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    Let the one who has an ear hear what the spirit says to the congregations.—Rev. 2:7. Jesus leads the Christian congregation by means of holy spirit. We need holy spirit to help us resist temptation, to embolden and equip us for the ministry, and to enable us to make sound decisions. Should we not take advantage of every provision—including congregation meetings—to receive that spirit? At many of our meetings, we review the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. As a result, we reinforce our conviction that Jehovah’s promises for the future will likewise be fulfilled. Of course, it is not just those who speak from the platform who encourage us. Fellow Christians who offer comments and sing from the heart also build us up. (1 Cor. 14:26) And when we converse with our brothers and sisters before and after the meetings, we feel a sense of belonging and enjoy true refreshment.—1 Cor. 16:17, 18. w16.04 3:6, 7 https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/dt/r1/lp-e/2018/6/2
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    Here is a notebook for the 2018 “BE COURAGEOUS”! Regional Convention that I did. TB 2018 “BE COURAGEOUS”! Regional Convention notebook.pdf
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    I am starting to get requests for these items posted previously. Enjoy!
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    Hi, my name is Jazelley and my favorite Bible character is Queen Esther, because she is pretty, smart, and loves Jehovah and His people ?
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    No Fear! Jehovah is Near! Tap on Video Link mp4 ________ ? EEA8B391-145B-481F-9122-0F7E76DA07BF.MP4
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    Paradise is where You look for it! Soon we will Rejoice! "Imagine one day walking in a beautiful field, in a Paradise Earth where our joy won't end. Marvelous forests will fill us with awe and every day will be filled with love. Pain and suffering will be gone for good and there will always be plenty of food. A swim with the dolphins will thrill our hearts! Followed by a walk in a beautiful park. We could go on and on.. Our list will never end. Don't give up because we are so close! So close to a world we have never known. We are almost HOME." Shared by @memo8616 Tap on Video Link mp4 ___________? Â 87CFC6D8-DDBD-46CA-B79C-40B6ED93B90C.MP4
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    News ------------------------------------------- Quito: (interview) love for his neighbor makes Jehovah's witnesses look for the deserving of the message of the kingdom of God in the territories of all countries, peoples, languages and races. For example in Quito, stands or exhibitors of books are installed in the Mandarin Chinese language... https://www.lahora.com.ec/quito/noticia/1102161269/testigos-de-jehova-predican-en-chino-en-quito
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    ONLY $25 million in contingency funds for a global corporation? That seems staggeringly low for what I would have imagined. One lawsuit alone in California wiped that all away.
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    It's really quite simple ....... Overlapping Donations.
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    I haven't figured out why they say that donations have never been higher, and donations are down at the same time. It was evidently only after the May broadcast that donations of $30,000,000 created a situation where donations have never been higher, yet the general donations settled back to their normal levels around July. So he must have been referring to the service year from Sept 2015 through August 2015. But he adds (in pt 4): "However, until the general donation picture changes substantially the organization will need to hold to the course set by the Governing Body with respect to spending, not only this year but in the coming years as well." The minimizing of the effect of selling off 3,000 properties that "need" to be sold is surprising considering that the total is on the order of Billions, not Millions.
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    @Jack Ryan Your post is already in this large subforum for JW related stuff. Thx. https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/forum/3-jehovahs-witnesses/
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    @JW Insider I would guess these are the financial controllers of the major branch offices? @James Thomas Rook Jr. You often asked for accounts and transparency... here it is served up. ? @The Librarian Add this to your archive... LOL....
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    I love nice beards.. in many countries allowed by JW - GREAT !!  SOMETIMES LONGER OR SHORTER....  Importend, its lookng nice ! Our young anointed Sinti Brother has a beautiful small beard ! Just now he is again in the German Bethel with his pioneer - wife... recording the next especially theocratic songs... a wonderful voice. When I know  them, I will post for us. Thank you so much my dear Brother Melano
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    Space Merchant

    Bethel and Alcohol

    @Jack Ryan Clearly one must drink such in moderation. There is a clear difference and drinking responsibility vs drinking to the point of being drunk, however, some drinks tend to send people overboard really fast, thus the one in question needs to control themselves and limit themselves so they do not succumb to drunkenness. At the same time should one become drunk, it will result in many problems, drunk driving, fighting and a slew of other things, even rape, which tends to happen a whole lot at gatherings involving young people and or on the college/university scene. Other times depression, drinking being the only way to cope, even a good man can succumb to strong drinking habits even though he is not the type of person to do such, this also goes for those with suicidal intent and or suffering from some sort of guilt and or action. That being said, one needs to be very careful. I myself do not drink, I choose not to for various reasons, in addition to that, out of experience, I had seen quite the situation of drunkenness numerous times, even convinced someone to stop drinking to heavily. Also just wanna put this out there: Friends don't let friends drive drunk
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    fighters against God Jehovah will not prevail They will be certain to fight against you, but they will not prevail against you.”—JEREMIAH 1:19
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    Jack Ryan

    Matthew 24:34 "this generation"

    Tell Us, When Will All This Happen?
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    JW Insider

    Why didn't God Just Kill Pharaoh?

    Jack, First, of all, this topic was about Genesis 2 and you are in Exodus. Also, why is this difficult question aimed at JWs? You could have started the question as "Why does the Bible say that . . . .?" rather than "Why do JW's say that . . . .?" We may not like it, but the answer to question is in the Bible itself. The answer is that this particular action would make it much clearer to an entire nation that it was the hand of God himself they were up against. The death of a Pharaoh doesn't necessarily make the kind of news that lasts for 3,500+ years. It would not have proved that God's purpose was involved in giving the Promised Land back to Israel's descendants. It would not have produced the kind of cohesion necessary for over a million people to remain loyal to the leadership of an imperfect man for 40 more years. Ultimately, the Israelites and Egyptians, too, were made to know that all life is given and can be taken away by Jehovah. The temporary unfairness can be overcome 1,000 times over when Jehovah brings justice to the entire earth, bringing everyone back to a chance at eternal life, both righteous and unrighteous.
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    Being Watched! ? Put Courage and Faith in Jehovah! He Will Protect Us! . Breathtaking view ? Moscow, Russia. Photo by @nick.yuryev #nature
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    Old light. No longer is the "slave" determined to be all anointed ones.
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    Until we receive this direct from JW.ORG most would treat it as, "Hoping it will be allowed." I have a dear friend who is also a brother who has been wearing a beard for many years. His beard is so neat and short that it does not immediately attract attention. Our Governing Body is most likely aware that once it is allowed, some may go overboard, wearing anything from the common worldly masculine unshaven look to upturned waxed corners which would not appeal to any sincere Christian. Brothers who have skin problems would surely welcome being able to hide their condition until the skin condition improves. Short and sweet: Vice Versa:
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    There was never a time when they were not allowed. Who's going to 'not allow' them?
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    Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia intensifies https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/06/01/persecution-jehovahs-witnesses-russia-intensifies/102390226/ Â
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    Pray for Guatemala! Volcanic eruption in Guatemala We are waiting for brothers in the area to use our social network to inform us of how they are going. Cars and homes are covered in volcanic ash after Guatemala's Volcan de Fuego erupted on Sunday, killing at least 25 people. Click the link in our bio to read more. ?: Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images YouTube in Spanish no English yet available. Â
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