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    This is HIGHLY unlikely to be true for the following reasons: 1.) The GB never admits a mistake, or apologies for anything, no matter how blatantly absurd, or especially grievous, and 2.) Anything without proper attribution, and that cannot be independently checked from that stated attribution, can be disregarded summarily. The probability of this being true approaches ZERO.
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    Some fake news is made for fairly obvious humorous purposes, and some is made for satirical purposes. But fake news that doesn't have much context to tell us whether it is for humor or satire can be dangerous. Putting it here is not a bad idea since there should always be people around to judge whether it's fake or not.
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    Revisionist History. If you change it ... you cover up the fact that gullibility reigns, and makes the context of remarks and comments confusing. That is why they do not delete amendments to the US Constitution, such as for "Prohibition", which was later rescinded by ANOTHER amendment. It is my opinion that revisionist history is dangerous to the mind, soul and personal integrity. Give BOTH titles, if you must.
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    In general view, it is not reasonable to expect how some bro/sis in Honduras (or anywhere in the World) is/are responsible for act of JW lawyer or GB member who making more or less important decisions on activity of Organization. The same as above :) :)) WT JW Organization position is to point with "finger" how some/many religious beliefs and practice of Christendom and other religions is/are "condemn" by Bible through WT JW organization publications and representatives and rank and file members. This would be interesting to discuss :))
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    The building of kingdom halls is looked upon as bringing “honor to Jehovah”, and it is not by coincidence that the Warwick Bethel has as its address, 1 Kings Drive. (1 Kings 8:13) Buildings mean something sacred to JWs. I have watched a JW video of an assembly hall compared to the early temple,and how it must be treated with care as the early temple was. They have great value as a place of consecrated worship. Does it bring “honor to Jehovah” when these dedicated buildings are put up for sale? If you say this thought would not be applicable at such a time, then how would anyone know that building a kingdom hall to begin with, brought "honor to Jehovah"? How is it, one knows that God receives honor at the completion of building a kh, but not privy to what He thinks when the 'for sale' sign is posted? It is the hypocrisy, that is in play. Hypocrisy and the idolatry of placing spiritual value in the work of man's hands. Ps 135:15
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    via .ORGWorld News
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    It would be good to see Scriptural support for this practice and WT interpretation on possible Bible verse about recording and documenting sins of people for future purpose or for any kind of purpose. You here described one reason for WT collecting records of one specific sin. Topic i put is not about one sort of sin only, but about "principle" that stand behind practice of "confession" and who are involved in this process. And as main question: what connecting Catholic priests and JW elders in this religious custom called "confession of sins"? It can be ... or it is, as you conclude. Do you think how this justifying wrong decisions of priests and elders? In this "principle", how priest have not obligation to testify about person's sin, does this also mean how elder must to keep silent about "confessed sin" of bro/sis and not spread this knowledge to other elders in congregation? I am not going in problematic on what sort of sin is about, we just discussing about idea and mechanism of this in every day life of believers. This is not real thing to aspect. Only few of many candidate to baptism would be in such mental state to go and start talking about past sins, of every sort. Only few individuals (in specific mental and psychical state) would be burdened with past sins, who would try to find peace in confession (or not to stop feel guilt no matter of how much they repeating confession of sin/s). Again, agree. But, we all know how ordinary people expect more of those who are sitting on "spiritual adviser" (priest, elder) chair. So, again: Does imperfect "worldly" legislation gave justification to those individuals, groups and organizations, who made Bible Principles to be weak, imperfect and also bad as secular law?
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    For those of you who "can't handle the truth" (I know it's hard to watch the disintegration of everything you hold dear) There is a group on here of self-righteous "JW's only" who love to segregate themselves and post paradise pictures and only think good sweet thoughts. They like their "ears tickled"

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