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  3. It may be just as well. The same people who carry on about chemical & pharmaceutical & food pollution also carry on about 5G, far more intense than 4G, and impossible to get away from. Watch those Chinese to see if they light up.
  4. I hear this so often from businesses themselves, not just the government, that I accept it as true. That doesn’t mean that, having done so, they might not use whatever intellectual property they have hijacked to build upon. I also think it will be a difficult point to negotiate away. If what I know about communism is true, there is no private intellectual property, nor private property of any sort. The property of one person is in theory the property of all.
  5. Today
  6. So God has given you the right to judge has he ? Maybe many who pass by have actually heard or read about the amount of Child Abuse within the JW Org. Maybe they see the JW Org as unsafe. Or maybe they know people that are being shunned for no good reason by the Org. I'm 69 and i don't think i will be alive when God brings Judgement day. I think it has to be a long way off from now. I think God will have a pure and honest earthly organisation, organised by communication from Jesus Christ in heaven to truly Anointed people here on Earth. People will know who to trust regarding God's message by the time Judgement arrives. As it is right now there is no pure honest organisation, so people are confused. 'Sheep without a shepherd' as Jesus said. The Bible tells us to serve Almighty God through Christ. So for my part I'm hoping Christ will make it clear who he is using here on this earth. It cannot be JW Org right now as that Org is unclean and has no spiritual direction. Just because JW's go earthwide pushing out a 'message' it does not mean that the message is from God or Christ. But you keep judging people Derek, you seem happy that way.
  7. People who are not interested are satisfied in the world in which we have to live at the moment just like some on here who are just critics when Jehovah says that`s enough I wonder where they will stand
  8. This quoting of myself is the basis of why I rationally and deliberately choose to be who I am ... the fact that it drives you absolutely insane is merely an added bonus. Meanwhile, you are hiding behind your fake desperado cowboy uniform.
  9. From your nebulous general response, it seems clear that you think the word "Specific" refers to the Ocean West of California. Well, BillyTheKid46, (who is NOT really who you are) ... I suppose we will just have to "agree to disagree". I do try to be a good Jehovah's Witness ... but nobody that has ever met me has yet accused me of being "Brother Watchtower". For me, that is a badge of honor. .... but then again ... I am a Barbarian. The major "take away" point is this: I DO NOT WANT TO BE, AND DO NOT TRY TO BE. ( For the logical, reasonable, and rational reasons I stated on this thread, several posts before this posting, which I am re-posting below, as I know you will misconstrue the points, anyway .)
  10. Quote @Anna Most churches separate kids from the parents. It is JW kids who stay with their parents all the time. Your JW 'world' must be totally different to the JW 'world' I knew. Children were always sitting with different people, in fact if a family had lots of children then their children could be spread all round the KH, each child with a different person. It was seen as being helpful to the parents, so that the parents 'could actually get some spiritual food from the meeting'. The parents had to gather up their children at the end of the meeting, which was never easy as the children used to 'go a bit wild' in the hall after the meeting was finished. Must have been around 30 to 40 children in my ex congregation. One family had seven children and they never all sat with their parents through public talk and W/t.
  11. This may have been a reality, but not because the elders were known to be doing so, but rather because no one believed they really were doing it. If it was a victims word against an elder, the elder's denial may have been believed over the victim. Big difference. Thank you @Anna I rest my case.
  12. To advise people to pray to God through Jesus Christ and then also to read their Bible is a good thing. To advise people to read literature from the GB and Writing department of Watchtower / JW Org, well i think we will just have to agree to differ .
  13. I only speak with what I read. If this is an indication James, you are as ignorant about yourself as that of scripture. However, you claim to have guts and went up to a body of Elders. Did you claim in that meeting all the garbage you write here about the Watchtower, its doctrine, and its claim to divine inspiration? Anyone can claim fearless when being confronted. Yet, they seem to squirm at the prospect of having such a loose tongue, biblical standards will have to be applied with consequences. You can take this commandment however you wish. Trying to compare my behavior with yours is light years apart. The day you want to learn scripture the right way. Take a look at 1 Timothy 6:12. Why did Paul command Timothy? Yet, Paul was not part of the original Apostles to charge Timothy in the presence of God. Another factor in how God’s commission comes down. If it had stopped with the Apostles, then that commission would have stopped with the first 3000 Christians. There would no longer be a Christian church of Christ in our present time. Just anonymous followers of Christ, like "witness", wishes it to be. Fight the Good Fight of Faith 11 But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness. 12 Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses. Paul didn’t make that charge just because. It wasn’t for unbelievers only. It also had to do with how Timothy would have the confidence to approach those that had wandered from the faith in verse 11. That was Paul’s “doxological” view for modern understanding. Therefore, when I put on my armor, it is one leg at a time, and I make sure I’m 100% covered to fight a good fight for God’s sovereignty. If I have to choose between God and satisfying apostate views, I’ll pick God every time, even unto death. My soul is prepared, how about, yours. By the way, there is a difference between obtaining your personal information, versus you freely giving away your personal information. Since I'm not a spy for the Watchtower, legally giving me that information thru IM won't have legal ramifications. If I were a spy, I would have already given the Watchtower JWinsider, Anna, and a few others info. The fact you're still here claiming to be witnesses is a testimony to that. 😉
  14. Bonjour Misette, merci pour cet excellent travail. Bonne journée et à bientôt te lire. Michel Il n’y a qu’une seule grande puissance 2 (NXPowerLite) (NXPowerLite).pps
  15. No one gives private bible studies to children anymore unless they are the parents. Same with the ministry. Most churches separate kids from the parents. It is JW kids who stay with their parents all the time.
  16. Being protected from scandal surely does not include remaining an Elder despite clear evidence that they have been guilty of child abuse, since that is what John was mainly talking about. I cannot see that happening in view of 1Timothy 3:2. A person like that would clearly not qualify, even if the accusation was not true, but there was notoriety.
  17. Yes, I do, and so do elders and others I have spoken with. This may have been a reality, but not because the elders were known to be doing so, but rather because no one believed they really were doing it. If it was a victims word against an elder, the elder's denial may have been believed over the victim. Big difference. Yes, it was possible because of same answer as above. You have already forgotten that no one ever said that cases of child abuse were lies by apostates. What has been said is that apostates say that we do not care about child abuse, and that is a lie. Again, big difference. What I actually said was that no organization purposefully condones child abuse.
  18. I am not Paul. JTR is a convention I like, which covers it all.
  19. I do respect that for the sake of showing guts. I really do. I would appreciate it if you would go by James. Or, just tell me if you insist upon Tom and I will go to James. I am really curious. Can it really be, with you being so open and all, that you have triggered no sanctions in the congregation? You never let on that you have, one time relating a current field service experience when you were packing a gun and the sisters commented how they should fell safe. As deliberately as offensive, accusatory, and outrageous as you are—have you truly never heard about it? As an experiment, I am going to quote a Bible passage that was recently cited on our weekly program. See if you can spot the words I have cleverly substituted (look very hard). Looking intently at the Sanʹhe·drin Paul said: “Men, brothers, I have behaved before God with a perfectly clear conscience down to this day.” At this the high priest An·a·niʹas ordered those standing by him to strike him on the mouth. Then Paul said to him: “God is going to strike you, you whitewashed wall. Do you at one and the same time sit to judge me in accord with the Law and, transgressing the Law, command me to be struck?” Those standing by said: “Are you reviling the high priest of God?” And Paul said: “You lying son of a b***h! I’ll revile you if I want, you odious fool! Your mother’s midwife probably slapped her instead of you!!!” There. Did you catch it? Honestly, why don’t you be more like Paul actually was?
  20. BillyTheKid46: There is something despicable about a man who weaponizes Scripture to try and intimidate others, for his own aggrandizement. That is who you are, Billy, clear to the bone. Your logic and reasoning is SO FLAWED, you think you can compile ONE of anything, in a nebulous foggy cloud of thought, and make assumptions about everything else. Just FYI, I have had sustained discussions about my philosophy with an Elder Body in the past, in fact, several Elder Bodies in different congregations all over the country, over the years ... but my being a Barbarian means that I ignore uninspired, and error ridden Organizational pontification.. Been there ..... done that. I make them mad, and they make me sad. We're even. If I am wrong about any subject ... I of course have to pay the price for being wrong If THEY are wrong, I STILL pay the price, in full, for taking their bad advice, and they pay no price whatsoever. ... and so far, my track record is light years better than theirs about being right on matters the Bible does not speak about, and about 50/50 in things it does speak about. ... and as far as confessions go ...... as far as I know, the Watchtower has only apologized ONCE since 1870 ... for screwing up peoples' lives. When the Body of Elders assembled to interrogate me asked me specifically what my views of the Governing Body was, about a year and a half ago, I replied: "I will have to agree with what they published in the February, 2017 Watchtower ... that they are neither inspired, or infallible" . The Coordinator said "Oh yeah, I remember reading that ... " The other two Elders looked at him in astonishment, as they had not, or did not remember it. They could not release me from "ROOM 101" fast enough. Several years before that I had a body of elders surround me in an aisle way at the Kingdom Hall, after the Watchtower Study, and I could no escape them without pushing one or more aside, and one asked me without any preamble whatsoever, what I thought of the Governing Body. My reply was spontaneous and instantaneous: "I do not think of them at all!" They left me alone after that. .... until "next time".
  21. Not everyone does. The notion of living a happy life (see above photo) does not strike many as being such a bad thing. There are many people who do not have it at all and it is not necessarily clear to all where it is to be found, or even if it is to be found. Some will be curious as to what is our formula for it. They may or may not cotton to what they read but it can hardly be a horrendous thing to offer it for their examination.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Yeah. I agree. This NM gig is really stupid . And what do the cops do? Distracting motorists? I mean are they standing in the intersect, trying to disrupt traffic? Bit like those unsolicited windscreen cleaners or something? oops...here they go....
  24. You are such an asset to us! May our God, and Father, and Friend, Jehovah, bless you and your efforts! Sending you love from Delaware, USA.
  25. That only means, a heretic can’t handle the truth even if it’s thrown like a pizza in their face. I compiled one transgression that is enough to prove the many. Denial, well, as I said, explain how your conduct is exempt? Did you bother to answer that before you started your rant? However, your dishonesty lies with NOT confronting your own Elder body with this gibberish as you call it. Personally, I call it GARBAGE! From opposers. I don’t recall, where you have seen an Elder from your congregation here to see your strife, and divisions. Give me your address and phone number I’ll gladly pass it along. This invitation goes for others, here. You can IM the info. One thing for sure. For a person riddled in comedy, you make a poor one. You can add this to yourself, and other opposers here " Or as Daffy might say .... "He's Dispichible!"
  26. You are AGAIN guilty as homemade sin of what you accuse ME of ... the irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife. My name here is EXACTLY as shown on my birth certificate, my home mortgage, my Publisher's Record Card, how I am known in the Congregation ( ..actually, casually it is Tom Rook ...), my driver's license and my US Passport.. Again you have condemned yourself with your own words .... unless you really ARE BillyThe Kid46, and that's what is shown on your birth certificate, how you are known in your Congregation. and that is what is shown on your Driver's License, etc. Every posting you make you shoot yourself in the foot ... AGAIN. Part of my being a Barbarian is that I find it all very, very funny. Like watching a Daffy Duck Cartoon where it is Duck Season and he gets his face rearranged continually from being shot. Or as Daffy might say .... "He's Dispichible!"
  27. I keep no secrets, Billy ... everything I do is open and "in your face", as I care nothing about any consequences ... mainly because I do not actually stick burglars' heads on a pole in my front yard, even though the idea does appeal to me.I I asked you to specifically to enumerate the horrors you accuse me of, and you choked, and replied with irrelevant gibberish. I was giving you an opportunity to PROVE you are not a slanderer, are not a liar, and not delusional. You failed to do any of those things. You stand convicted by your very own slanders and lies against me as a bitter, irrelevant agenda driven Watchtower policy wonk, as well. Exactly what I would expect from a Greek speaking Watchtower Lawyer, or lawyer wannabe. You know why Watchtower Lawyers can swim in the Atlantic Ocean without any fear of being eaten by Sharks? .... Professional Courtesy.
  28. Here in Devon England they also set up stalls at 'car boot sales' (in fields where people sell their personal possessions ), but in honesty I don't see people talking to them or taking magazines or books. I presume they still count the time but they are not really witnesses are they ? It looks kinda sad and i have mixed feeling when i see it. I never confront them, i just walk on by.
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