including aircraft carriers, destroyers, nuclear submarines, bombers and underwater drones. The US has carried out several threatening military operations in the South China Sea. (Imagine if China carried out military operations in the Gulf of Mexico!)
  • The US has 400 military bases "encircling" China, which a US strategist has called a "perfect noose." [Some corroboration at https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2331190/us-readies-for-war-with-china-with-400-bases-of-ships-and-nukes-to-create-perfect-noose-around-superpower-rival/ ]
  • China's claims in the South China Sea are based on a 1947 map made by the pre-revolutionary Kuomintang government and recognized by the U.S. at the time, defining what is called the “nine-dash line.” It encompasses about 90 percent of the South China Sea, including areas claimed by Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Here is the article:

U.S. threats in South China Sea

Does the People’s Republic of China have the right to defend its sovereignty in the waters surrounding China?

What are U.S. aircraft carriers, destroyers, nuclear submarines, bombers and underwater drones doing in the South China Sea? China has no such force in the Gulf of Mexico; yet China is depicted here as the aggressor.

For more than 100 years, the imperialists invoked the “freedom of navigation” to dominate Chinese trade. U.S. and British gunboats controlled China’s Yangtze, Yellow and Pearl rivers and coastal waters, where they patrolled up to 1,300 miles inland. Finally, in 1949 with the successful Chinese Revolution, the People’s Liberation Army kicked out all foreign forces and their hated battleships from its rivers.

“Freedom of navigation” is a despised term in China, reeking of past colonial domination.

A Chinese ‘slingshot’

Almost daily we hear that China is “militarizing” the South China Sea by building air bases on seven small islands.

President-elect Donald Trump has tweeted that “China is building a massive fortress in the middle of the South China Sea.” These expanded mini-islands are described in the U.S. media as a great threat to world peace and regional stability.

China’s Defense Ministry announced on Dec. 16 that it would arm the islands with defensive anti-ship missiles: “They are primarily for defense and self-protection and this is proper and legitimate. For instance, if someone was at the door of your home, cocky and swaggering, how could it be that you wouldn’t prepare a slingshot?”

Washington has demanded that China stop this island construction. It carried out several highly threatening “freedom of navigation operations” close to these mini-islands last May.

The Chinese military responded by scrambling J-11 fighter jets. Chinese pilots reportedly issued warnings to an American destroyer, the USS William P. Lawrence, to leave Chinese territorial waters or face engagement. The Chinese Navy dispatched three warships and again officially opposed the repeated intrusions by air and ships in Chinese waters.

Then, on Dec. 17, China snatched an underwater drone operated from the USNS Bowditch, which was carrying out reconnaissance to detect Chinese submarine routes and construction on the seven islands. After objecting to U.S. intrusion in its waters, China returned the drone.

‘Pivot to Asia’

A new documentary by filmmaker John Pilger, “The Coming War on China,” describes the U.S. military presence in Asia in the film’s opening moments: “Today, more than 400 American military bases encircle China with missiles, bombers, warships and, above all, nuclear weapons. From Australia north through the Pacific to Japan, Korea and across Eurasia to Afghanistan and India, the bases form, as one U.S. strategist puts it, ‘the perfect noose.’

“The greatest build-up of NATO military forces since the Second World War is under way on the western borders of Russia. On the other side of the world, the rise of China as the world’s second economic power is viewed in Washington as another ‘threat’ to American dominance.”

President Obama announced this provocative U.S. military offensive, called the “pivot to Asia,” in 2011. It includes a plan to move two-thirds of the U.S. Navy to Asia and the Pacific. The weapons are aimed at China.

Conveniently, the latest confrontations in the South China Sea come at a time when the U.S. Navy needs to justify its biggest expansion in 35 years.

It presently has 273 battle force ships. Obama’s Asia Pivot would increase it to 308. Trump pledged to increase it to 350. The U.S. Navy immediately put forward a plan for 355 ships.

Building this fabulously expensive new fleet means guaranteed long-term profits and decades of cost overruns for the largest U.S. corporations, including General Dynamics, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and L3; power suppliers General Electric and Babcock and Wilcox; and shipbuilders such as Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII).

This costly new fleet to threaten the world will rob from every U.S. social program not already gutted by past military expenditures.

South China Sea, a chokehold

China has claimed the majority of the South China Sea for centuries. Now the People’s Republic of China, with 1.3 billion people, is determined not to relinquish its sovereign right to protect and defend this Chinese territory.

Its claim is based on a 1947 map made by the prerevolutionary Kuomintang government and recognized by the U.S. at the time, defining what is called the “nine-dash line.” It encompasses about 90 percent of the South China Sea, including areas claimed by Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

U.S. imperialism has attempted to strike deals and exert enormous pressure on these countries to force alliances against China by claiming to be a protector of small nations and their rights.

The decision of President Duterte of the Philippines to open relations with China during a state visit in late October and step back from being a U.S. pawn has sent shockwaves through Pentagon planners.

The area holds the richest fisheries in the world and possibly rich deposits of oil and natural gas.

The location of the South China Sea, which links the Indian and Pacific oceans, makes it strategically important. About half the world’s merchant ships pass through it. Keeping the South China Sea open for commercial navigation is a top priority for China.

Eighty percent of China’s oil imports pass through the narrow Malacca Straits, where ship traffic is three times greater than through the Suez Canal and five times more than through the Panama Canal. A blockade by the U.S. Navy could strangle China’s economy and devastate all the countries in the region.

The region surrounding the South China Sea accounts for over 60 percent of U.S. exports. It was the focus of the recently failed U.S. effort to create a Trans-Pacific Partnership — a regional trade alliance of 11 Pacific-rim countries that would have excluded China.

The setbacks for U.S. imperialism’s arrogant plans for the TPP, as well as a realignment of the Philippines, may bring more reckless threats.

China is determined to keep the South China Sea open to all commercial ships. But not to uninvited military ships.

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BTW, I just discovered this link on Ajit Singh list of links which I had not yet seen before today. It aligns pretty well with the estimate of famine deaths that I already gave, based on the problems with the statistical methods used:


It's worth a read, but a couple of points are highlighted here:

  • There are two routes through which very large ‘famine deaths’ have been claimed — firstly, population deficit and, secondly, imputing births and deaths which did not actually take place.  Looking at China’s official population data from its 1953 and 1964 censuses, we see that if the rate of population increase up to 1958 had been maintained, the population should have been 27 million higher over the period of 1959-1961 than it actually was.  This population deficit is also discussed by the demographers Pravin Visaria and Leela Visaria.  The population deficit was widely equated with ‘famine deaths.’  But 18 million of the people alleged to have died in a famine were not born in the first place.  The decline in the birth rate from 29 in 1958 to 18 in 1961 is being counted as famine deaths.
  • To say or write that “27 million people died in the famine in China” conveys to the reader that people who were actually present and alive starved to death.  But this did not actually happen and the statement that it did is false.
  • China had lowered it death rate sharply from 20 to 12 per thousand between 1953 and 1958.  (India did not reach the latter level until over a quarter century later.) ...That a dramatic reduction in the rural death rate was achieved is not disputed by anyone.  During the early commune formation from 1958, there was a massive mobilisation of peasants for a stupendous construction effort, which completely altered for a few years the normal patterns of peasant family life....The birth rate fall from 1959 had to do with labour mobilisation, and not low nutrition since the 1958 foodgrain output was exceptionally good at 200 million tons (mt).
  • There was excess mortality compared to the 1958 level over the next three years, of a much smaller order.  Let us be clear on the basic facts about what did happen: there was a run of three years of bad harvests in China — drought in some parts, floods in others, and pest attacks.  Foodgrain output fell from the 1958 good harvest of 200 mt to 170 mt in 1959 and further to 143.5 mt in 1960, with 1961 registering a small recovery to 147 million tons.  This was a one-third decline, larger than the one-quarter decline India saw during its mid-1960s drought and food crisis.  Grain output drop coincided in time with the formation of the communes, and this lent itself to a fallacious causal link being argued by the academics who were inclined to do so, and they blamed the commune formation for the output decline.  One can much more plausibly argue precisely the opposite — that without the egalitarian distribution that the communes practised, the impact on people of the output decline, which arose for independent reasons and would have taken place anyway, would have been far worse.
  • As output declined from 1959, there was a rise in the officially measured death rate from 12 in 1958 to 14.6 in 1959, followed by a sharp rise in 1960 to 25.4 per thousand, falling the next year to 14.2 and further to 10 in 1962.  While, clearly, 1960 was an abnormal year with about 8 million deaths in excess of the 1958 level, note that this peak official ‘famine’ death rate of 25.4 per thousand in China was little different from India’s 24.8 death rate in the same year which was considered quite normal and attracted no criticism.  If we take the remarkably low death rate of 12 per thousand that China had achieved by 1958 as the benchmark, and calculate the deaths in excess of this over the period 1959 to 1961, it totals 11.5 million.  This is the maximal estimate of possible ‘famine deaths.’


Of course, this high number of famine deaths is still a terrible thing, and there is photographic evidence of areas where some of this actual starvation occurred. But there is also evidence that the more egalitarian distribution system, and irrigation work, may have actually saved lives overall. The timing of the droughts/floods coinciding with the most disruptive periods of communal projects was devastating. But several scholars have seen these projects as emergency measures that helped immensely in the immediate future, protecting against just such future years of potential drought/flood conditions. If some of Mao's "Great Leap Forward" projects had been completed just a couple of years earlier, it may have even saved millions more from the droughts/floods of 1959 to 1962. But I'm sure Mao knew there was a risk of such disasters happening during the mobilization for these projects. Therefore, better planning and less emphasis on simultaneous large projects would have been much smarter. Some of the projects were wasteful, producing some good, but not overall. This includes the inefficient, low quality steel production in small furnaces heated with wood instead of coal.

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1 hour ago, JW Insider said:

Donald Trump

Yeah, how blessed people must be with their leaders, capitalist or communist :))

The Trump administration proposed rule changes that would allow shower heads to boost water pressure, after Trump repeatedly complained that bathroom fixtures do not work to his liking.

The Department of Energy plan followed comments from Trump last month at a White House event on rolling back regulations. He said he believed water does not come out fast enough from fixtures.

“So what do you do? You just stand there longer or you take a shower longer? Because my hair – I don’t know about you, but it has to be perfect. Perfect,” he said.



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      The Chinese plug-in vehicle market is on the rise, as the country seeks to pivot away from smog producing internal combustion vehicles in favor of clean energy vehicles like Tesla’s Model S and Model X. To support these clean energy vehicles, China has exempted buyers from paying sales tax which can reach upwards of 115% of the purchase price of the vehicle.
      The report by Bloomberg comes on the heels of the announcement that more than 6% of Tesla’s global sales were in Hong Kong, of which 7% of all vehicles sold were Teslas. That will likely change if proposed changes to the EV incentives are put into effect which would nearly double the price of a new Tesla.

      Tesla currently builds all of its vehicles in its Fremont factory in northern California and ships them to customers across the globe, though the other half of its supply chain is firmly rooted in batteries. Production of its newest 2170 lithium ion battery cells – the same cells being used in Tesla’s Model 3 – is taking place exclusively at Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada. Contrary to early beliefs that Tesla would migrate the 2170 cell to its flagship vehicles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. form factor. Building a Gigafactory in close proximity to Panasonic’s existing Chinese factories like its recently opened factory in Dalian, China would drastically cut the length of the supply chain and minimize potential disruptions.
      We have reached out to Tesla for comment and will update this story accordingly as we learn more.

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    • Guest
      By Guest
      Tesla has confirmed that it is now in talks with the Shanghai municipal government to build a Gigafactory and manufacture cars in the city’s tech sector, according to
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. . “While we expect most of our production to remain in the U.S., we need to establish local factories to ensure affordability for the markets they serve,” Tesla said in a statement.
       [Photo credit: Tesla]

      Chinese regulations require Tesla to enter into a joint venture with a local company to manufacture vehicles in the country. While Tesla hasn’t announced a partner yet, all eyes are on Tencent Holdings, the Chinese internet company that holds a 5% stake in Musk’s company.
      The EV company has not said which vehicles it plans to produce in China if and when the deal goes through, but the Reuters report cites a supplier source who says the company is considering Model 3 and Model Y production there.
      The company plans to release more finalized plans by the end of 2017.
      Tesla has previously shared that it is looking to build vehicles and batteries in China which would allow the company to avoid a 25% tariff on vehicles it sold in the country. Last year, Tesla’s sales in China tripled to over $1 billion, or roughly 1/7th of its total sales.
      The company currently builds all of its vehicles in its Fremont factory in northern California and ships them worldwide, though the other half of its supply chain is firmly rooted in batteries. Tesla produces its newest 2170 lithium ion battery cells – the same cells being used in Tesla’s Model 3 – exclusively at Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada.
      Tesla shares popped 1.5% at the news of the talks, leading to $382 in midday trading.
    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      via .ORG
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    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      You can already hail an autonomous taxi in Singapore. And Tokyo. And Moscow. China doesn't want to be left behind in this AI party, so Chinese Internet giant Baidu announced that it's working on a slate of self-driving passenger vehicles, including robo-taxis, that will go into testing as soon as next year in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province.
      The news came as part of a series of AI vehicles announcements in Beijing at Baidu World, the company's annual technology conference, where Baidu also announced an AI deal with Ford.
      "The era for autonomous passenger vehicles is upon us, but having only smart cars is not enough," Baidu Chairman and CEO Robin Li said. "We also need smart roads. By leveraging our capabilities in autonomous driving and AI technologies, we can develop comprehensive solutions that will greatly improve the efficiency of urban cities."

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    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      That's what friends are for 
      Stray dog kicked by driver for being in his parking bay returns with a pack of friends… and trashes his car 

    • Guest Kurt
      By Guest Kurt
      The similar demolition of a Catholic church last year is prompting Christians to worry that the central government will begin ordering the mass destruction of church buildings nationwide as new religious regulations go into effect next month. These regulations grant the Chinese Communist Party increased power over religion, paving the way for escalated persecution.
      according to 
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    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      (EFE).- China inaugura hoy el mayor parque de hielo y nieve del mundo en la ciudad de Harbin, al noreste del país, con 2000 esculturas talladas en hielo y diversas atracciones interactivas de temática invernal.
      Leer más: 
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    • Guest Nicole
    • Guest
      By Guest
      China is calling in the dogs on North Korea. Kim Jong-un has 120 days to close all North Korean businesses within Chinese borders.
      That means 100,000 workers that help fund the North Korean regime to the tune of ~$230 million a year would be sent home packing.
      The U.N. turned up the heat on China to crack down on North Korea in light of its nuclear missiles program—two warning shots over Japan and a handful of threats will do that. And China might be the only one with the key to Kim’s heart: trade.
      China controls 80% of all trade (~$6.3 billion) that enters and exits North Korea. It has already cut off North Korea’s biggest exports (coal and textiles), and is capping the country’s biggest import (oil).
      If Rogen and Franco couldn’t get Kim to negotiate, maybe China can.
    • By Raquel Segovia
      BEIJING (AP) — El primer avión de pasajeros de gran tamaño fabricado en China completó el viernes su vuelo inaugural, un hito hacia el objetivo chino a largo plazo de penetrar en el mercado del transporte aéreo dominado por las potencias occidentales.
      El C919 despegó entre vítores y aplausos de cientos de invitados en el Aeropuerto Internacional Pudong de Shanghai y fue transmitido en directo por la televisión estatal. El avión desapareció rápidamente en una jornada de viento y contaminación agravada por la proximidad de tormentas de arena desde el norte.
      Tras el vuelo de 90 minutos, los pilotos de prueba bajaron sonrientes en sus uniformes naranja decorados con la bandera china.
      La agencia noticiosa oficial Xinhua dijo que China ha pasado a ser “uno de los principales fabricantes de aviones jumbo del mundo”, el cuarto después de Estados Unidos, Europa y Rusia.
      China presenta el C919 como competido del Airbus A320 y el Boeing 737. El vuelo inaugural estaba previsto para 2014 y la entrega a los compradores para 2016, pero sufrió demoras atribuidas a problemas de fabricación. Difícilmente podrá transportar pasajeros antes de 2019.
      El analista de aviación Mohshin Aziz, de Maybank Kim Eng Securities, dijo que pasarán entre siete y nueve años antes de que se sepa si podría afectar el duopolio de Airbus y Boeing.
      “Este es apenas el vuelo de ensayo”, dijo. “Con el tiempo necesitará algunos clientes fieles, que los tendrá porque hay aerolíneas de propiedad estatal que estarán obligadas a usarlo”.
      Otros clientes potenciales esperarán a conocer la experiencia de los primeros, dijo Mohshin. “Uno no va a gastar mucho dinero en algo que no conocer”.
      El fabricante del C919, la empresa estatal Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China Ltd., conocida como Comac, pedirá las certificaciones de la autoridad de la aviación civil china y de reguladores extranjeros antes de efectuar entregas.
      Bao Pengli, subdirector del departamento de desarrollo de proyectos de Comac, dijo el jueves que se planea fabricar dos aviones por año hasta 2019 para tener pruebas de vuelo seguro antes de iniciar la producción en serie.
      Veintitrés clientes internos y extranjeros han solicitado pedidos para un total de 570 aeronaves. Entre las extranjeras están GE Capital Aviation Services y la tailandesa City Airways.
      Se puede configurar el avión para entre 155 y 175 asientos y su autonomía estándar es de 4.075 kilómetros.
    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      A firefighter risked his life to remove a burning gas container from a restaurant in southwest China’s Tongren City. The accident happened at a hot spot restaurant table, which suddenly caught fire. Firefighters quickly removed the burning gas container to the open air and kept cooling it with a fire hose. They then moved the container to a river nearby to cool it and kept watching until the gas in it was burnt out.

      World News
    • By admin
      The new carrier is slightly larger than the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier, constructed by the Soviet Union as a Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier.
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Sacconaghi: Bullish on Tesla long-term  Thursday, 9 Mar 2017 | 12:20 PM ET | 05:46
      Elon Musk's Tesla is a growing player in China, where the global fight to develop electric, self-driving cars is raging hot.
      Hong-Kong traded Tencent, a company best known for its WeChat messaging app, disclosed in a Tuesday filing that it's taken a 5 percent stake in Tesla for $1.78 billion. The investment follows Tencent's new stake in taxi-hailing app Didi Chuxing, which can be accessed through WeChat.
      "I think Tencent likely wanted exposure to a company that was growing very quickly in electric and autonomous" vehicles, said Tasha Keeney, an analyst on the ARK Industrial Innovation ETF (ARKQ), whose top holding is Tesla.
      "We think the autonomous mobility as a service market could be $10 trillion in gross sales globally by the early 2030s, and companies like Tesla or Baidu could take a cut of that," she said.
      Tesla declined to comment to CNBC. Tencent did not respond to emailed requests for comment.
      A Tencent spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that "Tesla is a global pioneer at the forefront of new technologies. Tencent's success is partly due to our record of backing entrepreneurs with capital; Elon Musk is the archetype for entrepreneurship, combining vision, ambition, and execution."
      Tesla has 24 stores in mainland China, 114 supercharging stations and 348 regular charging stations, according to the automaker's website.
      Last year, China imported 11,839 Tesla vehicles, nearly five times the prior year, according to China market research firm JL Warren Capital. The firm's analysis also showed that China's market share in global shipments jumped from 5 percent to 16 percent last year.
      "In general, Tesla's done very well in China," said Brendan Ahern, chief investment officer at KraneShares. Tencent is one of the top holdings in KraneShares' exchange-traded fund KWEB.
      "There's a lot of effort in electric cars in China to help address the pollution issue," he said.
      Another Chinese tech giant, Baidu, has its own autonomous driving project, while Chinese automakers have joined the Western giants in the race to develop a viable electric car. The investment money has flowed the other way as well: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is a top shareholder in Chinese automaker BYD.
      "If it weren't for Tesla, I don't think the state of the electric car market would be anywhere close to where it is," said Kevin Carter, founder of The Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF (EMQQ).
      "Everyone is working on the electric car now, and almost everyone's working on the self-driving car, but the actual hardware of it [is made primarily by] BYD, Tesla," he said. "Who knows how this plays out? There's lots of things getting stirred together in this pot, lots of players, lots of money."

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • By TrueTomHarley
      "In 1987, I came to the United States to pursue doctorate studies at Texas A&M University. I was aware that in America, many people believe in God and read the Bible. Also, I had heard that the Bible contains a lot of practical wisdom, so I thought I should read it."
      It was no more complicated than that. Later, a Witness visited Dr. Fan Yu. and offered a Bible Study, which he and later his wife accepted. He tells his story in the Awake magazine, #3, 2017.
      He was a mathematician. When he reexamined evolution, which he had absorbed because from an early age people told him to absorb it, he dismissed it on the basis of probability alone. That's what you do. You find some essential component of evolution, the odds of which could happen accidentally are greater than the number of atoms of the universe, and proceed from there.

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      Bonjour ma sœur Misette. Comment vas-tu ? J'espère avec l'aide de Jéhovah toute la communauté et especialement toi vont bien. 
      Je n'ai pas reçu la réunion de cette semaine, est-ce qu'il y a un problème pour cette semaine ? 
           Bonne journée ou soirée 
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      Bonjour Eric merci pour cet exposé.
      Bonne journée Michel
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    • Eric Ouellet

      La sagesse est plus précieuse que l’or et la crainte envers Jéhovah est notre salut.
      La vraie sagesse de Dieu est un cadeau inestimable, car seul ceux qui obéissent et suivent ces préceptes en recoivent les bienfaits. En Psaume 111:10 déclare ceci: “La crainte de Jéhovah est le commencement de la sagesse.”
      Qu’est-ce que cela veut dire? La sagesse est la capacité d’utiliser efficacement sa connaissance et son intelligence pour résoudre un problème, éviter un danger, atteindre un objectif. Elle sous-entend un bon jugement. Le commencement, la première partie, le fondement de cette sagesse, c’est la crainte de Jéhovah. Pourquoi cela? Bien que toute création est l’œuvre de ses mains et dépend de lui. Il a accordé aux humains le libre arbitre, mais pas la faculté de diriger leurs pas avec succès sans tenir compte de sa direction (Josué 24:15; Jérémie 10:23). Nous ne connaîtrons le succès durable qu’à la condition de bien saisir ces idées fondamentales sur la vie, et de nous y conformer. Si notre connaissance de Jéhovah nous donne la ferme conviction que la volonté divine est promise au succès, et qu’il tiendra sa promesse de récompenser ses fidèles, alors la crainte pieuse nous poussera à agir sagement. — Proverbes 3:21-26; Hébreux 11:6.
      Prenons un exemple: Il y a quelques dizaines d’années, un jeune homme fréquentait l’université de Saskatchewan, au Canada. Au programme de sa formation figurait la biologie, et on lui a enseigné l’évolution. Après avoir été diplômé, il s’est spécialisé dans la physique nucléaire, profitant d’une bourse pour continuer ses études à l’université de Toronto. Au cours de ses études, il a constaté dans la structure des atomes révélaient des témoignages stupéfiants d’un ordre et d’une finalité extraordinaire . Mais personnes ne répondait pas à ces questions: Qui a conçu tout cela? Quand? Et pourquoi? Sans ces réponses, pouvait-il utiliser sagement ses connaissances dans un monde remplis interrogations ? Qu’est-ce qui le guiderait? Le nationalisme? Le désir de gratifications matérielles? Avait-il acquis la vraie sagesse?
      Peu après avoir été diplômé, cet homme ainsi que sa femme se sont mis à étudier la Bible avec les Témoins de Jéhovah. Dans la Parole de Dieu, ils ont peu à peu trouvé les réponses qui leur manquaient. Ils ont appris à connaître le Créateur, Jéhovah Dieu. En étudiant ce qui est arrivé à Moïse à la mer Rouge, à Daniel et à ses compagnons à Babylone, ils ont appris l’importance de craindre Dieu, et non les hommes (Exode 14:10-31; Daniel 3:8-30). Cette crainte pieuse mêlée d’un amour sincère pour Jéhovah a commencé à les animer. Rapidement, leur vie a changé. Enfin cet homme connaissait Celui dont il avait étudié l’œuvre en biologie. Il a progressivement compris le dessein de Celui dont il avait constaté la sagesse dans ses cours de physique. Au lieu d’employer sa connaissance à élaborer des instruments de destruction, il a choisi, avec sa femme, d’aider autrui à aimer Dieu et son prochain. Ils ont entrepris le service de prédicateurs du Royaume de Dieu à plein temps. Par la suite, ils ont suivi les cours de Galaad, l’École biblique de la Société Watchtower, et ont été nommés missionnaires.
      Bien entendu, tout le monde ne peut pas être missionnaire. Mais tous nous pouvons bénéficier de la sagesse fondée sur la crainte de Jéhovah. Si nous cultivons cette sagesse, nous ne consacrerons pas le meilleur de notre vie à étudier les philosophies humaines, qui n’échafaudent que des suppositions sur le but de la vie. Nous nous appliquerons à l’étude de la Bible, livre inspiré de Jéhovah Dieu, la Source de la vie, celui qui peut nous donner la vie éternelle (Psaume 36:9; Colossiens 2:8). Au lieu de nous rendre esclaves d’un système commercial chancelant, au bord de la ruine, nous écouterons Jéhovah, qui nous conseille de nous contenter de la nourriture et du vêtement, et d’accorder à nos relations avec lui la priorité dans notre existence (1 Timothée 6:8-12). Au lieu de nous comporter comme si notre avenir dépendait d’une belle situation dans le monde actuel, nous croirons la Parole de Jéhovah, qui nous affirme que le monde est en train de passer, de même que le désir du monde, alors que celui qui fait la volonté divine demeure pour toujours. — 1 Jean 2:17.
      Dans le livre de Proverbes 16:16, Salomon nous encourage par cette déclaration certaine: “Acquérir la sagesse [la sagesse qui commence par la crainte de Jéhovah], oh! combien cela vaut mieux que l’or! Et acquérir l’intelligence est préférable à l’argent.” Poussés par cette sagesse et cette intelligence, nous considérerons l’accomplissement de la volonté de Dieu comme le premier centre d’intérêt de notre vie. Et quelle activité Dieu a-t-il confiée à ses Témoins en cette période de l’histoire humaine? Faire connaître son Royaume par la prédication et aider les personnes sincères à devenir de vrais disciples de Jésus Christ (Matthieu 24:14; 28:19, 20). Il s’agit d’une activité dont on retire une satisfaction véritable et un grand bonheur. C’est donc à propos que la Bible dit: “Heureux l’homme qui a trouvé la sagesse, et l’homme qui acquiert le discernement.” — Proverbes 3:13.
      Elle nous retient de commettre le mal
      Un deuxième bienfait que nous procure la crainte de Dieu est qu’elle nous retient de commettre le mal. Celui qui respecte profondément Dieu ne détermine pas par lui-même ce qui est bien et mal. Il ne tient pas pour mauvais ce que Dieu déclare bon, ni ne considère comme bon ce que Dieu déclare mauvais (Psaume 37:1, 27; Ésaïe 5:20, 21). De plus, celui que motive la crainte pieuse ne se contente pas de savoir ce que Jéhovah déclare bon ou mauvais. Une telle personne aime ce que Jéhovah aime et elle hait ce que Jéhovah hait. En conséquence, elle agit en harmonie avec les préceptes divins. Ainsi, comme le dit Proverbes 16:6, “par la crainte de Jéhovah, on se détourne du mal”. Cette crainte pieuse devient une motivation puissante qui permet d’atteindre des résultats qu’on n’obtiendrait pas même si une personne commence tout juste à l’éprouver, la crainte pieuse peut lui donner le courage de ne pas faire quelque chose qu’elle regretterait le restant de ses jours. Au Mexique, par exemple, une femme enceinte a demandé à une chrétienne Témoin de Jéhovah ce qu’elle pensait de l’avortement. La chrétienne lui a lu plusieurs versets bibliques, puis lui a tenu ce raisonnement: “Pour le Créateur, la vie est très importante, même la vie de ceux qui ne sont pas encore nés.” (Exode 21:22, 23; Psaume 139:13-16). Des examens laissaient entendre que le bébé serait anormal. Néanmoins, après ce qu’elle avait vu dans la Parole de Dieu, cette femme a décidé de garder son enfant. Son médecin a refusé de la revoir, et son mari l’a menacée de la quitter, mais elle a tenu bon. Elle a finalement donné naissance à une magnifique petite fille, normale et en bonne santé. Par gratitude, elle a recherché les Témoins et s’est mise à étudier la Parole de Dieu avec eux. Moins d’un an après, son mari et elle se faisaient baptiser. Quelques années plus tard, à une assemblée de district, tous deux ont été enchantés de rencontrer la chrétienne qui avait parlé à la femme la première fois. Ils lui ont présenté leur jolie fillette de quatre ans. Incontestablement, le respect de Dieu et le désir puissant de ne pas lui déplaire exercent une grande influence.
      La crainte pieuse peut nous garder d’un grand nombre de mauvaises actions (2 Corinthiens 7:1). Cultivée avec soin, elle est capable d’aider quelqu’un à mettre un terme à des péchés cachés, connus de lui seul et de Jéhovah. Elle peut l’aider à se libérer de la dépendance de l’alcool ou de la drogue. Un ancien drogué d’Afrique du Sud a raconté: “Au fur et à mesure que j’apprenais à connaître Dieu, la crainte de le décevoir ou de lui déplaire grandissait en moi. Je savais qu’il m’observait, et je désirais ardemment son approbation. Cela m’a incité à me débarrasser de la drogue qui était en ma possession en la jetant dans les toilettes.” La crainte pieuse a aidé des milliers de personnes de la même manière. — Proverbes 5:21; 15:3.
      La crainte salutaire de Dieu nous préserve également de la crainte de l’homme. La plupart des humains connaissent, à des degrés divers, la crainte de l’homme. Les apôtres de Jésus Christ l’ont abandonné et se sont enfuis lorsque les soldats se sont emparés de lui dans le jardin de Gethsémané. Plus tard, dans la cour du grand prêtre, désarçonné et en proie à la crainte, Pierre a nié faire partie des disciples de Jésus et même le connaître (Marc 14:48-50, 66-72; Jean 18:15-27). Mais grâce à l’aide qu’ils ont reçue, les apôtres ont retrouvé leur équilibre spirituel. Par contre, aux jours du roi Jéhoïakim, Urie, fils de Schémaïah, fut terrassé par la crainte au point d’abandonner son service de prophète de Jéhovah et de fuir le pays, ce qui ne l’empêcha pas d’être capturé et tué. — Jérémie 26:20-23.
      Comment vaincre la crainte de l’homme? 
      Après nous avoir prévenus que “trembler devant les hommes, voilà ce qui tend un piège”, Proverbes 29:25 ajoute: “Mais celui qui se confie en Jéhovah sera protégé.” La réponse tient donc dans la confiance en Jéhovah. Cette confiance s’appuie sur la connaissance et l’expérience. L’étude de sa Parole nous démontre que les voies de Jéhovah sont droites. Nous découvrons des événements attestant qu’il est digne de confiance, que ses promesses sont sûres (y compris celle de la résurrection), qu’il est amour et qu’il est tout-puissant. Lorsqu’ensuite nous agissons conformément à cette connaissance, accomplissant ce que Jéhovah demande et rejetant fermement ce qu’il condamne, nous commençons à constater dans notre propre cas qu’il prend soin de ses serviteurs avec amour et que l’on peut compter sur lui. Nous acquérons personnellement la certitude que sa puissance est à l’œuvre pour que s’accomplisse sa volonté. Notre confiance en lui s’accroît, de même que notre amour pour lui et notre désir sincère de ne pas lui déplaire. Cette confiance est bâtie sur un fondement solide. Elle est un rempart contre la crainte de l’homme.
      Notre confiance en Jéhovah, alliée à la crainte pieuse, nous rendra fermes en faveur du bien dans le cas où un employeur menacerait de nous renvoyer si nous refusions de participer à des pratiques commerciales malhonnêtes (voir Michée 6:11, 12). Grâce à cette crainte pieuse, des milliers de chrétiens persévèrent dans le vrai culte malgré l’opposition de membres de leur famille. Elle donne aussi aux jeunes le courage de se faire connaître comme Témoins de Jéhovah à l’école, et elle les affermit face aux moqueries de leurs camarades de classe qui méprisent les principes bibliques. Ainsi, une adolescente Témoin de Jéhovah a dit: “Ce qu’ils pensent m’est bien égal. L’important, c’est ce que pense Jéhovah.”
      La même conviction donne aux vrais chrétiens la force de rester attachés aux voies de Jéhovah lorsque leur vie est en jeu. Ils savent qu’ils risquent d’être persécutés par le monde. Ils sont conscients que les apôtres ont été fouettés et que même Jésus Christ a été frappé et tué par des hommes méchants (Marc 14:65; 15:15-39; Actes 5:40; voir aussi Daniel 3:16-18). Mais les serviteurs de Jéhovah sont assurés qu’il peut leur donner la force d’endurer, qu’avec son aide ils peuvent remporter la victoire, que Jéhovah récompensera sans faute ses fidèles, si besoin en les ressuscitant dans son monde nouveau. Leur amour pour Dieu ajouté à la crainte pieuse les pousse puissamment à éviter toute action qui pourrait lui déplaire.
      C’est parce qu’ils étaient animés d’une telle motivation que les Témoins de Jéhovah ont supporté les horreurs des camps de concentration nazis dans les années 30 et 40. Ils ont pris à cœur le conseil de Jésus consigné en Luc 12:4, 5: “D’autre part, je vous le dis à vous, mes amis: Ne craignez pas ceux qui tuent le corps, et qui après cela ne peuvent rien faire de plus. Mais je vais vous indiquer qui vous devez craindre: craignez celui qui, après avoir tué, a le pouvoir de jeter dans la Géhenne. Oui, je vous le dis, Celui-là, craignez-le.” Par exemple, Gustav Auschner, un Témoin qui avait été interné dans le camp de concentration de Sachsenhausen, a écrit plus tard: ‘Les SS ont exécuté August Dickmann et ont menacé de nous passer tous par les armes si nous refusions de signer un document par lequel nous abjurions notre foi. Pas un seul n’a signé. Notre crainte de déplaire à Jéhovah était plus forte que la crainte de leurs balles.’ La crainte de l’homme mène aux compromis, mais la crainte de Dieu nous affermit pour faire le bien.
      La préservation de la vie
      Noé a connu les derniers jours du monde antédiluvien. Jéhovah avait décidé de détruire le monde d’alors en raison de la méchanceté des humains. Toutefois, en attendant, Noé a vécu dans un monde où régnaient la violence, l’immoralité sexuelle choquante et le mépris de la volonté divine. Noé a prêché la justice, et pourtant “ils ne s’aperçurent de rien jusqu’à ce que le déluge vînt et les emportât tous”. (Matthieu 24:39.) Noé n’a cependant pas renoncé à l’activité que Dieu lui avait confiée. Il fit “selon tout ce que Dieu lui avait ordonné. Ainsi fit-il”. (Genèse 6:22.) Qu’est-ce qui a permis à Noé, année après année et jusqu’au déluge, de toujours agir comme il convenait? Hébreux 11:7 répond: “Par la foi, Noé, divinement averti de choses qu’on ne voyait pas encore, fit montre d’une crainte pieuse.” Pour cette raison, sa femme, ses fils, leurs femmes et lui ont été sauvés du déluge.
       Notre époque ressemble de bien des manières à celle de Noé (Luc 17:26, 27). De nouveau un avertissement est lancé. Révélation 14:6, 7 parle d’un ange qui vole au milieu du ciel et invite les gens de toute nation et tribu et langue à ‘craindre Dieu et à lui donner gloire’. Quel que puisse être le comportement du monde autour de vous, obéissez à ces paroles, puis transmettez l’invitation à autrui. À l’instar de Noé, agissons avec foi et manifestons une crainte pieuse. Par cela, des vies peuvent être sauvées: la vôtre et celle de nombre de vos semblables. Lorsque nous considérons les bienfaits dont profitent ceux qui craignent le vrai Dieu, nous ne pouvons que souscrire aux paroles du psalmiste divinement inspiré qui chanta: 
      “Heureux est l’homme qui craint Jéhovah, dans les commandements de qui il prend grand plaisir!” — Psaume 112:1.

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