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    Jehovah Witnesses - NEVER TAKE THE TRUTH FOR GRANTED..... I love this touching JW - story A very good example for us all ❤ ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
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    Enjoy our wonderful sweet animals 🐝 Hi friends! As some as you may know, I have been beekeeping in Western Australia for the past 4 years. I started out being obsessed with raw honey and totally intrigued by bees, although at first I admit I wasn’t keen on the idea of going into a hive with a million stinging insects! I've been wanting to "grow" my own honey for years... 🐝 🐝 🐝 Technically, I have bees already! They're just not living here yet... This useful guide was written by my friend Sarah. Do check it out if you're considering taking up beekeeping!
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    Eat 1 Spoon Of Raw Honey Every Morning, THIS Will Happen To Your Body! 🐝 Enjoy the video...😀
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    Very funny and interesting owl finches birdies... hehe Thank you my dear sister🌹💚🌹
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    Double-barred finches, sometimes referred to as Owl finches because of the dark ring of feathers around the face. Thank you Jehovah God for all creatures great and small, the work of your hands bring joy to man! As their name suggests, owl finches look like little owls with their distinctive markings. These are curious and social little birds. Photo of an owl finchThe owl finch a grass finch, also known as the Bicheno finch or the double-barred finch, is a lively addition to a community aviary and a good bird for the novice who may not have a lot of experience with birds. In terms of coloration, the owl finch can’t compete with another popular Australian citizen, the Gouldian, or even the common zebra finch, but its distinctive markings and social disposition give it a character all its own. It stands between 3 and 4 inches in length, and has two distinct black bars above and below a whitish-beige chest, one bar circling the underpart of the “chin,” and the other rounding the bird’s underside. The wings are brown with white speckles, and the “face mask” is white. The beak is gray and the eye is black. There is one subspecies, the black-rumped owl finch, which has, obviously, a black rump. Because of crosses with the nominate owl finch (which has a white rump), the rumps on some birds may be blotchy — not quite black, not quite white. The visual difference between the sexes is so slight, even owl finch experts have a difficult time telling the males from the females. The males are said to have thicker bands and a whiter chest, though this is not always consistent. Males do have a soft, sweet song and females do not, so separating birds and listening for the song is one way of determining gender. Native Region / Natural Habitat The owl finch is native habitat is Australia, particularly the woodlands, grasslands, and scrublands, though they can also be found in city parks as well. They travel in groups numbering four to 40, and are active flyers. Care & Feeding The owl finch needs generous housing, and does best in a larger space. An aviary is great, one that’s full of branches and safe foliage. They will get along with most other Australian and Old World finches, as well as canaries, but they don’t like to be crowded. Because they are closely related to the zebra finch, these two species may successfully interbreed, resulting in “mules,” birds which can’t reproduce. This is highly discouraged among the bird community. In an aviary or large cage, it’s essential to keep at least three pairs of owl finches if there is to be more than one pair. Four owl finches may fight and compete with one another, whereas six birds will be more peaceable. This is true for many commonly kept bird species, especially if they are true pairs. Owl finches will set up a nest in just about anything. They prefer a covered woven nest to a nest box. The males love to build nests and seek out new nesting sites. Nesting material is essential — short, clean string or long, soft grasses are best. Coconut fiber is okay if it’s cut into smaller pieces. Remember that a finch can become tangled in long nesting material, or can catch a toe in a woven basket nest and not be able to get out. These birds bond for life. The female will usually lay between three and six eggs, though more is not uncommon. The babies hatch out at about two weeks and look like zebra finch babies, a duller version of their parents. They molt into their adult feathers by about four months of age. The chicks will generally leave the nest when they are three weeks old, but stay with the parents until they are thirty to 35 days old. If the parents have gone back to nest and have eggs, they may become aggressive with the babies, so it’s best to move them to another cage at that time. Owl finches can breed at 6 months of age, but it’s best to wait at least nine months to a year to breed them. This gives the owner a chance to get them into prime breeding condition, which is done though a varied and healthy diet and enough light and exercise. Owl finches are generally good parents, but some can be a little too carefree with their sitting habits, or can toss the occasional baby out of the nest. It’s convenient to have other similarly sized finches nesting at the same time, such as zebra and society finches, who will generally willingly foster the eggs or babies. Owls that are good parents will also foster other species as well. Owl finches that are housed indoors will appreciate as large of a cage as possible, at least 2 by 3 feet, longer and wider rather than taller. These birds are small, but they’re active. Females can become egg-bound if they don’t get enough exercise. Because they can succumb easily to cold temperatures, this finch must be kept in temperatures no lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, though they prefer to be warmer. They do not like drafts, and can’t handle prolonged periods of direct sunlight unless they have a cooler shady spot where they can retreat. The owl finch should be fed a good-quality seed and pellet-based diet, such as Lafeber’s Premium Daily Diet specifically designed for finches, along with egg food, a mineral grit, and charcoal. They will also appreciate nestling food, as well as packaged easy-to-make soft foods for birds. A cuttlebone should also be available as a source of calcium. Owl finches relish grubs or small mealworms, and can have two to four per bird per day. Nesting owl finches and those feeding babies should have live food available as a protein source. These birds hunt insects in the wild, so it’s a natural food for them. If these are not available, another protein source can be used, such as well-cooked hard boiled egg crumbled into a separate cup. Finches Love to eat: Premium Daily Diet Lafeber food for Finches Personality & Behavior Owl finches are active little bids and curious, too. They will come check anything new added to their aviary or flight cage. Speech & Sound Owl finches do not sing as much as zebra finches. Male owl finches emit a soft repetitive as a soft repetitive song which they raise their neck and start attempting around 3 months of age. Hens are not mute they do make a “meep” sound. They do not sing as often as say Zebras or Societies but can be noticed if you observe them on a regular basis. Health & Common Conditions Finches can be prone to air-sac mite infection, especially when overly stressed. This is a serious medical condition that warrants immediately veterinary care. Finches can also be susceptible to scaly face (a condition caused by a mite that presents as white, scaly areas around the beak/eyes, as well as the legs), which also warrants a call to the vet. Finches can also have overgrown nails or beaks, which should be addressed by an experienced bird groomer or vet. Get an Owl Finch Owl finches are not as widely available as zebra finches, society finches and Gouldian finches, but they can be found for sale from a bird breeder who specializes in finches, as well as some pet stores.
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    Srecko Sostar

    JW Dress Rules

    They said how here in Croatia is origin of tie (kravata - Croata, Cravate - in English, from French word Cravates for Croatian people ) typical scarves worn by Croatian cavalrymen, an accessory which became the ubiquitous necktie of today...
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    “Now when they heard these things, they acquiesced, and they glorified God, saying: “Well, then, God has granted repentance for the purpose of life to people of the nations also.” (Acts 11:18) “When he would not be dissuaded, we acquiesced with the words: “Let the will of Jehovah take place.” (Acts 21:14) Sometimes a guy just has to acquiesce. There’s not enough acquiescing goin on here. When I wrote ‘TrueTom vs the Apostates’ I could have gone one of two ways: ‘apostates’ who remained believers and those who went atheistic. I went the latter - the only group I could get my head around. The former produces nothing more than ineffectual islands, so far as I can tell. It’s fine not to acquiesce if you want to give up on God. But you must if you don’t want to give up on him.
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    Actually, you might have hit on the exact reason that many Witnesses have read it secretly when you said: It's the fact that he purports to tell people what went on in the GB.
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    what would be the difference from any other ExJW that writes a book with the same old storylines? I don't see how his book is more special than any other.
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    Those seeking truth, not position or just friendship. People like myself, but better than me, that don't mind being shunned for truth. And it seems there are people on here looking for truth rather than looking for the easy way. The JW Org is the easy way now because there are so many JW's that a person can live their whole life in the Org. That is why so many are frightened of the Elders, and frightened to look for truth, because being in the Org has become a comfortable way of life in the Western world. To lose the Org for some people would be the worst thing that could ever happen to them. Hence many chose the GB and JW Org, over God and Jesus Christ.
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    This book became a long, ongoing conversation for a few years among my former roommates at Bethel and another Bethelite who was a groomsman at my wedding, and a friend who had remained in the Writing Department for 30 years after my last Bethel assignment. (In 4 years at Bethel, I had 5 different roommates, and four of them have talked to me about the book.) This doesn't prove anything, but a former roommate (Service/Correspondence), and the brother in Writing, have both confirmed that copies of R.Franz books were kept in the Writing Dept "special" library since the early 1980's. Of course, he had bias. And I'm sure he would only choose or emphasize details that would lead one toward that same bias. We are all taught to do that, because there is nothing wrong with bias if it's a bias toward what's true. And, though I don't have proof yet, I also think he was wrong about a couple of things, too. But I tend to think he was factually accurate because I have found good corroboration for a couple of things I personally questioned. Also because it is much more important for someone in his position to pay more than the usual attention to all details claimed, for the same reasons that an outsider plaintiff must be extra careful in a "David v. Goliath" type of court case. One false claim and you get crushed. If you can recall any of those items you thought "twisted" that could be very important to the current discussion.
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    @JW Insider Thank you, I could not link to this so this is a great help, and those last few comments I would not want to have missed. @FelixCA you mentioned," With responsible people in the lead." So not the GB then Quote " Therefore, can you give me verification the Watchtower GB is NOT God’s coordinated helpers on earth as God's will is in heaven? " By their works you will know them. Evidence proves the GB are not God's true servants.
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    JW Dress Rules

    Mobsters wear suits and ties, Bernie Madoff committed crimes while wearing suits and ties, politicians wear suits and ties, other religious folk wear suits and ties as part of their worship. You don't need a special uniform to worship God. God is more concerned that a person is worshiping Him, not soley how they are dressed.
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    Queen Esther

    NEKATA Our Brother From Japan

    Jehovah Witnesses - NEVER TAKE THE TRUTH FOR GRANTED..... Video ! ~~~ I love this touching JW - story A very good example for us all ❤
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    Queen Esther

    Stunning Aurora Borealis!

    NASA UHD Video: Stunning Aurora Borealis from Space in Ultra-High Definition (4K) video, Enjoy ! NASA UHD Video: Stunning Aurora Borealis from Space in Ultra-High Definition (4K) NASA Television’s newest offering, NASA TV UHD, brings ultra-high definition video to a new level with the kind of imagery only the world’s leader in space exploration could provide. Using time-lapses shot from the International Space Station, showing both the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis phenomena that occur when electrically charged electrons and protons in the Earth's magnetic field collide with neutral atoms in the upper atmosphere Bringing you the BEST Space and Astronomy videos online. Showcasing videos and images from the likes of NASA,ESA,Hubble etc. ENJOY
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    You appear to be placing the GB on the same level as Jesus Christ, which I agree that they have accomplished this. Jesus altered the Jewish teaching because its leaders spoke as their "father", Satan. Is anyone allowed to alter Jesus' teachings? Can you give me scriptural verification that the GB is God's coordinated earthly rule? The Watchtower has corrupted the decrees of God – His Word. God’s “laws” are the source of life which Jesus brought us as, “The Word”. John 1:1 His teachings incorporate every decree God expects us to follow. The WT leaders “judge” and “measure” according to the decrees of men. The “Pharisaical” leaders of the WT cannot interpret the decrees of God since they have come as false “christs”, lording it over anointed and all in the organization. Matt 24:24 They expect obedience to them and their decrees, and not to Jesus Christ and his Word, which comes from God. " Don’t you believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? The WORDS I speak to you I DO NOT SPEAK ON MY OWN. The Father who lives in Me does His works." John 14:10 “Don’t assume that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. 18 For I assure you: Until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or one stroke of a letter will pass from the law until all things are accomplished. 19 Therefore, whoever breaks one of the least of these commands AND TEACHES PEOPLE TO DO SO, will be called least in the kingdom of heaven. But whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20 For I tell you, UNLESS YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS SURPASSES THAT OF THE SCRIBES AND PHARISEES, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 5:17-20 "You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you." Deut 4:2 That's right.
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    JW Dress Rules

    What did John the Baptist wear when telling folks to repent while he was in the desert? Oh, so lemming mentality is just fine with you? The Hare Krishna shave their heads like monks do, is that the same then? Should you be shaving your head because these guys do? Are you equating clothing and money extortion in God's house? I'm pretty sure I didn't read that part about Jesus making a whip to whip those in tight pants or who wore a beard......err wait, didn't Jesus wear a beard? Tell that to the beggars Jesus visited and ate with and healed.
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    Jack Ryan

    JW Dress Rules

    When the tight pants sinful brother touches your $30 suit
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    James Thomas Rook Jr.

    JW Dress Rules

    Should we make the Brothers and Sisters who won the genetic lottery, the ones who are handsome and beautiful, beat themselves in the face with a steel rod until they resemble the rest of us ... and the ones who CAN wear standard body type attractive clothing wear frumpy and dumpy clothing instead? They ALREADY want the children's ice-cream money .... and use cartoons to get it! What's next?
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    James Thomas Rook Jr.

    JW Dress Rules

    Perhaps I have missed something ... but I thought everybody in this picture was dressed appropriately ... even though the Brother in the Tan suit looked afraid he was about to become a hand puppet. The Brother in the above picture, on the left with the pale blue shirt has his shirt sleeves partially rolled up ... is that it? Is that the problem? Â Â
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    JW Dress Rules

    Are but who's choice of modesty ? Oh of course the GB's and the Elders. Maybe what Jehovah wants of every one is a bit of individuality. Are I've just noticed you say 'JW' standards, not God's standards.
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    Jack Ryan

    JW Dress Rules

    @Space Merchant True Christian JW's are supposed to 'quit being fashioned after this system of things' and put away national identities and embrace the JW culture above all. There is NO place for such nationalistic pride within the JW community. But that is for another discussion. Meanwhile... no skirts above the knee for sisters!!! AND while we are at it.... those tight pants... FORBIDDEN!!! "You must be perfect". or else.... sisters will gossip about you as in the illustration above. Welcome to the mentally warped world of JW fashion and life. Hypocrisy at its best.
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    Winnie the Pooh: I'm just a little black rain cloud Hovering under the honey tree I'm only a little black rain cloud Pay no attention to little me Pooh and Christopher Robin: Everyone knows that a rain cloud Never eats honey, no, not a nip Winnie the Pooh: I'm just floating around over the ground Wondering where I will drip. I'm not a hungry old Pooh bear I'm just a little black honey cloud And no one knows better than me bees Stealing your honey is not allowed Pooh and Christopher Robin: You know a hungry old Pooh cloud Never gets hungry, no not all Winnie the Pooh: I'm just floating around over the ground Wondering where I will fall
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