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    The first one sounds just like a label, the second sounds like the person is living the faith.
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    Each of us, no matter who we are, only have a limited number of mental, emotional, physical, and financial resources. And only so many hours of our lives, which as time goes on, becomes painfully shorter, and filled with concerns of the day. OF COURSE THIS IS THE CASE ! Sreko Sostar, I feel a certain affinity for you because we have seen and experienced many similar things, and have certain common awarenesses ... but will allocate what total resources I have to "Blood or Brotherhood" .... FIRST. The quickest way to go totally insane is to grieve over things you cannot change ... and as Clint Eastwood, in the Harry Callahan series of movies once said, (paraphrased) .... " .. A man has got to know his own limitations."
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    As Suzy says "A Jehovah's Witness" is grammatically wrong in English. And as Melinda points out it is a label. We are witnesses for Jehovah, we are HIS witnesses, plural. If we are talking about one person (singular) then he/she is either one of (all the other) Jehovah's Witnesses or "a witness for Jehovah". In some other languages it is grammatically wrong as well. For example how would you say in Spanish if someone asked in court whose witness are you. Would you say I am "John's witness", or "one of John's witnesses" (if there is more than one witness for John). Or would not say I am "a John's witness"?
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    @Jay Iza If English is not your first language then it may sound strange. What is more strange is putting the indefinite article, "a" before a personal name. As in "a Jay's witness". As I type this, my computer is correcting the phrase by striking out the a. I guess the only reason it doesn't when I type "a Jehovah's Witness" is because the term is recognised as a label now.
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    "to follow the teachings of the teacher and so forth." My comment here was about Watchtower's baptisms, which do NOT follow the teachings of the teacher - Jesus Christ. This is truth. I will not entertain your whim to degrade anything and everything I have said here. Fire away, SM. I am finished.
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    Bible Speaks

    Squirrels 🐿 Amazing Photos

    Thank you Jehovah for the beautiful squirrels 🐿 Amazing Photos Geert Weggen is a Swedish/Dutch national and an internationally awarded nature photographer. He has worked extensively with wild squirrels and birds over the past several years. In 2013 he became a full time photographer, and his current focus has been on photographing wild squirrels in a unique, beautiful and often whimsical way. Scroll down to see 30 of Geert’s works featuring the adorable and inquisitive red squirrels.
      Hello guest!
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    Roman Bathrooms

    Saw such toilets in Italy and in Portugal..... drain systems were quite advanced with water flowing. They washed the sponges in the little pools in front of them. I am not sure if people kept their own sponges or it was public sponges because public sponges could lead to the spread of disease. Must have been hard to come down from a 3 or 4 storey building (your rooms) to go to the toilet at night with a little oil lamp.... Thanks for modern conveniences! Yes, privacy was not cherished. The poor all had public facilities and the rich had slaves which could gape at all your private events going on.... We cannot imagine the life style...
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    Queen in the studio rehearsing the News Of The World Album Quite an insightful look at the band playing. Brian May playing the solo and Freddie Mercury At The Piano And Sound desk mixing tracks.
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    Sigh...how can people be so ridiculous? NOBODY floods the field with letters for every cause under the sun. EVERYONE does it for the cause they hold most dear.
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    That is so weird tho, i've never heard anyone referring to themselves as One of the Jws rather a Jws. Is like saying i am One of the Australians instead of saying i am an Australian. Weird...
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    THEY CAN! Lets' put the congregation and the elders' families on hold for commitees to do their work! Bur really, it isn't necessary, isn't required, they do not want to, you can think of other reasons yourself surely. There is no rule that says they can't and no rule that says they must. Or were you seeking one that says they must? The body of elders delegate to a commitee and agree on its members. And that commitee doesn't have to be only 3 and nor does it have to consist only of local brothers. If this is the case, get elders in that have no friendship bias, and if that didn't happen, there is an appeal process. Not sure what the problem is here?? I do not think there is any point in getting to anecdotal or hypothetical examples here. There is no rule on numbers for a judicial commitee other than 3 at least,, and no restriction on who they are, other than qualified. Practical violations of this are a matter for the appeals process.
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    JW Dress Rules

    What about “post in their wall or PM them” was not clear?
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    Ray Kroc actually stole it from the McDonald Brothers, as shown in the movie "The Founder", which is how the McDonalds Restaurants went from one building to a global franchise chain. An opportunist, and a thief. And modern day McDonalds has never made it right.
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    Darius the Great

    Darius the Great (550486 BCE) Under his reign, the Persian Empire reached the pinnacle of its power and the fullest extent of its size. His domain consisted of over 40 different ethnic tribes, and stretched from India to the Balkans covering almost three million square miles .
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    When we look, we do not realize the Beauty of this Creation of Our Great Jehovah Artist !!! ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
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    The WC - Culture in the time of JESUS..... Jesus, I'm talking about the latrines This picture shows the latrines the Romans used in Jesus' time. You can see that they used a stick with a sponge on top that they use for washing. ( thats not my style, haha )
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    Enjoy Jehovah's wonderful creations - deep under the water ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
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    Klaus Fuchs

    During World War II, Klaus Fuchs worked on the Manhattan Project...and later worked on British nuclear projects. In 1950, the FBI decoded messages that revealed Fuchs as a Soviet spy. He admitted spying for the Russians since 1942 and passing on details of British and American nuclear weapons systems

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