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    Vanessa Jackson e Rodrigo Jay, Kingdom song No. 134, wonderful singing together ❤ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫
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    A wonderful video, posted from our sister Ellen Tieking Many of us knowing that video.... But on and off listen to Jehovah's Creations and the nice music / text, makes feeling good ❤ *I WILL SEE YOU IN THE NEW WORLD* ;-)) MORE importend, we all encourage each other living in the NW soon ❤
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    NEW WORLD WARWICK CENTER, HEADQUARTERS, USA The beautiful entrance hall ❤
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    MUST READ NEWS Jehovah's Witnesses host open houses at new world headquarters Offered tours of the campus, including museum of rare bibles WARWICK — Jehovah's Witnesses opened the doors to their new state-of-the-art world headquarters in Sterling Forest over the past two weekends in an effort to allow local residents and those who contributed to its construction a chance to see the finished complex and learn more about their organization.“It's our way of saying thank you to the community for warmly welcoming us,” said Robert Warren, a spokesperson for the organization. “We've had such wonderful relations with the local communities, the town boards, the local officials. We just kind of wanted our neighbors to be able to come in and see the place now that it's finished and show that we definitely appreciate being part of the community.” Over the two weekends, 863 people visited during the open houses, the majority of which were non-Witnesses. After purchasing the Warwick land in 2009, a volunteer effort of more than 25,000 came together to construct the world headquarters. Upon completion in September of last year, the entire Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society — the official nonprofit corporation of Jehovah's Witnesses — slowly moved out of Brooklyn, the organization's home since 1909. The new campus consists of seven buildings and a parking garage, all of which occupy 40 to 50 acres of a 253-acre property along Blue Lake. Four residence buildings house the 800 Witnesses who live and work at the headquarters offices and maintain the museum exhibits, including a bible display. The complex also houses an auditorium, where the Witnesses who live at the headquarters meet on Mondays for a bible study and attend a lecture every month. The Long Meadow congregation, one of the 90 branches worldwide, also meets on Sundays in the auditorium. Eco-friendlyAn aspect of the headquarters the organization is most proud of, according to Warren and other Witnesses, is how eco-friendly the campus is — with it already receiving awards for “being green.” The Green Building Initiative (GBI), an organization which offers environmental assessment and certification programs for commercial buildings, awarded the headquarters the highest possible rating of Four Green Globes for all seven buildings. According to GBI, out of 965 projects nationwide, only 64 buildings have received Four Green Globes. “We took into account the environment and we built responsibly,” said Troy Snyder, who was on the Construction Project Committee. “We had a unique situation in that we're building in a state forest and so we needed to build in a way that would harmonize with the forest and nature.” Some of the features that makes the buildings so sustainable are the 120 geothermal wells that take the groundwater temperature and run that energy into the complex's heating and cooling plant, augmenting heating and cooling more efficiently. They also installed 218,000 square feet of green roofing and several bio retention ponds, which both help to control stormwater. A major issue they had to resolve was repairing the severely deteriorating Blue Lake Dam, which after identifying leaks and damage, the state Department of Environmental Conservation classified as “high-hazard” due to it's proximity to the 195-home Woodlands at Tuxedo subdivision less than a mile from the lake. According to Snyder, the construction team fixed and fortified the dam so that it now meets the codes and industry standards for safety. And while hundreds of trees were cut to construct the large complex, according to Snyder, an equal number of trees that were harvested were planted, and all of the harvested wood was recycled. Bible museumJehovah's Witnesses also hope the three self-guided museum exhibits will be a draw for visitors, including a display of 75 rare bibles dating back to the 1100's. “We take one item that really is at the core of what is the underpinning of our beliefs,” said Museum Director Enrique Ford, “which is the bible.” The two second floor galleries are more interactive and show the history of Jehovah's Witnesses from the 1870's to modern times. The exhibit, titled “Faith in Action,” features numerous touch-screens that visitors can use to learn about the current initiatives of the worldwide organization. According to Ford, the goal is “to communicate who we are as a people, what's our focus, what's our history and what are we doing today.” They are hoping that not only Witnesses, but scholars and academics will come to the headquarters to see the bibles and historical artifacts on display. Already, at the first open house, Warren said they had a visitor from another bible society. Community responseSo far, the response from the community has been positive, according to Warren, with visitors submitting comments after taking a tour. “I've studied the area for over 50 years,” said Dr. Richard Hull, professor emeritus of history at New York University and the Warwick town historian. “The Witnesses have done a very good job marrying their needs with the natural surroundings, even considering the needs of the park's wildlife.” What Warren wants other local residents to know is that they are welcome to visit their facilities and to ask questions. “We make it open to the public because we want them to know why we're here, we want them to know what we're doing and how this facility contributes to Bible education worldwide,” Warren said. “But most importantly, that they know that we're their neighbors and that we're thrilled to be in this community, thrilled to be in these beautiful surroundings in Sterling Forest and on the lake.” Who are the Witnesses? About 8 million Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide 1.2 million Jehovah's Witnesses in United States The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania is the nonprofit corporation formed in 1884 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is used by Jehovah's Witnesses to support their worldwide work, which includes publishing bibles and bible-based literature. Basic beliefs: The Bible: All Scripture is inspired of God. The Creator: The true God has given himself a personal name—Jehovah—that distinguishes him from false gods Jesus Christ: He is the Savior, “the Son of God,” and “the firstborn of all creation.” God's Kingdom: There is a heavenly government with a King—Jesus Christ—and 144,000 corulers, who are “bought from the earth.” They will rule over the earth, which will be cleansed of all wickedness and will be inhabited by many millions of God-fearing humans. Bible prophecy: What God foretells always comes true, including the Bible prophecies concerning the end of the present world. Preaching: It is an honor to share “the good news of the kingdom.” Whether people listen or not is their own choice. Secular authorities: Obey the laws of the land when these do not conflict with God's laws. Source: jw.org The Photo News
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    Here is the weekly study material for May 15-21, 2017. TB MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 15-21, 2017.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 15-21, 2017.pdf Watchtower May 15-21, 2017.doc Watchtower May 15-21, 2017.pdf Additional Highlights- May 15-21, 2017.doc Additional Highlights- May 15-21, 2017.pdf CBS May 15-21, 2017.doc CBS May 15-21, 2017.pdf
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    Some sisters told me, why some postings here with SO much Bible texts...? Maybe, they're not able for so much, or only less time for reading all that every day.... ? Lets be more flexible for all... a fine solution I think ! Thanks to you all !
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    Some nights, it’s like you can’t get your brain to shut up long enough for you to fall asleep. You’re mentally reviewing the day you just completed while also previewing the day ahead; sometimes, your mind may even reach way back into the archives and pull up something embarrassing you did back in high school. So fun! Racing thoughts can be a sign of a serious mental health condition like anxiety. But these nights also happen to everyone from time to time — and once we’re too old for bedtime stories, it’s not always clear what to do. There’s no one solution that will work for everybody, of course, so instead, we’ve rounded up suggestions from eight sleep experts. At the very least, it’s something to read next time you can’t sleep. Distract yourself with meaningless mental lists. “The absolute prerequisite for sleep is a quiet mind. Think of something else, rather than what’s worrying you — something with a story to it. It can be anything of interest, but of no importance, so you can devote some brain energy to it without clashing into the real world and going straight back to your worries. I fly a lot, so I imagine I have my own private jet and how would I arrange the furniture on it. If you’re someone who likes going to music festivals, what would your lineup be?” — Neil Stanley, sleep expert Try to stay awake instead. “Thinking about sleep and wishing for it to happen is a recipe for staying awake. This is where paradoxical thinking comes in. If you give yourself the paradoxical instruction to stay awake instead, you’ll be more likely to fall asleep. If you can be comfortable with the idea of remaining awake, then the performance anxiety and frustration that are associated with trying to sleep have nowhere to go and your arousal level drops.” — Colin Espie, professor of sleep medicine at the University of Oxford Or just get out of bed. “If 20 minutes has gone by as the mind races and is unable to relax back to sleep, it’s best to get out of bed. Without looking at your phone or any other screen devices, go to another dimly lit room where you keep a notebook. Write down the thoughts that are keeping you awake. Finish with the words, ‘It can wait until tomorrow.’ Then, go back to bed, focus on the breath, and mindfully relax into those words, giving yourself permission to yield to sleep.”— Jenni June, sleep consultant Write down whatever’s freaking you out. “Spend a maximum of 20 minutes just getting everything out of your head and onto paper every day. It’s a therapeutic way to see that you probably don’t have loads to worry about, rather just a few reoccurring things. You can then see which worries are hypothetical (i.e., what if I make a mistake at work and lose my job) or ‘real’ worries (e.g., I made a mistake and have lost my job). For the real worries you can then make an action plan/problem-solve and for the hypothetical ones, learn to let them go.” — Kathryn Pinkham, National Health Services insomnia specialist Get back in bed and do some deep breathing. “Deep breathing … acts as a powerful distraction technique, particularly if paired with counting. You want to aim to breathe out for longer than you breathe in, and pause after breathing in and out; so you might choose to count for three when you breathe in, then pause and count to five when you breathe out, then pause. Really focus on your breathing and counting, and if your mind wanders off, just take note of that and return your attention to the exercise. You may need to do this for ten minutes or so.” — Christabel Majendie, sleep therapist Try not to try so hard. “Try not to struggle or ‘try harder’ to overcome the sleeplessness or get rid of unwanted thoughts, as this can worsen insomnia. One successful approach to overcome this negative cycle is to instead learn to observe and accept these struggles, using mindfulness strategies to help.” — Jenny Stephenson, director of HappySleepers Or maybe plan how you’ll get some sun in the a.m. “Getting more sun exposure in the midmorning can help readjust the brain’s internal clock and make it easier to fall asleep later that night. In my book, I write about how sun exposure is now a key part of many professional athletes’ travel schedules, and seen as a way of preventing jet lag. Non-athletes can do similar things. Someone who can’t seem to fall asleep at night may want to try getting as much exposure to natural light in the morning, essentially prepping themselves to fall asleep when they want to.” — David K. Randall, author of Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep And if all else fails … “The great era of tinkering with sleep aids was popular in early modern Europe. Here are a few of my favorites: • Put some blood-sucking leeches behind your ears. When they bore holes in the skin, pull them out and place a grain of opium in each hole. (From 16th-century French physician André du Laurens.) • Kill a sheep, and then press its steaming lungs on either side of the head. Keep the lungs in place as long as they remain warm. (From 16th-century French surgeon Ambroise Paré.) • After the evening meal, eat lettuce, drink wine, and rub an ointment made of the oil of violets or camphor on the temples. Dissolve a mixture of poppy seeds, lettuce seeds, balsam, saffron, and sugar and cook it in poppy juice. Then listen to pleasant music and lie down on a bed covered with the leaves of fresh, cool plants. (From 15th-century philosopher Marsilio Ficino.)” — Benjamin Reiss, author of Wild Nights: How Taming Sleep Created Our Restless World
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    An Inside Look At The Stanley Theater’s Celestial Restoration By Meredith Napolitano Stettner - January 5, 2017
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    The quality of critical thinking is going downhill - it is painful to watch the news these days! I hope this does not sound high minded or critical but I truly find that once you have been educated by Jehovah, to know the difference between right and wrong and you have a strong sense of justice - what is going on now in the world just boggles the mind! Satan is truly blinding the moral eyes of people!
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    Museum on Jehovah's Name at World Headquarters, Warwick, New York
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    I know it's been said before, but, each year the Regional Conventions just keep on getting better than before. "That was the best ever!" has often been said by appreciative brothers and sisters after the conventions end. Without a doubt, we will be saying the same again after this upcoming series of sessions. So many spiritual riches are being given from our "Grand Instructor" (Isaiah 30:20) Jehovah! The Governing Body of brothers do great work in dispensing Jehovah's "banquet of rich dishes." (Isaiah 25:6)All of these reasons and more, explain why Jehovah's Witnesses are happy! (Isaiah 65:14)
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    How all of this has happened has been documented and discussed at length in this forum:
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    Russian Catholic official criticizes court ban on Jehovah's Witnesses.... By Jonathan Luxmoore, Catholic News Service, April 28, 2017 OXFORD, England – Russia's Catholic Church has condemned a Supreme Court decision to outlaw the Jehovah's Witnesses and warned the move will increase fears of new restrictions on Catholic rights. "Churches like ours don't recognize the Jehovah's Witnesses as Christian and don't engage in dialogue with them, but we must distinguish theological issues from legal rights," said Msgr. Igor Kovalevsky, secretary-general of the Moscow-based Russian bishops' conference. "The situation in Russia is complex and difficult now. There are very strong misgivings among Catholics that we, too, may be facing – if not persecution, then at least new acts of discrimination and limits on our freedom of belief," he said. An April 20 Supreme Court ruling branded Jehovah's Witnesses an "extremist organization" and ordered the nationwide seizure of its property. Msgr. Kovalevsky told Catholic News Service April 28 that the Catholic Church could not understand which activities could be deemed "extremist," adding that all religious groups had a right to "exist and develop in the Russian Federation" if they did not violate the law. "The law must apply fairly to everyone ... the law may be hard, but it's still the law. I think the government owes everyone a precise explanation why this group is being liquidated," Msgr. Kovalevsky said. Jehovah's Witnesses were registered in Russia in 1991 and re-registered in 1999, but have faced regular arrests and police raids for handing out leaflets and door-to-door preaching. Their members have been assaulted and their property vandalized. The Supreme Court ruling prescribed fines of up to nearly $10,700 and up to 10 years in jail for anyone engaging in Jehovah's Witnesses activities. Msgr. Kovalevsky said although there were no signs that the Catholic Church would be treated like the Jehovah's Witnesses, "the government needs to reassure citizens freedom of conscience will be upheld." "The Jehovah's Witnesses have the same right to defend dignity and faith and other citizens," he said. "Although upholding human rights isn't our main task, the Catholic Church defends everyone's right to freedom of conscience."
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    First, I clicked on the 'put back' button, like it was before ! But step by step, I will go the new way ( btw. yesterday, our website was ca. 2 hours not available for me, after the new Forum format ) I was waiting and waiting.... just I would go, then all ok again ! I will use the new ways for more easy from today. I tell you my experiences ! Thank you, to make our work easier and better. A good sign for a modern website with a great team
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    Plymouth / Devon UK. The town's coat of arms over the portal of the town hall of Plymouth is to this day the only city in the world, whose town crest contains the divine name Jehovah. The inscription of the coat of arms is: TURRIS FORTISSIMA EST NOMEN JEHOVA These are the words from the Bible Book of Proverbs chapter 18 verse 10a: "The name of Jehovah is a strong tower" The selection of this verse as a city motto fell in the time of the English Civil War 1642 to 1646 Plymouth was conquering by the royal troops for two years. When the city was on the brink of conquest, it was a natural wonder that helped the defenders. An unprecedented flood caused the water level in a shifted river arm of the Plym to rise so that an allied ship could hit the enemy into flight. This miracle of nature was seen as an act of rescue of Jehovah, to which help had also been sought. Out of gratitude the Bible verse from Prov. 18.10, was inserted into the STADT-WAPPEN..... ( translated by google )
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    MOSCOW – Tens of thousands of protesters have thronged Moscow this weekend to protest against a ban of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the country. Organizers claimed over 150,000 people took part in the Moscow protest, which would make it the biggest since the collapse of the Soviet Union 20 years ago. This outnumbers the number of people who protested against Vladimir Putin in December 2011. Protesters try to break through a cordon during a demonstration against Jehovah’s Witnesses ban On April 20, Russia’s Supreme Court declared Jehovah’s Witnesses to be an extremist organization and outlawed its activity throughout Russia, thereby upholding the Justice Ministry’s requests. The court declared the immediate shutdown of all 395 local chapters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia and transferred the organization’s assets into state custody. Jehovah’s Witnesses said it would appeal the decision. According to the protesters, they are Christians from various denominations and they “could not look on as rights to worship of other denomination is infringed upon”. One protester told the press that “this ban would gradually eats into other Christian denominations”. No member Jehovah’s Witness took part in the protest. Moscow’s Zamoskvoretsky court weeks ago rejected a lawsuit filed by the Jehovah’s Witnesses religious group against the Justice Ministry’s ruling on banning its activity in Russia, a TASS correspondent reported from the courtroom. The organization asked the court to recognize the Justice Ministry’s ruling as illegal and order its cancellation. “The court decided to reject the lawsuit of the religious organization “Jehovah’s Witnesses Administrative Center in Russia,” Judge Nelli Rubtsova said. In its lawsuit, the Justice Ministry pointed to various violations by the organization’s activities revealed during a surprise inspection, including of the Law on Counteracting Extremist Activities. On October 12, 2016, Moscow’s Tverskoy district court issued a warning to the Jehovah’s Witnesses Administrative Center based on revelations of extremism there. Under Russian law, a religious association or organization is subject to termination if it does not remedy the specified manifestations of extremism before the required deadline or displays any new ones. Jehovah’s Witnesses is an international religious organization that supports offbeat views on the essence of the Christian faith and provides special interpretations of many commonly accepted notions.
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    A few weeks ago I tried this approach with someone at the door {I usually never get anyone anymore mentioning the trinity even tho I live in the Bible belt}. Anyway the first Scripture he brought up was of course Jn. 1:1 so I said "Well who wrote that Scripture. He said "John" and I said and John was a Jew and Jews do not believe in a Trinity so I am afraid you will have to find another Scripture since he would never write about or teach something he did not believe in himself. So he went to Hebrews Chp.1 and of course the same thing occurred only about Paul. He then said "Well it dosen't matter what Scripture I use then does it" Then I said "Ya thats the point, the Trinity is not in the Bible"! It is funny however to see someone act like a squirrel trying to cross a road. They usually end up pretty flat. Anyway I actually have a return visit on him and he is now much less argumentative and wants to learn more about the Witnesses from Witnesses.
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    YES.... make a copy dear sister @SHARON LEE MOYER Jehovah always will help you ❤
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    "Let my cry for help reach you."—Ps. 102:1. 💦💦💦 JEHOVAH wants us to be happy, and he pours out on us many blessings that should lead to happiness. For one thing, we are alive. Hence, we can use our life to praise God, since he has drawn us to true worship. (Ps. 144:15; John 6:44) Jehovah assures us of his love and helps us to endure in our service to him. (Jer. 31:3;2 Cor. 4:16) We enjoy the spiritual paradise, where we find both abundant spiritual food and a loving brotherhood. Beyond that, we have a precious hope for the future. With what do some faithful servants of God struggle? Despite having these reasons for happiness, some faithful servants of God struggle with negative thoughts about themselves. They may feel that neither they nor their service to Jehovah has much value to him. For those with persistent negative feelings, the idea of enjoying “many years” could seem to be a fantasy. Life might appear to be a series of dark days.—Eccl. 11:8. What may trigger negative feelings? For such brothers or sisters, negative feelings may be triggered by disappointments, illness, or some indication of the limitations of old age. (Ps. 71:9; Prov. 13:12; Eccl. 7:7) Moreover, every Christian must face the reality that the heart is treacherous and may condemn us even though God may be pleased with us. (Jer. 17:9; 1 John 3:20) The Devil falsely accuses God’s servants. And those who have Satan’s thinking may try to infect us with the view that faithless Eliphaz expressed—we are worthless to God. That was a lie in Job’s day as it is today.—Job 4:18, 19. Jehovah makes it clear in the Scriptures that he will be with those who “walk in the valley of deep shadow.” (Ps. 23:4) One way he is with us is by means of his Word. The Bible is “powerful by God for overturning strongly entrenched things,” including misconceptions and negative ideas. (2 Cor. 10:4, 5) Let us, then, consider how we can use the Bible to help us cultivate and maintain a positive viewpoint. You may gain personal benefit from this, as well as find ways to encourage others. READ MORE AT:
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    The original LINK directly on the download page, very easy.... / JW - LIBRARY ! Please look for your language.....
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    “Show Yourselves Thankful” “Let the peace of the Christ control in your hearts . . . And show yourselves thankful.”—COLOSSIANS 3:15. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 "Show yourselves thankful."—Col. 3:15.
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    But not by First Century Christians taught by Jesus you know the ones in the New Testament. They used the BIBLE. The Bible, every single book in it, was written by Jews and Jews do not believe in God as a Trinity. So nobody can claim the Trinity is in the Bible if the writers did not believe in it. In fact WHO did believe in a Trinity at the time the Bible was written, say the first 5 books of Moses? It was the Egyptians the very ones who enslaved the Jews. And throughout history it was always the ENEMIES of God's people who believed in trinities : Egyptians, Babylonians, Medes, Persians, Assyrians and so forth.
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    I think they're all crazy here, myself included. Well - if not crazy, at least they all have some special reasons for writing. Actually, some of them I like, and I may even cut myself a tiny bit of slack, but there's no getting around the fact that - this isn't the type of hangout the Watchtower has in mind when in speaks of associations, is it? Perhaps you could most charitably describe the atmosphere as avant-guard. Do you belong here, Nicola? You come across as a very good person, a trusting person, who expected something very different than the exchange of remarks here. Even with your exchange with so and so, I suspect you would be fine friends in the congregation where you would work shoulder to shoulder, interact face to face, along with the other friends, and readily get to know where each other is coming from. On the internet, there is no way to determine anything about anyone other than their comments themselves, and that takes a while and can never be known for sure. There's no point in asking someone if he is a brother or not. How would you know if he is being truthful? You don't even know if the profile picture he uses is genuine. The internet is not the congregation. After an initial skirmish, I have carried on at great length about the ignorant, disgusting, controlling battleaxe of a Librarian, who I'm not afraid of one bit. My DESCRIPTION fooled even HIS LOUDNESS. In fact, she is a he.
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    In Haiti, even today .. the population is 85% Catholic, and believe in the Trinity, as an institution (individual results may vary ...) AND 85% or so of THAT group also practice Voodoo and worship their ancestors, and practice "magic". The Church allows this. During the Nicene Council, where assembled Catholic Bishops from all over the Roman Empire were assembled, by Emperor Constantine ..worshipper of the Sun .. a member of the cult of "Sol Invictus" and Mithras, the god of Tradesmen and warriors, until his death ... the controversy even inspired fist-fights on the floor of the meeting place ... but Constantine, who was a comsumate politician, who thought Jesus was a FINE way to consolidate his Empire with a pacifistic god... ORDERED the Council, for political reasons, to adopt the concept of the Trinity. As you can imagine... Roman Emperors had for a long time promulgated the very politically helpful idea that THEY could be both god and man at the same time ... and by commanding the doctrine of the Trinity, this would show the rubes that this idea had theological backing. Divine right of Kings ...... The Bishops STILL bore the scars of the terrible persecutions ... and NOW .. they were the favorite religion of the Roman Emperor himself... WOW! Constantine gave them privilege, power, money, and land ... and military protection. I could go on for a hundred pages about this ... but OF COURSE, the "early Christians" ( a mislabeling..), or at least those officially honored by the Roman Empire ... believed in the Trinity. It was treason against the expressed will of Constantine to believe otherwise, and political suicide. .To have a "Universal" Church .. you have to adopt EVERYTHING pagan, and rename it to appear holy ... like whitewashing a grave .. filled with bones and corruption. Trinities were around a LONG time ( Egypt, Babylon, India, etc.) before Christendom adopted them.
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    I actually watch very little movies these days - not much time. Additionally, too much violence and sex for my taste. I rather read an edifying book on some valuable subject. All of us should protect ourselves by obeying the instructions of Jehovah and his organization... especially the minds of our impressionable young kids. Let the children play - like all kids should - instead of sitting in front of a TV.
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    The new remake of beauty & the beast has dark side.witch craft etc & makes it ok
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    I have a niece 17 who wanted to watch cinderellla dvd with my 7 year old granddaughter. My granddaughter has Autism & Caleb says Magic is wrong. We dont watch Disney dvds. Although years ago we all did. But its hard to tell some witnesses even dvds are wrong if magic in.
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    In Africa, they put spells on each other or bury things at other peoples houses to bring bad spirits on them. For example: a woman (Ana) goes to the witch doctor to know why she has a problem (her husband does not love her any more or some other issue with her children). The witch doctor may throw the bones and then say that it is Ana's neighbor who is jealous and she previously had buried something at Ana's house to put her under a nasty spell. Ana will then go to the witch doctor to have the spell removed and then put a nasty spell back on her neighbor's children. This turns into a never ending hate game of power and control - and the witch doctor gets rich. What is seriously sad about all of this is that people display all the satanic qualities of hate, jealousy, suspicion and murder and all kinds of other wicked qualities - stirred up by contact with the demons - who want to see us suffer and eventually blame the creator for it. It could be family members hating each other and all these things are done in secret. The other person does not know you are secretly working against them or they are suspicious. These are all wicked qualities that come from being under control of satanic forces who get to control your thinking. Most of these people who practice these traditions have had contact with some form of Christianity but are still ignorant of the workings of satan (never been taught) or choose to ignore the warnings. Imagine living your whole life under fear of a spell/ spells by different people. Africa is seeing a great escalation of this as many of the ancient traditions are returning. People are rejecting the teachings of the bible. When I visited my son last year in December he told me that these evil practices are all some of the people talk about at work. The local newspapers also shocked me as there are so many stories of sorcery and spells in the news. Twenty five years ago this was not the case. It seems to me - in general - as if the mentality of society is deteriorating everywhere on earth. Twenty five years ago logic and good reasoning kept people sane. There were more good people who kept back the full power of Satan - but now- the influence of Satan is seen everywhere in the qualities people are displaying. As the time of the end gets closer the evil powers of satan are getting more open and prevalent - so it seems to me. And it is reflected in the different societies in different ways of behavior. It is no surprise to me to see the number of people who are just randomly killing others in first world countries as well as third world countries - they are all in some form or other under influence of satanic religions or other satanic forces. In the middle east most religions teach that you are not allowed to be a witch. Unfortunately there are so much other superstitions that this becomes a very good vehicle for satan to work with. The insidious practices of suspicion, the evil eye, reading the future in coffee leaves and also the Islamic teaching of the "jinn" contribute to spiritism. Read up about the jinn. They are evil spirits with a will of their own and are around all people - this is what they believe. Many exorcisms take place in islam and there are also some "sexual" encounters. But I do not read too much about this because I do not really want to get into the dark evil things of satan. It is just enough for me to know about it so I can recognize it when I encounter it - and I have in very unexpected places. I was studying with a young woman for quite some time when I realized I had not done a good job because I realized that she still believed in the Jinn. The Jinn are (according to them) made from fire so they are not the same as the evil spiritis we encounter in the bible.... well now I know better....look out for different kind of superstitions when you study with people!
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    <3 ♫ <3 ♫ <3 .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•.♫ <3 ♫ <3 ♫ <3
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    "He goes away and immediately forgets what sort of person he is."—Jas. 1:24. Do You Allow God to Speak to You Every Day? 📖 HOW often do you look at yourself in a mirror? For most of us, this is a daily practice—perhaps something we do several times every day. Why? Because we are concerned about our appearance. 📖 Reading the Bible can be likened to peering into a mirror. (James 1:23-25) The message recorded in God’s Word has the power to allow us to see ourselves as we really are. It “pierces even to the dividing of soul and spirit.” (Hebrews 4:12) 📖 In other words, it divides what we appear to be on the outside from what we really are on the inside. It shows us where adjustments are needed, just as a mirror does. 📖 The Bible not only reveals where adjustments need to be made but also helps us to make those adjustments. The apostle Paul wrote: “All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness.” (2 Timothy 3:16, 17) 📖 Notice, of the four benefits highlighted, three of them—reproving, setting things straight, and disciplining—involve adjustments in our attitude and actions. If we need to look regularly in a mirror to ensure that our appearance is acceptable, how much more so must we read God’s Word, the Bible, on a regular basis! 📖 Upon appointing Joshua to lead the nation of Israel, Jehovah God told him: “This book of the law should not depart from your mouth, and you must in an undertone read in it day and night, in order that you may take care to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way successful and then you will act wisely.” (Joshua 1:8) Yes, to be successful, Joshua needed to read God’s Word “day and night,” on a regular basis. 📖 The first psalm likewise extols the benefits of regular Bible reading when it states: “Happy is the man that has not walked in the counsel of the wicked ones, and in the way of sinners has not stood, and in the seat of ridiculers has not sat. But his delight is in the law of Jehovah, and in his law he reads in an undertone day and night. And he will certainly become like a tree planted by streams of water, that gives its own fruit in its season and the foliage of which does not wither, and everything he does will succeed.” (Psalm 1:1-3) 📖 Surely we want to be like such a man. Many people make it a daily habit to read the Bible. When asked why he reads the Bible every day, one Christian replied: “If I repeatedly pray to God during the day and expect him to hear me, why shouldn’t I also listen to God by reading his Word every day? If we want to be a good friend, why would we do all the talking?” He has a point. Reading the Bible is just like listening to God because we thereby get his viewpoint on matters.
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    Jehovah - His wonderful creation honors his name..... From the small Calibri who feeds his baby till a small frosh who carries his children to a better place to grow up, they all do exactly that what their creator has told them to do. Will we do so?
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    WE ARE POWERFUL! USE YOUR WORDS TO MAKE PEACE WITH ONE ANOTHER AND BRING UNITY! YOU WILL BE BLESSED! What do you need to do? Give evidence that you care about the thoughts of other people and are concerned about their welfare. Why is it important? This is one way we imitate the love shown by Jehovah, and it may enable us to reach a person’s heart. WHEN sharing Bible truths with others, we need to do more than inform the mind. We must appeal to the heart. One way to do this is by showing a sincere personal interest in our listeners. Such interest can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. Consider Your Listeners’ Viewpoint Listen Attentively. Help Others to Progress Give Practical Assistance Show Interest From the Heart (Colossians 4:5-6) . . .. Let YOUR utterance be always with graciousness, seasoned with salt, so as to know how YOU ought to give an answer to each one." Take a Personal Interest in Others “Keeping an eye, not in personal interest upon just your own matters, but also in personal interest upon those of the others.”—PHILIPPIANS 2:4. WE HAVE good reasons for taking a personal interest in others. For instance, fellow humans should interest us because we differ from one another. The genetic material of our body cells carries a blueprint of our hereditary makeup. So distinctive is it that crime-detection agencies have added genetic “fingerprinting” to their range of identification techniques. There are other reasons why we differ and are interesting as individuals. From conception, we are subject to the influence of our environment. There is much evidence that unborn babies react to what goes on outside the womb. Then, after we enter the world as independent breathers, or souls, our parents’ attitudes and ways affect us. As we grow up, we may be an only child or be joined by brothers and sisters and have some share in caring for them. Such association or lack of it has a bearing on how we develop. What we read, are taught in school, and watch on television also influence our thinking and actions. So, then, the way we differ promotes some interest in one another. But the apostle Paul had in mind a higher reason for interest in others. Thus, he urged fellow Christians to be ‘keeping an eye, not in personal interest upon just their own matters, but also in personal interest upon those of the others.’ (Philippians 2:4) Instead of seeking our own advantage, we should especially be interested in others spiritually. HOW TO SHOW GENUINE INTEREST Listen when the other person speaks. Thank him for expressing his thoughts and feelings. Ask questions in order to understand his thinking more clearly. Think about the person after you have talked together. Get in touch with him again soon. Share Bible truths that most directly fill his needs. Do things to help him. Consider both immediate and long-term needs.
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    These words were written in the FAR PAST.... I am coming quickly..... 7 Look! I am coming quickly. Happy is anyone observing the words of the prophecy of this scroll.” Now we've 2017..... Jehovah has HIS own time for ALL !! Maybe we are not alive when Jesus will coming quickly >>>>>>>>>> I will keep on the watch and wait patiently NOT need current Fake - News, maybe coming from SATAN !! Thats not in Jehovah's sense ;-(
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    Something more I like to add for ALL brothers and sisters with “special needs” or with HEALTH PROBLEMS … these health or body problems do not permit them to do AS MUCH AS THEY WANT TO DO !!!
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    Regional - Convention in the Ukraine, in a circus... A beautiful picture ! and of sure very nice days in Holy Spirit & protecting under Jehovah ❤
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    just in the form of an update "mile marker" Great Scott!!
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    Fredrick William Franz Time In Which We Are Now Interested Los Angeles Sports Arena, Feb 5 1975 38,593,468
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    @admin Hahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaa...... oh NO ! maybe half and half ? POOR men ;-(( Yes, often little crazy - but NOT always.......
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    SOUTH AFRICA - Our sister, preaching in a Territory without assigning.... May JEHOVAH bless her ❤
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    JOY OF CONVENTIONS, Before the music starts, I'm right beside you. The fire is growing, the fire is growing. The world in chaos, but here we got peace And we're just starting, we're just starting Yeah, yeah, yeah. We are sisters, we are brothers, sons and daughters and more And I love you even though I never met you before Yeah~~~ We are sisters, we are brothers, sons and daughters and more And I love you even though I never met you before I'm on the edge of a human sea And the tide is in My eyes are surfing on unfamiliar faces Yet still I know them The family You wave at me from across the stadium What a beautiful sight I feel refreshed like a new-born baby If I'm not careful, I'll start to cry We are sisters, we are brothers, sons and daughters and more And I love you even though I haven't met you before Yeah~~~ We are sisters, we are brothers, sons and daughters and more And I love you even though I never met you before Give me your hand We're in the same fight You give me strength To carry on towards eternal life We are sisters, we are brothers, sons and daughters and more And I love you even though I never met you before Yeah~~~ We are sisters, we are brothers, sons and daughters and more And I love you even though I never met you before And I love you even though I never met you before. WE ARE LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER ❤ <3 ♫ <3 ♫ <3 .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•.♫ <3 ♫ <3 ♫ <3
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    Song No. 97- Forward, You Ministers of the Kingdom ! — Special Musical Video Presentation. Enjoy again ;-) with text.... Wonderful songs from our big Bethel Jehovah is happy, when we're singing Kingdom songs ❤ (2 Timothy 4:5) 1. Go forward in preaching the Kingdom To people in ev’ry land. With love in your hearts for your neighbor, Help meek ones to take their stand. Our service to God is a priv’lege; His word we are glad to proclaim. Go out in the field and keep preaching; Give witness to God’s holy name. (CHORUS) Forward, boldly preach the Kingdom message ever far and wide. Forward, faithful, loyally remaining on Jehovah’s side. 2. True ministers keep pressing forward With God’s prize of life in view. We follow the steps of our Master With hearts that have been made new. The good news of God’s coming Kingdom Is something that all need to hear. We preach in the strength of Jehovah; With him there is nothing to fear! (CHORUS) Forward, boldly preach the Kingdom message ever far and wide. Forward, faithful, loyally remaining on Jehovah’s side. 3. Together we press ever forward, God’s remnant and other sheep. The old and the young men and women In step with the truth do keep. Our service we hold to be sacred; Our worship is never routine. To God may we prove ever worthy By conduct that’s holy and clean. (CHORUS) Forward, boldly preach the Kingdom message ever far and wide. Forward, faithful, loyally remaining on Jehovah’s side.
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    I was pleased to hear the Russian stand against Jehovah's Witnesses, and the homosexuals, being connected with the 2nd world war with unjust atrocities, and that they must not be permitted to happen again. How good is the way Jesus Christ and today's Governing Body in alerting us that Jehovah's servants will be hated and opposed because of their being disciples. We gladly accept the opportunity to have our God's name brought before the world community this way. It is indeed a privilege to be acknowledged in this way. 1 Peter 2:12 states, "Maintain your conduct fine among the nations, so that when they accuse you of being wrongdoers, they may be eyewitnesses of your fine works and, as a result, glorify God in the day of his inspection."
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    Remove the Rafter Via
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    I like the frank statement in Paragraph 12 of Sunday's Watchtower stuydy: “The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible. Therefore, it can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction.” There is no finer way to get some grumblers going than to say: “oh, we changed that.” Hostile people scour past publications, discover where you’ve once said ‘A’, whereas now you say ‘B,’ and pounce all over the ‘flip-flop.’ They thereby reveal that they themselves reason like 10-year olds. It's not a piece of cake looking into the future - everyone knows that - so if you mess up, you back up and tackle the subject anew. We do it all the time. For decades, we have spoken of ‘tacking’ and the ‘light getting brighter.’ What is that if not an admission that we’ve often been wrong? We’re very open about it. So when the grousers come around with their grousing over teachings that have changed, they look pretty silly if they harp on it – we’ve never said that they don’t. There are many examples in the Bible of faithful ones doing or saying things that did not pan out. The logical extension of this is that with any new understanding, one can always accept it as tentative, the best understanding available at the moment. Nobody expects you to herald these new understandings from the rooftops. They are not the basic fabric of the truth that we teach to our Bible students – they are for our own edification. So long as you don’t go setting yourself up as a counter-authority with your ‘better understanding,’ everybody gets along just fine. It’s all a matter of respect for authority versus contempt for authority. That point the Governing Body just clarified? You may have noticed that point some time ago in your own private study of the Bible. And if this was the greater church world, you would have run out and started up your own sect over it. Instead, we wait on the human authority Jehovah has provided. One character hoo-haws over the fact that growth among Western nations is quite modest and sometimes has even reversed. He thus reveals his bias that these are the only people who matter. One explanation for what he observes is that nowhere is contempt for authority of any sort more prevalent than in the West – independence is the revered goal held before all here. Another is the effect of this world’s ‘higher education,’ which pushes with all its might an atheistic view.
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    Risking accusations of semantic quibbling, I have to say that disassociation is just not the same as non-association (or formerly associated). The term disassociate, or more commonly, dissociate, when applied to one's former affiliation to a group, seems to imply a formal separating or severing of a relationship formerly held, rather like a divorce. This might include publicly severing one's former connection with that group, perhaps going as far as formally renouncing aims and objectives once held in common. Or, perhaps, engaging in a practice so diametrically opposed to those aims and objectives as to indicate what may not have been verbally stated. To drift away from association with a group, for whatever reason, be it cooling of common interest, personal preference, time contraints, or a particular unresolved grievance involving other group members, carries a far less antagonistic stance toward the group as a whole. In any event, the former action, that of disassociation, whilst possibly preceded by the latter action, drifting away, has far more consideration and deliberation involved, a rejection of fundemental tenets perhaps once held dear, perhaps a militant stand against activity once zealously engaged in, an awareness of the dramatic change in relationship to the group subject to this action, and a recognition of consequences effecting the relationship the disassociatee might have formely enjoyed with those who choose to remain group members. The latter, drifting away, is more focussed on one's personal preferences or activity schedule, and whilst there may be personality issues involved, the group as a whole is not "tarred with the same brush" as it were. Also, a denial of the groups validity does not take place. In fact, there may sometimes be expressions like " It just wasn't for me, I couldn't keep up with such and such (requirement or activity)", or "I know it is a good organisation on the whole but I just couldn't accept this or that (practice or person or experience)" Thus it can be seen that the deliberate action of "disassociation" carries far more weighty and considered commitment than the shifting of goals and interests accompanying the process of "drifting away". Although both result in state of separation from former associates, the relationship resulting from either is entirely dissimilar.