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What a stunning place for living... WOW ! I know south Switzerland, from many years camping in Ascona. Your nice photos maybe in the north of Switzerland ? Can you tell me the name please ? Thank you? Enjoy your time there, its a wonderful country ! In the bigger towns its pretty expensive, but in the mountains they have alot selfmade food, I think so. Enjoy the fantastic different kinds of cheese and dry meat.  The CH - is really beautiful❤️ A unique country ! The language is very funny in the mountain areas ? In the south they speak Italian, in the west more French language. Yes, a very interesting country. At evening, enjoy a glass of "schwyzer" wine... with a piece of cheese, tasty ?? perhaps a cheese - Fondue too !  Thanks for a little report about the nice Switzerland ??

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4 hours ago, Indiana said:

Nice view... is it you @JW Insider if I may ask?

No. I'm the one taking the picture. Those folks just wouldn't get out of the way. 😞

An Italian brother and his wife from my congregation are back there now. He's actually from Germany and married a sister here and took her away to the mountains not far from here. But now her mother has joined them and has stayed a year already. I hope the house is big enough to include a mother in law.

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Guest Indiana


12 hours ago, JW Insider said:

No. I'm the one taking the picture. Those folks just wouldn't get out of the way. 😞

At least you were in situ 😎


12 hours ago, JW Insider said:

I hope the house is big enough to include a mother in law.

Now I see that not only we (latinos) have that tradition 😂

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      For doctors, however, this wish is a dilemma for complications during surgery: on the one hand, the salvation of life is a simple measure, on the other the patient's self-determination right.
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      Although a list hospital is in principle subject to treatment. Moreover, the Jehovah's Witnesses would fulfill the prerequisites for being protected as a religious group by the Racism Discrimination Act.
      The decisive factor is not the size of the group, but it is regarded as such by its members and externally.
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      In addition, the clinic did not want the Jehovah's Witnesses to be removed from his confession. She wanted to prevent the medical staff from being "forced to leave a possible sensible measure in a treatable emergency situation."
      Finally, the judges also conclude that the case is purely theoretical. After the cancellation, the physician could find another hospital in which the operation could be performed under the conditions desired by the patient and even on the originally scheduled date. The disputable service had thus been provided in its entirety. (Bernese newspaper)
      Created: 29.06.2017, 22:09 clock
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