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    • By Bible Speaks
      6 "Go to the ant, you lazy one;
      Observe its ways and become wise.
       7 Although it has no commander, officer, or ruler,
       8 It prepares its food in the summer,
      And it gathers its food supplies in the harvest.
       9 How long, you lazy one, will you lie there?
      When will you rise up from your sleep?
      10 A little sleep, a little slumbering,
      A little folding of the hands to rest,
      11 And your poverty will come like a bandit,
      And your want like an armed man."
      (Proverbs 6:6-11)
      photos by bence maté in costa rica, who noted, “the garden at the laguna del lagarto lodge is full of flowers that are invaded by the ants. as they carried the colorful petals, i laid down to set up this reflected composition. i shot many thousands of pictures over several days and got just a few images that were sharp.”
      in lowland forests throughout costa rica, worker leaf cutter ants carry loads up to twelve times their own weight back to their subterranean nest where the leaf and flower fragments are then chewed up and fed to a fungus which in turn provides them with food.
      animals ants science

    • By Bible Speaks
      Advertise, Advertise, Advertise, the King ? and His Kingdom! 
      ???? JW.ORG
    • By Queen Esther
      Ants  drinking  blue  liquid  candy....  (Time lapse)
      Watch  the  body,  its  getting  more & more  blue,  from  the  blue  liquid,  haha  funny

      Exactly  like  this.......    The  color  always  going  into  the  body !  
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      Queen  of  Honey  Ants  drinking  Honey      sweet....
      Honeypot ants, also called honey ants, are ants which have specialized workers that are gorged with food by workers to the point that their abdomens swell enormously. Other ants then extract nourishment from them.
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