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Studying for Pioneer School

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@talia.delgado shares with us: “Studying for Pioneer School this year with one of my best friends (@teti_92). This will be her second time (she’s part of the Hindi group in Costa Mesa, California) and it will be my first time (English congregation in San Juan Capistrano, California).”
pioneer school preparation California USA

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    • By Darlene
      New pioneer reference book study material I have been invited to attend the pioneer school for the 4 the time this time I will get the new book
      it will he 37 years in September and I am on the infirm list so if any one can help me out if someone can please put it on this website please
      your sister in the faith your fellow pioneer
    • By The Librarian
      Bibliographic information
      Title Fully Accomplish Your Ministry Editor Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York Publisher Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York, Incorporated, 2013 ISBN 1624974392, 9781624974397 2014-Fully-Accomplish-Your-Ministry-.pdf-R.pdf
      Fully Accomplish Your Ministry 2014.epub
      Fully Accomplish Your Ministry 2014.pdf
      Fully Accomplish Your Ministry 2014 v2.pdf
      Another version:
      Pioneer References 2014 copy.pdf
      Another version:
      Anyone have a version from another language? Please post it as a reply below:

    • By Richteresa
      Hi   Librarian,  
         My name is Teresa and I  would like know  if you  have any of the  information  for  this  year's Pioneer  Schools new text book  (  Fully  Accomplish  Your  Ministry " 2 Timothy  4: 5) I will  be  going  to  Pioneer  School  in August, and  I  feel  that  if I  start  to  study  before  I  receive my book  I could  be  a little  ahead. Along  with  all of  my  other  studies  I'm just  trying  to stay  on top of it  all. So if you  have  this information  please  send  it to me.  Thanks 
    • By Bible Speaks
      Is it not a joy to read this weeks Watchtower and say to yourself; That was written just for me?
      Do You See the Need to Train Others?
      “I will give you good instruction.”—PROV. 4:2.
      You may ask, ‘How can I train my student to study the Bible regularly?’ A good start is by showing him how to prepare for the study you conduct with him. You might suggest that he read portions of the appendix of the What Does the Bible Really Teach? book and look up cited scriptures. Help him to prepare for the meetings with the goal of commenting. 
      Encourage him to read every issue of The Watchtower and Awake! If the Watchtower Library or Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY is available in his language, you can show him how to use it to answer Bible questions. As a result of such help, very likely your Bible student will soon be delighting in his personal study of God’s Word.
      Training others is vitally important because of increasing needs and opportunities to serve Jehovah. The examples of training provided by Jesus and Paul remain valid. Jehovah wants his modern-day servants to be well-trained for their theocratic assignments. God gives us the privilege of helping less experienced ones develop their ability to do the work needed in the congregation. As conditions deteriorate in the world and new opportunities to preach continue to arise, such training becomes both important and urgent.
      Of course, training people takes time and effort. But Jehovah and his beloved Son will support us and give us wisdom to provide such training. We will rejoice as we see those whom we assist go on ‘working hard and exerting themselves.’ (1 Tim. 4:10) 
      And may we ourselves continue to make spiritual progress in rendering sacred service to Jehovah.

    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      ¡Mostrando a un estudiante  cómo usar su nueva Biblia hindi! Estaba tan feliz porque es mucho más fácil para nosotros ayudarlo a encontrar las escrituras, él siguió agradeciéndonos por traerle este "libro sagrado".

    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Showing a Bible study on how to use his new Hindi Bible! I was so happy because is much easier for us to help him find the scriptures, he kept thanking us for bringing this "holy book".

    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Hi, my name is Sis. Green and I made this shirt cake for the ASL Pioneer School in St. Louis, MO. Thanks you much!☺️

    • Guest Nicole
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      The first time he attended the Pioner School, he did not have a book because of the persecution in Cuba. 

    • Guest Nicole
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
    • By Bible Speaks
      Just a few of the many pioneers in the French Pioneer School in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Photo shared by @je_suis_foxxe
    • By Bible Speaks
      Paradise is close! Make it real..... Studying on the beach. Photo shared by @mishelljg preparation beach
    • Guest Nicole
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