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    Lots of 73 year old women have given birth to twin girls. And the twins are at least 30 years old by now.
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    A 73-year-old woman in India has given birth to twin girls. Erramatti Mangayamma is believed to be the oldest person ever to give birth. She became pregnant through IVF and doctors delivered the babies via caesarian section.
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    Jack Ryan

    JW Broadcasting—September 2019

    David Splane and Doing the Math Do the Math In the September JW Broadcast David Splane gave a talk on the above title. In it he raised the question whether Noah and Abraham knew each other. He claims that doing the math could help you answer that question. He begins by stating that, according to Insight on the Scriptures, we know for a fact the flood occurred in 2370 B.C.E. He lived for 350 years after the flood so that means he died in 2020 B.C.E. Abram entered Canaan in 1943 B.C.E. At the time he is 75 years old. Add 75 to 1943 means Abram was born in 2018 B.C.E. so, doing the math helps us to establish that Abram was born 2 years after Noah died. In Genesis Chapter 11, it gives a genealogy from Shem all the way down to Abram. And it says how old each person was when their son was born. It says that Arpachshad was 35 when his son was born, and Shelah was 30 when his son was born. But what David Splane did not take into consideration is that modern translations of the Bible are translated from the Hebrew Masoretic text, which is not the original Hebrew. But rather, a copy of the Hebrew, called the Leningrad Codex, which was produced in the 11th century A.D. But the Greek Septuagint was translated more than 1,000 years before, in 250 B.C., and would not have been translated from the Hebrew on which the Masoretic Text was based. But rather, from an older Hebrew text, which is no longer available. The Samaritan Pentateuch also pre-dates the Masoretic text and would also have referenced an older copy of the Hebrew. The Jewish historian Josephus agrees with both the Septuagint and the Samaritan Pentateuch. In the Greek Septuagint it says that Arphaxad was 135. And it says that Shelah was 130. The Greek Septuagint has an extra 100 years on those ages in the six generations from Arphaxad down to Serug. Also, the Masoretic text says that Nahor was 29 years old when he fathered Terah Abrams father. The Septuagint says he was 79. The Greek Septuagint has an extra 100 years on each one of those ages. But it's not just the Greek Septuagint. The Samaritan Pentateuch includes those extra hundred years and so does Flavius Josephus. That means there is an extra 650 years of history between Arpachshad and Serug. Noah lived 350 years after the flood. (Gen.9:28) Arpachshad was born 2 years after the flood. (Gen. 11:10) According to the Septuagint: Arphaxad 135 years until Shelah Shelah 130 years until Eber Eber 134 years until Phalek Phalek 130 years until Ragau Ragau 132 years until Serouch Serouch 130 years until Nachor Nachor 79 years until Thara Thara 27 years until Abram Adding the above gives us a total of 897 years between Arphaxad and Abram. Adding two years between Arphaxad and the flood gives us 899 years. Subtracting 350 years of Noah’s life after the flood means Noah died, not two years according to Splane, but 549 years before Abram was born. This is the result if you “do the math” based on the Septuagint. Interestingly, accepting these figures calls into question another statement of David Splane. In a previous broadcast he commented on the age of the Sphinx as dated to 2,550 B.C.E. by historians being wrong because it conflicted with the Bible account of the flood. But that’s only if you accept the Masoretic text figures as being correct.
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    I seriously doubt they care. It would be like someone copying Windows XP, which was a standard of the world for about 11 years. THEN, they progressed to Windows Vista. Hahahhahahhaaahhhaa. ( .....sometimes my jokes are just for me.)
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    “Hello Nintendo? I would like to report an infringement on your intellectual property.“
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      Hello guest!
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    Thailand Bethel

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    You can post your photos on my profile or in this club for me to share as well... Agape!
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    JW Insider

    JW Broadcasting—September 2019

    For its purpose, this was probably the best article on the MT vs LXX I have ever seen.
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    JW Broadcasting—September 2019

    An interesting article on the Masoretic text:
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    Jack Ryan

    JW Broadcasting—September 2019

    The significance of this is speculation is whether the flood occurred before or after the building of the Pyramids. It's a game changer for Watchtower teachings.
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    I like the circle shape of profile photos and default font. Thank you
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    Allison Fallon, a blogger and author, has written an article titled Why We Follow Strong, Dangerous, Narcissistic Leaders. She asks, “What is it that we find so compelling about narcissistic leaders? Why are we attracted to them?” Here are 5 points from Fallon on why narcissistic leaders capture our attention: Narcissistic leaders: 1. They are incredibly charismatic and convincing. These leaders are experts in the charm department. They are “smart, intuitive, believable, and great storytellers,” says Fallon. Their charisma and ability to convince others makes them appear trustworthy. 2. They control the story. Narcissistic leaders know what to say and what NOT to say. They are careful to create a clear story, even if it isn’t true. Fallon advises, “Sometimes these leaders tell stories that don’t even make any sense, but they repeat them over and over again to us—enough times that we actually begin to believe them.” 3. They understand the power of group think. These leaders tend to win many friends and have a vast array of supporters. Having this support helps validate the stories they are putting out. Fallon relays, “This is one of the hardest parts about dealing with a narcissist, since there are always a good number of people who like them, even love them, and who feel threatened anytime you suggest this person might not be who he or she says he is.” 4. They make us feel powerful. Not only do narcissists feel powerful, they aim to help their supporters feel safe and protected, which in a sense makes them feel powerful too. Fallon warns, “And until we wake up one day and realize that we have more power than we ever dreamed possible and that with great power comes great responsibility, we will keep clinging to these strong, dangerous, narcissistic leaders.” 5. They make us think they have something we don’t. As Fallon states, these leaders “are not necessarily more powerful or more intelligent than any of the rest of us,” and they are certainly not God. She continues, “It’s important to understand that while narcissists seem to be on top of the world when they’re at their best, when they’re true nature reveals itself, it is incredibly destructive. It ruins businesses and families and destroys relationships and lives." While Narcissistic leaders have a tendency to gain trust in the beginning, after their true character traits are revealed they have a tendency to cause more fear than comfort. These leaders seek to control individual expression, creativity, and innovation. So what can we do? Fallon recommends the following: begin to recognize the traits of narcissism, and acknowledge your ability to make choices in your support.
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    I was truly embarrassed to have to give this post an upvote. I wish with all my heart that it was not true. But, like Charles Taze Russell said in the first issue of the Watchtower ... If Satan tells you the truth .. it's STILL the truth.
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    Sometimes, when a Judge's ruling is not unanimous (referring to the headline ...) the Judge's body twists around at the waist and both feet face backwards., and one arm flaps like a wounded bird trying to fly. What? Judges'? Oh............ Nevermind.
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    The Catholic Church in Australia is participating in the redress scheme which simplifies claiming for victims, is a private process, limits liability for institutions and avoids the need for lawsuits. Watchtower is one of the few on the list that does not intend to join. They prefer the courts, which isn't sensible as it does not limit liability and is highly visible to the public.
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    Here are the notebook for the "LOVE BUILDS UP" & "LOVE JEHOVAH WITH ALL YOUR HEART " Circuit Assemblies for the 2019- and 2020 service year.. TB 2019-2020 Circuit Assembly's.pdf 2019-2020 Circuit Assembly's.doc
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    After Jesus was resurrected, he still appeared on earth as a man. John 21:14 In God’s Kingdom the priests/kings who will “rule ON the earth”, (Rev 5:9,10) and serve God in heaven, could still appear as either female or male. Rev 22:1-5 (John 1:51; Heb 1:6,7) They are to imitate Christ, their Head and High Priest/”Husband”, becoming one with him.1 Cor 12:27; Rom 12:5; Gal 3:29 Whether male or female, their kingdom rule will be based on the love, peace and wisdom that they have come to know through Jesus Christ. Their “offspring” to come, are the rest of Abraham’s seed, that they help, nurture, and teach God’s decrees in the Kingdom, by bringing the dwelling of God to earth. Mal 2:7; 1 Cor 3:16,17; Eph 2:20-22;Rev 21:2,3; Gen 26:4;28:14 Jesus had such compassion for people when on the earth, and God will choose and teach those whom he deems faithful out of the called ones, as Christ’s Bride; who will also display the same compassion as Christ, whether they are male or female. 1 Cor 2:16; Rom 15:5; Rev 17:14 Interestingly, the October 2019 study magazine made the confident statement that “During the great tribulation, a change will take place regarding the brothers who take the lead on earth. At some point, all anointed ones who are still on earth will be gathered to heaven to share in the war of Armageddon. (Matt. 24:31; Rev. 2:26, 27) This means that the Governing Body will no longer be with us on earth. WT 10/2019 Wow. Such insight! They KNOW who will rule with Christ! David Splane spent some time warning the anointed about the possibility of being found"foolish" at Jesus return, but apparently that fear is no longer. These insightful men have been given new light concerning the last days. (Matt 25) How they hurry and plan for Armageddon to arrive. How horrible it will be for those who string people along with lies and empty promises, whose lives are sinful. 19 They say, “Let God hurry and quickly do his work so that we may see what he has in mind. Let the plan of the Holy One of Israel happen quickly so that we may understand what he is doing.” 20 How horrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn what is bitter into something sweet and what is sweet into something bitter. 21 How horrible it will be for those who think they are wise and consider themselves to be clever. 22 How horrible it will be for those who are heroes at drinking wine, who are champions at mixing drinks, 23 who declare the guilty innocent for a bribe, who take away the rights of righteous people. Isa 5:18-23
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    🌺🌺🌺Thanks for the info and appreciate your hard work on our behalf.
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    Caleb and Sophia video game at Bethel, Madrid

    Utter hypocrisy.
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    Yikes .... now I will have to add that to my extensive list of flotsam and jetsam from St. Caleb, and St. Sophia. (Caleb and Sophia Merchandise, purses, briefcases, pins, buttons, slacks, suspenders and bow ties, and pictures, back car window decals, book covers, wall posters, 3d dolls like GB Bro. Anthony Morris III has in his Bethel Office, Videos, DVDs, coloring books, decorated birthd...er... baptism cakes, stand up displays, literature bags, greeting cards, Sophia colorful tote bags for girls, and Sophia cloth shopping bags for Wal-Mart, etc., book markers, key chains, 3d Printer statues of Caleb, ball point pens, and penlights, pins and brooches for older Sisters, and cartoon wall hangings for the inside of Caleb and Sophia dioramas, or JW.ORG men's ties, lapel pins, wristwatches, aluminum military style dog tags, rings, aluminum pendants for neck chains and charm bracelets, car bumper stickers, car window decals, women's pocket mirrors, flags to tie to radio aerials, put on flagpoles outside Chilean Kingdom Halls ( ... what's a Chilean Kingdom Hall doing with a flagpole, anyway ...?) Swiss Assembly Grounds, and OTHER places where a pale blue flag would look spiffy, and in the absence of a breeze, look like a U.N. Flag hanging limp. Then there is the JW.ORG blue oversized umbrellas, Unisex Hoodie Jackets, neck lanyards, hand lunch boxes with Paradise scenes, and of course Caleb and Sophia., and to contrast, from Peru, a BRIGHT Pink Caleb and Sophia Bible cover entitled New World Translation of the HOLY SCRIPTURES ... over a large picture of guess whom? Of course the refrigerator magnets and motivational jewelry are big sellers, not so much for the Caleb crochetable doll ?) Wherever shall I insert it? (Disregarding any comments about "where the light don't shine ...".
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    wow! It's been NINE years since the first "Shepherd the Flock Of God" Elder's handbook came out, that was so top secret that non-elders were forbidden to read it, and sisters were not even allowed to touch it, and to this day, most Jehovah's Witnesses are not aware that the book even exists. At the same time copies were given to the Finnish Department of Justice, and the Department of Education, and the Australian Royal Commission on Child Abuse. Here it is 2019, and the latest 2019 version is out, available all over the Internet in PDF format, but I have not had a chance to read it yet. I still do not know what all the top secret hub-bub was about .... I read the 2010 version and the subsequent updates, and found it a fine publication that ALL Jehovah's Witnesses would benefit from reading. I did not mention I knew of the 2010 version's existence until they started giving out copies to lots of government officials, my reasoning being that the Society had thereby "declassified" it. Does anybody know if the Society has given the OK for the general Brotherhood to read this book, by which we are governed? Can any Brother or Sister at the Kingdom Hall request, and get a copy? I will ask at my Weekend Meeting, in two days, and let you know what I have found out.
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    Nowhere near as strong as 60 years ago...
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    And this would be a good thing? Have you ever seen a movie where this ends well?
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    It has been one week since U.S. border officials denied entry to a 17-year-old Harvard freshman just days before classes were set to begin. Ismail Ajjawi, a Palestinian student living in Lebanon, had his student visa canceled and was put on a flight home shortly after arriving at Boston Logan International Airport. Customs & Border Protection officers searched his phone and decided he was ineligible for entry because of his friends’ social media posts. Ajjawi told the officers he “should not be held responsible” for others’ posts, but it was not enough for him to clear the border. The news prompted outcry and fury. But TechCrunch has learned it was not an isolated case. Since our story broke, we came across another case of a U.S. visa holder who was denied entry to the country on grounds that he was sent a graphic WhatsApp message. Dakhil — whose name we have changed to protect his identity — was detained for hours, but subsequently had his visa canceled. He was sent back to Pakistan and banned from entering the U.S. for five years.
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    Preacher had multiple rape allegations May 26, 2017 Their victims are girls between the ages of 12 and 13. The authorities have not disclosed to which congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses the accused belongs. More than five rape complaints filed by children between the ages of 12 and 13 had the prosecution against Roger Abraham Flores Diaz (45), the Jehovah's Witness preacher arrested last night in San Pedro Sula, authorities said. Flores Diaz was arrested in Barrio El Centro by agents from Agencia Técnica de Investigación Criminal (ATIC), where he had a cell phone business. According to the authorities, he deceived the girls by offering them money. Agents reported that the detainee is charged with the crime of special rape to the detriment of several minors. Although the rape complaint was filed by a single person (protected witness), the authorities also investigate other complaints against him for the same crime. So far, the authorities have not disclosed to which congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses the accused belongs. Source:
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    Creepy! I bet within 5 years kids will be asked to sing this in school rather than the US National Anthem.
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    Since the spirit makes contact with them... wouldn't that make them "inspired"?

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