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The Most Hypocritical Paragraph Jehovah's Witnesses Have Ever Written

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From the article: "In Australia a review of the book The Battle and the Backlash: The Child Sexual Abuse War commented on child abuse by clergymen and others in positions of trust. It said that the organizations involved appeared to be concerned with limiting the damage to their own image and protecting themselves rather than protecting vulnerable children... Yet, many children who are abused never report the matter—a fact that child abusers rely heavily on. "

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15 hours ago, Outta Here said:

Oh dear. Talk about outta touch and outta time, you're still diggin' round in '99.

Twenty years have gone by since 1999.  How much additional cover-up has gone on during that time?  We will most likely find out...in the near future.   Mark 4:22



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Get your yellow marker out, Jack, to circle a few more things.

A reporter covering the Montana trial attributed the present situation to JWs being “insular.” This is almost an inevitable consequence to being “no part of this world,” which Christians are commanded to do but which few other than JWs seriously attempt. Still, ‘almost inevitable’ is not the same as ‘inevitable.’ Just like software people issuing a patch for this vulnerability or that, the JW HQ has issued a patch in this regard—a study article to clear up any doubt that reporting to the police does not bring reproach on God’s name.


The reports of those who have suffered prior to this new emphasis, first stated less specifically in the God’s Love book a dozen or so years earlier, is all what is known as anecdotal evidence. That doesn’t mean it is untrue, which ‘anecdote’ often suggests, but that it is but a single example affecting only the one who relates it and thus it is hard to make judgments about bias. The “scientism atheists” that Jack represents generally reject anecdotal evidence if it is on any other topic. Tell them something about homeopathy, for example, or vaccine damage, and watch the veins in their neck swell.

Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, Jack? What kind of a liar knowingly and persistently compares apples to oranges? With the stain of CSA affecting every organized group on the planet, it has become clear that with most, if you want to find a bumper crop of pedophiles, you need look no further than the leaders. If you want to find the same catch among Jehovah’s Witnesses, you must broaden your search to include everybody. Watchtower elders and HQ staff may be accused of botching the reporting of CSA in the ranks, but rarely are they found to have committed it themselves. With many others, it is the rule. Nor do we only speak of religion. A U.N. whistleblower recently revealed that ‘wear a blue helmet and nobody questions you’—pedophiles seek out the organization so as to have access to children, and he states it is every bit as bad as the situation in the Catholic Church.


Do people only commit CSA if they are organized in some way? Duh, no. But unless they are organized in some way, the pool never becomes big enough to make a substantial fuss over or to attract the attention of lawyers. Arrest the individual, lock him up, run an article in the paper to say “And another one bites the dust,” and be done with it. It is only with organization that CSA can be magnified enough to attract the attention of the overall world.

If JW elders and HQ are accused of covering up CSA within the rank and file, have not other denominations done the same? It is impossible to tell, for there is no mechanism to ever uncover it. When a church member is nabbed by the cops for CSA, it is as much a surprise to the minister/priest as to anyone else. The only reason that JW HQ is linked to CSA in the rank and file is because they made an effort to investigate it decades ago, both as an example of wrongdoing that Romans 2:21-22 would have them police and to ensure that such ones could not slip undetected from one congregation and into another (as they could anywhere else).

You knew these things, Jack. You watched them develop. You are taking the lead in misrepresenting them today. I will venture that it goes back to the first paragraph: Jehovah’s Witnesses are “insular” due to being “no part of the world” and this is what riles you. This is what prods you to use a sordid distortion Of the faith you left, and lost some former friends for, so as to be part of the world. This is your revenge—pure and simple, for your former faith refusing to countenance whatever activity or view you came to embrace.

There are some who paint themselves as noble reformers. In the case of those who criticize as regards this one matter only, that circumstance gives them validity. But you criticize for everything under the sun, including some matters quite petty. What sort of a person starts 12 threads in a single day to complain about this or that minor thing with JWs?. I am waiting for a newbie Bethelite to have to wait his turn in the stall because a GB member is using it. Next day, right here on the World News Media, I expect to read: “Top Watchtower Honchos Deny Bathroom Breaks to New Recruits.”

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1 hour ago, TrueTomHarley said:

I am waiting for a newbie Bethelite to have to wait his turn in the stall because a GB member is using it. Next day, right here on the World News Media, I expect to read: “Top Watchtower Honchos Deny Bathroom Breaks to New Recruits.”



... "accidents" notwithstanding ( or sitting down ...), not a problem ...... at least it can be clearly seen they are not wearing "tight pants".



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I noticed also text at the bottom of picture. Author of article (and publisher too) state this too:

The Only Real Solution

Of course, neither laws nor heavier sentences will in themselves protect our children. 

By this it is said very clear how:  GB, WT Lawyers and Elders, are not able to protect JW children inside Congregationsno matter how much they changing and updating their Policy/Policies. 

Well, when they claiming on JW Broadcast how JHVH and Jesus TRUST THEM, and by that give you a reason how you as JW member also have to trust Them, question coming:

How can you trust Them (WT Society and Leaders) when they publicly said in print that NO Laws nor Sentences will Protect Your Children??

If they by Wording (No Laws nor Sentences) addressed ONLY Secular Authorities, Then another question coming:

If WT Society Policies on Child Abuse (laws) are so advanced and better, and if Punishing Measures (sentences) in Congregations made by Judicial Committees is so successful - How and Why there is so many JW Victims worldwide?   



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      I was reading this week's study article on remaining loyal to Jah. Found an interesting contradiction on shunning. They cite two experiences. In one a JW shuns her mom and her example is posted as a positive one of someone doing the right thing. The second example however of a JW being shunned by his non-JW family is labeled as an injustice. Here's first one:

      So, the example above demonstrates the supposed loyal faith of a daughter that refused to talk to the woman that gave birth to her, raised her and surely sacrificed so much for her. This, the Watchtower claims, is an example of love and loyalty. Now let's see the second example cited in the same article in a latter paragraph:

      In this example, the non-JW family members were cruel, because they "opposed his association" and "forbid him to visit them for years". Yet, isn't this exactly what the JW daughter from the first experience was doing to her mother? only in reverse?
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      Is there a way we could submit photos on here so that local elder bodies could follow up and disfellowship them?
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