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  2. I think how in such matter, order or sequence not existing. It appears randomly :))) and alternately.
  3. That's true. You can. That's the nature of social media. You could tell the truth, and no one needs to believe you. I could tell the truth, and no one needs to believe me. Someone could just as easily make something up and no one needs to believe them. Hypothetical example that would probably never happen: I could claim that Charles Taze Russell was the first Vice President of the Watch Tower Society (which he was, and this is something I'm sure you already know) and you could get angry and claim that he was never the first Vice President, only the first President. If people believed you, I'd have less credibility. If people believed me, you'd have less credibility. But even if no one believed me, someday they might buy a book by B. Schulz, for example, and see that a seemingly unbiased source agreed with me. You might then remember how angry you were, and begin to re-evaluate other things I claimed. But I might never know that a small trivial item like that might have made you positively re-evaluate some less trivial things that you once fought against. This is why, I have no problem bringing up lesser known items that you treat as merely conjecture at the moment. Perhaps one day you will run across one of Covington's relatives, or a former Bethelite or relative who knows more about it. Or perhaps it will be another time, perhaps when/if the Society changes its stance on a certain doctrine or two. And perhaps none of these things will ever happen, and you will be suspicious of me for the rest of your life. It's not a problem as long as my own conscience is clear, between me and Jehovah. As you already admitted, nothing is "proven." How, for example, do you know that he was DF'd for excessive drinking? Did you see this, or did someone claim it, and it made sense to you? Did you know for a fact that he was officially reinstated? Perhaps you heard his funeral talk. Was something said about his "drinking" in that talk? The funeral talk (1978) mentions that he was now considered one of the anointed, which surprised many at the time. Do we take Brother Colin Quackenbush's word for it? What if Brother Quackenbush thought he needed to say this to protect the reputation of the newly defined "governing body" since it had long been associated with "the board of directors." The GB was already claiming that it was "representing" the entire 10,000 or so members of the "faithful and discreet slave" as they were still defined in 1978. Could Quackenbush have been trying to gain some extra credit for himself as a good friend of Covington, as if the one who had talked him out of doing something rash and stupid? I didn't know that a "tell-all" piece had been referenced on Wikipedia or anywhere else. Also, I'm not worried about how I'm quoted elsewhere. I'm still semi-anonymous, so what does it matter? I've been asked several times if people can quote me on their sites. I always say yes, and that they don't even have to credit me. But I have also found things I've written used in ways I didn't like, so that last part might have been a mistake. Always feel free to correct any mistakes. According to A. H. MacMillan, and as substantiated by others, this was only to happen in the event of C.T. Russell's death. True. And not just from the "corporation" through its bylaws. There were organizational "harvest siftings" and the equivalent of both organizational and congregational "excommunications" well before the 1947 Awake! that condemned excommunication as a pagan practice. (Look at Olin Moyle's disfellowshipping, for example.) The only thing that changed in the early 1950s was that there were now consistent organizational procedures for both congregational and organizational disfellowshippings. Consistency can result in better justice, so this should not be a completely unwelcome development. I gave him no input about apostates, and I don't know what recanting of his you are talking about. As I recall, I only skimmed some of what he had already written the way a proofreader or copy-editor might read it. I found a few minor errors like typos, mostly, and made a few suggestions about using statistics in such a way that they would NOT be vulnerable to attack by apostates. Of course, just as you said at the beginning, that you could say a million things, but without proof, it's all just conjecture.
  4. Yes, that JAMES THOMAS ROOK JR sure does love that Llyod Evans propaganda! 🤗 However, the narrative was, the Watchtower bought the awards themselves. Posted it on JW.org, people found out the deception, Watchtower took down their self-praise. Old News James. 😏 Soon apostates will have Morris marrying the POPE for gay rights, and make believe it’s true. 😁 A re-post by James from the librarian
      Hello guest!
    So be careful outta with the word idiots! Fact-finding by a journalist is not high on research, here. 🙄 Have any more recent apostate propaganda, James? This one has been worked to death on the internet, already. 😂
  5. If we accept ...... OK ..... and if we do not accept or we are unable to read, to get Bible, etc ..... then what? ... does god have problem how to make communication with such person ??? Obviously Not, because you stated that Bible is Prime Method. If it is Prime than it is Not Only Method. :))) This is also interesting and almost contradict idea in WTJWORG. As first, they teaching people how Bible is God's Letter for All People. In second step, in WTJWORG exists explanation that Bible (or some parts as you explained) is written for, primarily for, or only for special Class aka 144000 aka FDS aka GB (because last interpretation is, that FDS is GB and GB is FDS) By that only GB need to read Bible because God was send to them his word, not to some second class people. :))))
  6. Today
  7. TTH seems to be the one that wants to make me famous. He mentions me in a lot of his comments. Examples : ' John will pop a vein over this ' and ' John carries on that if something is not perfect, then it is filthy '. Well TTH, John uses his own name so as to show that John in genuine with his thoughts and words. Quote TTH : He apparently wants a person or persons whose credentials and calling are as uncontested as they were with Moses. 23 “This is what Jehovah of armies says, ‘In those days ten men out of all the languages of the nations will take hold, yes, they will take firm hold of the robe of a Jew, saying: “We want to go with you, for we have heard that God is with you people.”’” So TTH, how can a person 'take hold of the robe of a (spiritual) JEW' and how will a person know that ' God is with those people' ? Guesswork is it ? Catholics think they have the truth, Muslims think they have the truth, so how is a person supposed to know ? If it's by works then the GB and Board of Directors and Watchtower Soc and CCJW and all their legal departments have fallen down badly and brought God's name into disrepute. And they have silenced the Anointed, the ones that are the true spiritual Jew.
  8. (Referring to the JW.ORG screen shot posted above ...) I would like to get on the phone with Bro. Anthony Morris III (AKA "Tight Pants Tony"), and ask him if that JW Broadcasting photo of the Telly Awards is a front or rear view? Melinda has a good point .... ..... Perhaps the discussion group could include 20 or 30 of the WT lawyers, along with the GB. You could call the program "The Big Bang Theory, View from The Far Side".
  9. Does a person have to be first Gruntled, before they can be disgruntled?
  10. I believe that’s the point. You have too much-unsubstantiated opinions about a lot of things. For one your credibility for being present is just another example of that fallacy. Where’s the proof. I can say a million things, but without proof, it's simply conjectured, and to not characterize people that are disgruntled to not being, just proves my point about Hayden Cooper Covington that was D’fd in the end for excessive drinking by Knorr, but was reinstated before he died. That’s the big WOW! By disgruntled ex-witnesses that exaggerate the narrative to a kick down all-out brawl that would bring down the Watchtower. Hayden had a better respect for the Watchtower to use his power as a litigant against the Watchtower. How laughable for those ex-witnesses to imply it, however well-known they think the truth is the truth when they really don’t know the Watchtower. Therefore, you’re correct it doesn’t surprise me at all. What is a surprise, that a present member would be falsely applying the same narrative? However, you’re correct, all your information can be found in Wikipedia. What I find interesting, how your screen name is well known in an apostate site called AD1914. Why is that? I wasn’t going to say anything, but a VP had already been factored in by Pastor Russell himself way before 1942. I just figured it was just another mistake given by a former Bethel member trying to impress the ladies. The Vice-President was a liaison between the board of directors and the editorial committee that had the same provisional voting rights and election. The same fundamental process in place today. WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY. I will that a copy of this paper be sent to each one whose name has appeared above as of the Editorial Committee or the list from whom others of that committee may be chosen to fill vacancies and also to each member of the Board of Directors of the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY. This shall be done immediately on my death being reported, so that within a week, if possible, the persons named as of the Editorial Committee may be heard from, their communications being addressed to the Vice-President of the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY—whoever may be holding that office at that time. The answers of those appointed shall be to the point, indicating their acceptance or rejection of the provisions and terms specified. It would be no different when people say, in the beginning, the Watchtower had no provisions to stipulate having someone disfellowshipped, which I find to be a mistake since the provision of impeachment and dismissal of a person was laid out by Pastor Russell himself. However, carry on. John is enjoying you putting down the Watchtower with unsubstantiated claims that TOM will probably use in his next book. I guess that's why you were the only one to give him input about apostates in his last book that he now recants. You know the ideology so well. I guess people are what's in their hearts. Got to love apostate literature. Care to post gentile time reconsidered, 😂
  11. Where I live, official stats reckon that 75% of under 30s have no religious thought at any time. I would concur from experience that this a likely proportion, and many 30-50 year olds are not far behind. However, the questions that our tracts provide a spritual answer to, they have all the time. It is just that they do not look to a God to provide answers to them. I think the tracts provide a very useful function in that they offer a route rather than an argument. When presented with our alternative view on things, if a person is delivering the message, then the receiver has to capitulate. That is not always a pleasant experience, especially for younger persons who may suffer from a measure of insecurity. The tracts offer the same solutions as we do when witnessing, but without comment or valuation on an erroneous view. The experience is private and much less painful. Then when one of us arrives with the question " Have You Ever Wondered? then the householder may well have done so at some time even if they can't remember the tract that triggered the thought. They work, as my own experience confirms. We don't have to like them, but we cannot deny their effectiveness. Let's face it, medicine doesn't have to taste good in order to do it's job. Wisdom is proved righteous by it's works, not it's appearance.
  12. I wasn't right about it either. It was Collier's, November 2, 1946.
      Hello guest!
    ... The article I was thinking about was quite negative, overall, so I started thinking it couldn't have been that one.
  13. NO ONE is immune to WDS, and that includes me (and you), so your points may be more accurate than mine. I often wonder about those people who followed Moses, ... a whole generation ... (as everyone on planet Earth defines it except the Governing Body) ... if some families or individuals had decided to break off and head North instead of East, to die in the desert wilderness, to be buried in the shifting sand. ... or if someone had made a map as they were going along, and noticed they had been lost for 40 years.
  14. No. This remark just reflects your personal orneriness and incessant faultfinding. It is the humanity that they spring from that is the problem. They work mightily to apply the scripture in their own lives even as they recommend it to others. It is hard for them to make headway in the face of ones like you. Fortunately, you are in the minority (even if the majority here). John carries on that if something is not perfect, then it is filthy. He doesn’t like the GB. Nor do you. He apparently wants a person or persons whose credentials and calling are as uncontested as they were with Moses. He neglects the fact that his (and your) counterparts back then did nothing but whine about Moses, also.
  15. One thing that lends credence to the idea that Jehovah's Witnesses really are God's people is how well we do IN SPITE of the Governing Body ... not because of it. They chase away a LOT of people.
  16. I am afraid "smug" is being very generous. The general conception of Jehovah's Witnesses, to again be "generous", is that we are programmed simpletons, and a Saturday morning nuisance, that has to be tolerated, with understanding, sympathy, and compassion ( except in the Russian Federation ...). Your observations are the norm, except for the GB's opinions, which are naive as well as smug.
  17. So do you. If we accept that the Bible is God’s prime method of communication to humans (which I do), sooner or later we are struck by the fact that very little of it is lecture. In contrast, if you went to college, almost all of it is lecture. What to make of this? Much of the New Testament, not only is not lecture, but is ostensibly not even written for us. It largely consists of letters written to other parties, from which we glean things about God, his thinking, and his dealings. What to make of this, too? When I mentioned this before and how it had influenced me, Srecko tried to bait me, asking whether I considered myself inspired like the apostle Paul (who wrote the majority of the letters). The answer is no. However, I am inspired by his example. If it is good enough for him (and for God, apparently, because it is included in the Bible canon) why should it not be good enough for me? It inspired in my blog an entirely new category: Skirmishes.
      Hello guest!
    They are not all from this board. Some are from boards that are private. When they are, I do not reveal anything specific of the writer, but only my reaction to it. John will pop a vein over this, but in all cases they merely come from people who do not want to have their 15 minutes of fame before the whole wide world. In no cases are they “the smoking gun” that he strives so mightily to locate. The true smoking popguns are to be found here. He should consider a Hercule Poirot observation from one of the Christie novels—that in the course of a murder investigation, everyone gets cagey and evasive. The initial conclusion is that they all are somehow complicit, if not guilty of the crime investigated, but really it is because they do not want to explain other things that they were doing that have nothing to do with the crime but they had no intention of going public with—things that they imagined (usually correctly) were none of anyone’s business.
  18. Well you are all still 'in the wilderness' on manna, but you get bored with it and ask for something different. Hence those you serve give you different things to play with. A bit like parents trying to please their children i suppose . Shame none of it is really the 'truth' that the Org pretends it is. So not only new tools but new message too.
  19. I'm out for the rest of the day, but we should start another thread on this topic, anyway.
  20. That sounds like a Saturday Evening Post article. 9/14/40. I bought it on eBay, and will read it again to refresh my memory about what it said re Covington.
  21. Wow, complicated huh. So, once upon a time the Board of Directors were the GB. But in 1971 the GB was the Board of directors + other older brothers. However since 2001 the GB and the Board of Directors are two seperate groups of men. Now I have more questions. The Watchtower B&T Society is one 'company', whilst the, Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses is a seperate 'company'. When exactly did they seperate and why ? So who rules over which 'company', GB or Board of Directors, or both ? And which of those two 'bodies' GB or B of D has the highest rank / control, over which of the two companies ? I think the $4000 a day fine situation was because the GB / B of D were deliberately slowing down court proceedings by sending letters between the W/T and the CCJW, as each has its own legal departments. Try comparing that to the 'early Christians'. Did they have two 'companies' and two legal departments ? Jesus didn't even have a bed to call his own. It must cost the congregants a fortune in donations
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