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    Are you saying you don’t know why Judas was handpicked? Simon Peter answered, “Lord, to whom will we go? You have the words of eternal life. 69 We have come to believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.” 70 Jesus replied to them, “Didn’t I choose you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil.” 71 He was referring to Judas, Simon Iscariot’s son] one of the Twelve, because he was going to betray him. John 6:68-71 While they were eating, he said, “Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me.” 22 Deeply distressed, each one began to say to him, “Surely not I, Lord?” 23 He replied, “The one who dipped his hand with me in the bowl—he will betray me. 24 The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him, but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been better for him if he had not been born.” Matt 26:21-24 His role was instrumental in fulfilling prophesy, and God who reads the heart thoroughly, could see clearly that Judas had already chosen his path, which was destruction. Are you equating this to the GB, or Raymond Franz as being “handpicked by Jesus” to do good, or evil? We have full evidence that the disciples were inspired by Spirit. John 20:22; Rom 8:5,9; 1 Cor 2:10 We don't have that evidence with the GB who must alter teachings continually. We don't hear how the Spirit directs them, but that they are not "inspired"; so, instead, we hear how the GB put their heads together to come up with new decrees. There is no comparison to the apostles. Why make it?
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    What would you say to Jesus when he handpicked Judas Iscariot as one of his 12 Apostles?
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    FelixCA Challenges John Butler

    Then you challenge God’s sovereignty and superiority. I would have to ask, who are you to challenge God? Are you Satan as the inference implies? Hitler was an evil man as a youth. That darkened heart continued to increase over the embarrassment of having his country lose a war and having Jews gain some control over the motherland. Therefore, the Hitler analogy is inadequate in how someone would blame an organization or society. Seems like an overreach bordering on mental instability.
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    JW Dress Rules

    What did John the Baptist wear when telling folks to repent while he was in the desert? Oh, so lemming mentality is just fine with you? The Hare Krishna shave their heads like monks do, is that the same then? Should you be shaving your head because these guys do? Are you equating clothing and money extortion in God's house? I'm pretty sure I didn't read that part about Jesus making a whip to whip those in tight pants or who wore a beard......err wait, didn't Jesus wear a beard? Tell that to the beggars Jesus visited and ate with and healed.
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    Then why is it asked in a judicial committee for apostasy if you believe that the gb is the faithful and discrete slave?
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    Getting back to the topic. I think R.Franz is a curious case in point. I do blame him for some of the child abuse problems because I think he was the person who would have invoked the two-witness rule into judicial matters that are too difficult to figure out through external knowledge and common sense alone. He seemed to have been the one assigned to most of the congregational judicial issues related to immorality. Didn't mean it was his decision, but he was the one assigned to find scriptural defenses for the way the rest of the GB had voted to handle things. He should have had the wherewithal to either speak up or leave the organization. Yet he stayed, and remained an elder, a JW in good standing, even after he was asked to resign from the Governing Body.
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    Raymond Franz

    Point taken. Sorry.
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    I should mention that these comments I had made were never made to defend R.Franz. In fact, as I recall, these comments were made under a different topic, and someone apparently moved them here because I happened to mention R.Franz in my response. But back to your question that starts out with the words, "So if Raymond was a proven liar." I'm not sure what you are referring to. I've never heard anyone claim that R.Franz was a proven liar. If anyone ever said that, I'd be very interested in what they were referring to. It might be very useful to point to something inaccurate* in his book. I'm sure the average Witness who never knew him could easily get the idea he was "liar," but I have never heard anyone who knew him at Bethel ever say that anything in his book was inaccurate. Quite the opposite in fact. [I found a couple inaccuracies, by the way, such as when in CoC, he mentioned that the Pope and bishops can speak as if they are "infallible" in the minds of Catholics. He should not have said "and bishops" unless he was referring only to previous "bishops of Rome," which are the popes.] And by the way, R.Franz was an apostate. So if there was even one inaccuracy in any of his books, don't you think the Watchtower Society, or someone at least, should have pointed it out? What he exposed caused a lot of controversy. Pointing out even one inaccuracy would have helped quell the controversy and defend the Society. But the problem, as best as I can see it, was not that he said anything untrue, but that his motive was to expose the human side of the organization and its decisions. It was to show how the Governing Body worked together at that time, and examples of how decisions and changes were made. And it showed its very human side, with its faults, mistakes, and interactions of personality. If you worked inside Bethel at that time and worked closely with several of the people he speaks about, you'd already know that his descriptions made perfect sense as they matched everything you could know about these persons. What none of us could know about, however, was what it was like inside any of those meetings of the Governing Body. And it turns out that it, if he is correct in his descriptions, then this is exactly what we would have expected anyway, knowing the personalities of these brothers as we saw and heard them acting and speaking on a daily basis. He speaks very kindly and respectfully of many of them. You can tell they were friends, just as you already knew if you were at Bethel at this time. But it becomes easy to understand how key decisions could be delayed or swayed by more outspoken and stronger personalities on the GB. I don't know what you might mean here. No accounts were ever challenged, as far as I know. At least not by anyone who knew him. Especially not by Fred Franz, who knew him very well. If you have evidence to the contrary you should share it, especially because, as Witnesses, we don't want to be known for making false accusations. Not at all. I just share what I know and what I think. And you can share what you know and what you think. That's how we learn. That's how forums such as this work. I would never want someone to trust my words and my words only.
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    Cartoons like this one, if anybody has any more please.
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    Jehovah’s Creation. Beautiful Bird! 🦅 🧡🧡🧡🦅 Atlantic royal flycatcher fact file Atlantic royal flycatcher description Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Aves Order Passeriformes Family Tyrannidae Genus Onychorhynchus (1) This large-billed flycatcher is known for its spectacular crest, which is vivid scarlet in males, yellow in females, and ornately decorated with splashes of black and steel-blue tips (2) (3). Although the crest usually lies flat, protruding from the rear of the head, when fully extended it forms a large and impressive, forward-facing fan (3). The vivid colour of the crest stands out against the uniformly brown plumage of the upperparts and dull-yellow underparts. By contrast, the rump and tail are a bright cinnamon colour, and a small, whitish patch marks the throat (2). SynonymsOnychorhynchus coronatus swainsoni. SizeLength: 16 - 16.5 cm (2) A4D5A8AF-7E5B-4225-B5FE-422AB4E860A9.MP4
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    Si bien las máquinas ya han excavado 40 de los 60 metros previstos, van más lento de lo que esperaban Los trabajos para rescatar al nene de 2 años son incesantes. (EFE) El rescate de Julen, el niño de 2 años atrapado en un pozo en el sur de Españadesde hace una semana, tiene en vilo al país europeo y a buena parte de la comunidad internacional. Este domingo, los trabajos para cavar un túnel paralelo avanzaban más lento de lo deseado debido a la dureza del terreno. De todas formas, pasadas 24 horas desde que comenzaron, ya se habían excavado 40 de los 60 metros previstos. Según informaron fuentes del dispositivo de búsqueda, la maquinaria, que trabaja sin descanso, se encontró con algunas zonas muy duras, que dificultan la excavación del túnel, aunque otras son más favorables. Una cabeza perforadora especial se había desplazado hasta el lugar para vencer la resistencia de la rocas más duras. También expertos en explosivos de la Guardia Civil (cuerpo de seguridad) se incorporaron este domingo al operativo de rescate, aunque no ha trascendido la labor exacta que tendrían. Se trata de una operación de rescate sin precedente debido a su envergadura y complejidad. Julen cayó el domingo 13 de enero por una prospección de agua de 25 centímetros de diámetro y 110 metros de profundidad en una finca privada de la localidad malagueña de Totalán, en el sur de España. Los bomberos de la provincia de Málaga diseñaron una cápsula metálica para que los operarios bajen y suban por el túnel vertical. Según los cálculos técnicos iniciales, perforar el túnel de 60 metros tardaría entre 12 y 15 horas; y cavar la galería a mano por unos mineros costaría otras 20 horas, en el mejor de los casos. Antes, maquinaria pesada tuvo que efectuar un desmonte a toda prisa y atravesar un macizo rocoso para poder montar la plataforma de perforación. El pozo está obstruido por un tapón de tierra a 71 metros de profundidad, de modo que no se puede acceder directamente a donde se cree que puede encontrarse. Por si fueran pocos los problemas y retrasos que se dieron durante toda la semana, en la mañana de este domingo se sumó uno más: un todoterreno de la Guardia Civil del operativo de rescate volcó en la carreterade acceso a Totalán, aunque sus dos ocupantes no sufrieron lesiones de importancia. Toda España sigue en vilo esta operación de rescate con la esperanza de que el niño pueda seguir con vida, algo cada vez más difícil según pasan los días y las horas.
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    Hi Librarian, I seem to be having problems downloading this weeks weekly study material. I'm getting the message that I don't have authority to access this material, but I've been a member of this group for years and have never had any problem in the past. My account status and settings all look good. Can you check this out for me as I would hate to lose this valuable service. If I need to do anything, please let me know what this is. Christian Love Chloe
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    James Thomas Rook Jr.

    JW Dress Rules

    The GB are at LEAST totally aware of that. They are TOTALLY DESTROYING their credibility on every subject imaginable. THAT'S why shunning forbids people to talk to each other.
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    JW Dress Rules

    Who inspected the tightness of their trousers ? No one. Who asked them if they masterbated and told them not to ? No one. There were more important issues then. It seems as if there are no really important issues now, so the GB are making things up to keep themselves busy.
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    James Thomas Rook Jr.

    JW Dress Rules

    Should we make the Brothers and Sisters who won the genetic lottery, the ones who are handsome and beautiful, beat themselves in the face with a steel rod until they resemble the rest of us ... and the ones who CAN wear standard body type attractive clothing wear frumpy and dumpy clothing instead? They ALREADY want the children's ice-cream money .... and use cartoons to get it! What's next?
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    JW Dress Rules

    Are but who's choice of modesty ? Oh of course the GB's and the Elders. Maybe what Jehovah wants of every one is a bit of individuality. Are I've just noticed you say 'JW' standards, not God's standards.
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    Jack Ryan

    JW Dress Rules

    @Space Merchant True Christian JW's are supposed to 'quit being fashioned after this system of things' and put away national identities and embrace the JW culture above all. There is NO place for such nationalistic pride within the JW community. But that is for another discussion. Meanwhile... no skirts above the knee for sisters!!! AND while we are at it.... those tight pants... FORBIDDEN!!! "You must be perfect". or else.... sisters will gossip about you as in the illustration above. Welcome to the mentally warped world of JW fashion and life. Hypocrisy at its best.
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    Apparently, you must not have known the Franz’s as well as you claim including other governing body members. However, having read Raymond books, I can unequivocally state I reject the claims about the organization. Therefore, your argument is incorrect. Here is a man that found confusion with cynicism. Who put him up to it? One area which is true would be how the POPE saw itself. In the beginning, they saw themselves as equal to Christ, thus being incapable of doing wrong. This, of course, is ludicrous since no one made the pope perfect. It doesn’t take Raymond’s books to bring to light something that should be already known to Christians. Therefore, a poor example.
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    Are you foreign that you do not understand English properly ? No disrespect if you are, but it would give me reason to know why you misinterpret everything i write. It was / is the wicked angels, that is the devil and his demons, that challenge God's sovereignty not me. I just stated the case.... Hitler could not have done any of the wicked deeds without the majority of Germany backing him. The Germans may not have backed him because they wanted to, but maybe out of fear. Just as JW's serve the GB through the Elders, out of fear. Just as people come on here , this forum, but use pseudonyms, out of fear of being found out by the Elders. Felix i see you are using the GB's idea of suggesting people are mentally unstable. Typical Watchtower doctrine. Sorry Admin but I'm just answering Felix. Perhaps Felix should start another topic of should i just ignore him ? But let's get back on topic. A question Is it a disfellowshipping offence to read Raymond Franz books, or to own them ?
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    People always seem to harp back to 2000 years ago, to try to make a defence for the GB. Different times, different situations. Judas allowed himself to be misled by the devil, but it also seems it was necessary that the betrayer came from within. Maybe you should have quoted this bit as well. "Yet he gets kicked out by the other members of the GB for being an apostate." Because it seems Raymond Franz didn't betray God or Jesus Christ. Knowledge of such things is way over my head of course, so I don't know who was right in God's viewpoint. But it does give a person reason to distrust the GB if RF wasn't found guilty of any real wrongdoing.

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