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    Here is the weekly material for the weeks of April 29 and May 6, 2019 TB Watchtower April 29, 2019–May 5, 2019.pdf Watchtower April 29, 2019–May 5, 2019.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of April 29–May 5 , 2019.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of April 29–May 5 , 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of April 29–May 5 , 2019 text only.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of April 29–May 5 , 2019 text only.pdf CBS April 29–May 5, 2019.pdf CBS April 29–May 5, 2019.doc Additional Highlights -April 29–May 5, 2019.doc Additional Highlights -April 29–May 5, 2019.pdf Watchtower May 6-12, 2019.doc Watchtower May 6-12, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 6-12 , 2019.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 6-12 , 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 6-12 , 2019 text only.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 6-12 , 2019 text only.pdf CBS May 6-12, 2019.doc CBS May 6-12, 2019.pdf Additional Highlights -May 6-12, 2019.doc Additional Highlights -May 6-12, 2019.pdf
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    Here is the material for the next 2 weeks-- May 13-19, and May 20-26 , 2019. TB Watchtower May 13-19, 2019.doc Watchtower May 13-19, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 13-19, 2019.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 13-19, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 13-19, 2019 text only.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 13-19, 2019 text only.pdf CBS May 13-19, 2019.doc CBS May 13-19, 2019.pdf Additional Highlights -May 13-19, 2019.pdf Additional Highlights -May 13-19, 2019.doc Watchtower May 20-26, 2019.doc Watchtower May 20-26, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 20-26 , 2019 text only.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 20-26 , 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 20-26 , 2019.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of May 20-26 , 2019 text only.pdf CBS May 20-26,2019.doc CBS May 20-26,2019.pdf Additional Highlights -May 20-26, 2019.doc Additional Highlights -May 20-26, 2019.pdf
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    Here is the material for the weeks of the memorial April 15-21 & April 22-28, 2019. TB Watchtower April 15-21, 2019.pdf Watchtower April 15-21, 2019.doc Watchtower April 22-28, 2019.doc Watchtower April 22-28, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of April 22-28 , 2019 text only.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of April 22-28 , 2019 text only.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of April 22-28 , 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of April 22-28 , 2019.doc Additional Highlights -April 22-28, 2019.pdf Additional Highlights -April 22-28, 2019.doc CBS April 22-28, 2019.pdf CBS April 22-28, 2019.doc
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    @BillyTheKid46, You seem to spend an inordinate amount of energy trying to provoke persons into fighting with you. It is as though you have a NEED to fight. I have seen this from you (and yours) for quite a while now. In a recent thread about Brother Morris visiting a liquor store, I agreed with you completely that the post was irrelevant and irreverent and it tried to make something scandalous out of a potentially innocent activity without 100 percent proof. (And I thought your pun was good, too. See page 4 of that topic.) You and Melinda Mills spoke about the Venezuelan economic issues under Maduro. You helped to clarify the picture that Melinda posted, the one with worthless money in the gutter, when you provided a link to the explanatory SNOPES article. I mentioned that I appreciated that same SNOPES link you provided because it gave details about how and when those pictures came about, and I quoted verbatim from your link. Then you inexplicably decided to reject the explanation from your own link, and claim that I was somehow attacking the vision that your mother had told you about in the 1960's. What made this so odd was that I had already agreed that the picture was related to that same expectation. My own mother referenced that point from Ezekiel 7:19, as did Melinda's. You said: BTK: "What was fasinating to me, My mother pointed it out to me in the '60s as a devout JW that would happen, and it sure the hell did. There is no photoshop on that. It's not a tale." To which I responded, that in spite of the propaganda use that was presented in SNOPES that, Yes. . . : JWI: "It was still related to Maduro, and is still related to money becoming worthless. It is still supportive of the idea that people will be throwing their money (even their gold) in the streets, because money is of no value as a savior in the day of Jehovah's fury. It shows how bad things can get." To which you responded: BTK: "I understand you are trying desperately to delegitimize my mother’s vision. Do that with your own mother, lay off mine." I didn't bother to respond, after which you added: BTK: "Its unfortunate someone like JWinsider decided to insult and denigrate a relative, and James thinking it’s funny to do just that, makes them the biggest AH’s in this forum." I'm sure that a few people didn't realize that you had made up the whole thing about someone "denigrating a relative" just to provoke a fight in the same way worldly people do when they hurl insults about each other's mother, and call each other "AH," which has been used as an abbreviation for a**hole. When you provoke and the other party doesn't respond in kind, I'm sure it can be frustrating. But please don't bring these same worldly attitudes and posturings into every topic. You end up discrediting yourself instead of your target. "A slave of the Lord does not need to fight." (2 Tim 2:24)
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    Where did Adam get his?
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    That's why he's called God's son God completed the rest of the DNA for him
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    We have got a great way to minimise our Not-At-Homes. We've been doing it for years: Not Homes.mp4
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    I could be in serious trouble. They just finished remodeling the Kingdom Hall, and there are two quarter walls, one left of stage and one right. Gulp. Will the brother start entering and exiting the platform via those quarter walls, just like I saw them do in the other congregation?
      Hello guest!
    The circuit overseer was visiting, so I started pumping him on it. “‘Don’t let the brothers walk behind the quarter wall to go on-stage,” I told him. I was not too insistent, one mustn’t overdo it on these things. I mean, I don’t want to be the brother who meets him in the parking lot to tell him that all the brothers are no good, and they aren’t loving at all, and they are deadwood in the ministry, and come to think of it, they don’t even like God, and so he, the circuit overseer, has a lot of work to do here, and he says “Yeah, I think I’ve found the problem already.” I did about as much as I could. He seemed to be sympathetic. “Yeah, I know,” he said. “You see them, then you don’t as they walk behind the wall, and then you do as they emerge from the other side—it IS a little funny.” So I gave it a good try. But he was just biding his time to get away from me. He is not going to do anything at all, I don’t think, other than tell the brothers to go on the platform when it is their turn to speak. What does he care how they do it? It doesn’t bother HIM any one way of the other. It’s ME it’s driving nuts, and then he will say “Well, you were mostly there already.” I have always tried to stack the deck. Those elders way back in the day would have a meeting coming up and I would pump various ones separately over multitude of picayune things, so that one of them said at their meeting (as I was told later) “Wait a minute. Who’s running this congregation? You, me, or Tom Harley?” But lo! A miracle has occurred. Never never never NEVER did I think I would EVER agree with @Jack Ryan. But I do on something. Jack Ryan! who if a Bethel brother so much as farts, he starts a derogatory thread on it. Jack Ryan! who has been known to start as many as a dozen critical threads in a single day. Jack Ryan! who I think regards himself as some sort of a secret agent/freedom fighter. What is it with this character? Yet, I saw, yes—I witnessed it while visiting another congregation, brothers clapping after each and every exchange that took place up front, whether li8ve or on video, just the way Jack was complaining about. Suddenly he becomes as a prophet from on high. That too, drove me nuts!—all that clapping. You don’t clap over every single skit of one sister offering a tract to another, who, of course accepts it a just little too eagerly, it seems to me, from what I recall in the actual ministry. You clap spontaneously when something really knocks your socks off. You clap when a child or even anyone gives his or her first talk on the school. You clap when the spirit genuinely moves you, for anything. You clap after the public talk, even giving the speaker the benefit of the doubt if it wasn’t that—um—good. But you don’t clap for every minor exchange of trivial words! It only cheapens the times that there really is something to clap for. I know where this comes from, just like I know where walking behind the quarter walls came from. Some pious brother doubtless wanted to “show appreciation” for everything under the sun and so started up the habit, thinking he was setting a ‘good example’ and that others would follow, and those others, not wanting to seem unappreciative, did follow, even some half-heartedly. However, it is possible that it is not the pious brother at all who is responsible, but rather the one who is too swayed by the new-agey mantra that you have to lavish praise on children non-stop just for showing up, for the sake of building self-esteem, and so they clap if a brother so much as clears his throat. I mean, don’t go pinning this one on “theocracy,” Jack—it could just as well be that trendy “world” that you are so enamored with. This will not the easiest habit to break. I mean, you can hardly sit there and scowl, so as to provide the counter-example. The best strategy is just to contain it, as you might strive to do with a measles outbreak. Don’t send speakers to that congregation for awhile, until the illness passes. I doubt I can even enlist the circuit overseer in any serious capacity on this one. He will probably just roll his eyes when I meet him about it in the parking lot. C’mon, DO IT RIGHT, BROTHERS!
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    We have always used the Bible as the sole authority for our beliefs, so we have adjusted our beliefs as our understanding of the Scriptures has been clarified. - source JWorg Here we have maneuver by JW Clergy Leaders who try to justify, by Bible, how they have made/making changes of Organizational doctrines and beliefs, because they have not understand the Scriptures before (and today too). In meantime, while they were not been aware of false and wrong in own doctrines, they continued to force and run wrong laws inside JW congregations. Exactly this and that WTJWORG mandate beliefs, are what can be called by name you used in comment - provisional laws. With time passing, WT Leaders changed doctrines which they presented as Bible Truths and God's Word. After some time they made new doctrines out of old doctrines, and again they called such modified rules-doctrines-laws as Bible Truths and God's Word. They using lexical terminology such as; adjusted our beliefs .....Scriptures has been clarified. Well, we have different wording but same package of meanings and results: Provisional Laws ........ Adjusted our beliefs ...... Scriptures has been clarified.
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    Anybody heard of poetic licence? Def. "The freedom to depart from the facts of a matter or from the conventional rules of language when speaking or writing in order to create an effect."
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    Srecko Sostar


    Hi, I also wonder, why @Foreigner giving me so much red arrows too ? ...... and not giving any comments on my post, just downvote reaction :))))) perhaps man only know to read and not to write. Even i can write with my poor English :))))))) Thank you very much, to all who reading my comments and have understanding and patience for my grammar
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    Being as tall as I am, living in the future is no picnic. Keep getting hit by flying cars.
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    I haven’t actually made any comment about this. However, since I am being drawn into it anyway, let me clarify this nonsense once and for all. This photo is not from Venezuela at all, but it is in one of the southern US states & is in fact a falled bank heist on the part of @Top Cat O'Malighan. His getaway car was hit broadside by @Vic Vomidog, flying at an unusual rate of speed because some Bethel hotshot and been spied with a can of beer, a special meeting of the Apostate Society had been called so as to see how to spin it, he was the Keynote speaker, and he was running late.
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    Why not ask Brother Morris, then the issue is resolved. Everything else is just embarrassing! April 19th is our MEMORIAL ceremony ❤ ♥ ☼ ♥ ❤ Thank you....
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    Take note, @The Librarian. Take a screenshot. Save it for posterity. Show it to your grandchildren. JWI made a comment and he only used ONE WORD! I’ve heard of turning over a new leaf before, but this takes it to a whole ‘nother level. ”There were too many...um...uh....notes,” the prince told Mozart.
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    "The best sign of truth is simplicity and clarity, the lie is always intricate, tawdry and eloquent." - Tolstoy "The lie does not kill with the mallet, but it runs through blood vessels like poison, slowly and cautiously, so it does not even notice how it works" - Ivan Cankar
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    God made Adam. He made Eve from Adam's rib. Must be a miracle.
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    The first one sounds just like a label, the second sounds like the person is living the faith.
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    Yikes! No “data-gathering” according to the new privacy law. What to do? As far as I am concerned, this is a blessing in disguise. Jehovah’s people will adapt. They always do. I even think it will be beneficial for us, overall. We have some people who become obsessed over records, the way some people do with regard to records of any sort. We have some who call back repeatedly if the householder does so much as give them the time of day—training them not to, in my opinion. Working with this new European law will force more discernment and maturity, though initially inconvenient in some respects. I wouldn’t mind if it spread to here in the States. This law will alter the logistics of the Matthew 28:19-20 aspect of Christianity— “Go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, (Mathew 28:19) but it will not impact the Matthew 24:14 aspect at all: “And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14) It will probably even enhance it. The more I think about it, the more I like it. Most of the suggested field service presentations I don’t like. I don’t like them because they do not work for me. Of course, it is “different strokes for different folks,” but from what I have seen, they don’t work that well for others, either. They are incremental in approach, and many, when implemented by anyone less than an expert, come off as passive-aggressive. Sometimes I wonder where they come from, because they do not necessarily dovetail with each other. Probably they are the products of various full-time evangelizers who are brainstorming. Since many start with floating a question that will seldom be on the typical person’s mind, such as “Where are the dead?” you pretty much have to record the response and hope that you have laid the foundation for furthering it or starting another topic. All that requires you write stuff down, which is now illegal unless the person has authorized it. Better—or at least it works better for me—to bring up something more all-encompassing. The circuit overseer last visit made much of the 1-minute (and six seconds) video “Would You Like Good News?” Invite people to hear it—it only is one minute (and it is good to say literally one minute) The video ends with a plug for the Good News from God brochure and that brochure has a table of contents: “Which topic interests you most?” It says. They include Who Is God?, Who Is Jesus Christ?, What Is God’s Purpose for the Earth?, What Hope Is There for the Dead?, What Is God’s Kingdom?, Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?, How Can Your Family Be Happy?, and How Can You Draw Close to God? The video is here: If the person registers any interest, you can set up something then and there. If not, off you go with a sincere thanks for their time—after all, we call without appointment, which is becoming a rarety in the West, nobody is required to listen to what we have to say, so whenever someone does, I thank them for their time. Some all-encompassing verses that also work for starters—just offer to read a verse, give a brief statement as to why you read it, ask what the person thinks about it, and then offer to disappear. Such as: Jeremiah 29:11 - “For I myself well know the thoughts that I am thinking toward you,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘thoughts of peace, and not of calamity, to give you a future and a hope.” (The reason I like the verse is because some people think God is out to rake us over, or judging from the current state of things, that there is no God, and this verse says not only that there is, but he thinks good thoughts towards us.) Or Matthew 5:3 - “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them.” (The reason I like the verse is because we all have a spiritual need, but we are not necessarily conscious of it—it is more like vitamins, that if neglected, may lead to sickness and we never know quite why.) There are no end of verses that can be used. It just takes adjusting to the idea. All work except for the verse Tom Pearlsandswine latched onto in my first book, ‘Tom Irregardless and Me’: Revelation 21:8: “But as for the cowards and those without faith and those who are disgusting in their filth and murderers and fornicators and those practicing spiritism and idolaters and all the liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulphur. This means the second death.” “The reason I like that verse,” he would say, “is that it shows sinners are going down and you’d better shape up.” He is such an idiot. With a flat response to any chosen verse other than his, off you go. With a favorable one, you can even go to a longer video, with the intro that I find works well, “This video runs almost four minutes, but you don’t have to listen to it all. The minute it gets boring, hand it back.” It puts the control in the householder’s hands and defuses any impression of being pushy. I hate being pushy and try hard not to give that impression. There are few people in the world easier to get rid of than me. None of these presentations require the use of memory-jogging records. If the response if favorable, there is no difficulty in exchanging contact information if desired. As for keeping track of who is not-at-home—JWs do this—I even know one person who writes down every address beforehand and crosses them out as she finds them home, completely reversing how it is intended to be done—one might respond by forgetting all about it. Put the angels in charge of that one. Call when the majority of persons are likely to be home in the first place, which we do not always do. As for keeping records of those who have requested we not call on them again—well, I don’t know. Tell them we’d love to comply but the new law is screwing us up. Not to mention that we have long been moving in that direction anyway. That’s what the mobile cart witnessing is all about. That’s what the website is all about. They are two forms of advertising the good news without going to anyone’s door at all. On the home page of jw.org is a new Bible study feature. A series of studies that are multimedia, self-guided at one’s own pace, and require no registration or entry of info—“I’ll never know if you do it or not,” I tell people. In fact, I am looking forward to the time—the timing and circumstances will have to be just right, you wouldn’t do it just with anyone—when I tell someone, “I don’t want to study the Bible with you. Do it yourself.” We spoon-feed people too much, and it is hardly necessary with the majority. I even think being constantly obsessed over presentation of the very basics keeps us from pressing on to maturity, in some respects. They have done us a favor with their new law, is my take. Photo: DSC00212 by gauge opinion
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    @BillyTheKid46 Are you really using the Romans 13 scripture to mean the GB ? Are you joking ? The Superior Authorities to whom we pay taxes are worldly governments. Surely even you can understand that ? You are proving day by day that you are not a JW. The only power the GB have is what they give themselves and what their servants (most JW's) give them. The GB has no power given by God or Jesus Christ.
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    The disciples and many others have been listening. Now Jesus addresses them, warning about the scribes and the Pharisees. Those men have “seated themselves in the seat of Moses” to teach God’s Law. - source jworg It seems how, after new interpretations on "secular authority", you put yourself on Moses seat :)))) Or you just copy/paste some WT magazine. If yes, tell the source. According to your new light, donation money from now have new name - taxes?! And for what purpose? For service of those who governing in WTJWORG. Well, I see from this that JW's have PAID CLERGY, according to this understanding of Bible words. :)))))) very good
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    The Librarian

    Baptismal questions

    *** w1955 7/1 411 Christian Baptism for the New World Society *** 15 A Christian, therefore, cannot be baptized in the name of the one actually doing the immersing or in the name of any man, nor in the name of any organization, but in the name of the Father, the Son and the holy spirit. This shows, among other things, that Christianity is not a denominational affair, that sects have nothing to do with it. “Does the Christ exist divided? Paul was not impaled for you, was he? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul? I am thankful I baptized none of you except Crispus and Gaius, so that no one may say that you were baptized in my name.”—1 Cor. 1:13-15, NW. *** w1966 10/1 603-4 Serving with Everlasting Life in View *** 15 This is what we mean when we dedicate our lives to Jehovah. We do not dedicate ourselves to a religion, nor to a man, nor to an organization. No, we dedicate ourselves to the Supreme Sovereign of the Universe, our Creator, Jehovah God himself. This makes dedication a very personal relationship between us and Jehovah. -------------------------------------- *** w1958 8/1 478 Baptism *** 22 It is essential that with the mouth a public declaration of faith be made. Two questions are therefore asked the candidates: (1) Have you recognized yourself before Jehovah God as a sinner who needs salvation, and have you acknowledged to him that this salvation proceeds from him, the Father, through his Son Jesus Christ? (2) On the basis of this faith in God and in his provision for salvation have you dedicated yourself unreservedly to God to do his will henceforth as he reveals it to you through Jesus Christ and through the Bible under the enlightening power of the holy spirit? 23 Everyone who can answer “Yes” to these questions is eligible for baptism and should take this step without hesitation or delay. *** w1960 5/15 308 "What Prevents Me from Getting Baptized?" *** 23 The first question is: Have you recognized yourself before Jehovah God as a sinner who needs salvation, and have you acknowledged to him that this salvation proceeds from him, the Father, through his Son Jesus Christ? 24 The second question is: On the basis of this faith in God and in his provision for salvation have you dedicated yourself unreservedly to God to do his will henceforth as he reveals it to you through Jesus Christ and through the Bible under the enlightening power of the holy spirit? 25 Everyone who has answered “Yes” to these two questions is eligible for baptism and should be baptized at that same circuit or district assembly of Jehovah’s witnesses. *** w1973 5/1 280 Baptizing Follows Discipling *** we suggest that you consider the following two questions, which are asked of candidates for baptism: (1) Have you repented of your sins and turned around, recognizing yourself before Jehovah God as a condemned sinner who needs salvation, and have you acknowledged to him that this salvation proceeds from him, the Father, through his SonJesus Christ? (2) On the basis of this faith in God and in his provision for salvation, have you dedicated yourself unreservedly to God to do his will henceforth as he reveals it to you through Jesus Christ and through the Bible under the enlightening power of the holy spirit? If you find that you can answer “YES” to these questions, then it would be appropriate for you to speak to the presiding overseer in the congregation of Jehovah’s witnesses with which you associate, with a view to getting baptized. ------------------------------------ *** w1985 6/1 30 Subjecting Ourselves to Jehovah by Dedication *** The first question is: On the basis of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, have you repented of your sins and dedicated yourself to Jehovah to do his will? The second is: Do you understand that your dedication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in association with God’s spirit-directed organization? Having answered yes to these questions, candidates are in a right heart condition to undergo Christian baptism. *** w1987 4/15 12 Gaining Peace With God Through Dedication and Baptism *** By baptism you identify yourself as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in association with God’s worldwide congregation. *** w87 4/15 12 Gaining Peace With God Through Dedication and Baptism *** Recently the two questions addressed to baptismal candidates were simplified so that candidates could answer with full comprehension of what is involved in coming into intimate relationship with God and his earthly organization. *** w1989 1/15 13 What Prevents You From Getting Baptized? *** for the first of two questions the speaker asks them is: “On the basis of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, have you repented of your sins and dedicated yourself to Jehovah to do his will?” Only if the individual answers in the affirmative and also understands that his dedication and baptism identify him as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in association with God’s spirit-directed organization can he acceptably undergo water immersion. *** knowledge 176 18 Make It Your Aim to Serve God Forever *** Baptism ‘in the name of the holy spirit’ signifies that the baptismal candidate recognizes Jehovah’s holy spirit, or active force, as God’s instrument for carrying out His purposes and for empowering His servants to do His righteous will in association with His spirit-directed organization.
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    Good Day TWYLA. Thank You.
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    Oh my. It seems Billy the Kid's imagination is running away with him!
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    For what it's worth, my opinion is that @JW Insider works for both sides in a different sense. I like the way Paul put it: (1 Corinthians 9:19-23) . . .For though I am free from all people, I have made myself the slave to all, so that I may gain as many people as possible. 20 To the Jews I became as a Jew in order to gain Jews; to those under law I became as under law, though I myself am not under law, in order to gain those under law. 21 To those without law I became as without law, although I am not without law toward God but under law toward Christ, in order to gain those without law. 22 To the weak I became weak, in order to gain the weak. I have become all things to people of all sorts, so that I might by all possible means save some. 23 But I do all things for the sake of the good news, in order to share it with others. Early Christianity started out in the context of Judaism, which had become steeped in end-of-the-world eschatology, and the legalism of the Pharisees. But end-of-the-world eschatology, although dangerous to Christianity on its own (per Jesus), still naturally drew out crowds of people who sighed and groaned over the injustices of their world. They wanted a new heavens and a new earth, and they wanted it as soon as possible. So early Christians would be mistaken to focus on eschatology, but many good Christians, desirous of a new heavens and new earth, would naturally come to Christianity through this path. Jesus gave several illustrations showing why focusing on eschatology was so dangerous to true Christianity, and we have the words of Peter to explain how Christians must transform into those who would be the very same type of person they ought to be, whether the parousia came in their own lifetime, or whether it came 1,000 years after their own lifetime. Another major focus of Jesus' illustrations and teaching was about legalism. Early Christianity was still steeped in Judaism, and still attempted to put Christians under law, even after it was recognized that the Judaic system didn't apply to gentiles. Jesus' illustration in Matthew 24:45 of the unfaithful servants --who would beat their fellow slaves and try to lord it over them when the master was gone-- is a good illustration reminding us of the dangers of both eschatology AND the dangers of legalism/Pharisaism. Paul played both sides of Pharisaism/legalism because he was accused of being an apostate from Judaism. So they asked him to pay for some legalistic customary preparations for the persons going with him to the Temple. (Acts 21:20-24) . . .but they said to him: “You see, brother, how many thousands of believers there are among the Jews, and they are all zealous for the Law. 21 But they have heard it rumored about you that you have been teaching all the Jews among the nations an apostasy from Moses, telling them not to circumcise their children or to follow the customary practices. 22 What, then, is to be done about it? They are certainly going to hear that you have arrived. 23 So do what we tell you: We have four men who have put themselves under a vow. 24 Take these men with you and cleanse yourself ceremonially together with them and take care of their expenses, so that they may have their heads shaved. Then everyone will know that there is nothing to the rumors they were told about you, but that you are walking orderly and you are also keeping the Law. So rather than claiming that the GB have gone off track, I believe they are continually getting more and more ON track. I believe they naturally started partly off-track as would be expected with a very eschatological Russell and a very legalistic Rutherford. But all the while, it was the right kind of heart condition being attracted to and joining into the religion -- a religion with a greater focus on the type of person we ought to be for Jehovah, for ourselves and for one another. This was much like the form of Judaism that naturally made persons fit for transformation into Christianity. Legalistic Judaism was like a tutor leading to Christ. But we must still be transformed. Paul played both sides in order to win more persons over to Christ. To Jews he became a Jew. To Greeks he became a Greek. Still the core of the religion itself is one that does perhaps the best job of all religions in fighting the machinations of the Devil: avoiding taking one side over another in politics and war, pointing out the unchristian influences on supposedly Christian traditions, and pointing out the value of Christian morality, and unity of purpose in preaching, meeting together, etc. To me these are the most important things. Granted the Pharisaism still keeps us hanging on to rules (like turning in time so that our right hand and our left can distinguish different types of Christian service, and misuse of the two-witness rule so that mercy and protection of children has often been sacrificed, etc.). And eschatology will keep rearing its head now and then, too. But these things are getting better over time, getting more on-track, not off-track. Pharisees don't want to be questioned, but we must all take our Christian duty and responsibility very seriously. We must question. We must make sure of all things. And we can only expect more questioning as more persons from all walks of life keep coming into the organization. I find that this forum is still a fair enough place to question and get feedback to help test whether those questions are on the right track.
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    Until you fully understand scripture and not distort it like, witness, then you can have a rational thought. This just proves your lack of intelligence, and you prefer like any other apostate to equal your failures with gibberish. You see, I can downvote to. 😉
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    Does she have to wear that A around her neck for the rest of her life? (Not sure if that's a reference to Samuel Taylor Coleridge or Nathaniel Hawthorne. I guess it all depends on what the meaning of "A" is.)
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    We are famously loyal. Here’s what happens to the home of whoever says we are not:
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    Outta Here

    How many ribs did Adam have?

    Jehovah himself invented joking and laughs at his own: Awake April 8 1979: "When you observe the playful antics of baby kittens or watch otters zipping down a mud slide and splashing into a pond, do you not discern something about their Maker? He must be a happy Person. Certainly a God that created a monkey must himself have a sense of humor." Jehovah also uses humor in his teaching. We can see this at Isaiah 44:14-17 Jesus followed this pattern and injected humor into his teaching also, paticularly in the use of hyperbole (rafters, camels, etc): WT August 15 2003: "Jesus was not a tight-lipped martinet. He was warm and friendly. For Christians today, a sense of humor can lighten the gloom in times of stress." And also, a good sense of humor and a positive disposition can help us cope with health problems: Awake April 22 2005: "Why is a good sense of humor effective as a healer? Because it is a quality that allows us to handle situations in a positive way, even in the face of unfavorable circumstances.“By including humor and laughter in our daily lives, we maintain our energy level, we alleviate fatigue, and we expel self-pity,” " It is important to recognise that humor is very personal, just like taste and color. I understood @The Librarianto be injecting a bit of humor with this post, but what may be funny to one person may be taken seriously by someone else, and even seem like an insult to another. The Awake 8 Sep 1980 is enlightening on cultural differences in humor, and we should, of course, be sensitive to the feelings of others in this regard. Rom.14:1. But it is important to keep a sense of proportion and not to take ourselves too seriously. Otherwise we may feel unecessarily upset when the other person was only ribbing us!
  32. 3 points
    LOL. I'm always happy to address a challenge. In this case you have claimed that I stole unauthorized material, perhaps hoping to use it against the Watchtower, somehow. I did not steal anything. And I'm not sure what would make certain material "unauthorized." I suppose you could argue that only material that was published in our publications was authorized. But does that mean that everything else that any Bethelite saved or collected must be destroyed? Really? Also, this first letter I shared actually went out to a sister and was therefore "published" (with only minor alterations) and the material was reused for future letters on the topic. I have three letters from Governing Body members that were written to me personally. Should I destroy them? One was a letter of recommendation to help me get a secular job after I left Bethel. Do you really think we should be ashamed of or hide anything that goes on behind the scenes at Bethel? You think that we shouldn't talk about any of these things, or that we shouldn't share anything that was written? You appear to be afraid that this material I saved could be used against the Watchtower, somehow. Anything that I kept, I saved out of a spirit of appreciation for the experience I had at Bethel, which was a wonderful experience. I wanted to remember it and I kept things that would help me remember it. If I had wanted to find a way to use them against the Watchtower, I don't think I would have waited about 40 years to share them. I admit that I have also shared experiences from Bethel that we could (and should) learn from. Even a negative experience could be profitable to others. I find that most people hold back on this count because they think that certain types of negative experiences cannot be profitable to anyone. This flies in face of scripture. Did Paul hold back from telling the Galatians and Corinthians about negative experiences? Did Jesus hold back? Did not Paul say we should be imitators of Paul himself? (Acts 20:20) while I did not hold back from telling you any of the things that were profitable . . . (1 Corinthians 10:6-12) . . .Now these things became examples for us, in order for us not to desire injurious things, as they desired them. 7 Neither become idolaters, as some of them did; just as it is written: “The people sat down to eat and drink. Then they got up to have a good time.” 8 Neither let us practice sexual immorality, as some of them committed sexual immorality, . . . 11 Now these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for a warning to us upon whom the ends of the systems of things have come. 12 So let the one who thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall. (1 Corinthians 4:14-5:6) 14 I am writing these things, not to put you to shame, but to admonish you as my beloved children. . . . 16 I urge you, therefore, become imitators of me. . . . 18 Some are puffed up with pride,. . . 5 Actually sexual immorality is reported among you, and such immorality as is not even found among the nations. . . 6 Your boasting is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven ferments the whole batch of dough? Neither Jesus nor Paul held back from sharing things that were profitable, both old and new. (Matthew 13:51, 52) . . .” 52 Then he said to them: “That being the case, every public instructor who is taught about the Kingdom of the heavens is like a man, the master of the house, who brings out of his treasure store things both new and old.” (Mark 4:22) . . .For there is nothing hidden that will not be exposed; nothing is carefully concealed that will not come out in the open.
  33. 3 points
    (Replying to Outta Here.) Thanks for the observation. It is being used loosely. Yes, agree it is not about the value of money per se. However, readers of the Bible will still recall the statement "They will throw their silver into the streets..." and if and when this happens, they will say that they read it in the Bible. We can't deny that the Bible said that. As BillyThe Kid reminisced, "What was fascinating to me, My mother pointed it out to me in the '60s as a devout JW that would happen, and it sure the hell did. There is no photoshop on that. It's not a tale." My mother used to quote it a lot as well. For other students who look deep into the Bible for guidance and more insight, they will understand it more fully. *** rr chap. 6 p. 70 par. 18 “The End Is Now Upon You” *** Do you discern a lesson for us in this part of Ezekiel’s prophecy? It is about the need to set the right priorities. Consider this: Only after the inhabitants of Jerusalem understood that the end of their city and their life was upon them and that material goods could not save them, only after that did they drastically change their priorities. They threw their possessions away and began to “seek a vision from a prophet”—but their change came too late. (Ezek. 7:26) In contrast, we are already fully aware that the end of this wicked world is upon us. Therefore, our faith in God’s promises has moved us to set the right priorities in life. As a result, we are busy pursuing spiritual riches, which have lasting value and will never be thrown “into the streets.”—Read Matthew 6:19-21, 24 Material goods is money's worth, so it has a connection still. Some people have money in the bank, some have it in land and other possessions. All can be changed into money. *** w88 9/15 p. 13 par. 14 Listen—Jehovah’s Watchman Speaks! *** 14 Jehovah and his executional forces cannot be bribed. (Read Ezekiel 7:19.) Bribery could not save the “concealed place,” the Most Holy, from being profaned as Chaldean “robbers” seized sacred utensils and left the temple in ruins. Jehovah ‘caused the pride of the strong ones to cease’ when King Zedekiah was captured and chief ones of the Levitical priesthood were killed. (2 Kings 25:4-7, 18-21) No, sinners in besieged Jerusalem could not escape adversity by bribery when God ‘judged them’ as covenant breakers. Similarly, during the imminent desecration of things Christendom holds sacred, she will not be able to bribe her way out of the execution of divine judgment upon her. It will then be too late to listen to Jehovah’s “watchman.”—Ezekiel 7:20-27. This is a more direct and valid application. Good speech writers and politicians use Jesus' parables loosely in their speeches every day. But we don't think they are trying to get close to God or really seeking to do his will.
  34. 3 points
    What is important about this text has nothing to do with money losing it's value either through obsolescence or inflation. It is more about the fact that Jehovah cannot be bought.
  35. 3 points
    I personally do not trust a Brother who does not drink alcohol. He may be COMPLETELY and absolutely trustworthy, as most are ... but I have found that alcohol makes a person more uninhibited, and it is then that their CURRENT "true colors" are more likely to be shown. To be fair ... I have scared off quite a few people when I drink. It saves BOTH of us a lot of wasted time and effort. It's a "sword that cuts both ways". ( I no longer drink alcohol because it interferes with my heart medications ... but I am STILL a Grumpy Old Man.)
  36. 3 points
    JW Insider


    Also not fake. I printed all these myself, and accidentally printed so many I use them as tissues and throw them into paper bags to toss out. Point being that it's not impossible to create propaganda, especially when there's a measure of truth in it.
  37. 3 points
    Maybe this picture is Photoshop Propaganda from those who prefer Electronic Money aka Bitcoin :))))))
  38. 3 points
    Aside from having Jesus and the Apostles drink wine, and have Jesus view wine as his sacrificial blood, Matthew 26:28, Luke 22:20 what makes an ignorant person think the Governing Body can’t have spirits of their choice for medicinal purposes, or in moderation. If this hack Evans can find a video of a drunk GB, then it will matter. It will matter enough to D’fd that person for conduct unbecoming a Christian, (Drunk) by scriptural bases. Scripture has no favorites. Therefore, this propaganda is not funny, but useless. Especially this month that abides, Jesus Memorial. What’s even worse of a direct lie like Trump from Evans, is the GB is not approachable. LOL!
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    The Librarian

    The Scorpion and The Frog

    "Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots ? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil " Jeremiah 13:23 You've no doubt read the old fable about the scorpion and the frog. It illustrates how man's nature is much more devious and controlling than is his logic. The fable says how,... " One day a scorpion arrived at the bank of a river he wanted to cross, but there was no bridge. He asked a frog that was sitting nearby if he would take him across the river on his back. The frog refused and said,... " I will not, because you will sting me " The scorpion replied,..." It would be foolish for me to sting you because then we would both drown " The frog saw the logic in the scorpion's words, and agreed to carry the scorpion across. But when they were halfway across the river the scorpion stung the frog. The stunned frog asked,..." Why did you sting me, now we will both die ! " The scorpion replied,... " Because I'm a scorpion … and that's what scorpions do " Sad to say some people today are more concerned about being " politically correct " than they are about being " Biblically correct ",... They change the name of sins to justify people's sinful behavior. They do this because they are more concerned about the approval of man than they are about the approval of Jehovah God. To Jehovah God, sin—all sin—is sin by whatever name we call it, and all sin is ultimately self-destructive regardless of how we seek to justify it. Furthermore, God's Word reminds us that no matter how good, how noble, how educated, how refined, or how sophisticated we may be, we are all sinners. Romans 3:23 Like the leopard that cannot change its spots neither can we change our nature. We are not sinners because we sin, but rather, we sin because we are sinners. That's our nature and that's why we need Jehovah God's salvation to save us from the eternal consequences of our sin—which is eternal separation from Jehovah God for all eternity.
  40. 3 points
    The Librarian


    Its not a head full of knowledge and answers, but a heart full of love that moves us to live up to our dedication to Jehovah. One should engage the brain before releasing the mouth to speak. Never ! never! put a question mark where Jehovah has put a period. When experiencing trials remember Jehovah did not remove the Red Sea, he made the way out for the Israelites to cross it. The test of our faith is our eagerness to proclaim the good news. Jehovah will supply, but we must apply. Be not like the rooster who thought the sun rose 'to hear him crow' We dare not violate the law of love any more than we can defy the law of gravity It is not our position but our disposition that makes us happy. A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. If there were not so many of me , I would know myself better The emphasis Jesus placed on a Christian's loving his neighbour helps one to avoid the danger that every time a person thinks he will be thinking of himself Some people insist that they do not tell lies, yet they scheme to present the truth in such a way that no one recognizes it. Deliverance into God's new order will mean living in perfect health and happiness in a delightful garden-like earth, under one government earth wide What should not be heard by little ears should not be said by big mouths Hearing truth and not accepting it does not change truth into error. The learning and knowledge that we have is at most but little compared with that of which we are ignorant. In the book "The Nations Shall Know that I am Jehovah"- How ?, one of the many reasons given for Jehovah's wrath against Christendom is: "Jehovah hates being treated by religious hypocrites like a God who can be fooled." The scriptures are a storehouse of happiness that enriches the mind and heart. So read it everyday for the sheer pleasure of it. Sin is not in things but in the wrong use of things. Jehovah listens to our hearts rather than our lips. The best human relations can be obtained if we live by the advice we give to others.
  41. 3 points
  42. 3 points
    Chuck Schumer. Not me. My wife. She ran into him at some community college function and came across him unexpectedly. She was there for other reasons and probably had no idea that he was visiting. She asked him about high taxes in New York--so high that reports are of many people fleeing the state. He told him that yes, many do leave, however they come back later when retired. Why? For the services, he told her. He did not seem to realize that that made the situation worse. They leave when they can put into the pot. They return when they can take from it. There is a certain pundit known to @James Thomas Rook Jr. (I've never met him, by the way, otherwise he would top my list) who maintains that the most dangerous place in the world to be is between Chuck Schumer and a TV camera.
  43. 3 points
    The only way to learn the truth about whether "global warming" is real ... and whether it is a naturally occurring phenomena that mankind can do NOTHING about, or is caused by human interaction with the environment, which may or may not be able to be stopped or reversed, is to YOU PERSONALLY educate yourself with the math, physics, chemistry, meteorology, and ocean sciences, and orbital mechanics, etc., ..... to be able to tell the difference between hoax, fraud, fake science, and religious hysteria and hallucination that this issue has become. And then sit down and draw sketches, accumulate data ... possibly completely wear out a scientific pocket calculator .... or two, and then correlate what you PERSONALLY know with astronomy, and other related sciences ... comparing the physics of other planets' atmospheric meteorology to see if conclusions by others make sense, or have any validity whatsoever. If you are not willing to YOU PERSONALLY do this ... and take a decade, or 20 years, or the rest of your life ... then your opinions will be based on FAITH .... NOT SCIENCE. FAITH in the opinions and conclusions of others .... the new global religion of "Man Caused Climate Change". Faith in the opinions and conclusions of others, where you have not PERSONALLY proved it yourself, is not TRUTH. Seek ONLY THE TRUTH. In science, and in religion, and in all things. However, although you will fail to get the correct answers ...... intellectual integrity can also be accomplished by not caring, to the point you do not believe anybody, about anything. ... and is a LOT less work.
  44. 3 points
    Oh, who cares? We talked that stupid subject out ages ago. It has nothing to do with us anyhow, being way there on the other side of the world. Man, judge much?! You are not easy to placate. I don’t make attempts. I do it. They’re not. That’s why I do it. There! See? Did you accomplish as much over several lifetimes with your scorched earth theocracy? I even wanted to reproduce the nicest email I received from a couple baptized at the last Regional. The husband initially disapproved of his wife’s study, but turned around upon reading my blog and taking note that it was from a real person who doesn’t eat Bible sandwiches and has a sense of humor. I do get these from time to time. Unfortunately, there is something about Google software that I find infuriating...perhaps its continual attempts to take over one’s digital life, and so I fail to get the full mastery of it, offering resistance which I should know by now is futile. My email life is maddeningly complex, with everyone on earth spamming me over every stupid thing. I put that letter somewhere, perhaps under the auspices of Top Cat O’Malihan, and cannot readily find it. The point of both is that you don’t have to hose down the field always with vinegar. Honey works sometimes. This is a yo-yo website. Everyone knows that. WHAT??!!! And leave me stranded here? Among the things have gained from JWI is improvement in understanding where some who oppose are coming from. I am very grateful to him for that.
  45. 3 points


    Who told you this? But one thing doesn't seem believable, and that is actually replacing a jw.org flag. I cannot imagine there was a jw.org flag in the window. In fact why would the Chilean brothers have a flag, its usually just a plaque outside the KH.
  46. 3 points


    All in all, those brothers were forced to comply. The sensitive nature of my friend's visit was not to be seen as a united nation envoy to gather human rights violations data. They did see how certain provinces forced that mandate to certain KH’s that they wouldn’t otherwise use to sanction other religions, namely the Catholic Church. The other problem lied with “if” a KH could be viewed as a church, and its members are seen as Christians. That ideology is in line with how people view witnesses, worldwide. Witnesses are seen as a Cult, or extremist, not a church of Christ. The other would be threats of violence. Intimidation. In one account, a group of Chilean youths stormed the KH, took down the JW.org flag and replaced it with a Chilean flag. These are the problems I see when witnesses from a free society don’t understand the prospects of other countries. They think they can instill western values in areas that reject them. The Pinochet Era is still much alive. Therefore, the only ones worthy of accommodating the brotherhood in Chile, are Chilean Brothers, no one else. US democracy or US Watchtower policy doesn’t dictate, policies of other nations. When a missionary goes aboard, is that missionary going to continue enforcing his own freedom, or will that missionary need to adapt to the governing laws? Then, it’s not a matter of paying a bribe (Mordida) which it would amount to or comply with government forces greater than the Watchtower. However, has someone shown photos of the flag in the Chilean KH’s after 2018? What would the conscience be? Payoff a crooked government or comply with its local laws. That was the question before the Chilean Elders. How would a brother from a free country react? Keep in mind, “if” you payout the bribe, where will it stop. Therefore, which of these choices are the lesser of 2 evils. What are the possibilities of you calling a brother in Malawi and flat-out say, is the government still violating the human rights of the brotherhood in Malawi? Or how about in Russia. Call a brother there and say, I’ll be visiting Russia, where would the closet, secret brotherhood meeting be held, in order to attend. What do you suppose those answers are going to be? Therefore, what makes a brother from a free nation think, they will receive a straight answer to certain questions. Aside from that, it made logistical sense to me, without actually being there to see for myself.
  47. 3 points
    hehehehe :)))))))))
  48. 3 points


    You are all confused. Did God have a nation in the past? Yes, the house of Israel was God's nation. God's Kingdom on earth, with a fleshly king representing it. There was nothing idolatrous about that idea. But as you know, the nation of Israel was later rejected by God and as Jesus said to the Jews: "This is why I say to you, the Kingdom of God will be taken from you and be given to a nation producing its fruits". This became the Christian congregation made up of not only anointed Jews (Israelites) but also anointed Gentiles. Hence, this new nation came to be known as "spiritual Israel", who with those not anointed (the other sheep) became one flock. 1 Pet. 2:9. JW.org is a website. The Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses is the worldwide congregation of anointed and the other sheep. If you want to call it an organization there is nothing wrong with that, since it is organized to accomplish God's will on earth, which is the preaching of the Kingdom and making disciples: "Jesus approached and spoke to them, saying: “All authority has been given me in heaven and on the earth. Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.” ( Matthew 28:18-20) This worldwide congregation is not lead or headed by a fleshly King like in Israelite times, nor any other human, but a heavenly king Jesus Christ. He is the head of the congregation. Matthew 23:10 There is nothing idolatrous about that arrangement, and giving support to it is not being idolatrous but it is supporting Jesus' arrangement. And again I repeat, jw.org is a website, it is not the Christian Congregation, but merely a modern aid to disseminating the Kingdom good news.
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    It depends on each individual person ... that's why in the Christian Congregation ... we are encouraged to develop a TRAINED conscience, depending on insight and rationality. The tattoos mentioned in the Bible refer to markings that would identify one as a member of a band of barbarians, soldiers, religious groups, clan, tribe, or cultural background. ... anything that would show fealty, association or legionship with elements of human or spiritual association CONTRARY to the principles and concepts of that approved by Jehovah God. It is embodied in the FIRST of the Ten Commandmenta ... which in principle covers the entire subject of tattoos. You have to use some common sense ... which in perusing and perusing a religious agenda ... is NOT all that common. Under the Christian "rules", we no longer have to sacrifice animals on an alter ... we can eat Bar-B-Que and pork chops, and a LARGE list of other things forbidden by COMMON SENSE to benefit mankind in its collective infancy years when thinking about societal safeguards was almost completely unknown, collectively. There is a difference between knowing a "rule" or regulation .. and knowing or NOT knowing the mind of God, and WHY he decided to restrict this, that or the other thing. Now, since Jesus has expounded on the underlying PRINCIPLES of the Law ... we should slowly, more and more each day, understand WHY Jehovah wants, or wanted ... or even CARED about what we do, or used to do. That's why we HAVE a conscience. I think tattoos are ugly, and inappropriate, and don't have any, although I am sometimes fascinated by "possibilities", and I am curious and ask about other people's INK when I see them. They usually appreciate the interest. They think it looks good, and it certainly attracts attention. Sometimes people are so terribly starved for human attention that they will do all kinds of stuff to try and get some .... necessary to many people as food, water and air is. The uglier a person is, the probability is that they NEED permanent makeup. Or some really serious plastic surgery.
  50. 3 points
    As Suzy says "A Jehovah's Witness" is grammatically wrong in English. And as Melinda points out it is a label. We are witnesses for Jehovah, we are HIS witnesses, plural. If we are talking about one person (singular) then he/she is either one of (all the other) Jehovah's Witnesses or "a witness for Jehovah". In some other languages it is grammatically wrong as well. For example how would you say in Spanish if someone asked in court whose witness are you. Would you say I am "John's witness", or "one of John's witnesses" (if there is more than one witness for John). Or would not say I am "a John's witness"?

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