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  2. .... let somebody please remind me how has ended One and Only True organized/institutional Religion started in 1513 B.C.E. under Mt. Sion? ......... type and anti type example? or mere, simple, reality fact and evidence of .... something?:)) ...or we can go by this road too: Jew religion existing until today. And by this Observation that Institutional Religion not ended by Jesus Death as some interpretations of NT verses implied. What this talks to us? That this religion is still One and Only True because JHVH was (and still He is) source and origin of It?
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  4. You mentioned a bad tooth before, so I thought this might be a follow up. My choppers are in reasonably good repair also, however one of them disintegrated, left me with a gaping hole which is visible only when I smlle. (But how often do I do that?) An implant would cost about 3K and I could swing it, but I can also do other things with that 3K. I figured it is sort of like that new car that you buff out every little scratch when new, but after you have logged on many many miles and it isn’t too far from the boneyard you tend to say about that latest dent, “Nuts, I can live with that.”
  5. Thanks for your reply TTH .... my choppers are well maintained already ..... I was just giving the poster an opportunity to confirm this posting was not just a scam. ... hence the third question. Many are unaware the reason T-Rex Dinosaurs went extinct is that their upper arms were too short to floss.
  6. Probably you know this, but there are excellent dental and medical clinics abroad and Americans go there for treatment that they find unaffordable back home. Whether this place in the Philippines is one of them or not, I would not know. Due diligence is important. I do know an American currently living in Myanmar who required substantial work to readdress an injury suffered 20 years ago in the states. She went to such a dental facility in next door Thailand and was very satisfied with implants they made. She had to stay there awhile for some return visits but lodging is not too expensive. If you want, I will forward information about the place to you, answering the questions you posed.
  7. You are correct BillyTheKid46 anonymous avatar, whoever you REALLY are: You did not make a direct connection of your insults to me, immediately preceding that delusional commentary, which was not intended as a direct connection by insult to you. I was responding to a well established pattern of you calling people and their concerns garbage, fools, and cowards, etc., and your generalized sanctimonious condemnation of those posting here that think differently than you, that you consider spiritual dullards. However, it was not my intent to insult you ........ merely highlight your delusional commentary. I apologize for any insult.
  8. Do you honestly believe Jesus started to organize a Body of Christ? What perception do you understand the role each individual has within that Body? Scripture states there would be false prophets. Therefore, false religion. Your stance in this matter is, the Watchtower is a false religion, even though by far, the Watchtower has embedded itself and adhered to the original teaching of Christ. All the magazines, books, publications center around that ideology, through scripture and it's interpretation. So, why haven't you asked yourself, why haven't other religions followed the Watchtower to become a faithful part of the body of Christ?
  9. Keep in mind JAMES THOMAS ROOK JR and remember you insulted me first in the other thread when you called my commentary delusional when I made NO direct connection toward anyone. You made that judgment call, not me. So, don’t punk out mister if you can’t take the heat, stay out of my commentaries?
  10. I will ask you the same question I asked John. Why harp on my avatar, when you haven’t confronted JWinsider, or ANNA about theirs? 😋 My avatar reflects the high crimes of society, back in the day when a young man was making strides to understand scripture better than what Christendom had to offer in the East Coast. All while the West Coast was riddled with high crimes and immorality. You yourself call my avatar a thief and a murderer. What do you call stealing someone’s spirituality, and condemning that person to God’s Judgement? I would have thought such intelligent people would have gotten the gist, but apparently pushing away visitors from knowing the truth with all this garbage isn’t considered reaping the soul of a condemned person, for paying attention to the likes of you. I guess scripture truly means nothing. Great Christian conduct, Great demonstration of Christianity. What's the difference between me and you, apostasy! get a clue and a life. 😉 But of course, the real reason you and John are harping on my avatar is that you think I’m a coward for NOT putting up my real name like whining children when the majority of people here don’t. That just makes me wonder how mentally stable people are when an avatar becomes a point of contention. 🙄 However, the question that hasn’t been answered is not how brave you are here, even though your personal names are common in many nations, it’s NOT cowering in front of a body of Elders, that even John seems to hide from. So, your no more brave, and an oppose calling the Watchtower to rant and rave on how wrong they are. But, I guess intelligence only goes so far, with James and John, that have teamed up to argue about my avatar, Cary on wayward old men of the faithless. 😏 Once again, I’ll be happy to receive your personal info. I don’t need to hijack it or fish for it. 🤗
  11. That’s extremely funny James, coming from a “chronic slander, liar, and delusional, along with being a public apostate” that you would equate me to you. 😂 How, does your Christian conduct help any witness reading your garbage? When you maliciously slander the Watchtower, the GB, and its core doctrine, embedded in scripture. It appears you’re so lost, you can’t see what you write anymore. But, then again, what’s the Librarians excuse, to see you (JAMES) and JOHN do the same. Will it take favoritism in the end, to make that determination? That, somehow you’re more Christian than ME? That’s hilarious. 😂 If this was the reason AllenSmith was removed, it is a poor excuse, since you (JTR) and John Butler are no better. Could it be Allen Smith challenged the hypocrisy of you people calling yourselves witnesses when it’s clear you’re NOT? 😉
  12. The suggestion to lead with a scripture is not something original on my part. From time to time it has been suggested by the theocratic organization. I have run with it as a staple more than is usually emphasized, but the idea is not mine. I mean, how can it be going off on one’s own tangent by leading with a scripture? If one finds that it works well. one tends to do it more and more, and that has been the case with me. Similarly, the working with the video ‘Would You Like Good News’? which leads to the ‘Good News From God’ table of contents & the invitation to the householder to choose any one he/she likes was not my idea at all. That came from the circuit overseer on his last visit. I was at almost every meeting for field service and he worked to make us all familiar with how videos could be used. Not once did he mention the current CLAM presentation of ‘Where are the Dead?’ Was he going off on his own tangent & thinking he knew better than God’s organization? No, he is just showing that there are a lot of ways to present the good news and he was putting emphasis on a method that works well. Q: Recently I went out with one of our elders and was a little disappointed when he was only delivering tracts. He was not trying to initiate conversation at all. Q2: Different ones will often fall back on old habits, even bad ones (and even Elders). Q2, I am going to be very very bold here and suggest that if he is merely offering tracts and making no effort to start conversations it is because he finds the suggested presentations cumbersome and awkward, and he would benefit by trying the scripture-first or the video one. I mean, he is an elder. He wants to be seen taking the lead. Everyone varies the pace and settings vary, as does one’s mood on any given day. Yet limiting one’s ministry to offering tracts with no effort to converse is faithful, but it is not taking the lead, and unless I am very mistaken, his conscience is letting him hear about it (unless he has switched into auto-pilot, turning it off.) One disadvantage of some of the CLAM presentations is that they require getting one’s head around. They require preparation. One advantage of the scripture-first or the Would You Like to Hear Good News presentation is that they do not—to just read a verse with a sentence or two as to why you chose it is not hard. We all know the experience of working with a new presentation and the first householder or two becomes a lab rat while we work the bugs out. The problem is gone with scripture or video first. Q3: I also try to talk about something that is interesting to any person, to cite a scripture and direct the person to our website at the end of the presentation Yes. Whatever works. By all means give the suggested presentations a try, even a workout if you like, but don’t feel that they must be adhered to in order to be following Jehovah’s direction.
  13. Do you do full mouth dental implants? Do you take Master Card or Visa? Do you have references that can be checked?
  14. Not unless you use your REAL name .... you have not. Hiding behind a Billy the KId avatar is, when you brag about showing "true colors", is flying a false flag. The HYPOCRISY is why you get called on it, and others do not. I am interested in WHY you chose such a despicable character as your Avatar? Unless of course you really ARE like Henry McCarty, AKA William H. Bonney, who was a murderer and a thief, and an amoral person. ... and the false flag you fly hides the "Jolly Roger". (?)
  15. They say "Distance makes the heart grow fonder", and your being at least three States away from North Carolina is an idea that warms my heart. So .... per your statement quoted here, who have you actually threatened?
  16. Well Billy, I am actually glad you asked that specific question: (Remember "Specific", the Ocean West of California ...) The answer is ..... No ... the reason is very clear to EVERYBODY ... except you. You are a chronic, and continuous slanderer and liar, with delusions of scriptural grandeur, who continually attacks others without provocation .... so when they RESPOND with pointing out you goofy logic, virulent hatred, and insults ... it is ONLY self defense on their part. You are chastised and threatened with banishment because you are a colossal pain in the butt. Others are not chastised as they are merely defending themselves FROM you, by pointing it out .... which everybody realizes .... except you. All that being said, you may in fact be a much better JW than most here, including myself .... who makes no claim whatsoever of being a "good" one. You are still my Brother, but you scare the hell out of me ... in a nice, long distance way, of course ... bless your pea-pickin' heart.
  17. Yesterday
  18. What you get from other peoples' input is not only astounding, ... it's truly stunning. I am stunned that you are giving advice that I am no God, and that I am trying to give the impression of a Trinity. How you get these ideas may be of serious concern. THAT one was a certified Doozie. That was as strange as your accusing me of hiding behind an avatar, when it is you that are doing that. ..... I think I have you figured out, Billy. You are projecting who you are, which you view with revulsion and contempt .... onto everyone else.
  19. Around here it is my way or the HWHY, John. Get used to it. The Librarian (that old hen) like me better than you.
  20. I've always shown my true colors here. Where have you been? But it's good at least one of you opposers see when a fake member is on your side. They don't need to open a can of worms, they are the worms. However, the sense in, sensibility is given by those that have some kind of personal experience that makes them think the entire organization runs the same way. In my territory, Elders nor MS have a problem conducting Bible studies with children. I believe, even Jesus had no problems with children. Did anyone accuse Jesus of child abuse? the bible doesn't say, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have happened. how about the apostles, or any of the first 3000 Christians. Therefore, these people speak for themselves and NOT as a member of an organization. However, I do find it strange that John and James hone in on the same thing, my avatar. Can you explain, John why you haven't mentioned or call out the avatar of JWinsider, and Anna? or is it just another dense thought coming out of your head. I can see the true mental state your in. 😁
  21. I don't know of any cases like that, but I do know (personally) of one prominent, influential elder (no longer living) who was removed as elder because of notoriety, but remained a pioneer. I don't think today he would be pioneering.
  22. I've had different experience. I know it was definitely like that in the past, I agree, but in recent years I've noticed that elders are very reluctant to step in, even when asked, and if they do, then as you say, they ask the parent to sit in.
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