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    According to Gods word the Bible, through one man, Adam, sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned Romans 5:12. Romans 6:23 also says For the wages sin pays is death, but the gift God gives is everlasting life by Christ Jesus our Lord. Jesus died for all mankind, opening up a chance of everlasting life here on earth, by means of a resurrection. I believe that Jehovah reads our hearts, he nows the pain people feel to end there life, it is a sin to take your own life, but Jehovah is the judge of all circumstances.
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    Weekly Audio for 09-19-16.zip Don't forget to say thank you to Dave for preparing and hosting these. Agape!
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    Many Muslims would be glad to see Europe conquered by Islam, an Austrian cardinal and leading future candidate for the papacy said. He also warned that the Christian heritage of Europe risked disappearing, with the statements raising much controversy online.
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    The fascinating link between eating full-fat yogurt and a lower risk of depression:... View the full article
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    I'm not sure Alexa, He was born very early, so maybe our anointed Brother ? We shall see, if he is on Earth later ;o)
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    This morning I got strange dialog box on my iPhone 6 Plus. It said: "Passcode Requirement: You must change your iPhone unlock passcode within 34 minutes." The combination of the ambiguity of the message and the countdown timer was alarming. Why did I need to change my passcode? Why did I have to do so within a few short minutes? I hit "Later" twice over the next 34 minutes and nothing happened. Evidently it is just a bug related to cookies on a website I have previously visited and it is not malware. Apple couldn't tell me more.
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    *** w02 6/15 pp. 30-31 Questions From Readers *** Questions From Readers ... Any future prospect for the dead is in the hands of Jehovah, and no one is in a position to say whether the deceased will be resurrected or not.
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    Absolutely. The first picture has the same little girl there behind him. The cart titles are the same. However, the date 1944 is accurate whereas 1930 is questionable.
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    Are you really sure, its our past little boy ? I hope it.... A wonderful boy and later a Missionary... wow, what a career for Jehovah ❤ I want talk with him in our paradise ;o)
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    A Dubai-based developer has launched the world's first floating homes project. Each home comes with three levels, all of which offer some breathtaking views, especially the master bedroom.
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    Is this the same boy? Can we get some clarity on this? Maybe more information on the brother in the picture who you tell us was a missionary and died in Sep 2014. The talk advertised "The Kingdom of God is Nigh" was given at the Assembly in1944, much later than 1930. As you can see in the attached photo here, this seems to be the same little brother with a book released that same year 1944, "The Kingdom is at Hand". Any further detail would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Cart witnessing is the best gift Jehovah through Jesus has given us this enlarge assignment . We sat up recently at the local college here in Texas many people stop by serveral pierces of LITERTURE was pick up by passer us one address the woman requested a bible story book she had study with us before but did not have a bible story book to read to her kids of which she say she would read to her two small children's every night and she notice we were at the college and wanted to asked a question be was afraid to. Lot of students around her. So when they left I approached her and she got lots of LITERTURE and gave me her address and phone number we made the return visits my daughter and I and she was very happy so hopefully she will start attending meetings( Isaiah 60:22) is in full force right.h
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    A Grandma - baptism in Chile.... She is already sitting in the pool, the Brothers talking and smiling with her ;o) a nice picture !
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    Painting by Gérôme, 1883, courtesy of Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore From page 7 of the WTS 1990 Blood brochure.
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    Weekly Audio for 09-12-16.zip Enjoy! Don't forget to say thank you to the author!