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    Basic symptoms of Narcissistic disorder grabbed from google Grandiose sense of self-importance. ... Lives in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur. ... Needs constant praise and admiration. ... Sense of entitlement. ... Exploits others without guilt or shame. ... Frequently demeans, intimidates, bullies, or belittles others. Gets irate if someone leaves them suddenly. Accepts no responsibility, no accountability. Lies. Can be charismatic at times. Yes, proof of this was at the 2019 "Love Never Fails" regional convention. The last talk on Sunday Geoffrey Jackson made the claim that WW2 was started because of Satan's desire to attack Jehovah's people in Germany. Keep in mind that nearly 50 million died during the war. 10 million Jews died in concentration camps. Less than 5000 JW's died from surrounding European counties, NOT ONLY GERMANY. Yes still the JW's find a way to make it about them. That, is the definition of a narcissist. Takes no real responsibility as an organization and puts all the burden on it's followers. If I got my facts wrong, it's your fault. If you can't accept my abuse at it's worst, you aren't worthy of my abuse at it's best
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    The worst 'answered prayer' story i have heard, is about a couple. They did well for themselves, husband worked hard and made a bit of money. Wife pioneered and what-not. They have some money invested here and there, but decide to take most of their money form the various investments and put it all in to a hotel somewhere in the Caribbeans. They spend years planning, and building a resort on one of the beaches, but of cause the husband is away for months on end, the marriage is strained, wife spirituality is dropping, husband's non existed. When the husband is home, he out drinking and making dealings because it costing more and more. CO pays them a visit, and they agree that they need to make a change. So later that night they pray, "jehovah, help us out here, do we finish the resort and sell it? Do we get out now and cut our loses? please help us?" The words of that brother telling me this where, "at that exact moment, a hurricane changed direction", it wasn't going to make land fall. But at that moment they prayed it changed course and head straight to they resort and destroyed it. Yes, that was their answer to their prayer. God sent a hurricane to show them that they must leave the resort. Never-mind the lives lost because of it making landfall, or the damaged it caused. It was the answer god sent. Even as a PIMI it didn't sit right with me. However, they did make great changes to their lives, i believe he even become a elder. I still can't believe that they thought god would answer a prayer in that way.

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