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Silkeborg, Denmark ???

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    • By Jack Ryan
      Don't know how else to name this topic.
      One of the hard things about being Christian is putting up with the handful of crazy people in our ranks.
      The story broke after there was an "arson attack" on one of our halls.. there was a big gasp of anxiety among brothers I know to begin with, until I saw the pictures...
      The State Security Agency (I suppose it's similar to Homeland Security) quickly had begun investigating the case because there had already been some minor attacks on the same hall with graffiti and minor damages.
      Later, the story was amended

      Another report indicates the silly woman was quickly identified to the police by brothers who had video surveillance material of her carrying out the arson attack and was arrested the moment she arrived at her home on her bicycle, after which her bicycle was examined revealing traces of the charcoal lighters on her bicycle.
      Supposedly she did not feel accepted in the community and had an argument with somebody or something.
      No major damage was done but she obviously caused a huge circus. Not to mention all the embarassment and putting shame on Jehovah's name.  A lot of the comments from worldly people on facebook are along the lines of "The poor helpless lady probably lost everything to this wicked sect and couldn't think of any other way to fight back" and comments from brothers of course are all along the lines of assuming persecution.
      So, a very negative and sad piece of news but I felt the need to share to get the full story across. Probably only half the story is going around facebook, instagram, whatsapp and so on.. the perpetrator in this case was just a nutty, frustrated "community member" (whatever that means, sister, study, interested person, I don't know).
    • By Noble Berean
      This is what the "assembly hall/kingdom hall" looks like on Google Maps.
      Here's a link to the Google Maps listing. I've never seen a kingdom hall with a Facebook Page either. I also noticed there is an image of peculiar private rooms on their FB page.
      If this is true, it is very concerning to me. I do not agree with our organization using a masonic/illuminati symbol and would like an explanation.
    • By Queen Esther
      Hahaha.... what  a  funny  laughing  mood  here, before  going  out  into sercice
      Brothers & Sisters  living  in  Danmark !!  The  elder  is  also  laughing  between...
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      A man has been arrested after threatening to blow himself up at an asylum center on the Danish island of Funen, according to police. The arrest took place following negotiations with officers. 
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