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What scripture does this remind you of?

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When I read the parable about the pearl of great price,  I asked why would Jesus use a pearl to educate his followers about his kingdom.  So I went online and searched for how do you value a pearl.   What I found from various sites is that the luster or nacre is what gives the natural pearl its value.   Pearls come in various colors and sizes but it's the luster that really determines its value.   A valuable pearl would reflect the light from deep within (see the copy/paste info below).   So when you hold a pearl up to inspect it, it would reflect your image.  So did Jesus want us to see ourselves in his kingdom and that's what makes it so valuable so that we would sell everything for it?

(From oureverydaylife.com:   Scrutinize and establish the pearl’s luster. This is the most significant factor in formulating an opinion of a pearl’s value. A pearl’s luster bestows the pearl with an unmistakable iridescence and depth. Luster is determined by the depth of the pearl's nacre, often called "mother-of-pearl." It is formed when a combination of calcium carbonate and organic substances are secreted by the host species. Exceptionally lustrous pearls have a deep, mirror-like surface and a bright, shiny glow. Low-luster pearls are dull.

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    • By Isabella
      Bonus Point: Some pearls form naturally in clams and oysters. However, cultured pearls are different. They are formed when someone intentionally puts an irritant into an oyster triggering the defense mechanism. Similarly, some of our brothers and sisters may have suffered physical, verbal or sexual abuse. They did nothing wrong, something wrong was done to them. In these instances it can take years for them to learn to cope with the pain. Still, with God’s love and spirit, even such deep scars from the actions of others can create pearls. If this has happened to you, others who have suffered may see your pearl of strength and be encouraged to keep pressing on as well. Most importantly, Jehovah sees your pain and all you have done to keep moving forward despite it. In his eyes, that has more value than any pearl that has ever been found.
    • By Bible Speaks
      May you find wisdom from Jehovah today. His wisdom is forever and may we continue to learn from Him! 
      Pearls are useless if we have no life or no future. You choose, Godly wisdom or pearls..?
      18 " A bagful of wisdom is worth more than one full of pearls."
      (Job 28:18) NWT

    • By Bible Speaks
      "For a bagful of wisdom is worth more than one full of pearls."  (Job 28:18)

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