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    Thanks for those references. I obviously must have read some of them, especially the ones from the 80's and I am aware that our mothers would say we would never go to school, that Armageddon would be here by then. This was nothing new to me since we were saying this almost since the founding of the JWS. What I was questioning was the specific date 2000. That Armageddon would come in that year, in the same way as was insinuated for 1975. "Within the 20th Century" is open, and just because 15 year old Samuel "visualizes something happening in 2000" doesn't mean we had to think it will happen exactly then, lol. Samuel is 48 today, probably with kids, maybe a grandad, and probably still a JW. I know plenty of people who visualized something happening, and nothing happened, and they are still visualizing it. But, everyone in their right mind yearns for good things, and Jesus told his followers to "keep on the watch" and Peter "await and keep close in mind the presence of the day of Jehovah". As for the society setting specific dates for the end, 1925 sticks in my mind, for which Rutherford apologized, and 1975, which was not official anyway. And 1914 of course....
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    Frederick Franz

    Anyone who wishes to share their opinions, personal experiences, (or the experiences of others) they had with Fred Franz, can do so here!
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    I have some time today ... so i’m moving a few posts not related to the title of the topic
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    Wham! - Last Christmas

    Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away. This year To save me from tears I'll give it to someone special. Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away. This year To save me from tears I'll give it to someone special. Once bitten and twice shy I keep my distance But you still catch my eye. Tell me, baby, Do you recognize me? Well, It's been a year, It doesn't surprise me (Merry Christmas) I wrapped it up and sent it With a note saying, "I love you," I meant it Now I know what a fool I've been. But if you kissed me now I know you'd fool me again. Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away. This year To save me from tears I'll give it to someone special. Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away. This year To save me from tears I'll give it to someone special. Oh, oh, baby. A crowded room, Friends with tired eyes. I'm hiding from you And your soul of ice. My god I thought you were someone to rely on. Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on. A face on a lover with a fire in his heart. A man under cover but you tore me apart, ooh-hoo. Now I've found a real love, you'll never fool me again. Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away. This year To save me from tears I'll give it to someone special. Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away. This year To save me from tears I'll give it to someone special. A face on a lover with a fire in his heart (I gave you my heart) A man under cover but you tore him apart Maybe next year I'll give it to someone I'll give it to someone special. Special... Someone...
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    James Thomas Rook Jr. said: I suspect that this is true in all other language translations. I completely agree -- in principle. In practice, with the Bible we're dealing with three dead languages, so there exist no fluent speakers. Nevertheless, I think competent scholars still do a pretty good job of translating. That's esecially so when independent scholars arrive at essentially the same translations. Pretty spotty, I expect.
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    Anna said: The Society made direct statements as well as more subtle suggestions. Take a gander: << How thrilling that must have been for Paul and Barnabas-sailing to their first foreign assignment! The apostle Paul was spearheading the Christian missionary activity. He was also laying a foundation for a work that would be completed in our century. >> January 1, 1989 Watchtower, p. 12 Note that "in our century" was changed to "in our day" in the bound volume and in the CDROM Library. Note that when the following statements were made, the Society was teaching that "the generation of 1914" meant the group of people alive in 1914 who survived until "the end". << Shortly, within our twentieth century, the "battle in the day of Jehovah" will begin against the modern antitype of Jerusalem, Christendom. >> -- "The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah"-How? - 1971 << And if the wicked system of this world survived until the turn of the century, which is highly improbable in view of world trends and the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, there would still be survivors of the World War I generation. However, the fact that their number is dwindling is one more indication that “the conclusion of the system of things” is moving fast toward its end. >> -- October 15, 1980 Watchtower, p. 31 << It has been thrilling to see the fulfillment of Jesus’ sign showing that the Kingdom was established in the heavens in that momentous year 1914. And Jesus has told us to rejoice at seeing the dark storm clouds of Armageddon gathering since that time. He has told us that the “generation” of 1914—the year that the sign began to be fulfilled—”will by no means pass away until all these things occur.” (Matthew 24:34) Some of that “generation” could survive until the end of the century. But there are many indications that “the end” is much closer than that! >> -- March 1, 1984 Watchtower, pp. 18-19 << The Time for a Change Is Near! Carole, from France, has a “marvelous hope” and foresees, for the near future, “something marvelous—not at all like the world we live in.” Samuel, a 15-year-old youth from the same country, also believes in a complete change: “For the year 2000, I visualize a world transformed into a beautiful paradise! But I don’t think that either the present world or its rulers will live to see that day. . . We are living in the last days of the system of things.” Ruth, a German girl of 16, also expresses her confidence in these changes: “I know I’m not smart enough to change the world and make things run right. Only Jehovah, our Creator, can and will do that soon.” >> November 8, 1986 Awake!, pp. 7-8
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    GB members are responsible not only about CSA cases in Organization, but also for many misconceptions on doctrinal matters and interpretations of Bible. For example, how old humans are. Before few moments TV program on one channel giving documentary about archaeological research in Emirates and how they found place where people lived, not before 10.000 years as they thought previously, but before 125.000 years. Until that moment my JW wife looking with interest on program, but after this "detail" she said, "now they are boring" and switched program on other channel :))))
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    She had not been alone in that reasoning. My wife' mother gave same lesson to her ;))) Imagine how many miles Croatia and your country have distance, but The Same Teaching moves around heads of JW's. Tell me someone, please, how is possible that some individual in USA start to make gossips about 1975 and how that wrong idea ended in one little town in one communist Balkan state ??? :))))) Have in mind how we talking about generation borne in 1961. In 1968/69 they start to go to Grammar school. Here we have 8 years (you have 10) of this school. And 1975 is so close .... There is no chance to finish school before 1975 Armagedon :))))) Definition of dogmatism 1: the expression of an opinion or belief as if it were a fact : positiveness in assertion of opinion especially when unwarranted or arrogant 2: a viewpoint or system of ideas based on insufficiently examined premises Merriam Webster source stating your opinions in a strong way and not accepting anyone else's opinions: Cambridge source Every ideology we facing is dogmatic !!
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    Anna said: I was taught the same thing in the late 1960s about 1975. I don't believe I said in 2000, but by 2000. If not, that's what I should have said, because that's what the first two references explicitly say: "a work that would be completed in our century" and "within our twentieth century, the "battle in the day of Jehovah" will begin". Can't get any clearer than that. "Insinuated" is the wrong word for what those charlatans did. Nope, it's very specific. "Within the decade ending in 2020 Britain will be out of the EU." Nothing open about that. Two things: Samuel didn't think this up by himself -- the Society taught him. The Society puts 'experiences' like that in its publications for a reason -- to tell JWs what they ought to be thinking. You keep forgetting what Jesus warned his followers: do not follow anyone who claims to represent him and God, and says "the due time for the end has approached". That's what he meant by "keep on the watch", because his followers could not possibly know in advance when the end had approached. He even said,"if you think you know -- that's not it!" Sure, after proclaiming every which way that it was God's prediction not his. Of course it was. Did you read the links I gave you? Which shows that the Bible Students under Russell did not have God's holy spirit guiding them, even though they claimed they did. Russell even said, using the royal "we": "These are God's dates, not ours."
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    Yes, in the end we all will do an accounting before jehovah - whether you believe in him or not. Personal choices do bring the fruits of those choices. When mistakes are made one also reaps what was sowed.... Good for your wife - smart to question their dates.
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    @James Thomas Rook Jr. is such a wuss. We all know it. Given how, at the drop of a pin, he lauds Trump to the high heavens, and given how Alan is unambiguous in denouncing that luminary, @Anna and I thought we had front row seats for the battle of the century! They are both pugnacious. Neither knows the meaning of holding back in the slightest detail. How could we go wrong? We sold tickets to the event. We lined up vendors. We had programs printed. And what happens? A LOVEFEST! “You have never disappointed me, James,” Alan coos. It has cost us serious money in refunds—and I had most of my money spent pampering Mrs. Harley! WELL, IT IS NOT HAPPENING AGAIN!!!! ”Man-induced climate warming” is a problem that “may well” end the world, Alan says—and WHO has raged on and on that global warming is a HOAX to fool the GULLIBLE sheeple for the sake of left-wing politics, the politics that Alan adores? JTR - THAT’S who. By all rights, this ought to be the mother of all wars, even greater than the Trump/no-Trump war! But he punted on that war! He will punt on this one, too—the big wuss. Anna, keep your counsel to yourself! I am NOT going to print up tickets, again.
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    What a beautiful combination .... piano and cello together.... Love how this couple brings them together.... cello playing the melody and some of the early percussion.
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    I CAN explain it all ... I have been watching, and studying for more than 50 years. I try NOT to think like, or be, a professional child. I do NOT think I have enough "spirit" to judge anyone .... in the sense of somehow punishing them. My only judgement of "them" is to avoid and ignore "them" ... I do enjoy the option of being able to enforce my preferences, if necessary. ...which most people might consider a blessing.
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    I never read a direct prediction that the end would come in 2000. Any case, we are supposed to be ready ALL the time because it will come as thief in the night. The other comparison is to a pregnant woman..... she knows the event is eminent but does not know the hour. Did the bible not warn that people will scoff and say: where is it ? ....and when they do not expect it the events will suddenly follow each other .....rapidly one will see prophecies being fulfilled. I have no doubt in my mind that it is getting closer every day that passes. We are seeing the storm clouds rolling in on several sides. My brother told me that they had temperatures if 53.2 Celsius in south Africa..... and the hight of the summer will only be in February - in 3 months. Farmers have not planted. Governments are keeping quiet about crop failures, unprecedented ocean destruction due to warm sea currents and many other problems. The dollar and stable stockmarket is the main concern. Keep everyone in the dark until the biosphere collapses. Growing hate between the " iron and clay" elements in most western governments - irreconcileable to where it is almost cold civil war. Maneuvering behind the scenes of the UN..... 176 nations have signed up on the 3 agreements - a good indication of where we are in the stream of time. Surveillance and control of powerful private global companies, super artificial intelligence, CRISPR software on sale for anyone who wants to use it, CHina and Russia have more and more ports and other mineral resources under their control and the growth of atheism, immorality (LGBTQ etc) and other devastating philosophies...... as well as a rise in spiritistic religions...... the main one in the UN - theosophy- are escalating. One thing for sure - the world is not growing better as some are saying - but worse as each day passes. A Christian genocide is ongoing in middle east and north Africa. No one cares about this because the UN human rights organization has been taken over by Muslim countries who vote each other in. Countries with the worst human rights sitting in top positions. Well.... I can go on..... and on.... Laugh on and on..... suddenly the mockery will turn into gnashing of teeth in anger....
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    Yes, guests in restaurant have to be very talented too. :)) Message of the song is something that we need to try to use sometimes in a life.
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    This playing with cups thing is somehow extremely popular with youth culture.... I like how she used it in this song. The music video must have been extremely expensive to make. I do like the message and the ending.
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    Of course he said it. He is now trying to walk it back because, despite all his blustering, he couldn’t quite make it stick. It is as you say. The nearness of the end has been impressed upon Witnesses from their inception, but the only specific date in anyone’s lifetime today is 1975. They burned their fingers on that one so badly that they resolved never to do that again. So far they have kept to that resolve. Every subsequent pronouncement has been generic, and is in harmony with Jesus’ counsel to “keep on the watch.” Alan’s just upset that they have not said not to keep on the watch. In fact, he’s probably upset that they have not denounced God, for he writes that he has “disproved” him. If you can distract the Librarian for a moment, I wrote long ago of another such revision that Alan has no doubt chronicled. If by some miracle he missed it, it is another that he can throw on the stack: Paragraph 18 [of the Revelation book] on page 94 states "some scientists forecast mathematically that an accidental nuclear war is virtually certain to take place within the next 25 years - let alone a planned nuclear conflagration!" The updated version, however, yanks this phrase for the blander: "some scientists speak of the possibility of an accidental nuclear war - let alone a planned nuclear conflagration!" [!] The reason the publishers have done this is because Tom Barfendogs has marked on his calendar (to the day, hour, and minute) exactly when 25 years from the first book's publication expires. He is praying, hoping, pleading that there is no nuclear war within that time frame (after that is okay) so he can launch into yet another false prophetscreamfest.
      Hello guest!
    I wrote the post 12 years ago and it stands up reasonably well. The line that I like most is “after that is okay.” It is the same with Alan. The prospect of nuclear war isn’t as disturbing to him as the horror that JWs might get credit for warning of. It is the same with countless other factors that have this world teetering on the brink. He doesn’t think it is in any great trouble, or if he does, he certainly doesn’t want anyone looking anywhere else outside of human answers for the remedy. In this sense he is the biggest hypocrite of all. He rails against Jehovah’s Witnesses, but it is really God, the Bible, and specifically the notion of his kingdom coming that rankles him.
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    Srecko Sostar

    Il Divo - Ti Amero

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    Anna said: It's gross deception. Why? Because it deliberately gives a completely false picture of what the Bible Students said. That's like saying the Nazi's tried hard not to be dogmatic about Nazism, but didn't always succeed. Tell me if the statements quoted below about 1918 and 1920 are dogmatic or not. The Finished Mystery, 1917, pages 62, 64, said with great authority: << The data presented in comments on Rev. 1:1... prove that the Spring of 1918 will bring upon Christendom a spasm of anguish greater even than that experienced in the Fall of 1914. The awakening of the sleeping saints, A.D. 1878, was just half way (three and one-half years each way) between the beginning of the Times of Restitution in 1874 and the close of the High Calling in 1881. Our proposition is that the glorification of the Little Flock in the Spring of 1918 A.D. will be half way (three and one-half years each way) between the close of the Gentile Times and the close of the Heavenly Way, A.D. 1921. >> These predictions failed. More forceful language was used in the predictions of a terrible destruction due to come on Christendom's churches and their members in 1918, with their dead bodies strewn about unburied. Pages 484-485 said: << Also, in the year 1918, when God destroys the churches wholesale and the church members by millions, it shall be that any that escape shall come to the works of Pastor Russell to learn the meaning of the downfall of "Christianity." >> Page 513 said: << In the year 1918, when Christendom shall go down as a system to oblivion.... God will cause the nations to shake with gigantic revolutions. >> The book also predicted stupendous events for 1920. On page 258 it said: << Even the republics will disappear in the fall of 1920... Every kingdom of earth will pass away, be swallowed up in anarchy... The three days in which Pharaoh's host pursued the Israelites into the wilderness represent the three years from 1917 to 1920 at which time all of Pharaoh's messengers will be swallowed up in the sea of anarchy. >> On page 542 it said: << As the fleshly-minded apostates from Christianity, siding with the radicals and revolutionaries, will rejoice at the inheritance of desolation that will be Christendom's after 1918, so will God do to the successful revolutionary movement; it shall be utterly desolated, "even all of it." Not one vestige of it shall survive the ravages of world-wide all-embracing anarchy, in the fall of 1920. >> How about the following statements about 1925? Were they dogmatic or not? The book Millions Now Living Will Never Die, 1920 Edition, said on pages 89-90: << . . . we may confidently expect that 1925 will mark the return of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the faithful prophets of old . . . >> The May 15, 1922 Watch Tower said: << We have no doubt whatever in regard to the chronology relating to the dates of 1874, 1914, 1918, and 1925. It was on this line of reckoning that the dates 1874, 1914, and 1918 were located; and the Lord has placed the stamp of his seal upon 1914 and 1918 beyond any possibility of erasure. What further evidence do we need? Using this same measuring line... it is an easy matter to locate 1925, probably in the fall, for the beginning of the antitypical jubilee. There can be no more question about 1925 than there was about 1914. >> I could go on with this for a long time, but here's the link on this that I already gave you:
      Hello guest!
    Not dogmatic? Please! The split is more like 90-10 when it came to anything to do with the Gentile Times stuff the Proclaimers book was discussing. Believe what you like. Quotes like the above say different. Time to go beddie-bye.
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    James Thomas Rook Jr. said: Those examples don't revise history -- they are history. But there are hundreds of examples of Watchtower writers revising 'problematic' Watchtower history. I did a study some years ago examining several hundred statements about what the Bible Students believed about 1914 before that date arrived. Only a handful were truthful. Most were deceptive in the sense that they conveyed a wrong view about what was believed, but without a flat-out lie. A couple of dozen just flat-out lied, like "the Bible Students believed that Christ would return in 1914, and that Armageddon would begin then." The truth was that Russell taught that both events had already occurred in 1874, six years before he published an account of 1914 in the 1880 Zion's Watch Tower. My favorite example of such mealy mouthed deception is from the Proclaimers book (p. 163). Speaking about what Rutherford and company taught in the decade after 1914, it said: << As the years passed and they examined and reexamined the Scriptures, their faith in the prophecies remained strong, and they did not hold back from stating what they expected to occur. With varying degrees of success, they endeavored to avoid being dogmatic about details not directly stated in the Scriptures. >> Note that expression "endeavored to avoid being dogmatic". It doesn't say that they succeeded in avoiding being dogmatic, so the statement is not technically a lie. But it gives the strong impression that the main goal of the Bible Students under Rutherford was to avoid being dogmatic -- which simply reading Watchtower literature beyond 1914 proves is not true. Rutherford actually taught that what was written in The Watch Tower was equal to the Bible in authority, including his 1925 prediction of Armageddon where he self-admittedly "made an ass of" himself. Exactly what most JWs do when confronted by information like the above. Of course it is. Tell that to Watchtower leaders.
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    I am creating this thread in response to all the non-sequitur replies all the other threads get. I will try to not care if someone responds with a Turkey recipe or True Tom spams us again. This is me throwing up my hands. Officially.
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    Not necessarily. That's a rough guide, is all. The best guide, I think, is the consensus of competent scholars over a long period of time. Even then, no one can be sure that we really possess the original manuscripts, because there are many examples where, for example, the Masoretic text differs significantly from the LXX, which many argue is based on an older and more authentic Hebrew text. Of course, if a bona fide ancient Hebrew text from 300 BCE or earlier is found, that would throw a big monkey wrench into Biblical textual criticism.
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    TrueTomHarley said: Again we witness Orwellian crimestop. The point, Einstein, is that these JWs did not make this nonsense up for themselves, but read the predictions for 2000 in Watchtower publications. Do a little looking on the jwfacts website and you'll find some quotes. Or read some in my response to Anna above. Yes indeed. That paragon of scholastic aptitude gets all of the Real Soon Now nonsense from the Watchtower Society. Are you really this stupid? 1941, 1975, 2000 and Real Soon Now are certainly within peoples' lifetimes. 1975 is NOT arguable, as the links I posted prove. Unfortunately, JW leaders' counsel on that has often been accompanied by predictions of specific years to watch out for: 1914, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, 1975, 2000. We continue to witness Orwellian crimestop. TrueTomHarley said: I did not start this -- others did. As the criticisms of fundamental JW beliefs pile up, JW apologists pull out all the stops to avoid discussion. Here we see TTH sticking his fingers in his ears, shouting La-la-la-la-la! and doing his best to sidestep and deflect issues that show his cult leaders in a truly bad light. TrueTomHarley said: Nonsense. The fact is that I'm quite objective about these things, and as a result have strongly disagreed with some critics of the NWT. You're simply too stupid to understand that, as evidenced by your comments below: Wrong on both counts. A classic instance of the fallacy known as The False Dilemma. So what? Franz was insane but brilliant. A sort of idiot savant of religion. Such people are capable of feats far beyond those of mortal men.
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    What gets me is, as in the book 1984 ... the Society revises history, as stated in the examples given above, That was Winston Smith's JOB ... to revise history. THEN .... when called on their actions, stare blankly into the headlights and say "No, we didn't!" It's a good thing I understand such things as normal to all people, or it would "stumble" me.
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    I am still of the opinion that when translating from ENGLISH, to another language, a person MUST be a fluent EXPERT at both languages, and have lived in areas where both are spoken extensively, and also have a DEEP knowledge of the history and culture of both places, AND have a potload of plain old common sense .... which is not all that common. I suspect that this is true in all other language translations. We have Bible translations in over a thousand languages (...or is it just some Bible literature?) ... but how good are those translations? The Polish people fought the Nazi tanks on horses, with horse drawn artillery, and they acquitted themselves magnificently ... but it was no contest, and they lost miserably. ..... same thing.
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    I think how wording in magazine is something as .... to the end of 20th century. This including the year 2000 :))
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    James Thomas Rook Jr. said: Well -- sometimes. Indeed -- something that high-control-group leaders like the JW Governing Body always forget. They dictate their version of "a good conscience" to the group members and boot out all who disagree. Thus, members either adopt the leaders' conscience, or they shut up.
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    Srecko Sostar said: To be more precise, interpretations of 'yohm' are such personal interpretations. The translation itself is not much open to discussion, as virtually all Bible translations use "day". Quite so. The original NWT Committee was comprised mostly of gophers like Albert Schroeder who did busy-work like making cross references. A Greek name George Gangas helped a bit with the Greek translation, but he had no education, and his Greek was modern Greek, not 1st century Greek. The only one who more or less knew what he was doing was Fred Franz, who had a year or two of Greek in college before he joined the Bible Students, but had no education at all in Hebrew. He was entirely self-taught in Hebrew. It seems that much of Franz's knowledge of Hebrew came from looking up words in Hebrew-English lexicons and looking at many Bible translations. He also elicited help from a scholarly Jew living in Brooklyn, and from at least one recognized Bible scholar (Goodspeed?) who produced his own partial Bible translation. In 1994 I met one other actual WTS scholar who seemed competent, but of course he had nothing to do with the original New World Translation. He died about 20 years ago. He was a Romanian named John Albu, who immigrated to the U.S. around 1970, and quickly became a JW, and soon an "anointed one". He soon joined Bethel and worked on translation and chronology stuff. He told me that he was educated in Europe in Hebrew, Greek and other languages. Eventually serious health issues forced him out of Bethel, but he continued to work closely with the Writing Staff. He worked as a doorman for a hotel in Manhattan. It's fairly certain that Albu did much of the research that resulted in the infamous chapter 14 of the 1981 WTS book "Let Your Kingdom Come", written by GB member Lloyd Barry. He told me that part of the reason he became a JW was that the NWT was so fabulously accurate. I suspect that Franz and Albu would strongly object to the new NWT. While it's far more readable in many areas, it violates Franz's dictum that the NWT should be literal to a fault, being more of a "dynamic translation" in the spirit of the New International Version. Of course, Freddie always skewed his translations in favor of pre-existing Watchtower doctrine, sometimes stretching Hebrew and Greek meanings to their limits, and occasionally past those limits. My own opinion, for what it's worth, is that on the whole both versions of the NWT are translationally at least as accurate as the best other translations. In a handful of cases I think it's more accurate than most. They all have inaccuracies and various warts, but in different areas. Much of the criticism of the NWT comes from Christian scholars who are obligated by their religions to argue in favor of doctrines like the Trinity, and so often use really bad arguments to criticize the NWT. I think that Fred Franz was a brilliant but insane man who fell into C. T. Russell's cult at an early age and never recovered.
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    I heard several JWs in the 1980s talking about zebras. Coming from the Master of Rationality, I’d say that this bit of “evidence” is rather weak. Another bit of proof! It IS true that, as they were dropping the 1999 New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square, the brothers were dropping an identical one at Bethel: “Four...three....two....one....IT’S THE NEW SYSTEM!!!! ......Oh.....Still the same?.....nuts!” What is wrong with you? There is 1975 and only 1975 in anyone’s lifetime. And, as stated, even that one is arguable. You’re just steamed that there has not been counsel: “Remember, brothers, how Jesus said ‘Keep on the watch?’ He’s nuts. Fogedaboutit!” This speech is shocking! Who can listen to it? It is on a topic having nothing to do with the theme of this thread! How could you?! Put it up on another thread. Start one if there is not one already! Same with Alan with his dates. A completely different topic. Start a new thread! How can you people be so insensitive to the wishes of @The Librarian (that old hen)? She has made it clear that she wants order. We must be considerate of her and not just think of our own selfish desires. Otherwise she will throw everything in one master thread where the focused energy will cause it to explode like a supernova, blowing us all to Kingdom Come! (maybe that’s how The End comes about)
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    Jehovah's Witnesses are a "happy people" in the midst of a hostile world.That happiness comes from the spiritual food and the way it is delivered to them. They are the only ones sharing their hope in God's Kingdom with all who will listen around the world. God has fed them well through Christ and the GB just he said they would eat while others go hungry, they would drink while others thirst. The individual witnesses have trust in the GB in Christ' hand. They have faith that just as Jehovah has spoken it will be.The world may hate us and assault our faith, but we see their hate and accusations as Satan's works of desperation. Today we wonder what the 3 demonic expressions of Rev.16:14 will prove to be. What signs will convince world leaders to turn on the religions of the world and destroy them. We are at the doorstep of discovery, the events are unstoppable. The opposers will cry out because of the realization that they were in reality fighters against God and all that is good in His eyes!
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    No. You are preoccupied with this, and @4Jah2me lives and breathes it. But anyone else takes into account that there is no sizable organization on earth where CSA is not an issue, and no one that is not being sued—and in most cases, it is the leaders who are the abusers, something very rare with JWs, whose leaders are just accused of not reporting. Don’t misunderstand. I would rather that even that were not so, but it is considerably less serious than the leaders being the abusers. Most people can get their heads around that, out of 8 million people, not every single one will be blameless—especially since CSA is the scourge of the planet. Most people can also get their heads around clergy/penitent confidentiality, even if it is being legally reinterpreted, same as they have understood doctor/patient and lawyer/client privilege. I say the following only because I am addressing you, JTR, and I know your political leaning: Most ordinary Americans cannot quite get their heads around quid-pro-quo and if you explain it to them they are not quite sure why it is the huge deal Trump’s opponents make it out to be. We’ll see how it turns out. It may be something to the Witness organization’s lasting shame. Or perhaps a sense of proportion will, in time, assert itself. I do sometimes wish that there was a little more PR pushback from them. At present there is only a “we abhor child sexual abuse.” True enough, but in the face of court actions and vehement accusers, reporters go to where they can get a story. They can get one from accusers, but nothing specific from the defense, so they naturally gorge themselves on what the accusers have to say. That’s what reporters do. There is a limit to how much you can malign people. The decency of Jehovah’s Witnesses is well-attested. They are not flower-selling robe dressers but they are neighbors and coworkers. True, they eat Bible sandwiches, but they are honest, industrious, law-abiding, and harmless. Usually when there are laudable people, it is understood to be because of their leaders, not despite them. You hang out here too much, JTR, with people who are obsessed over this, in some cases people who are fervently hoping for an outcome detrimental to JWs. “Can’t see the forest for the trees” is the pit some fall into. Again, because of your political leanings—it is like media whipping people into a frenzy over Trump day after day, praying that every tiny development proves to be the torpedo that sinks him. From the moment of his election this has been the case—even from before his election. Close one Mueller investigation with not much to show for it, and immediately open another. At least half the country concludes that it is his enemies grasping at straws.
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    Jehovah hates turkey

    On topic. I have honestly known JW's that will not have a proper cooked dinned on Christmas day, as it looks like a Christmas dinner. 'For fear of stumbling others'. They just have a salad or soup or some other small meal. I remember when working with some brothers years ago (they were builders) and i took a box of mince pies for lunch. Not one of those brothers would eat a mince pie It was soooooooooo funny. When i think of what wicked things go on in the JW org, and then some JW's worry about christmas day dinner and mince pies. Where is the common sense ? Where is the sense of balance ?
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    1 I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes. 2 There are two kinds of pedestrians: the quick and the dead. 3 Life is sexually transmitted. 4 Healthy is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die. 5 The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth. 6 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. 7 Have you noticed since everyone has a camcorder these days no one talks about seeing UFOs like they used to? 8 Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again. 9 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. 10 In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it Normal . 11 How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire? 12 Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, 'I think I'll squeeze these dangly things and drink whatever Comes out'? 13 If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him? 14 Why does your OB-GYN leave the room when you get undressed if they are going to look up there anyway? 15 If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests? 16 If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then what is baby oil made from? 17 Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup? 18 Does pushing the elevator button more than once make it arrive faster? 19 Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle? 20 Do you ever wonder why you gave me your email address?
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    Sorry, that login was from my new mini iPad "2019" - Roland showed me my old passwords on my Laptop.... So I tried it next day and was happy, haha Soon more time, I hope it - Camping is over and other things too -- Importend is, the endtime is very near ! See us soon again
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    Jack Ryan


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    Whitesnake - Is This Love

    I was a young passionate teenager in the late 1980's.... These type of ballads made a whole group of youth view "sexy" in a different way than our forefathers. I guess that is true of almost any generation.
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    Whitesnake - Is This Love

    I should have known better Than to let you go alone It's times like these I can't make it on my own Wasted days, and sleepless nights An' I can't wait to see you again I find I spend my time Waiting on your call How can I tell you, babe My back's against the wall I need you by my side To tell me it's alright 'Cause I don't think I can take anymore Is this love that I'm feeling Is this the love that I've been searching for Is this love or am I dreaming This must be love 'Cause it's really got a hold on me A hold on me I can't stop the feeling I've been this way before But, with you I've found the key To open any door I can feel my love for you Growing stronger day by day An' I can't wait too see you again So I can hold you in my arms Is this love that I'm feeling Is this the love that I've been searching for Is this love or am I dreaming This must be love 'Cause it's really got a hold on me A hold on me Is this love that I'm feeling Is this the love that I've been searching for Is this love or am I dreaming Is this the love that I've been searching for Is this love or am I dreaming Is this the love that I've been searching for Is this love or am I dreaming Is this the love that I've been searching for Is this love or am I dreaming Is this the love that I've been searching for Is this love or am I dreaming Is this the love that I've been searching for Songwriters: David Coverdale
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    1507940147251-drlcss (1).mp4
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    Some day, when I'm awfully low,When the world is cold,I will feel a glow just thinking of you...And the way you look tonight.Yes you're lovely, with your smile so warmAnd your cheeks so soft,There is nothing for me but to love you,And the way you look tonight.With each word your tenderness grows,Tearing my fear apart...And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,It touches my foolish heart.Lovely ... Never, ever change.Keep that breathless charm.Won't you please arrange it ?'Cause I love you ... Just the way you look tonight.Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm,Just the way you look to-night.

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