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    Oh, for crying out loud. My bad. I “took my eye off the ball” and actually thought you were at a convention. “Brothers!!! Let us resolve not to be dumbbells like TrueTom!”
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    Depends on what you mean by the question. I am using the term "experiences" loosely, and might even be using the title "Sister" loosely, (as opposed to her "tony" tight pants, of course). Her "field" experiences were only about some of the highlights "on the field of play" and these were to ESPN reporters, not anything I heard privately. (I have never met her.) In Federer's game, I learned that "derision is a swear at a racket."
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    Russian scholars—they are awfully smart over there—found extremism in an Old Testament phrase in the course of building a case against Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was not in the New World Translation—that entire work has been declared extremist and is therefore shelved. It is a passage found in any Bible, even the one used by the Russian Orthodox Church. The offending verse is Psalm 37:29 [36:29 in Eastern Bibles]: “The righteous will inherit the earth and will live in it forever.” This verse is actually a threat toward “unrighteous persons,” the experts discerned. It is “about dismissiveness (contempt, aggression) toward a group of persons on the basis of religious affiliation.” It furthers the “‘propaganda of inferiority’ on the basis of religious identity.” In other words, they are sticking up for the unrighteous in that land. “Well—they’re people, too,” is their stroke of wisdom. If the “righteous” are to be favored with inheriting the earth and living there forever, then the unrighteous should be there, too. It is breathtakingly stupid reasoning, and yet it is the reasoning that carries the day in Russia. But we should not laugh at it, because it is more evil than stupid, and it is the work of opposers who know what they are doing and will do it here when the time is right. The reasoning is the same—it is only more unmasked in Russia than elsewhere, but it ought to serve as a heads-up for elsewhere. In both places it is the reasoning of those who hate God. They do not hate him so long as He knows His place. If He allows societal trends and critical thinking to carry the day, He is welcome, but only then. If He tries impose upon people His own standards of “righteousness,” He is not. If He allows the will of the people to prevail, He is welcome. If He says, as in John 6:45: “They will all be taught be Jehovah,” He is not—unless He means that the will of the people is the will of Jehovah. He should know that His role is to sit in the back seat and keep His mouth shut. The entire warfare of opponents denouncing disfellowshipping is a reflection of their frustration at having the window slammed shut on their fingers as they try to break into the house with their new and improved morality—morality that is not God’s. They are livid that they cannot do that, and so they rail against the tool that thwarts them, even trying to declare it illegal. The book “Secular Faith - How Culture Has Trumped Religion in American Politics” attempts to reassure its secular audience through examining the changing moral stands of churches on five key issues. The book points out that today’s church members have more in common with atheists than they do with members of their own denominations from decades past. Essentially, the reassurance to those who would mold societal views is: “Don’t worry about it. They will come around. They always do. It may take a bit longer, but it is inevitable.” Jehovah’s Witnesses have thwarted this model by not coming around. Disfellowshipping—the ability to expel those who refuse to conform to the conduct and speech that they signed on for—is their trump card. It is a last-ditch method of discipline, when all else has failed, to ensure that the Christian congregation remains true to its underpinnings, something that cannot happen without the trump card held in reserve—or at least it never has happened. (See post here) It is a God-ordained tool from the One who knows humankind better than they do themselves. Actually, humans know it well, too, but they forget it when it stands in their way. If they did not know it, there would be no such thing as advertising—the ultimate manipulative device founded on the premise that humans can be swayed any which way given sufficient propaganda. Corporate interests would not pour billions into advertising if they were not convinced human behavior could be molded. “We made Miller the number two selling brand in the country, and everybody said: ‘Nobody will drink that stuff,’” said Mickey Spillane. “Righteousness” is an antiquated term for those peddling a new morality and a trashing the traditional one. The term is a threat to them. It is a term that is no longer allowed in Russia, but how far behind can the West be? Acceptable human conduct should be determined by group norm, not imposed by some Bully from above, it increasingly says. The war against disfellowshipping is at root a manisfestion of those who would fight against God. Says the apostle Peter: “For the time that has passed by is sufficient for you to have worked out the will of the nations when you proceeded in deeds of loose conduct, lusts, excesses with wine, revelries, drinking matches, and illegal idolatries. Because you do not continue running with them in this course to the same low sink of debauchery, they are puzzled and go on speaking abusively of you.” (1 Peter 4:3-4) They do speak that way. But as the discordant ones accumulate in the “low sink of debauchery,” they finally are emboldened to say as well: “Water’s fine here in the low sink! Who are you to judge?” The qualities Peter speaks of are simply not the anathema that they once were. Some are openly embraced. So “righteousness” as defined by a God is an insult. To speak of a world where righteousness will prevail is extremist in Russia, and therefore illegal. For now, in the West, it is just gauche and small-minded. That is changing. If it truly is that God will allow only the righteous in the new world of his making, then anyone on His side will do whatever they can to be that way. Opponents today want to make that illegal, or at least they want to make illegal the means to do it. The climate is not just right for opposers here to declare that the righteous inheriting the earth is extremist, as they have in Russia, but that is what many want to do—and it will likely reach that point one day. Should it happen, it will be a development that is on script, and so thereby can be said to be okay. It will not be unexpected. The miscreants are angling for it now. Nikolai Gordienko, of the Herzen Russian State University in St. Petersburg, once stated: “When the experts accuse Jehovah’s Witnesses for their teachings, they do not realize that they are actually making accusations against the Bible.” Jehovah’s Witnesses represent it. They practice it as best they can. The gloves have come off in Russia. They came off long ago with regard to human rights, but now they also come off with regard to the intent of Witness persecution there. It is not Witnesses that are opposed. It is God who is opposed—the Witnesses are just the middlemen who represent him. Gamaliel cautioned religious leaders in the first century regarding Christians: “Do not meddle with these men, but let them alone. For if this scheme or this work is from men, it will be overthrown; but if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them. Otherwise, you may even be found fighters against God himself.” That’s exactly who is in the crosshairs of opponents today—who is He to tell us what is righteous? they glower. Banning the Witness organization was not enough for those opponents in Russia. Banning the New World Translation was also not enough, for the same verses hateful to those demanding moral relevance are found in any translation of the Bible. How far will opponents get in their quest to enlist the world’s sympathy that they got kicked out of a religion for refusing to abide by the rules—in essence, for refusing to be “righteous?” Time will tell, but until the Lord intervenes, the playing field is tilted their way. The individual rights of those who would kick over the traces garners popular support. The individual rights of those who would impose upon themselves a force greater than they to safeguard against their own weaknesses means nothing. During Soviet times, dissidents stated that the underlying attitude of authorities was that they didn’t really care if you believed their lie or not, so long as you knuckled under to their power to define reality. Declaring the Psalm extremist—“The righteous ones will inherit the earth and they will live in it forever”—is an example of the pattern reasserting itself: “Yes, it is ridiculous, but who cares? It is what we say it is.” In the West it is still deemed necessary to believe the lie—that the “offenses” of the people who endeavor to represent God are the objection, and not God himself. That can be expected to change. The offenses are blown up and misrepresented, but they are not, in most cases, untrue. They are, however, not the issues to watch. The issues to watch are those relating to God’s purpose to establish an earth in which righteousness prevails.
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    And I got to listen to Sister Selena Williams give her experiences. And a lot of recent "court" cases were discussed by everyone who had a chance to speak. There were even a few experiences about how to use the Net. P.S. The tickets were free. My old company is a major sponsor, but as a retired person, the best I can still get are tickets up to the quarterfinals. When I was still at work, we could take a whole day off including the finals and sometimes even get a courtside seat. High up executives also had skyboxes at the major baseball stadiums and Madison Square Gardens.
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    Anyone remember a "Convention Resolution" years ago where we all had to tell out and promise we'd never go into internet chatrooms? Apparently NOT. I have been witnessing on Internet chat rooms, with knock-down, drag out theological discussions on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) since 1994 or so, BEFORE THERE WERE BROWSERS and before there was "Windows 95" Where did you get your "quote" from, Jack ? Tom Clancy?
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    I’m at the convention right now and they told us not to use our phones at all. But a lot of people are still taking pictures and texting. Also they haven’t finished painting the jw.org logo yet only the background color at center court
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    Queen Esther

    False Prophecies

    Its a gift from Jehovah, NOT a promise. Nobody can be sure....
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    False Prophecies

    Jesus means Jehovah is Salvation
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    Queen Esther

    False Prophecies

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    Queen Esther

    False Prophecies

    Hahahahahahaa... don't think, JW are dumb... I never allow anyone to cut my own thinking ! ONLY Jehovah❤️ But YOU are playing here like a Bible actor, mixing old Bible times with some new times, that cant work how you want it ! Fight for Jesus, but wthout Jehovah, you NEVER will reach the goal for everlasting life, sorry ;-( Good night for now !
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    Queen Esther

    False Prophecies

    We are not in the 1900- years - we are in the 2100 - century.... I was not talking from wrong things - although, you love to present us such of past mystery things today, and always again... never true JW would do that ! That tells me, from which people you may coming.... I long time wanted sleeping... but I am thinking to all of us here, thats no fun you send us on and off... Whats going up in your head ? I not would answer you... thats only bec. my heart for my Brothers and Sisters ❤
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    Queen Esther

    False Prophecies

    Brothers & Sisters... WHO has the power to stop that GUY ? ;o) No one has roughly the time for reading his long gushes ! Its really not normal... Thats impolite / rude, to await an answer of that. He has a *Librarian - knowledge* - like some other members here... I take distance from such of behavior ! A GOOD NIGHT FROM GERMANY ;o)

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