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1969 International Convention

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On the left is Mike Clarke who was in Pheasey Congregation Birmingham UK at the time. On the right is Gary Tomes my pioneer partner and we were in the next congregation to Mike at Kingstanding. Us three pioneers booked a mini-caravan on a campsite in some woods for the convention which is the one we are standing by. Trouble was it was a lot mini-er than we were led to believe. We got done over because in the brochure picture (a drawing) there was a double bed and a single bed and room in the caravan to walk around. Wrong! It was basically just a double bed on wheels. You had to stand outside to change your clothes. The only thing that saved us was the canopy. Mike elected to sleep in the canopy but the roof leaked so he had to tie an open umbrella to the bed! We also found out the hard way that the site was 3 hrs away from the convention ground by public transport. The convention sessions finished ap. 9 p.m. and with 3 hrs travel each way we didn't sleep much! Mike met a pioneer sister while in London in1973 and moved there and married her. You can't tell but they're looking at one of the publications released there 'Then is Finished the Mystery of God' By Dave G.

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