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    Bluetooth or WiFi? Which is faster?

    This is what I've found: Wi-Fi will provide you with the fastest connection, and a more reliable one than Bluetooth. That being said, it will be the biggest battery suck of the three available options, especially when you're tethering more than one device. Bluetooth tethering You'd only want to use Bluetooth tethering when you want to conserve battery on the device with the connection (iPhone or cellular iPad). It's fairly slow, and you'll only be able to connect one device at a time. All that and, unless you have an older iPhone or iPad, Bluetooth tethering is fairly superfluous. If you're in a pinch, though, it'll do.
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    Reminds me of when I was a younger man and had a full head of hair (sigh .... ) the time I stood next to a sheet rock wall in my home, and did an experiment with a balloon about that size ... I vigerously rubbed the balloon in my hair, until the hair on my head, and the balloon accumulated a charge of static electricity, making my hair stand straight out. The balloon popped, and my head got stuck to the wall.
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