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Door to Our Homes :

Television has been considered a “Window on the World”. In an instant we can see and learn about what is happening on the other side of the planet from the comfort of our couch. However, instead of thinking about TV as a “Window on the World”, consider how TV can be a door to our homes. Imagine that the TV was a door that allowed the characters from our favorite show or movie to enter our home. Would we be pleased with their company? Would we feel comfortable leaving those characters alone with our kids? Would we feel comfortable inviting our friends over to hang out with those characters? Of course the TV is not a literal door to our home…but in a figurative sense it is a door to the hearts and minds of our family. It would be dangerous to leave it wide open for just any sort of entertainment to enter through. How much better it is to be selective about who we let into our home through that “Door on the World”.

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