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    For example: Virtually unique to Jehovah’s Witnesses is the idea that when the person dies, the soul dies, for the two terms are synonymous. The dead are non-existent, pending future resurrection. Failing to recognize this leads to teachings that God ‘takes’ people, even children, for his ‘heavenly garden.’ It is a non-comforting slander against Him that may have tripped up even Darwin. Imagine how history might have played out differently had he been exposed to religious truth and not error.
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    For who? This all conversation is about GB statement; We are not inspired, Our study on Bible is not inspired, Our articles are not inspired. We can err. Than ... How they could/will be leaded, guided, learned by God and/or by his Spirit if even little piece, little measure of spirit through Inspiration was not/are not "shadow" them? If they not receiving Inspiration from God...All their hard spiritual work is of human source, and result of human inspiration. Or we can go to use this logic. If 20%, 10% or 5% of teachings in WTJWORG is indisputable truth, reason for that is because holy spirit revealed that truth to this human. Revelation comes through Inspiration, i guess. Or, somebody can give other perspective?! If 80%, 90% or 95% of teachings in WTJWORG is harmful chatter, reason for that is .....:)))) we all know the answer, or at least can give a assumption. :))
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    You shot yourself (and the GB / JW Org) down Billy, admit it. No amount of quoting scripture will cover it up.
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    When, did the Watchtower specifically state Armageddon would accrue on those years? Now I've read Anna's and ?Winsider's false claims. Are you willing to support their false view? I would have agreed with TOM until he decided to "endorse" and uneducated view of flip-flop view from opposers, that he himself has done in many accusations, just doesn't seem to contrast his argument.
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    Jeopardy question. Do we know the oral word of God as inscribed on the scrolls. Did Jesus not use those scrolls as a means to bring forward God's words. Now that all of that was written, do we need the oral word of God, if it's written on his inspired books which is the Bible. Do you need to see a physical manifestation of God's power in order to believe? What good did it do the ancient Jews. If you think this way, you have no faith left. Do you honestly believe, the Bible to be a false instrument? If so, why? What has given you such an inspiration.

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