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  2. Oh it all makes such fun reading. I was bored but you lot have given me a good laugh. Thank you . Lets start here : Quote @TrueTomHarley When Fauci says people may die if they do not wear a mask, do people take it that he means to kill them himself? When the fire department says you may die if you don’t change the batteries of your smoke detector, does it mean they are going to do the deed themselves. When John Butler said the GB may be 'removed' did John Butler then mean that HE was going to remove them himself ? No, just as TTH has written above, John Butler was not issuing a threat. It follows the same principle that TTH uses above. But John Butler was disfellowshipped from this forum, so that shows Control by the Elders that run this forum. Quote TTH “Those people could be manipulated,” Sanderson said. “They could be controlled. They could be made to do the most wicked things because they were afraid.” That’s manipulation. That’s control. That’s the consequence—shall we say it?—of not being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses No, what we can say is that all the JW Circuit Overseers, Elders and Ministerial Servants, that deliberately HID Child Sexual Abuse in the congregations were CONTROLLED by the Leaders of the CCJW. And we can say that the GB HAS CONTROL over the 20 + year Database containing information about hundreds of Paedophiles in the USA CCJW. Now that is manipulation. That is Control And why ? Quote @Anna But some opposers will say they were held in slavery by the JW religion because of the fear of death because if they didn't do what was right they were going to die. BUT it wasn't a case of doing what was right. It was just doing as they were ordered. "Keep it all secret in the Org so as not to bring God's name to shame" What a weak excuse. And then we have the SHUNNING, where people lose all of their family and friends if they don't obey orders from the GB. Now that is control and manipulation. Add to this the THREAT from the GB / Leaders of the CCJW. "If a person is not a BAPTISED JW they will not be saved through Armageddon" And, the further threat from the GB, "If any of the Anointed should meet together for bible study or association that will be WORKING AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT" If you do not see all this as control and manipulation it is because you are being CONTROLLED AND MANIPULATED. TTH says "Such opposers are just upset that faith has power— You have it backwards Tom. It is the GB and the other leaders of the CCJW that are upset, because FAITH has power. The Faith of those that serve God through Christ, not through the GB. That is why the GB tell the true Anointed not to gather together, because the GB are afraid. Remember Matthew 18 v 20 that where two or more gather in Christ's name, He will be there with them. How your GB are frightened of that happening. Tom, if you need to kid yourself that people that leave the CCJW forget about God and Christ, then it is just showing your insecurity. You show that you are worried that the true Anointed remnant may be getting the Holy Spirit that your Org is lacking.
  3. You know, the book of Isaiah made a "joke" about God's people in the past, who preached their own doctrine and rules. The GB freely add footnotes to God's Word and call it, "spiritual food", which most definitively can be proven through scripture as found outside of the "food" taught by Christ and the apostles. Do you remember how Jesus addressed the addition of rules outside of God's laws, and enforced by the Pharisees? Matt 23 goes in to detail about this. Go ahead, read it. To God, a lie cannot be changed to a truth. It is a "joke" to believe every failed prediction and doctrine taught by the GB/organization, is acceptable to God. And these also stagger because of wine and stagger because of strong drink; priest and prophet stagger because of strong drink; they are confused because of wine. They stagger because of strong drink; they err in vision. They stagger in the rendering of a decision, 8 for all the tables are full of disgusting vomit, with no place left. 9 To whom will he teach knowledge, and to whom will he explain the message? Those who are weaned from milk, those taken from the breast? 10 For it is blah-blah upon blah-blah, blah-blah upon blah-blah, gah-gah upon gah-gah, gah-gah upon gah-gah,[h] a little here, a little there. [h] - In this context, the Hebrew expressions tsaw-tsaw and qaw-qaw are likely meant to sound like baby talk, but they could mean “command upon command” and “rule upon rule” For he will speak with stammering lips and another tongue to this people, 12 to whom he has said, “This is rest; give rest to the weary; and this is repose”; yet they were not willing to hear. (Matt 11:28) 13 And to them the word of Yahweh will be blah-blah upon blah-blah blah-blah upon blah-blah gah-gah upon gah-gah gah-gah upon gah-gah, a little here, a little there, so that they may go and stumble backward and be broken and ensnared and captured." Therefore hear the word of Yahweh, men of mockery, rulers of these people in Jerusalem: 15 Because you have said, “We have made a covenant with death, and we have made an agreement with Sheol. The overwhelming flood, when it passes through, will not come to us, for we have made lies our refuge, and we have hidden ourselves in falsehood.” Isa 28:7-15 (the entire chapter is well worth considering)
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  5. I agree, Arauna. Peer pressure is everywhere and in every form. The GB manipulates JWs to obey them "to do their bidding", using threats of losing God's friendship otherwise. Can you see this? Were they inspired when they wrote the above quote? We know they weren't, since they admit they are not "inspired" by God's Holy Spirit. So then, what was their motivation to threaten their "sheep" with the loss of God's favor for not obeying the GB? JWs "show" their obedience to the organization through adherence to rules and regulations devised by these men. These are rules and regulations to support the life of an organization, not the life of an individual. Jesus and the apostles are our foundation of truth to go by. The GB are not apostles, nor Moses, and they are not inspired; yet they have successfully gained 8 million followers who believe that without their leadership, no one can be God's friend. How did the anointed and believers in Christ before the organization was born, develop a relationship with God AND Jesus Christ, without the GB to OBEY? This is deceitful manipulation of the worst kind. It is a fabrication, a myth, and one that robs individuals of spiritual eternal life. John 10:1 "I solemnly charge you before God and Christ Jesus, who is going to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom, 2 preach the word, be ready in season and out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all patience and instruction. 3 For there will be a time when they will not put up with sound teaching, but in accordance with their own desires, they will accumulate for themselves teachers, because they have an insatiable curiosity ("itching ears"), 4 and they will turn away from the hearing of the truth, but will turn to myths. 5 But you, be self-controlled in all things, bear hardship patiently, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry." 2 Tim 4:1-5 It is not "sound teaching" but pure manipulation to enforce obedience to men who fail time and time again in their teachings - their doctrines. Failed predictions, false teachings are rotten fruit. How much of if will JWs consume before feeling its manipulative effects? Isa 28:7-13; Matt 7:15-20; Gal 1;6-10
  6. No. Sorry. I just highlighted some words of yours to get your attention. It does sort of look that I am attributing them to Glock, doesn’t it? Do you mean they feared that if they left, Jehovah’s Witnesses would kill them? When Fauci says people may die if they do not wear a mask, do people take it that he means to kill them himself? When the fire department says you may die if you don’t change the batteries of your smoke detector, does it mean they are going to do the deed themselves. Of course not on all three. The game is too stupid to play. Such opposers are just upset that faith has power—they wish it were gutted. Of course, the Witnesses say that departing from Jehovah’s organized way exposes one to eventual death. A very good tell that such might be true is that whenever ones do it, in no time at all they come to think the Name itself is a hill of beans, and that it hardly matters if it is used or not.
  7. How can one be so obtuse as Srecko? He fusses on and on about the GB’s counsel, as seen through the appreciative eyes of Glock. “It’s just good sound human advice,” he says. “What’s God got to do with it?” He misses the point most powerful so as to focus on the petty. Tell Jehovah’s people to obey the secular authorities, and they will. Tell ones of the greater world to obey, and they won’t—as a group, I mean—obviously there will be a Bell curve, but it is where that Bell curve falls that determines success of failure. Here is a post from CNBC entitled, “Salesforce’s Marc Benioff: Face masks can end the U.S. coronavirus crisis within weeks.” Within, Benioff says: “If everyone in the United States wore a mask for 3 weeks — just 3 weeks — we would not have anymore coronavirus because there would be no more spread, but people do not want to wear masks.” One would think that Srecko would be cheerleading for Jehovah’s Witnesses. One would think he would be urging all to come under their umbrella—for there is to be found the end of Covid-19 within three weeks. “People do not want to wear masks,” Benioff says. Witnesses do not want to wear them, either, but they are ready to It is as though it is a dirty word. Consistently Srecko uses it this way—he and all his cohorts raging on about the ‘control’ and ‘manipulation’ of the GB. In this case, such obedience, which JWs by and large will render, and huge portions of his people will not, will serve to rescue the earth from the pandemic. In fact, the very position of the Governing Body makes clear that they do not attempt to control people. They set an example—and people will take note of their example because they are highly regarded—but they make clear that each family head is responsible for the course his own family. As states open up—they are all over the board on this, just as they are all over the board on CSA laws—“obedience to secular authority” translates differently to different places—some localities require masks and some don’t—and there are further variances as to the circumstances that masks ought be worn. Suffice it to say that, if governments universally mandated masks in public, Witnesses would comply. Vast swaths of the overall world would not. It may be human advice, but Witnesses will comply because of the Bible requirement to be obedient to secular authority. At least some of the CultExpert’s followers will use their #FreedomOfMind to tell the government where it can go with it’s regulations. That is why the GB must be credited—for presiding over a culture in which people will obey laws of Caesar, providing only that Caesar does not over reach into matters of God. And on mandating masks for a limited period, he does not.
  8. In context this is true of course. But some opposers will say they were held in slavery by the JW religion because of the fear of death because if they didn't do what was right they were going to die.
  9. Sometimes all you have to do with a statement like that from the Glock Wait a minute....are you saying that was a statement from Br. Glock? Because it wasn't, that was what I deducted from what I've been seeing.
  10. I like how at the annual meeting, Mark Sanderson examined Hebrews 2:15, of how “through [Jesus’] death [God] might bring to nothing the one having the means to cause death, that is, the Devil, and that he might set free all those who were held in slavery all their lives by their fear of death.” He then spoke of the Nuremberg trials, in which various Nazis who had committed unspeakable atrocities were asked the simple question, “How could you do those terrible things?” “What did they say?” he asked, and then related the answer they had given: “We had no choice. If we didn’t obey they would put us to death.” “Those people could be manipulated,” Sanderson said. “They could be controlled. They could be made to do the most wicked things because they were afraid.” That’s manipulation. That’s control. That’s the consequence—shall we say it?—of not being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses benefiting from the program of spiritual food directed from the Governing Body. And here is Witness (and numerous others) sniveling about “brutal peer pressure!” The woman is a joke, as are all those who rage against the “control” of the GB. Had there been similar “control” among the Axis population, there would have been no need for the Nuremberg trials.
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  11. I do not look forward to the experience. But so often in life we cannot change our “assignment.” The trick is to be like Paul, who knew how to live regardless of his circumstances. All reports are that the Russian brothers are facing their persecutors with enormous resolve, courage, and integrity. I pray that should it become my turn, I will just as readily follow their example.
  12. They draw the line at putting people's lives at risk....they should have thought about this with their non biblical no blood doctrine.
  13. I sometimes I hope they put us in prison with all other people who refuse to give up Christ - so we can teach them before the end. We may be together like Rahab. So Jehovah can protect us. I know it is wishful thinking... but I do hope this happens. FEMA has built camps for renegades - where they can put you in prison without a lawyer or court case...… When they changed the law to accommodate this - I said … this is for JWs in future!
  14. Anyone who has thought about society knows that peer pressure is everywhere. At work, any club, in groups of friends, gangs - everywhere you go there is some form of peer pressure …to be accepted, even to have the image of being free in a so-called group where everyone follows their own desires, even there, there is is peer pressure - that of appearance of conforming to the image. How did Hitler become so powerful? Radio propaganda and peer pressure. Why did people follow orders ? Peer pressure made them kill others... against their natural instinct. So peer pressure can be a good thing or bad. So when people say peer pressure to conform to good standards is brutal.... then you know what you are dealing with. Several experiments were done in the 1950s due to the Hitler era. They are on Youtube. One experiment was about the amount of pain a person would inflict on others if ordered by authority to do so. Another experiment I recall was also interesting: A group of people were in on the experiment. One candidate was brought in to choose the shortest line among many. Others in the (informed) group all chose the wrong ones and vocally said so... eventually the person went against his own (correct) conviction and chose the wrong answer because most of the others had chosen it... Why I say the governments are so evil now is because of all the secret experiments they have done on crowd control, mind control and social engineering. They are manipulating internet to get people to think how they want you to think. (conspiracy)? There are many historical documentaries online that show how the government used the Nazis (dr. Mengele types - they secretly brought them to America - operation paperclip - and here these Nazis received positions, new names) Their compromised consciences allowed them to further their research on mind control...and many programs were started which were in secret. MKULTRA was one of these programs. These psychological research/brutal experiments ( done in secret) is only now surfacing with the release of old documents. That is why we are now in a time when they will manipulate everyone to do their bidding and only those with very strong faith will survive. I have read about the use of frequencies etc to stimulate certain parts of the brain etc. They will use this in future as well. Jehovah will have to step in. All I know is - this world is totally evil and many vulnerable people were experimented on in USA and Canada without their knowledge (so-called countries with human rights). Some of the things they did to these people are shocking! Better to have a little peer pressure to do the right thing than peer pressure to worship the state. China has got all the technology to do this now and most citizens dare not speak out, even if they do not agree with what is going on. CCP used to hide this from foreigners in their midst but it is totally out in the open now. everyone has to bow to their will. So for those here who have a problem with peer pressure - your own desires to be accepted bring on the peer pressure. If you are a natural rebel, then you will also have a problem because in broader society you will have issues - except with immediate family. Now the state is starting to attack family structure as well. if they break this - you will have no support system. The hunger and food shortages coming (due to extended lock-down) will make people conform even further - to get food.... you may not be able to buy and sell? Let us see first what kind of new economic fedcoin, yuancoin, blockchain coin, or whatever digital system will arise in place of petro-dollar. The bank of international settlements, world bank, IMF etc will come up with something......
  15. La policía rusa realizó más de un centenar de registros en casas de miembros de testigos de Jehová, informó este martes este movimiento en un comunicado. Policías "armados con fusiles" registraron los domicilios de 110 adeptos del movimiento en Voronej (centro de Rusia), y "al menos dos fueron golpeados" por la policía, según el comunicado. "Es la serie más importante de registros contra los testigos de Jehová realizados en un solo día en la Rusia contemporánea", subraya. "Esperamos que las autoridades pongan fin a esta persecución y (podamos) preservar la libertad de religión y de culto que está inscrita en la Constitución", declaró Jarrod Lopes, portavoz de los testigos de Jehová, citado en un comunicado.
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  16. Sometimes all you have to do with a statement like that from the Glock is to show a little flexibility. Like the boy that was spanked by his Dad and protested that he hadn’t committed the offense he was being punished for. “Well—in that case, that’s for something that you did do for which you should have been punished but weren’t,” dear old dad said. So it is with Glock’s words. Covid doesn’t fit as well as we might like? Try the arrests in Russia—110 homes burst into, with persons—many elderly, many women, children among them, by cops in with assault weapons—in a single night. Maybe his words will fit better there:
  17. RECHERCHONS_DES_PERLES_SPIRITUELLES_-_SEMAINE_DU_13_Juillet_2020_-_Exode_8-9[1].docx RECHERCHONS_DES_PERLES_SPIRITUELLES_-_SEMAINE_DU_13_Juillet_2020_-_Exode_8-9[1].pdf Problème Internet depuis plus d'1 semaine c'est pour cela que le retard est dû Recherchons des perles spirituelles (10 min) : Exode 8-9 Exode 8:21 : Quelle sorte d’insecte le mot « taon » désigne-t-il ici ? (it-2 1039). « Si tu ne le laisses pas partir, je vais envoyer des taons sur toi, sur tes serviteurs, sur ton peuple et dans tes maisons. Les maisons d’Égypte seront pleines de taons, et même le sol en sera couvert.» TAON - On ne sait pas avec certitude quel insecte précis était désigné par le mot hébreu original utilisé dans les Écritures en rapport avec la quatrième plaie d’Égypte, la première à ne pas toucher les Israélites en Goshèn. ʽArov est traduit par “ taons ” (Ce ; Jé ; MN ; Os), “ moucherons ” (Pl), “ mouches venimeuses ” (Sg), “ vermine ” (TOB), “ anophèle ” (Ch), “ animaux malfaisants ” (ZK), ou encore “ mouches de chien ”. — LXX. En français, le mot “ taon ” désigne une grosse mouche piqueuse de la famille des tabanidés, qui compte de nombreuses espèces. Les taons femelles sont capables de percer la peau d’un animal ou d’un homme pour sucer son sang. Certaines espèces de taons transmettent des germes qui provoquent des maladies graves. Une plaie de taons put donc infliger de grandes souffrances, et même la mort dans certains cas, aux Égyptiens et à leurs troupeaux. - it-2 1039 Lors de la quatrième plaie, des taons ont détruit le pays, envahi les maisons et probablement l’air, qui était lui-même un objet de culte, personnifié par le dieu Shou ou la déesse Isis, reine des cieux. Le mot hébreu qui correspond à cet insecte a été rendu par “taon”, “mouche” et “scarabée”. (Traduction du monde nouveau, Beaumont, Crampon 1905.) S’il s’agissait bien du scarabée, les Égyptiens ont été infestés par des insectes qu’ils considéraient comme sacrés, et les gens ne pouvaient pas circuler sans les écraser. Quoi qu’il en soit, cette plaie a appris à Pharaon quelque chose sur Jéhovah. Alors que les divinités égyptiennes n’ont pas pu protéger leurs adorateurs des taons, Jéhovah, lui, a été capable d’en préserver son peuple. Cette plaie et celles qui ont suivi ont affligé les Égyptiens, mais pas les Israélites. La quatrième plaie vit l’établissement d’une ligne de démarcation entre le pays de Goschen, territoire de Basse-Égypte où demeurait la communauté israélite, et le reste du pays. La plaie des taons n’affecta pas Goschen, alors qu’elle fit subir de lourdes pertes aux autres régions d’Égypte. Bouto, une déesse tutélaire, ainsi que le dieu Horus s’avérèrent manifestement incapables de maîtriser l’évolution de la situation en Basse-Égypte, dont ils étaient pourtant les protecteurs. – TG1993 15/7 Des dix plaies qui frappèrent l’Égypte ancienne, c’est seulement à partir de la quatrième que Jéhovah fit une différence entre son peuple d’Israël et les Égyptiens. La quatrième plaie consista en essaims de taons, selon ce qui est rapporté dans l’Exode (8:17-20, Jé). Il semble que cette espèce d’insecte était plus grande que la mouche commune ; elle ressemblait plutôt à la mouche à chien (mouches noires chez le chien qui sont piqueuses) ou à l’hippobosque ou mouche plate (également appelée mouche-araignée). Certaines espèces de ces mouches s’attaquent aux hommes et aux animaux, et d’autres ne s’en prennent qu’à la végétation. Ces taons remplirent également la terre de leurs larves. Ils se répandirent dans toutes les maisons d’Égypte, et les ravages qu’ils opérèrent furent tels que tout le pays en fut ruiné. Cette plaie traitait avec mépris la déesse de la mouche ichneumon, Wadjet. Elle fit céder Pharaon, mais seulement jusqu’à ce qu’elle soit terminée. Cette plaie ruina le pays d’Égypte – TG1965 1/11 Exode 8:25-27 : Pourquoi Moïse a-t-il dit que « les Égyptiens auraient en horreur » les sacrifices des Israélites ? (w04 15/3 25 § 9). « Finalement, Pharaon appela Moïse et Aaron, et il leur dit : « Allez faire des sacrifices à votre Dieu, mais dans le pays. » Mais Moïse dit : « Il n’est pas convenable que nous fassions cela, car les Égyptiens auraient en horreur les sacrifices que nous offririons à Jéhovah notre Dieu. Si nous offrons sous leurs yeux des sacrifices qu’ils ont en horreur, ne vont-ils pas nous lapider ? Nous irons dans le désert, à trois jours de route, et là-bas nous ferons des sacrifices à Jéhovah notre Dieu, comme il nous l’a dit. » De nombreux animaux étaient vénérés en Égypte. La mention de sacrifices était donc un argument de poids lorsque Moïse insista pour qu’Israël soit autorisé à aller sacrifier à Jéhovah hors du pays. - w04 15/3 25 § 9 L’Égypte était un pays où on adorait une foule de dieux. Certains animaux étaient considérés comme des divinités ; d’autres étaient tenus pour consacrés à des dieux égyptiens précis. On comprend pourquoi Moïse déclara que, si Israël offrait des animaux en sacrifice à Jéhovah en Égypte, cela déclencherait la violence du peuple (Ex 8:26). On comprend également pourquoi, dans le désert, quand leurs cœurs se portèrent de nouveau vers l’Égypte, les Israélites se servirent d’une statue de veau en métal fondu au cours de ce qu’ils appelèrent “ une fête pour Jéhovah ”. – it-1 L’Égypte antique En Exode 8:25-27, on voit Moïse, qui savait pertinemment que les Égyptiens vouaient un culte à certains animaux (et particulièrement à la vache) qu’ils considéraient comme sacrés, insister pour que Pharaon permette aux Israélites de se retirer dans le désert afin d’offrir leurs sacrifices, car ce serait “ une chose détestable pour les Égyptiens ”. Bien sûr, ces normes égyptiennes n’étaient ni établies ni approuvées par Jéhovah Dieu. – it-1 Détestable (chose) Quelles perles spirituelles as-tu tirées de la lecture de la Bible de cette semaine en rapport avec Jéhovah, la prédication ou un autre sujet ? Le pain occupait une place importante dans l’alimentation des Hébreux et on en faisait régulièrement. De ce fait, le pétrin était un objet indispensable chez les Israélites comme chez d’autres peuples de l’Antiquité. La pâte à pain était malaxée dans un pétrin et cuite sur un foyer ou dans un four. À l’époque de Moïse, lors du deuxième coup que Jéhovah porta à l’Égypte, les grenouilles qui envahirent le pays pénétrèrent dans les maisons et on en trouva même dans les pétrins (Ex 8:3). Plus tard, quand ils quittèrent l’Égypte à la hâte, les Israélites ‘ portèrent leur pâte avant qu’elle soit levée, leurs pétrins enveloppés dans leurs manteaux sur leur épaule ’. (Ex 12:33, 34.) Étant donné que cet ustensile était important dans le foyer puisqu’il servait à la confection du ‘ pain quotidien ’, la bénédiction de Jéhovah sur le pétrin était sans doute la garantie qu’il y aurait suffisamment à manger dans la maison, et sa malédiction était synonyme de faim it-2 p565 Pétrin Lorsque Moïse se présenta devant Pharaon, les prêtres d’Égypte furent humiliés, car ils ne purent se mesurer à la puissance de Jéhovah (Exode 8:18, 19). De même, au jour du jugement, la fausse religion sera incapable de sauver l’actuel système corrompu. Finalement, l’Égypte fut assujettie par “ un maître dur ”, l’Assyrie (Isaïe 19:4). Cela préfigure l’avenir sombre qui attend le système de choses actuel.- ip-1 chap15 p189 L’expression « doigt de Dieu » devrait rappeler à ses auditeurs ce qui s’est passé plus tôt dans l’histoire d’Israël. À la suite d’un miracle de Moïse, les membres de la cour de Pharaon se sont exclamés : « C’est le doigt de Dieu ! » C’est aussi le « doigt de Dieu » qui a écrit les Dix Commandements sur deux tablettes de pierre (Exode 8:19 ; 31:18). De la même manière, c’est grâce au « doigt de Dieu », c’est-à-dire à son esprit saint ou force agissante, que Jésus peut expulser des démons et guérir des malades. Le royaume de Dieu est donc bel et bien arrivé jusqu’à ses opposants, car Jésus, le Roi de ce royaume, est présent et il accomplit des miracles. – jy chap75 p176 Jéhovah est l’“ Ancien des jours ”, le Dieu d’éternité. Il est le Maître du temps. Pour réaliser ses promesses ou ses prophéties, il a fait en sorte que certains événements aient lieu exactement au moment prédit, que ce soit un jour (Ex 9:5, 6), une année, des décennies, des siècles ou des millénaires plus tard. On peut donc être sûr que ses desseins s’exécuteront au moment déterminé d’avance, exactement au jour et à l’heure dits. – it-1 p451 Chronologie Parlons de Moïse. Jéhovah l’a fait devenir un libérateur pour les Israélites. Quand l’a-t-il utilisé ? Était-ce quand Moïse s’en sentait capable, après qu’il avait été « instruit dans toute la sagesse des Égyptiens » ? Non, Jéhovah l’a utilisé seulement après avoir fait de lui un homme humble et doux. Il lui a donné le courage d’aller parler au personnage le plus important d’Égypte (Ex. 9:13-19). Qu’apprenons-nous du moment que Jéhovah a choisi pour utiliser Moïse et de la manière dont il l’a fait ? Qu’il utilise ceux qui imitent ses qualités et qui comptent sur lui pour recevoir de la force – TG2019/10 p25 §54 Les plaies que Jéhovah fit subir à l’Égypte au temps de Moïse étaient des manifestations de sa grande puissance et elles eurent pour résultat la proclamation de son nom parmi les nations (Ex 9:14, 16). Des générations plus tard, d’autres peuples parlaient encore de leurs effets. En outre, ces plaies prouvèrent que les dieux d’Égypte n’avaient aucun pouvoir. Les plaies mentionnées dans le livre de la Révélation sont manifestement des expressions de la colère de Dieu et indiquent symboliquement le résultat ou les conséquences de ses décisions judiciaires. – it-2 p599 Plaie Jéhovah a pour dessein de révéler sa souveraineté et son nom à tous. En Égypte il dit à Pharaon : “ C’est pour cela que je t’ai laissé exister : c’est pour te faire voir ma force et afin qu’on proclame mon nom dans toute la terre. ” (Ex 9:16). Pareillement, Dieu a laissé à ce monde et à son dieu, Satan le Diable, un temps pour exister et évoluer dans leur méchanceté, et il a fixé un temps pour leur destruction – it-2 p1009 Jéhovah Dieu se sert des circonstances pour amener les méchants eux-mêmes à servir inconsciemment ses desseins. Bien que ces hommes s’opposent à Dieu, il est capable de les retenir suffisamment afin que ses serviteurs lui restent fidèles et il peut faire en sorte que les actions même de telles personnes mettent sa justice en relief. On en a un bon exemple en la personne du pharaon à qui Jéhovah, par l’intermédiaire de Moïse et d’Aaron, ordonna de libérer les Israélites retenus en esclavage. Dieu ne rendit pas méchant ce dirigeant égyptien, mais il le laissa vivre et dirigea les événements de telle sorte que le pharaon révèle lui-même sa méchanceté et montre qu’il méritait la mort. Le but de Jéhovah en cette affaire est révélé en Exode 9:16 : “ C’est pour cela que je t’ai laissé exister : c’est pour te faire voir ma force et afin qu’on proclame mon nom dans toute la terre. ” Les dix plaies qui s’abattirent sur l’Égypte et qui aboutirent à la destruction du pharaon et de ses forces militaires dans la mer Rouge démontrèrent de façon impressionnante la puissance de Jéhovah – it-2 p240 Méchanceté Jéhovah a donné des avertissements peu de temps avant d’exécuter son jugement. Mais même alors, il a fait en sorte que ceux qui étaient concernés par cette « tempête » aient assez de temps pour en tenir compte. Par exemple, Jéhovah a averti les Égyptiens des dix plaies qu’il comptait leur faire subir. Dans le cas de la septième plaie, il a envoyé Moïse et Aaron prévenir Pharaon et ses serviteurs qu’une terrible grêle allait dévaster le pays. La grêle se mettrait à tomber le lendemain. Peut-n dire alors que Dieu leur a donné assez de temps pour trouver un abri et pour échapper à la catastrophe ? La Bible répond : « Les serviteurs de Pharaon qui prirent au sérieux la parole de Jéhovah mirent rapidement à l’abri leurs serviteurs et leurs animaux, mais ceux qui ne prirent pas au sérieux la parole de Jéhovah laissèrent leurs serviteurs et leurs animaux dans les champs » (Ex. 9:18-21). Donc oui, les avertissements que Jéhovah a donnés étaient suffisants, et ceux qui en ont tenu compte ont pu éviter les pires conséquences de cette plaie. Jéhovah a toujours veillé à ce que les gens aient assez de temps pour réagir à ses avertissements. Il s’est toujours soucié des humains : il voulait qu’ils se repentent et qu’ils tiennent compte de ses avertissements avant qu’il exécute ses jugements. Aujourd’hui encore, tous les humains doivent répondre à un appel urgent qui est lancé dans le monde entier – TG2019/10 p6
  18. When the song “Give us Courage” was released at the 2018 Be Courageous Regional Conventions, an accompanying video displayed soldiers in full military gear closing in on entirely ordinary and manifestly harmless Jehovah’s Witnesses, who were doing no more than minding their own business. “How cult-like!” said the ridiculers. “What is it with these people and their “persecution complex.” If fact, the video prefigures events that have come to pass, as absurdly unlikely as they might seem. After all, arresting entirely harmless people is crazy in itself. But what multiplies the craziness 100-fold is to arrest them in full military gear. There is no possibility of them offering resistance and everybody knows it. They are almost the only group whose entire history demonstrates that under no circumstances do they resort to violence. Yet they are arrested as you would terrorists. Assuming that arrests are called for (a ridiculous assumption that we will let pass so as to pursue a greater point), why would arrests be made in such a violent manner? Two reasons present themselves, 1) Outright hate. 2) Saving face. If you declare people “extremists” and then arrest them as you would a jaywalker, you are only making yourself look silly. You are only proving that they are not extremists at all, and that you well know it—and so what does that say about you? It is why Abraham Lincoln said that he was not smart enough to lie—he knew he would have to adjust every subsequent statement and action to accord with that first lie simply if he would retain an ounce of credibility. Having lied to assert Witnesses are extremists, you have to act as though they are. The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses foresaw this. It is the most unlikely scenario in the world, and yet they foresaw it. Does this “prove” that Jehovah is with the Witness Governing Body—to transfer Brother Glock’s remarks to more readily adaptable content?
  19. About twenty percent of the time. Eighty percent of the time, the results of JW peer pressure are brutal. Would you call the statement below, nudging in the safer direction? Or, is it a tyrannical threat? "But we are acting against Jehovah’s purpose if we do not obey the faithful and discreet slave or if we choose to obey only what we think is important. And if we act against Jehovah’s purpose, we cannot be his friends. In the next article, we will talk about some situations that give us the opportunity to show if we are obedient. The decisions we make in these situations will show if we have entered into God’s rest." WT 11/7/15 p. 21 Are your peers keeping tab on whether you are 'showing' that you are obedient to the GB? Are elders your peers, or are they the tyrants that must decide if God is still your friend? "It (false prophet) was permitted to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast (organization) could both speak and cause whoever would not worship the image of the beast to be killed." Rev 13:15 "give breath" - spirit breathed - "spirit directed"
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  21. A lot of them a kind of stupid— No tom the stupid ones are JWs that stay in the CCJW and serve the GB
  22. Rochester, its hotels and restaurants stand to lose out on tens of millions of dollars as a result of the decision by Jehovah's Witnesses to cancel all conventions worldwide due to COVID-19, including summer events in Rochester. "No doubt we long to be together," said Robert Hendriks, U.S. spokesperson for Jehovah's Witnesses. "But we do draw the line at putting somebody's life at risk." Rochester typically hosts five Jehovah Witnesses' conventions through July and August. The three-day events bring close to 20,000 people from the Upper Midwest and deliver $20 million in economic stimulus to the city from spending on hotels, restaurants and other venues. This would have been Rochester's 30th year of hosting the Jehovah's Witnesses. The group holds 800 conventions each year in the U.S that draws upwards of 2 million people. It self-styles itself as the "largest convention organization in the world." The U.S. is home to 13,000 Jehovah Witnesses congregations and 1.3 million adherents.
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  23. Russian authorities said they’ve carried out more than 100 raids in the homes of dozens of Jehovah’s Witnesses in a region that borders Ukraine. The joint searches by investigators, police and National Guard troops led to two criminal cases being opened against 10 worshippers aged between 24-56, investigators in the Voronezh region south of Moscow said in a statement Monday.
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  24. Russian authorities armed with assault rifles raided 110 homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Voronezh Region on July 13, 2020, according to an official press release by the Voronezh Region Investigative Committee. This is the largest series of raids conducted in one day on Jehovah’s Witnesses in modern Russia. Preliminary reports from my colleagues indicates that at least two Witnesses were beaten. Some Witnesses reported that when the officers stormed into their houses to conduct the searches, they would force people to the ground and press their faces to the floor. Additionally, the law enforcement officers did not wear masks or take any precautions against the spread of COVID-19. Jarrod Lopes, spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses, states: “This month, the total number of Witnesses’ homes raided has surged to over 1,000 since 2017. For reasons passing understanding, heavily armed officers—as if being deployed for combat—are storming into the homes of peaceful Christians, many of whom are elderly. Human rights advocates and international judicial bodies continue to publicly condemn Russia for targetting Jehovah’s Witnesses. We hope Russian leaders will halt the persecution and uphold the freedom of religion and belief that is enshrined in its Constitution.” #jwrussia Read more:
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  25. Many religious organizations are high profile, like Mormonism, the Catholic Church and Islam. Blood, sweat, even tears over the centuries created some stunningly beautiful buildings. JWs pride themselves on their own building feats, as if God has blessed their hand, when history shows greater works in the name of religion have been built. All it takes is slave labor and money. I know I’ve referred to John 4 so many times, and Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well. She pointed to the mountain in Samaria where her temple stood; Jesus mentioned the temple in Jerusalem. These were literal places which he remarked would no longer be used for worship. No mountain would be necessary to worship God. But man continued building “mountains" to worship God. They named them, “God’s house”or " God's temple". How many houses of God or temples stand in various religions today? Which one does God really reside in? Which one would He choose? Such works are futile attempts for over 2,000 years. They all have left a legacy of lies, while promising salvation, and the WT organization is following in their footprints. “Then, as some spoke of the temple, how it was adorned with beautiful stones and donations, He said, 6 “These things which you see—the days will come in which not one stone shall be left upon another that shall not be thrown down.” 7 So they asked Him, saying, “Teacher, but when will these things be? And what sign will there be when these things are about to take place?” 8 And He said: “Take heed that you not be deceived. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time has drawn near.’ Therefore do not go after them.” Luke 21:5-8 “For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: 19 whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame—who set their mind on earthly things.” Phil 3:18,19
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