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    Lots of 73 year old women have given birth to twin girls. And the twins are at least 30 years old by now.
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    A 73-year-old woman in India has given birth to twin girls. Erramatti Mangayamma is believed to be the oldest person ever to give birth. She became pregnant through IVF and doctors delivered the babies via caesarian section.
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    The Catholic Church in Australia is participating in the redress scheme which simplifies claiming for victims, is a private process, limits liability for institutions and avoids the need for lawsuits. Watchtower is one of the few on the list that does not intend to join. They prefer the courts, which isn't sensible as it does not limit liability and is highly visible to the public.
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    And this would be a good thing? Have you ever seen a movie where this ends well?
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    Creepy! I bet within 5 years kids will be asked to sing this in school rather than the US National Anthem.

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