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Photo Information for JW Literature Cart Attack in France

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People not writing these days, only taking pictures. It's happening on all forums. You can say what you want about a picture - accuracy doesn't seem to be important anymore.  The person who took the picture most like knows about the circumstances and is the one to say what happened.

Only recently pictures in the study journal are described.  Before that people were commenting and saying anything. You could see and read anything into the picture, with several differing viewpoints commented upon. The originator is now saying what the picture is about, as it ought to have been from the beginning.

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26 minutes ago, Melinda Mills said:

The originator is now saying that the picture is about, as it ought to have been from the beginning.

I may have had a LITTLE bit to do with that.

I remember about 12 years ago,  a WT picture of a Shepherd, tenderly holding a sheep in his arms, the sheep having a bandage on his foreleg, where the Shepherd had apparently tended a wound, and I commented about that that the reason the sheep had been shown such tender care care by the Shepherd is that back in Bible times, there was no refrigeration, and the Shepherd was keeping the sheep healthy, so that later he COULD EAT HIM.

My adult son, several rows behind me, was called on next, and he indignantly proclaimed that Jesus did not EAT his sheep.


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... later in Ancient Israel, they quit eating sheep, and merely used them as sleep aids for insomniacs ... assuming one knew how to count, and as cute "awwwwwww" models for religious  magazine illustrations.

This was before the Internet, and cats were invented.

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      A letter from the Spain branch was sent to elders informing them about what to do if anyone is assaulted on the carts/trolleys during public witnessing.
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      The document is entitled "What to do in the case of aggression during public witnessing activity?"
      First point it mentions is to call the police IMMEDIATELY, not the branch, hence highlighting that Watchtower value preaching carts more than the lives of abused children (where the Bethel branch must be called first).
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