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    I tried to copy the website page which only had a couple of duplicates, but a when I pasted it almost every picture was on there two or three times. I didn't bother to delete more than about 5 of them because I didn't know which picture went with which bit of text. I just deleted a few more duplicates, but still didn't bother to see if the pictures go with the property description. It's probably an automated lookup that creates the page and it grabs updated and near duplicate listings as separate listings. I have been hearing that there have been some legal issues with the WTS sale of so many halls after they turned ownership of all US KH's over to a WTS Trust.
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    They are as similar to true Christians as darkness is to light. The aim of their attempt to be "successful" in their abuse of Jesus' name was to further their charlatan career. Their complicity with the demons was with or without their full knowledge of what they were doing. Many who work with the demons in their deception think they are actually controlling the activity of these creatures. All they are doing is furthering that illusion. Jesus wasn't theorising when he asked the scribes who enabled their sons to expel demons. Luke 11:19. Neither do we deny that sewage contains water. Absolutely. But I think we would by now have agreed fully on that? It still doesn't change the fact that the apostasy associated with the two bar cross is far greater than a crux simplex which has not become the brand mark of "Christian" apostasy. Agreed, but we have Jehovah's spirit to enable us to discern apostasy. That is what I was driving at. Apostasy against Jehovah is Satanic in origin and is actively promoted by him. That is why it is difficult, even impossible to discern humanly. It is like carbon monoxide. We can only discern and protect our thinking from it's influence by means of God's spirit. And Jehovah will decide on how and when erroneous thinking will be corrected. He assesses the priorities and directs our action accordingly. I think this is a mistake. The Letter of Barnabas is like a car driven over a cliff. Any shred of truth in it is not a touchstone to evaluate our understanding today. At best, it is just a piece of untainted flesh in an otherwise rotting carcass. If the teaching is "true", it is because God's word is true. Psuedo-Barnabas may have got that bit right, we may have too. There the similarity ends. As for the stocks/xylon thing? well it appears the wheel has already been invented on that one. The Septuagint apparently equates xylon with the Hebrew word for stocks (Job 33:11) and even the classical greek of Aristophanes gives a clue in referring to this instrument of restraint. "Sometimes it was what Aristophanes calls πεντεσύριγγον ξύλον, "stocks with five holes," two for the feet, two for the hands, and one for the neck." (Pulpit Commentary). So somewhere a while back I indicated that my instincts lean me toward the single stake view of Jesus' executional implement. The fascinating and at times obscure detail unearthed in this discussion has not swayed my preference on this issue yet, but I recognise at the end of it all we cannot be definitive on what it was .....yet. This whole excercise reminds me of those poor people who make a living scavenging for gold on the streets of Mumbai. They do find some, but I think we can agree there are better ways to make a living. 😊
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    Any mention of pillows is a sore subject with me. Many of my friends had to go naked for the sake of these. Whenever the office staff thought a letter was from a birdbrain they handed it to me. I never got to do anything else. That’s why I left.
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    The "light" is NOT getting brighter. It is flickering on and off! IE: Will the men of Sodom be resurrected? Yes....Watchtower 7/1879 page 8 No.....Watchtower 6/1/52 page 338 Yes....Watchtower 8/1/65, page 479 No.....Watchtower 6/1/88, page 31 Yes...Live Forever (old Ed.) page 179 No....Live Forever (new Ed.) page 179 Yes...Insight, vol. 2., page 985 No...Revelation book, page 273.
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    Boots - Axle - Outer Item Description A boot is a flexible, piece of rubber that protects vital components from dirt, debris and the elements. An axle is the part of the car's frame that supports the weight of the vehicle and the weight of accelerating and braking. An outer axle boot is the boot that protects the outer axle. Reason When damaged, the axle boots leave the axles vulnerable to decay and destruction which can lead to major component damage and damage of connected parts. Somewhat early for a 4 year old car in my humble opinion. Avoid General Motors and Chevrolet.
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    Can you at least get the research right when you do this sort of stuff....please Yes Watchtower 7/1879 page 8 No Watchtower Oct 15 1936 p313 Yes Watchtower Jan 1 1939 p13. No Watchtower December 1 1941. p367 No Watchtower July 15 1948 p219 No Watchtower 6/1/52 page 338 Yes Watchtower 8/1/65, page 479 Yes Aid to Bible Understanding 1971 page 1519 Yes Live Forever (old Ed.)1982 page 179 p9,10. No Live Forever (new Ed. 1982) chap. 21 p. 179 par. 9 No Watchtower 6/1/88, page 31 Yes Insight, vol. 2.,1988 page 985 No Revelation book, 1988 page 273 No Insight, vol. 2., page 985 revised 2017
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    ... or a lion that is convinced he has to be a sheep.
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    Money & Finance

    A Wal*Mart Story

    Is That an AI Lab? Nope, Just a Walmart If we've told you once, we've told you a thousand times: A booming economy and strong consumer sentiment have been great for retailers. So instead of only telling you about Walmart's (-2.01%) third-quarter financials (which, BTW, featured 3.4% U.S. sales growth and $124.9 billion in revenue), let's talk about how Walmart, the world's largest retailer, is trying to innovate. There's a major focus on winning customers online. With annual e-commerce sales growth clocking in at 43% in Q3, Walmart looks ready for the prime-time holiday season. Walmart is set to pass Apple to become the third largest e-commerce retailer by sales this year (behind Amazon and eBay), according to eMarketer. It'll snag 4% of U.S. e-commerce sales, up from 3.3% last year. And that takes tech investment. Stores are morphing into tech powerhouses, complete with distribution hubs to speed up deliveries, employees trained to work in tandem with AI/robots, and handy apps to help customers find what they need.
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    I think it might be useful at some point to discuss the "Letter of Barnabas" ("Pseudo-Barnabas") in more detail. Not to defend it or even to defend its assumption that the Stauros was T-shaped. I think you will have noticed that there have been more statements recently from the WTS, even the recent JW Broadcast, that indicate that we can sometimes find points of value and interest in these "early Christian" writings. And even where clearly apostate, it should not hurt us to be able to discern some of the history of these apostate inroads into pure Christianity. I read Pseudo-Barnabas and see a lot of problems with it, some of which you have mentioned, and which have been pointed out by scholars for more than a hundred years. But I also see some amazing parallels to the type of thinking that was popularized by Seiss, Russell and Rutherford, most of which later had to be discarded since their time. Most of the letter, as I read it, is tainted, but you can still see what Christianity must have meant to a large segment of Christian-associated society in the second century, who valued this letter. I think the second century was a critical one to understand, especially in light of how Jesus' prophecy about the visitation of judgment on Jerusalem (their synteleia/parousia) was seen in the context of the universal synteleia/parousia to follow. I don't find "Barnabas" to be inspired at all in his take on Jesus' prophecy, and I do find First and Second Peter to be inspired. Yet it's quite possible that Barnabas was written well before these two letters of Peter were completed, and they include a similar topic: a commentary on statements we can find in Matthew 24. Treating it generally as a "rotting carcass" might make a certain amount of sense, but not so much sense when we compare it with the striking parallels in say Volume 3 or even Volume 7 of Studies in the Scriptures, or later comments of Rutherford. I think the latter were comparatively worse, when it comes to the amount of truth, or "signal to noise" ratio, one could glean from these later publications. And yet I would never think of those WTS volumes as a "rotting carcass," but rather a product of the thinking of a segment of Christian-associated society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
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    If someone cutting firewood accidentally kills me with an ax ... I could as I was dying forgive him for his error, which I would in fact do ... but how much better is it to not be too close to careless people who think they are God's gift to chopping wood. (Let the reader use discernment ....) Its better to be a live dog than a dead lion ...... but better still to be a live lion. ... AND A LOT EASIER. There is the eternal question "How much wood would a Woodchuck chuck, if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?" Probably none at all ... as they have other concerns. And who was that Masked Man ... I never even got to thank him!
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    French regulators censoring US citizens free speech? What has this world come to? Thank you Facebook. Share this if you care at all about your rights.
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    Regardless of the terminology and methodology we use to logically lay the foundations of what is true or false, with a mistake or without a mistake, correctly understood or incorrectly understood, and so on ... there is one more thing to be taken into account. That is: self-persuasion and self-deception. Most of people, of us, will think/thinks about self with believing that they are among those who are healthy, beautiful, smart, good, ... belonging to the right, true group, religion, politics, family, nation... etc. And with more self persuasion and self deception we are more sure in fictitious, wrong, err, distorted picture about yourself, who we are, what we are, and by that about other people, who are belong or not belong in "our group" or in "our idea" of how other people should be look like, think like, act like and all other likes. Good thing in such "self" can be self confidence and similar "selfie" that help us to survive in society. Bad thing is this. If we are wrong, and many times we are :)))), we are, because of our self persuasion and self deception in position to deceive other people because they can see our sincerity and our faith in "story" we talking about. Some will be sceptious but some will accept "our faith in truth", but that is in fact "faith in error, misrepresentation, misunderstanding, mistake, misapplication ...". :))
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    As you point out, the 1920 WT article gives no examples of these. Copyist and translator error, tampering, falsifications, additions etc. are still a possibility. Also, Luke 4:9-11 could be cited as a bona-fide misapplication. Luke 19:16 and Acts 1:6 are examples of genuine misunderstanding. The erroneous logic process you refer to is an example in itself of how a mistake can be made, but, in the absence of a response from the writer himself, we can only assume or guess, (educated or otherwise), at what was meant by "misunderstanding or misapplication". The basic argument in the WT appears to be that mistakes in text or explanation occur in all human writings. This is extended to include the Bible. The existence of such in the so called Vol7 of Studies in the Scriptures was not felt (at the time) to constitute sufficient reason for rejecting it outright, any more than the BIble would be rejected on the same basis due to any (unidentified)"misunderstanding or misapplication" . On reflection, using the Bible as a basis for this argument without considerable clarification regarding what was meant seems risky. (I would have cited the Encyclopedia Brittannica as an example more easily identified with), but I can see that Rutherford was using a rather extreme example to support his point An affirmed acceptance of the substance of that Bible study aid was seen at the time as a necessary criteria for those serving in a representative way within the publishing organisation of Bible Students ("The Society"). I believe it was a time when loyalties were being tested, with some similarities to the events recorded at 1Ki.18:1-40. I have always liked the thought expressed at Ps 119:160 which seems to allow for the accumulation of a "patina" due to human imperfection, even in the transmission of the word of God: "The very essence ("substance" NWT 1984) of your word is truth,"
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    That's the beauty of interpretation. It depends on how you look at it How I am looking at it is from the drivers point of view. I am assuming the backseat driver is mostly useless, because he can't see properly (it's a lot easier to be useless than useful), but he may have the odd useful remark or reminder. But when he is not even in the car, how useful can he be then. He is totally useless and it's easy for him to be that way.
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    @Gone Away, I don't get it. It's actually much harder to be a back-seat driver when you are not in the same car.
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    Mark Zuckerberg said today, on 1. June 2016 In case you're wondering, you can't just dial up the International Space Station to go live. Here's how we connected the first Facebook Live from space -- through satellites, mission control in Houston, and lots and lots of redundancy ! MORE ON A SPECIAL WEBSITE.... VERY INTERESTING.... ;o) PS. LOOK HERE....
      Hello guest!
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