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    Here is the CBS JANUARY 6 - 12, 2020.docWeekly Material for January 6-12 and January 13 –19, 2020. TB MEETING WORKBOOK week of JANUARY 6 - 1 2 , 2020 text only.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of JANUARY 6 - 1 2 , 2020.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of JANUARY 6 - 1 2 , 2020.pdf Watchtower January 6-12, 2020.doc Watchtower January 6-12, 2020.pdf Additional Highlights -January 6-12, 2020.doc Additional Highlights -January 6-12, 2020.pdf CBS JANUARY 6 - 12, 2020.doc CBS JANUARY 6 - 12, 2020.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of JANUARY 6 - 1 2 , 2020 text only.doc CBS JANUARY 1 3 - 19 , 2020.doc Additional Highlights -January 13-19, 2020.pdf Additional Highlights -January 13-19, 2020.doc Watchtower January 13-19, 2020.pdf Watchtower January 13-19, 2020.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of JANUARY 13 –19, 2020.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of JANUARY 13 –19, 2020.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of JANUARY 13 –19, 2020,text only.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of JANUARY 13 –19, 2020,text only.doc CBS JANUARY 1 3 - 19 , 2020.pdf
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    Let scientists be scientists and Bible teachers be Bible teachers. Don’t squabble unless there is a reason to. That there is not a reason to in some battlegrounds is highlighted in the downloadable Research Guide to accompany the NWT Study Bible. Regarding Genesis 1:14 and the creative days, there is a link to a 9-year old Watchtower article: “These are not 24-hour days but are epochs. On the first creative day, Jehovah caused light to begin to appear at the earth’s surface. That process would be completed when the sun and the moon later became discernible from the earth. (Gen 1:3,14) On the second day, the atmosphere began to be formed. (Gen 1:6) Earth then had water, light, and air but still no dry land. Early on the third creative day, Jehovah used his holy spirit to produce dry land, perhaps harnessing powerful geologic forces to push continents up out of the global sea. (Gen 1:9) There would be other astounding developments on the third day and during later creative periods.” I made reference to this article in my own post, entitled “Epochs and Aeons,” after reading the Sean B Carroll book, “The Making of the Fittest - DNA and the Ultimate Forensic Record of Evolution.” You have to use the middle initial of Sean Carroll, a ‘B’, because there is another well-known contemporary scientist with an ‘M’ for a middle initial—this one specializing in physics. It’s surprising, but no more surprising than to consider that the public face of JW persecution in Russia—the first one to be sentenced (to six year’s imprisonment) has a surname (Christensen) that evokes both his Lord and his Lord’s profession. It turns out that there is also a local broadcaster by that name—Sean Carroll—who has since moved to Syracuse. I followed them all on Twitter and introduced them to each other. They hit it off and began to talk baseball! Then I made some remark about the trinity and in what way the three men might foreshadow that. All three Seans fell silent at that. Who can blame them? They would have fallen more silent still had I tweeted the skit that I inserted in No Fake News but Plenty of Hogwash: Crack! “Mike Behe hits a grounder to shortstop! Sean Carroll scoops it up and flips it to Sean Carroll at second base – one out! Sean Carroll fires it to Sean Carroll at first – double play! And the Denver Denyers lose to the Cincinnati Smarts! Jock, those Smarts have one helluva team this year. I almost think Sean Carroll will be named MVP.” “Yeah, and if not Sean Carroll, then maybe Sean Carroll! Or maybe even Sean Carroll!” Oh, and I also like this link to a 2004 Awake with regard to verse 16: “How could God produce light on the first day if the luminaries were not made until the fourth day?” is the question. The answer is that the Hebrew word rendered “make” in 16 is not the same as the word for “create” in 1, 21, and 27. The bodies that are the source of light were created before any of those creative days began. Their light did not reach the earth, however, until the early impenetrable atmosphere began to clear. Not surprisingly, Genesis is written from the standpoint of someone on earth, not someone hovering in space.
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    (I love the bacon ones)
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    Well, you had better get ready for every JW to be taken captive by the United Nations/Beast. Rev 13:10 They will be “captured” by the “empty philosophy” of the UN and its religious conglomerate. Col 2:8 In your world, that coalition of nations will target and “blaspheme” the Temple/anointed priests, (Rev 13:5) somehow singling them out of 8 million people, to “make war” with them. Dan 8:24,11; Rev 13:6 The "saints" will be conquered. Rev 13:7 Yet, before that happens, all JWs will “worship” the United Nations, willingly bearing its mark. Rev 13:16,17 They will say, “Who is like the United Nations, who can fight a war with it?” Rev 13:4 As you now see, there is a developing cry of “peace and security” by the dual Beasts. It endeavors to proclaim "peace and security" for all who receive its mark. 1 Thess 5:3 Since you see things literally, some JWs under its captivity will then stand up to this UN Beast, and will be physically killed for speaking out against the dual rulership of a false prophet and Beast organization over them. Rev 13:1,2,11,12 Yes, if they reject the identifying mark of the UN Beast, they are killed. Yet, many JWs will choose to remain with the UN Beast. Rev 14:9-10; 16:2 Can you see THIS coming? This is the only way it can play out in your literal world. Can you also tell me how the UN will become “spirit-directed”? Rev 13:15 No other organization touts to be spirit-directed (“spirit breathed”), but the Watchtower. Rev 13:15 Satan is making his obvious display of prophetic fulfillment in the world, but in the hand he holds behind his back, is the threat that God’s people are already under. JWs believe they reside in "peace and security". Your leaders have even written a book about it.
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    @TrueTomHarley There is one thing the world should know that Jesus will return to judge the world and that he has died for our sins. So it is good that all the Chinese get to know it when there are so few JWs. So logically other churches fulfill a purpose despite differences in how they understand scriptures. The same with WT. There are tens of doctines that are falls. But all churches including WT have futhered the spreading of God's word the Bible and at least som basic knowledge about Jesus. As Jesus said weeds mixed with wheat. But I will not join any church. I can not stand false teachings. I would prefer if people would listen to what I teach based on God's word.
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    You are treading on dangerous ground, even if you have already considered that Cesar, is Allen, is . . . . etc. Expect a lot of diversions -- and insults if you don't let the diversions work. Actually you, Arauna, definitely did mention it during that discussion, and the comments you made about it there indicated that you were NOT aware that it doesn't change a thing. The festival of Akitu was not just celebrated in 538 BCE, but EACH and EVERY year for centuries prior and centuries afterwards. I know you already knew that, but the way you worded it above could have implied to others that this festival took place only in 538. Or at least you were implying that there was some special evidence that only allowed for this particular year to be the time when Cyrus declared the Jews to be free to go home. Turns out this is just a guess with no real evidence behind it, if you think it forces the decree to be only possible in 538. But I agree that it's possible (though a little less likely). You might recall from the other discussion, I didn't care whether your preferred SECULAR date was 539 or 538 or 537 for the declaration/release because any of of those dates is a close enough fit for the Bible record, and any of those dates supports the historical facts surrounding the prophecies of Jeremiah. Any of those dates would be a fair fit for the dominance of Babylon for 70 years. (A dominance and servitude that led to a very greatest level of desolation Israel had ever seen, associated directly with those same 70 years given to Babylon for domination as a "World Empire.") Apparently you also didn't realize that you were using it in a way to push the first accession "year" of Cyrus to a date that even the Watchtower doesn't necessarily push for. The Watchtower would have loved to move the decree as late as possible after 539 because of the 3 year gap between 539 and the 536 date that Russell had used for Cyrus overtaking Babylon. Changing 606 to 607 back in 1943 had only bought them 1 of those 3 years, but that still left 2 years to account for. Russell/Barbour had not really accounted for communication time, preparation time and travel time back to Judea, so adding a year for this bought the Watchtower 1 more of those 2 years, still unaccounted for. So to get that extra year they also needed to push the decree of Cyrus (freeing the Jews) to a time that was a year or even more than a year after Babylon was overtaken. So, to that end, the Insight book hints that it is possible, and that some commentators have inserted Darius for that first year without Cyrus, but continues to use a date that shows it's more likely they were co-rulers. You are pushing for an idea that would put Cyrus' accession year and first full regnal year (Nisannu to Nisannu) to a point one year later than the Watchtower admits. *** it-1 p. 568 Cyrus *** The Bible record at Daniel 9:1 refers to “the first year of Darius,” and this may have intervened between the fall of Babylon and “the first year of Cyrus” over Babylon. If it did, this would mean that the writer was perhaps viewing Cyrus’ first year as having begun late in the year 538 B.C.E. However, if Darius’ rule over Babylon were to be viewed as that of a viceroy, so that his reign ran concurrent with that of Cyrus, Babylonian custom would place Cyrus’ first regnal year as running from Nisan of 538 to Nisan of 537 B.C.E. In view of the Bible record, Cyrus’ decree freeing the Jews to return to Jerusalem likely was made late in the year 538 or early in 537 B.C.E. But making such a big deal out of the importance of the Akitu (New Year's celebration) did not help your claim in the slightest. The Akitu celebration was indeed at least a week-long celebration that was officially ran from Nisannu 4th through the 11th. With preparation and travel to the two main temples and back, it's probably fine to count it from the 1st to the 14th as you did above. But, as stated, it was not just celebrated in 538 of course. It was celebrated in 540, 539, 538, 537, 536, 535, etc., not just in 538. I do agree that this New Year's celebration was probably considered an appropriate time for a king like Cyrus to make that kind of legal announcement to free the Jews from exile. I'm fine with your date, but it has no real solid evidence, only conjecture, and the declaration might have been even more likely in 539. Either way it plays no part in 1914. Even if 607 had been correct, it would have nothing to do with 1914, from a scriptural perspective. You are only arguing from a secular perspective.

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