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  2. Well you are all still 'in the wilderness' on manna, but you get bored with it and ask for something different. Hence those you serve give you different things to play with. A bit like parents trying to please their children i suppose . Shame none of it is really the 'truth' that the Org pretends it is. So not only new tools but new message too.
  3. I'm out for the rest of the day, but we should start another thread on this topic, anyway.
  4. That sounds like a Saturday Evening Post article. 9/14/40. I bought it on eBay, and will read it again to refresh my memory about what it said re Covington.
  5. Wow, complicated huh. So, once upon a time the Board of Directors were the GB. But in 1971 the GB was the Board of directors + other older brothers. However since 2001 the GB and the Board of Directors are two seperate groups of men. Now I have more questions. The Watchtower B&T Society is one 'company', whilst the, Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses is a seperate 'company'. When exactly did they seperate and why ? So who rules over which 'company', GB or Board of Directors, or both ? And which of those two 'bodies' GB or B of D has the highest rank / control, over which of the two companies ? I think the $4000 a day fine situation was because the GB / B of D were deliberately slowing down court proceedings by sending letters between the W/T and the CCJW, as each has its own legal departments. Try comparing that to the 'early Christians'. Did they have two 'companies' and two legal departments ? Jesus didn't even have a bed to call his own. It must cost the congregants a fortune in donations
  6. This is my own personal bitching thread, after which I will get back to my normal supportive self, with only occasional caveats. What nettles me about the tracts, and many other things, is how we go on and on and on about what a blessing from on high they all are, as though THIS Item is the magic bullet that will turn the preaching work on its head, exactly what is needed at this particular time— and doubtless it will completely energize the work and swarms will thereby be attracted to the truth. I wish we wouldn’t do that. I wish we would just say “Here’s a new tool. We worked hard on it. Give it a try and see how it works.” I even think that our failure to do it that way is where a lot of the underlying conception that the JW organization is “smug” comes from.
  7. You wrote interesting things in comment. Apologize for my going this way but that is what exJW doing as mandatory task :))) Simplified editions of text in WTJWORG publications is normal result and normal need, not just for poorly educated secular people, but because WTJWORG advises only few years of standard, basic education for JW members as something that is ALL they need in this World without Future. If this trend of Organization come to be More Successful in future period of time, they would only have to organizing some simple seminars about how to using smartphones and tablets for meetings and field service with simple cartoons and simplified text for study. I see that you not supporting this trend in Organization, but that is how it is :)))
  8. Today
  9. Probably me. It drives me crazy—searching and searching in vain for something that you think you remember well. This was a multi-page article, uncharacteristically favorable to JWs, in one of the large and now defunct (or so altered that it might as well be) glossy newsmagazines that I strongly remember as Look, but maybe, just maybe, it was Life or Saturday Evening Post. (I’ll probably find it someday in Popular Mechanics.) The first paragraph or two was in the setting of some huge international convention, back in the days where there would only be one in a given year. The author framed it as threatening skies that looked like preparations would be for naught, but the brothers toiled on oblivious, as though confident that all would turn out well. And it did. Just before the convention was to begin, the skies cleared and the program got underway with nary a hitch.
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    His letters to Rutherford and to his congregation are probably available to read if you can find the links. He resigned in 1939, the same year that Covington became the new Watchtower attorney. They both argued cases before the Supreme Court (2 for Moyle) although Covington had many more cases. They were both successful in front of the Supreme Court, but Covington's string of successes were all the more impressive considering the war-time zeitgeist. Don't remember the quote about Covington in Look magazine. But I've heard that claim from somewhere.
  10. I have never heard of this fellow. What’s with him? I read once in Look Magazine (if you know of it, please please please cite the issue) that Covington was unique in that he could “sass” the Supreme Court Justices and get away with it. Did Moyle argue any before the Supreme Court?
  11. I don’t like the present series of tracts, but that does not mean that they are no good. I am very far from being typical. Nobody on this forum that claims to be a Witness is typical. I’m just carrying on some because I would love to see the ministry more fruitful that what it seems to me to be. I and many others here write more in a day that most people write in a month. So I can hardly expect the tracts to cater to me. The last CO cited figures from somewhere that the average youngster today spends 7 minutes with print (as opposed to 10 hours or so on some form of screen time) Going simple is obviously the way to go. The fact that I do not like it does not mean that it is not just the ticket for reaching the majority. Education is usually a last-place priority in today’s world. 1/6 of the world’s population cannot read. Most people barely know that these persons exist, and count them as nothing. Watchtower produces simplified versions of material already written simple so as to reach them. I defend the use of (vastly) simplified writing, even as I do not personally like it. “They can learn to read a few grade levels beneath them, if they are not too full of themselves,” is a line I put somewhere. I’ve learned to work around what is unpalatable to me, telling the high-brow people to consider this or that bit of writing as an outline, nothing more. Or telling them to not worry about whether this or that in the Bible is literal, but instead to take it as a metaphor and see if they can discern the underlying meaning of it. Mathematicians do something similar all the time: assume that this or that condition is true just to see where that assumption leads them. If it proves fruitful, then they come back and reconsider any initial objection to it. Just after 911, when people were unusually subdued, I grabbed that tract ‘Who Really Rules the World’ and had several good discussions with it. I’ve always liked Luke 4 for its clear explanation of Jesus declining Satan’s offer of gov’t control but acquiescing that it lay in his power to make the offer. Yes. There is a place for tracts. Everyone here beefs about everything under the sun, so I have joined in on what is our main mission—the ministry. I probably shouldn’t. It really is true that ‘bad association spoils useful habits.’ I’ll put it all on this thread and then do my best to zip it. The Bible is not a template for democracy, with every Tom Dick and Harry telling HQ how it ought to be.
  12. You are right that some of the claims came from former Bethelites, but they were certainly not disgruntled, as far as I know. However, I did add a disclaimer in front of that information, back in the original post. (By the way, I know firsthand about Quackenbush's run-in with Knorr, and I was there when he arrived back at Bethel when Brother Knorr died, and for a time we even sat at the same table.) This information should not be new or surprising to anyone, however. It's not that I think that Covington was in the right, or that he could have had much effect on the Society overall. Olin Moyle, the previous Watchtower attorney, had tried something similar. And it barely registered a blip in the overall history of the Watchtower Society. Of course, I did add the information for a good reason (in my opinion). There are those here who automatically think that if anyone says anything negative about people at high levels of responsibility, they must be lying. This is one of the reasons that people need to keep their eyes open. Always be optimistic, trust in Jehovah, and expect the best from all our brothers; but also be cautious, and be prepared for anything.
  13. The board of directors, which was the previous governing body, was supposed to be 100-percent anointed, and there was only one (known) exception to that prior to 2001. (Covington in the 1940's). Then in 1971 the governing body was redefined to include the board of directors plus other older brothers who were not on the board of directors and had never been on the board of directors, but who were also anointed. Then after 2000/2001, no members of the governing body were also on the board of directors. This way the board of directors needed to concern itself no longer with filling its positions from members of the anointed. But the governing body is still filled by members of the anointed. This will remain true for as long as possible. The governing body helpers make up the extended committees of the governing body, and these persons need not be of the anointed, although several are.
  14. Wouldn't happen - too much would have to be referred to the Service Desk and the lawyers. Forget it.
  15. The GB would only act like any big businessmen or politician. They would avoid answering questions directly or just plainly tell lies.
  16. Following on from @Srecko Sostar this management / board of directors now say that are the 'Faithful and discreet slave'. Thank you Srecko. But i lost it a bit about if they are all supposed to be of the anointed or not now. Either way it does seem a crafty move and i find it quite funny that the W/t changed their title to suit their own convenience. Board of Directors = Faithful and discreet slave, I don't think so As the Board of Directors of course, it is much easier to understand how they try to hide the pedopphilia problem and try to stop victims claiming compensation. It's big business isn't it ? They don't want their business to lose money or status. Um, Judas was the money handler wasn't he, and look what he did and how he ended up.
  17. Merge, compose, amalgam. How from secular terminology about Corporation policy and Management comes to Spiritual meaning for followers, covered with Interpretations about meaning of some Bible verses.
  18. Did God not pass that knowledge to the prophets? Did Jesus not state those secrets would be revealed? Who is God and Christ referring to? themselves! Which translation of the Bible are you using?
  19. From an Engineer's or Detective's viewpoint, that is a VERY easy question to answer. Just look at the TRACK RECORD of those who claim they have insight on the divine secrets, and tabulate how may times they have been right ... and how many times they have been wrong. I does NOT get any simpler than THAT.
  20. Here you're well-intentioned but mistaken. The objective of God is still to have sinless (perfect) humans in the earth. It started that way for however long Adam and Eve were in the Garden. Jesus sacrifice is proof of that. Therefore, in the eyes of God, nothing has changed in that regard. Now the mistake is to think that God will allow lawlessness to continue after judgment day. Therefore, God's intention is to have faithful followers that will one day revert to a sinless state. The word "perfection" is a subjective word. Then what would be the difference between the houses of worship, to be a house of prayer as Jesus indicated? Therefore, you are misunderstanding the usage of a building, when as you state, had already been used way before. Tents were used as a means for traveling nomads. However, when the nation of Israel settled, they erected a building. So, I don't see why you would have a problem with using a building as a place of worship.
  21. What is the context of that question? Can you please rephrase? And who, specifically are you addressing?
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