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    Here is the material for the next 2 weeks January 7-13 and January 14-20, 2019. TB Watchtower WEEK OF JANUARY 7-13, 2019.doc Watchtower WEEK OF JANUARY 7-13, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of January 7-13, 2019.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of January 7-13 , 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of January 7-13, 2019 text only.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of January 7-13, 2019 text only.pdf CBS January 7-13, 2019.doc CBS January 7-13, 2019.pdf Additional Highlights -January 7-13, 2019.doc Additional Highlights -January 7-13, 2019.pdf Watchtower WEEK OF JANUARY 14-20, 2019.doc Watchtower WEEK OF JANUARY 14-20, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK WEEK OF JANUARY 14-20, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK WEEK OF JANUARY 14-20, 2019.doc MEETING WORKBOOK WEEK OF JANUARY 14-20, 2019 text only (2).doc MEETING WORKBOOK WEEK OF JANUARY 14-20, 2019 text only (2).pdf CBS January 14-20, 2019.pdf CBS January 14-20, 2019.doc Additional Highlights -January 14-20, 2019.doc Additional Highlights -January 14-20, 2019.pdf
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    Just a little more longwinded opinion here. I think his tone and most of his words were intended to portray himself as someone who recognizes that there were and are human rights issues to take care of now and to avoid in the future. He also is is to be seen as a source of wise advice, giving the impression that if he had just known some of these issues in advance that he would have known better ways to handle these things. But he also recognizes that some issues are too complex to make snap decisions about on the spot. He gives the impression that he is generally knowledgeable, perhaps had an idea about some of these issues, but was really just now learning the specifics, either on the spot or from reading the papers provided in preparation for the meeting. Otherwise he would be portraying himself and therefore the Russian nation as knowingly culpable in any of the errors that had been made in the name of the state. That's the big difference in using the term to mean "prosecute" vs "persecute." If he had intentionally used the term to mean "persecute" this would have been very much at odds with that tenor -- it admits national culpability -- and that he KNOWS there is national culpability. That's why it is very different from "prosecute" which admits only procedural error at most, e.g., too strict a definition being put on the word "extremist," and therefore something that could potentially be redressed merely through a change or adjustment in judicial procedure, if deemed necessary. To me, his words indicate that he would not be averse to a positive change in the procedure against "extremist" groups, especially when these are generally seen as "Christian" groups. It seems he would be more forgiving of first time offenses of trying to proselytize. I don't get the impression that he, on his own, will want to make a big deal of what happened with the Witnesses. But he will no doubt be informed again of the JW status and will be more knowledgeable each time he is re-informed, and this could easily lead to a situation very soon where he asks for a change to the procedure against JWs. The JWs may have to "compromise" in the sense of being more of an autonomous religious group in Russia that doesn't give the impression that it merely takes all marching orders from outside of Russia (New York). To work well in Russia, the state wants to know that tens of thousands of people are not going to suddenly begin carrying "Religion is a Snare and a Racket" signs in the streets, or drink Kool-Aid, or collect money for a corporation in Wallkill, New York where instruction will trickle down through other branches to update rules about where new Halls will be built, what to do about national anthems, military service, blood transfusion policy, or look to an internal judicial system that could be seen as competing with or overriding that of the state. When he is advised again about the JWs, he will be concerned about how it looks to his own nation, outside international organizations, how it reflects on himself, and therefore, if making a change is useful or worth the effort. I don't get the impression he is anxious to make a big deal about it. I see it very possible that his own advisors on these issues could talk him out of doing something, even if he thinks it is advisable. I see right now as a good time for the WTS HQ to help orchestrate the leverage of human rights organizations. Getting 8 million people to write the same set of letters is not as impressive to him as it seems to us, because it only proves that the very thing he doesn't want in a Russian religion, exists to the nth degree in our religion: that everyone follows orders from the same HQ outside of Russia.
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    In Russian "преследовать" can be translated as "prosecute" or "persecute". Maybe it is better to ask the president what did he mean by saying this :D
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    Will you allow that an interest in history is permissible? Politics is current history, that’s all, or history in the making. All human governments will drop the ball & usually it is a bowling ball. As people ponder the vulnerability of their right and left toes, thus defines their politics. What is important for the Christian is to avoid taking sides. It is not necessary to be ignorant of it. signed.....Tom Harley - resident scholar (not pseudo-scholar)
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    JTR: I agree with you here. If you look at the entire meeting, the word "prosecute" was used in the translation a few of the other times, even in similar contexts. Judicial prosecution was already the topic here in nearly every case discussed, but the overall topic is a wider context than the auto-translator AI looks at. The fact that the name of a minority was used in the sentence, "Jehovah's Witnesses," and that the word "Christians" was in the immediate context, this is what probably triggered the translation, "persecute" instead of "prosecute." Of course, this is still a very important admission as @Outta Here has said, and it's in line with what you were thinking about Putin being the one to get it straightened out, if it reaches to a high enough priority. There were several interesting admissions in the meeting, and Putin comes across as very professional, careful, knowledgeable and "wiley." He is just defensive enough to protect himself from various questionable decisions by judges, admits problems with some laws, understands some of the PR issues with the rest of the world, etc. But he also doesn't commit to overturn questionable actions, and doesn't want to give in too much, to avoid the impression, for example, that future amnesty can be counted on, based on past or current amnesty.
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    I think this is why the delivering quality of “critical thinking” is overrated. Mob mentality takes over in most disciplines & those vested emotionally and/or financially seek to run the competition off the road. The average person has not the time, patience, or often interest to investigate. Sometimes those in dominance deliberately muddy the waters so that preoccupied ones will throw up their hands and say: ‘Oh, to hell with it! They”re all liars anyway.’ Many things ‘settled’ have been settled by decree. Many things ‘proved’ have been proved by ignoring evidence to the contrary.
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    It is good to see that people have a sense of humour and we can indeed thank Jehovah for that. I have another topic but must have a cup of coffee first. I'm spending toooo much time on this computer, but it is spiritually upbuilding. Have a good day as much as possible.
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    To me - I feel like I am in school if I cannot stray off subject sometimes. I am not writing a paper.... I am just in a discussion. The mind always seeks new ideas to explore... So, I am not here to provide people with my research... or to prove something. I just give them ideas to go and study for themselves. I always write from memory... things I have read.... It will take a lot of time to go find the proof where I read it. Unfortunately it will be a little harder to study the kind of fossil which loves tacos!
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    Matthew 5 v 48. You must accordingly be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. (NWT) King James Version. Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Perfection can possibly mean different things to different people, especially to God. Adam was created perfect, but he could not fly. If he had jumped off a mountain and tried he would have been in trouble. Does that mean he was not perfect ? I don't think so. I think being perfect means being perfect for a specific job. The Anointed, that is the TRUE REAL Anointed ones, will be perfect for the work that God has for then to do.
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    We all have the choices of many possible religions to follow. Or we can follow our own understanding which can be very dangerous. Wisdom is best found in a multitude of counselors. This organization has not changed all its teachings. But if it had, I can't see how that matters so much unless they are currently lying about all the changes. Still, even if all the teachings have changed over time, this could even be a good sign that a filtering and refining work is going on. Ultimately, with all the choices, I would still look for a religion that attempts to preach the good news. The content of that preaching might change . . . I would expect it to. But I would still look for a successful worldwide implementation of a preaching work based on the words of Matthew 24:14. I would also look for a religion that stays out of nationalistic conflicts both internal and external. There are very few religions that promote neutrality and are all conscientious objectors to violence and killing for nationalistic purposes. My own understanding of God and his purpose would make me look for a religion that opposes the Trinity doctrine and opposes the doctrine of Hellfire and eternal torment.
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    I've had a busy day and being honest can't be bothered to look up scriptures, yes I know that is a bad attitude but it's honest BUT :- Jesus said to His apostles (anointed) " You must be perfect just as your Father in heaven is perfect" (or something close to that) . Plus, the early teaching was that ALL of the Anointed are the Faithful and discreet slave class. So what gives 8 basically American men the right to suddenly exalt themselves above all the others ? Because everyone who exalts himself will be humiliated, but whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” And if those 8 mainly American men have to resort to lies and deceit to maintain their authority, then that does not have God's approval for sure. And why would God feed them false information ? Why would they get so much wrong ? Why would they 'run ahead' of doing God's will? Do you forget the scripture of 'Ten men clinging to the skirt of a Jew' ? A spiritual Jew should be recognised by his deeds and be able to prove his position. The GB only prove themselves to be false. And i also find it funny when someone 'backs up' what they are saying by saying other people / organisations are also doing it. What difference does it make what all those false religions are doing ? Isn't your JW Org supposed to be the 'only true' religion. It's seems we are back to 'offering children to Molech'. Well other religions were doing it so it must be ok . Yes Spiritual Jews should exist. The Bible makes that clear. BUT, if not the whole body of Anointed then, IMO, 12 or possibly 13 brothers (for obvious reasons) and all from different nations. One of the points that i was told when told about the Heavenly class being from Earth, was that when in Heaven they would remember what life was like here on Earth and have Empathy and understanding. Well likewise, if the were from different nations / countries, they would have more empathy and understanding of people from all around the Earth.
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    But if they are an accused child molester that was not disfellowshipped because of the two witness rule, you can hang out and talk with them as much as you want. Or if they committed a gross sin, but tricked the elders into believing they were repentant, and did not get disfellowshipped, you can hang out with them to.
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    Well well, @JW Insider, now you're going all JTR on me!!
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    Exactly so! What apparently happened is that JTR noticed that if one happened to misread something that BTK said, it could sound painfully funny. There was nothing ungrammatical or funny about what BTK said, and JTR did not say there was anything wrong with BTK's words. BTK probably missed the fact that JTR was only finding a joke in JTR's own potential misreading of it. Here was the entire exchange: If you have dyslexia when reading that sentence, it can be VERY painful. I don't think that BTK got the joke, or he would have realized that JTR was making fun of his own self, and his own misreading, rather than making fun of what BTK said. I know that once you explain a joke it won't be as funny any more, but I'll break the unwritten rule. If one were not a good reader, they might take that serious and grammatical sentence: "What is the test without ripping out an obstacle?" and spoonerize it into one that contains the expression "ripping out a test-acle." Of course, this won't strike everyone as funny even if they get the joke. But the main point is to notice that no one was making fun of anyone else's grammar. Still, I knew better than to upvote JTR's joke, but I did it anyway and, sure enough, BTK claimed that JTR was making fun of his grammar, and that I was also making fun of it, because I laughed at JTR's "joke" with a "laugh" icon. I had hesitated to laugh because I've seen this happen before when someone doesn't get someone else's joke and thinks people are laughing at something else. But JTR's joke was funny enough for me. Perhaps I am too easily amused. It reminded me of a experience while driving a car group just last week, when a person cut us off almost hitting us but swerved back into his lane when he realized it. For some reason, I quipped the spoonerism: "Stay in your lane . . . .or lay in your stain." No one laughed. They might have thought I suffered from the first stages of road rage. But if JTR had been in the car group, he might have given me an "upvote" of some kind. After my upvote of JTR's nearly self-deprecating joke, BTK answered my upvote with: I completely agree with his sentiment, and only responded because of the false accusation BTK made: that --by finding JTR's joke funny-- I was somehow forcing my idea of grammar on others, and implying that the joke was about a failure in BTK's grammar. I have never thought grammar was a big deal, and have always thought it was funny that anyone would think grammar or writing style was such a big deal. (csvsh)
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    I upvote when arguments are sound and well reasoned. I upvote ideas that are often in direct conflict with each other, as I can see the viewpoint of both (or more) sides. SOMETIMES I even upvote because I agree with what is being said. Be sure to save all your upvotes because they are worth $37 dollars EACH. Let's say you have 16 upvotes a month. (16 x $37 = $592). That's $592.00 a MONTH! Please make the checks out to me, personally.
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    The UN compact has many derivatives. The SDG’s, RRI, SIOP. What are the goals? It is to ration all possible sustainable elements for the future. People, plants, and animals worldwide. Along with human rights. The question is, How will the UN include communist nations or nations with extreme human right violations. With this, there is only one logical solution. God's Kingdom.
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    Look, I am in no mood for this. I just drove seven times around the mall of Jericho. Furious, I let loose with a mighty horn blast. I still hadn’t found a parking spot.
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    It’s possible. Why doesn’t JWI stay in his ivory egghead tower? He has caused the unthinkable to happen...that my nemesis should become a bastion of truth.
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    The relevant portion is translated through bing as follows. I don't speak Russian, but can just about read it phonetically. After letting Bing and then Google translate, Google did a very good job overall, but this one portion appears to be better in Bing, but only for this one particular sentence that I've marked in red below. ------------------ V. Putin: Thank you. With regard to the first of your stories about this African students got to see, of course, nonsense kakaja‑to. From what you are telling, it's just kakaja‑to nonsense. And, of course, need to do what you suggest, to analyze the enforcement practice. And, if necessary, make adjustments to the kakie‑to. B. Ryakhovskiy: For this girl to me now turned to the European Court of Justice, I have continued to ... Putin: I don't know what denomination it belongs, she is Christian, but there are also a lot of directions. Jehovah's witnesses, too, Christians are being persecuted, I also do not really understand. So we just need to analyze, it is necessary to do so. I will talk with Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, and try to do it. The Russian language original is 95% down into the page that @Outta Here provided above. В.Ряховский: По этой девушке ко мне сейчас обратились, для того чтобы я продолжал в Европейский Суд… В.Путин: Я не знаю, к какой конфессии она принадлежит, она христианка, но там тоже много направлений. Свидетели Иеговы тоже христиане, за что их преследовать, я тоже не очень понимаю. Поэтому надо просто проанализировать, надо это сделать. Я переговорю с Вячеславом Михайловичем, и попробуем это сделать. The key word here is преследовать, which oddly enough can mean basically "chase" and therefore it can mean both prosecute and persecute. Formally you should to add a phrase that means "judicially" or "by trial" (i.e. преследовать + в судебном порядке, or преследовать + по суду ) and it means prosecute. Without these additions, I think it really should mean persecute, especially if used with a religion or minority in the context. Therefore, it SHOULD mean persecute here, but I suspect this translation could legally be challenged as just a less formal way of meaning "prosecute." In fact, if you just go to translate.bing.com and type in преследовать, you will get the following, which includes both prosecute and persecute without the formal additions: Translations of "преследовать" VERB haunt преследовать, логово, мучить, обитать pursue преследовать, проводить, осуществлять, добиваться, стремиться, следуем chase чейз, погони, преследовать, преследование, догнать, гоняться, гоньбы prosecute преследовать, судебного преследования, обвинить, наказывать, уголовное преследование, сажать, осудить persecute преследовать harass преследовать, беспокоить, изводить, домогаться, докучать, запугивания stalk стебель, преследовать, ножке, черенок, плодоножки, стеблю, палочка obsessing преследовать, одержимы, увлеченно © 2018 Microsoft ------------------ For reference, I have also added Google's translation of larger portions of the context below. Both for the original question about JWs, and the context of the later discussion where Putin evidently brings up JWs on his own, even if the particular case (of the African med student "missionary" studying in Russia) was not a JW: -----------the rest of this post is Google's translation of excerpts from the link that Outta Here provided: ---------- There is also a list, for example, of organizations that also have information that they are involved in extremism and terrorism. There are 489 of them, 404 of them are Jehovah's Witnesses. I will make here an ominous pause. Many, perhaps, there are claims to Jehovah's Witnesses - they don’t transfuse blood, don’t send children to the hospital - but they certainly don’t call for violence and don’t carry it out. So 404 of 489 - this is it. That’s how many terrorist organizations we have in the Russian Federation. Thus, I would like to express the hope that the anti-extremist legislation will, let's say, be moderated in accordance with the requirements of society and in accordance with the real level of crime. Because everyone has more or less understood that these searches for pictures on social networks and the initiation of cases on this issue - this does not contribute to strengthening anything, it does not correspond to any state interests, it does not prevent any terrorist acts. As we can see, when, unfortunately, this kind of thing happens, these are people who did not follow these lists, who did not come into the view of law enforcement agencies, because, of course, they do not post pictures on VKontakte, they do not communicate among themselves in open communities. They coordinate their actions completely differently. Thank. V.Putin: Thank you very much. Ekaterina Mikhailovna, I am very pleased that the questions, rather sharp questions, were raised precisely by you - an employee of the Institute of Social Sciences under the President of the Russian Federation. E.Shulman: Yes, I am now twice under the President of the Russian Federation, both at the place of work and in social activities. V.Putin: See, everything is the same. And they require careful consideration, all the questions you raised. Regarding Jehovah's Witnesses. Probably, we can, and even should at some point, be much more liberal to representatives of various religious sects, but we should not forget that our society does not consist solely of religious sects. 90 percent of the citizens of the Russian Federation, or so, consider themselves Orthodox Christians. We have three more practically traditional our religions, which the state provides assistance. We should treat the representatives of all religions in the same way - this is true, but nevertheless it is also necessary to take into account the country and the society in which we live. True, this does not mean at all that we should include representatives of religious communities in some destructive ones, not even in terrorist organizations. Of course, this is complete nonsense, you need to carefully deal with it, here I agree with you. You always return me to the case of Ponomarev, he is probably a truly respected person. But the judge, when he made the decision, do you think I knew that he was making the decision? Of course not. But when a judge makes such decisions, he does not proceed from merit or from something else. If it were a simple citizen who few people know, even the question would not be raised. The law is the same for everyone. To close relatives could be released at parting, at the funeral, there is no other case in the law. The judge is guided by these direct instructions of the text of the law itself, that's all. There is nothing like that, there is no ambush here, there is no political motive. About unauthorized rallies. Let's still come back to this and see. You yourself mentioned, said about Paris. See, there are victims already affected. The fight is mainly in the center of the capital, and a state of emergency has been declared because of this. How many pogroms there are, burnt cars, shops, the losses are not only in the state, but also in people who have nothing to do with the state, they are enormous. And all this time - like a match, and everything started. This does not mean at all that we should not analyze our own life and not look after the law that is in place in our country. But still, we must understand the world we live in. Liberal approach to an unauthorized rally. The hard answer from the state what? Water cannons, gas, batons, hundreds of delays - hundreds, can you imagine? Don't we know that? More recently, there have been heavy events in which the Constitution of the Russian Federation was adopted in force, in conditions of growing civil war, in fact, civil war! Crowds of people with weapons ran across Moscow, stormed the Ostankino, crawled along some kind of underground facilities, communications. Regular units of the Russian army were brought into Moscow, internal troops were involved, and they still fired at each other, not understanding what was happening. Chaos! Carefully need to treat this very. Although, of course, it is necessary to analyze the conditions in which we live and the rules that govern our life, including its side, which you mentioned. Please, I beg you. ---------------- skipping to the area near the end where Putin brings up JWs on his own--------------- If the damage was mitigated, repaid, and the antisocial act is not so serious there. A.Sokurov: It is the New Year and Christmas amnesty. Vladimir Putin: Let's think, we have Christmas every year. We must carefully approach this. It is necessary to finish already. I promised, otherwise I will work until three in the morning. Here it is, that's all. Please, I beg you. V. Ryakhovsky: Vladimir Vladimirovich, thank you very much. To be honest, this is the first time in six years, the turn has reached me. I have two questions, I will try to short, saving time. In July 2016, a federal law was passed under the title “On the adoption of additional measures to counter terrorism”, the so-called “Spring Act” among the people. This law amended the law on freedom of conscience. The Law on Freedom of Conscience was supplemented by a chapter on missionary activity. The definition of missionary activity is given, the procedure for its conduct is established, to the extent that, in order for a person to speak about his convictions, he must be delegated by a religious organization and have a standard document. The Code of Administrative Offenses introduced Article 5.26 on establishing liability. A year and a half has passed, and I would very much like to ask the initiators of this law: has the goal, which was set by the authors, been achieved? According to this law, at least one extremist was held accountable? Nevertheless, law enforcement agencies initiated and brought to court more than 600 administrative cases involving representatives of various religious denominations, with the possible exception of one - the most widespread. These things are as unbelievable as imagination can probably be. Here is just one vivid example: Nizhny Novgorod, a student, a citizen of an African country, a sixth-year student at a medical university, is a little more than a month from state examinations. She gives an interview to one of the Internet channels, talks about herself, about her family, about her childhood, about how she has been a believer since childhood, a Christian, and in Russia she also comes to church, and all this helps her in her studies . Two administrative cases are brought against her. The first is for violating the rules of missionary activity, she is fined, the second is for violating the goals of staying in the Russian Federation. She arrived on a missionary visa, and here she says something about her convictions. And she is appointed in the second case a fine and expulsion from the Russian Federation. Fortunately, the appellate station probably had enough intelligence: they didn’t cancel these decrees, but they postponed her expulsion until they received the diploma, in just a few months. Interestingly, the basis of these cases was the expert opinion, which saw in this video hidden appeals, hidden missionary activity. That is, you understand what's the matter? Hidden. There are no obvious signs of missionary activity. And why are they not? Yes, because it is hidden, and because of this, she was brought to justice. I can bring a lot of such things, because this is part of my professional interests. The Constitution has a stable notion: when the freedom of conscience is revealed, it is said about the right to impart one’s beliefs. This measure, this rule of law appears, to put it mildly, simply manifestly excessive, it does not contribute to the harmonization of interfaith relations, but, on the contrary, leads to imbalance and violation of the constitutional rights of citizens. Therefore, Vladimir Vladimirovich, we kindly ask you to instruct the Supreme Court to simply summarize the practice. And then there are so many accumulated of these cases that you can just draw caricatures. It just comes to ridiculous! I just brought one thing, but in fact there are a lot of them. And to raise the question of generalizing this practice on 5.26 with respect to religious organizations, and in general, probably, raise the question of the expediency, to what extent is such regulation justified. There is the concept of "spreading religious beliefs." Why else to introduce the concept of "missionary activity"? The second question is completely irrelevant to this. Literally the day before, I had a meeting with several businessmen who responded to your May invitation to return to the Russian Federation after the years of emigration on the so-called Titov list. And indeed, it was precisely by believing your word and not doubting your innocence, because those behind whom there was something, I think, would not even come at your invitation. And the fact that several people have already returned to their homeland in the hope that, while at home, they will be able to recover and protect their good name. And one of the first defendants in the so-called Titov list, who returned to Russia after 13 years of forced emigration in London, became a businessman from Yekaterinburg Sergey Kapchuk. I met him. You should have seen his eyes after he arrived. Just burning, shining - he came home, he came, believing your call and believing that here is true today, unlike those years when he left, justice. But, alas, he encountered today the same methods of investigation from which he had once escaped. He was automatically charged since 2005. After reading the materials of the case, as he explained to me, the corruption scheme in the government of the Sverdlovsk region, in which it was used, simply became clear. They filed applications for the interrogation of specific people, heads of individual industries, confrontations - all of this consequence closes his eyes today, and, as we understood, is ready to bring the case to court, to hang up some conditional or slightly lax sentence, order to forget this thing. But he did not come for this. He did not come to be given a conditional sentence, not to be released under an amnesty, but to prove that he was innocent. Therefore, Vladimir Vladimirovich, kindly requested. The first is to give the General Prosecutor's Office to take over the cases of Sergei Kapchuk, and similar cases for the people who came, returned to Russia, to take control. And to you, of course, such a request, to still follow the fate of these people not until they returned, but in general, before the completion of their work. This case has a public outcry today. Why? Because others, those who still remain abroad today, they are closely watching the result of this business. This will be an example for them, as an urge to return to Russia too. And, fulfilling the request of Kapchuk, I just wanted to give you a short appeal from him. Thank you very much. V.Putin: Thank you. As for your first story about this African student, you need to look, of course, some sort of nonsense. From what you tell, it's just some kind of nonsense. And you need, of course, to do what you propose - to conduct an analysis of law enforcement practice. And if necessary, make some adjustments. V.Ryakhovsky: According to this girl, they now appealed to me, so that I would continue to the European Court ... V.Putin: I don’t know to which confession she belongs, she is Christian, but there are also many directions. Jehovah's Witnesses are also Christians, for which I do not really understand how to persecute them. Therefore, you just need to analyze, you need to do it. I will talk with Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, and try to do it. K. Kabanov: Thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Dear Colleagues! You know, I actually, probably, in my 14 years of work, every time I hear that we have two problems: law enforcement agencies and bad laws. In fact, in the framework of the instructions you gave last time, Vladimir Vladimirovich, we dealt with the history of the criminalization of the teenage environment. But, as we were taught at previous duty stations, we must look deep into, look, study . . . .
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    True. I apologize to @The Librarian. I know that he or she had just broken off this particular topic to a new thread which is a bit of a hassle in itself. I pushed the envelope a bit, but mostly to just highlight how the Librarian was correct. Completely new topics can be frustrating. But to the small group participating in this topic, I think it was understandable that Watchtower doctrine of the seven thousand year day would come into this. That would inevitably lead to why there are changes to our doctrines. That would inevitably lead to a discussion of the spiritual guidance of the GB (because it was already a concurrent discussion among a couple of the participants, here). On a serious note, I think it would be better to just say that there is a discussion about the GB that includes the topic of spirit direction already in progress, so that this part of the topic can be continued over there.
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    But they weren't were they? Paul admitted failings. Peter admitted failings. Paul chastised Peter, James and John. All of them had wrong ideas. We can think that they got all they needed at Pentecost to make them "perfect." But these failings lasted well beyond Pentecost. So we are forced to take a reasonable approach to what it means to be "perfect." There are scriptural principles which probably explain this saying of Jesus perfectly well in the context of the Christian congregation. For now, I think you will at least agree that the apostles were not perfect. Yet we can still imitate them in ways defined by scripture. And the early teaching was that the great crowd were also anointed. Lately there have been articles that teach that many scriptures which were only recently applied just to the anointed, can now also be applied to the great crowd who have an earthly hope. To the extent that they have exalted themselves, they are wrong. To the extent that they have tried their best be servants (a faithful slave class) they have perhaps seemed exalted, too. I don't think this is the criteria by which we accept or reject the doctrines they promote.
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    You are still being a parrot of the GB. You seem to know of nothing else. As for me I'm not bitter and i do have very positive thoughts. Your problem seems to be that you have to insult me because I do not agree with your way of thinking. But remember that Jesus did not agree with the Pharisees' thoughts and deeds either. If you opened your eyes and your heart it would be easy for you to see how wicked the Governing Body of JW Org are. But you prefer to stay blind and just have your ears tickled by the GB's puppets, the Elders.
  25. 2 points
    Good point. This is becoming evident. However, I would shift the blame to those individuals that make it a point to promote hatred and propaganda. No one is entitled to use any forum to express and incite hatred, no matter if it’s a communist block or a democratic nation. Streaming lining by innuendoes, half-truths should not be acceptable also. Most definitely in a Christian world as instructed by scripture. It has also been known since the 80’s the global world economy has been living in IOU’s. There is no possible way for the UN best efforts to make a difference. Can it hold out until 2030? Maybe. The obvious started in 2017. The consideration will be in 2020. The obstacles will be known by 2023. Does it really matter? Staying alert and awake with signs achieves a blissful condition, today’s Christians won’t be caught completely off guard. Therefore, the UN just as the Vatican has little control of what Satan’s end game is. The prospect of controlling overpopulation, pollution, climate change, human rights, disease, food storage, overfishing, deforesting, etc. is empty talk to keep the population from panicking and going rogue. Imagine the anarchy world governments would cause if they told the truth about the plight of humanity? As it is, they are stretching all conceivable elements to its core right now. This world cannot sustain itself under its present weight much less later. One example is food waste.

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