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    JW Survey has obtained documents affirming that the Jehovah’s Witness headquarters in the United Kingdom has orchestrated a systematic takeover bid of all Kingdom Hall properties located in England, Scotland and Wales. In a letter dated November 8th, 2019, the London-based Kingdom Hall Trust announced that all UK congregations will dissolve their status as individual charities and become branches of the KHT. The Kingdom Hall Trust (KHT) is a Jehovah’s Witness legal corporation established in 1939 as the London Company of Kingdom Witnesses. On June 30, 1978, it was officially registered as a charity in the UK. In 1994, the name was changed to the Kingdom Hall Trust. While the KHT was already engaged in the acquisition of property used by Jehovah’s Witness church members, the latest directive “proposes” that all UK Branch Congregations relinquish their individual charity status and operate under the blanket control of the Kingdom Hall Trust charity. Five documents were leaked, including a private letter to all elders, a separate letter to be read to congregations, and an FAQ document explaining the dissolution of congregation charities. Also included are the pre-formatted meeting minutes and congregation resolutions to be filled out, resolved, and returned to the KHT. According to the letter presented to individual congregations, the UK Charity Commission approved the merging of all UK congregations into the Kingdom Hall Trust, with the premise that all congregations in the United Kingdom agree to these changes. The language used cleverly suggests that the merger is optional: “Your charity is now being invited to take part in this process and merge with The Kingdom Hall Trust. Next week a resolution will be put to all baptized members of your congregation so that you can decide whether or not to go along with this proposal.” [bold ours] It may be of interest to the Charity Commission that congregational compliance to central directives is not optional. All resolutions placed before congregation members from the Jehovah’s Witness governing entities are passed without contest. Financial Implications While the Kingdom Hall Trust directors state that these changes are for purposes of simplification, the leaked documents suggest that permanent control of property and finances may be the true motivation. The November 2019 letter to congregation members says: “However, because elders would no longer serve as trustees, your local donations would be administered by KHT as part of its general funds. This could mean that the Trustees decide to use your donations to support the Kingdom work elsewhere in our branch territory and throughout the world to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters. This is in harmony with the equalizing explained at 2 Corinthians 8:14 “… that by means of an equalizing, your surplus at the present time might offset their need, so that their surplus might also offset your deficiency, that there may be an equalizing”.” [bold ours] While Witnesses have always been able to donate funds to the “Worldwide” work, the latest directive appears to give the Kingdom Hall Trust the ability to extract funds normally marked for local use only, and allocate them for use by Jehovah’s Witness leadership anywhere in the world. Read more:
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    The speaker’s wife gave one of the first comments at the Watchtower Study—on the very first paragraph. It sort of fit, since the theme was on making wise decisions and following through. Still, she ‘shoehorned’ it in a bit—it wasn’t a perfect fit. She said how she had not been manipulated to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses—it had been her own choice and one that she did not regret. Well, who said that she had been manipulated?—that’s why the comment had an artificial flavor to it—the paragraph itself contained no hint of it. Furthermore, pushing the limits of the 30-second goal for comments, put in place so no one loquacious person steals the show, she found it the stupidest notion in the world for anyone to suggest that. Manipulation? How ridiculous. Plainly, someone had thrust that idea at her recently, maybe some sorehead that she had run across at work or among the neighbors—that it is no more than manipulation with Jehovah’s Witnesses—that’s why they believe and act as they do. It is the classic technique of the mainstream bully—to assert that one couldn’t possibly depart from the ordinary unless they had been manipulated to do so, and “unfairly” manipulated at that—had the “manipulation” been in that bully’s direction, there would be no problem with it. You can apply this to anything. The reason you bought a Chevy is that you were manipulated by their ads. The reason you cheered for the 49ers is that you were manipulated by San Francisco. The reason you went to college is that you were manipulated by the guidance counselor. The reason that you died for your country is that you were manipulated by that country to think the cause noble—nobody of any other country thought so. Really, Jehovah’s Witnesses least fit the accusation of manipulation, because they, unlike the above examples, represent persons who were actively searching—they were anything but moldable pieces of dough. They were dissatisfied with the status quo, dissatisfied with where life was heading, dissatisfied with the goals society set before them, and they took upwards of a year looking over a new model, weighing and trying it on for size, before committing to it. All this was done in familiar surroundings without leaving trusted routine—as opposed to the above examples of college and military, in which one is immersed 24/7 in unfamiliar settings, a classic tool of manipulators. Well, if you are going to talk manipulation, talk it with something that counts. That’s why I liked Mark Sanderson kicking back at the petty application of manipulation with a major one. In his annual meeting talk about not being fearful, he quoted Hebrews 2:15, that “through [Jesus’] death [God] might bring to nothing the one having the means to cause death, that is, the Devil, and that he might set free all those who were held in slavery all their lives by their fear of death.” Sanderson cited the Nuremberg trials, in which various Nazis who had committed unspeakable atrocities were asked the simple question, “How could you do those terrible things?” “What did they say?” he asked, and then related the answer they had given: “We had no choice. If we didn’t obey they would put us to death.” “Those people could be manipulated,” Sanderson said. “They could be controlled. They could be made to do the most wicked things because they were afraid.” Exactly! If you are going to bandy about words as “manipulate” and “control,” don’t trivialize the terms—do it with an example that matters! Don’t do it with an example of choosing this life course or that life course, neither of which will extend beyond 80 years. Do it with the example of control and manipulation that will gain you the reputation of a mass murderer to last throughout all time. Maybe that’s why the resurrection of the dead was one of the first Christian teachings to come under attack, even during the time of the apostles; the teaching thwarted the goal to keep people afraid so that you can make them do what you want. Was it coincidence for Sanderson to speak as he did or did it represent kicking back at these petty people who put all their stock in the here and now, equating acting by faith as “control” and “manipulation?” I don’t know, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of it.
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    Virus threatens U.S. companies’ supply of Chinese-made parts and materials The battle to contain the Chinese coronavirus threatens to cut off U.S. companies from parts and materials they need to produce iPhones, automobiles and appliances and drugs to treat medical conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure and malaria. Some of the United States’ best-known manufacturers such as General Electric, Caterpillar and the Big Three automakers, along with many smaller American businesses, depend on what is made in Chinese factories. Now, they confront life without those items. Major airlines in the United States and Europe are halting their cargo and passenger flights to China for up to two months. Recent visitors to the country are barred from entering the United States.
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    Apple shuts down all stores and corporate offices in China amid the continued Wuhan coronavirus outbreak Apple announced on Saturday it was closing all of its offices and stores in China out of an "abundance of caution" amid the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. The Wuhan coronavirus has killed at least 259 and infected around 12,000, primarily in China. Apple, which earns about a quarter of its operating income in China, said it will keep its online store open during the shutdown.
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    US companies suspend China operations, restrict travel as coronavirus outbreak becomes global crisis Disney, Tesla, airlines and other global companies with significant footprints in China are suspending operations as they respond to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The WHO has recommended against “measures that unnecessarily interfere with international trade or travel.” As the virus continues to spread, and institutions respond, it threatens to disrupt sectors from travel and retail to tech.
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    At least 20 former Jehovah's Witnesses are suing the group over historical sexual abuse they say they suffered. The group has a policy of not punishing alleged child sex abuse unless a second person, alongside the accuser, has witnessed it - or an abuser confesses. It says its elders "comply with child-abuse reporting laws even if there is only one witness", though, and always tell police if a child is in danger. But one former elder said it had been failing to involve the authorities. Read more:
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    Since Jehovah’s Witnesses deny blood transfusion on religious grounds and liver transplantation is historically related to potential massive perioperative blood loss, therefore, Jehovah’s Witnesses represent a great clinical challenge when indicated to this procedure, and keeping this in mind, researchers undertook this retrospective review to define a perioperative management pathway with strategies toward a transfusion-free environment, to ultimately afford not only liver transplant to selected Jehovah’s Witnesses patients but also to translate this practice to all general surgical procedures. They analyzed data for Jehovah’s Witnesses patients who had liver transplantation at their Institution. A preoperative red cell mass optimization package and the intraoperative use of normovolemic haemodilution, veno-venous bypass and low central venous pressure were included in the perioperative multimodal strategy to liver transplantation in Jehovah’s Witnesses. Among 13 Jehovah’s Witness patients who underwent liver transplantation, 4 developed acute kidney injury (one needed extracorporeal renal replacement therapy) and one required vasoactive medications to support blood pressure for the first 2 postoperative days. Re-laparotomy was performed on 2 patients. One-year follow-up revealed 12 alive recipients and the death of one because of septic complications. Experts concluded that liver transplantation, when performed at a very experienced centre and using a multidisciplinary approach, can be feasible and safe in selected Jehovah’s Witnesses patients, as confirmed by the findings.
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    A High Court judge has issued a warning after a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses were more concerned with the “spiritual counselling” of a sexually abusive father, than protecting his young daughter. Ministers in a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses waited more than two and a half years before telling police that the girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had made sex abuse allegations against her father. Mrs Justice Lieven said there had been a "failure to take effective steps to protect a young child" which gave rise to "deep concern".
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    Manipulation is the byword of the Watchtower. Tom, we are to be "moldable pieces"....not of dough, but of clay. Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isa 64:8 Every faithful JW is the product, the "work", of the organization. The manipulation began with the promise of eternal life, if and only if, one enters and becomes its product. "You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies." 1 Cor 6:19b,20 Samuel Herd used the partial scripture in 1 Cor 6:19, which in its entirety, refers to the anointed Temple. Although he used it to support the construction work, the Bethel work, the organizational work as a whole. When JWs are baptized, they are dedicated to the organization. They are no longer their own, but must live up to that vow (which the magazines have reminded them of) What Herd meant was... "You are not your own; you were bought at a price (your life/soul). Therefore honor the organization with your bodies."
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    Um, Children of JW parents. @TrueTomHarley are manipulated. Didn't a member of the GB say something like 'Don't let them have their driving licence until they get baptised'. I do know, having known the JW Org for over 50 years, that children of JW Parents are bribed / manipulated. A child raised as a JW has to go to the meetings, has to mix with mainly JWs and other JW children. And had to go on the ministry at weekends. They do not get an option. They have to go where their parents take them. Then there is the competition that you don't believe in, about getting them baptised. At 6 or 7 years old ? Well maybe the child gets to be 10 before the real pressure in put on, or the bribery. Then of course if a child hasn't been allowed to mix with 'people of the world', because 'the world is so wicked', then that is a form of manipulation. Why ? Because it has formed a wrong opinion in the child's mind. The child will actually believe it's parents. The child will be frightened to mix with 'people of the world' and won't trust anyone outside the Org. Totally unfair. And then you have the 'You don't need higher education'. Now that again is manipulation. If you stop your child getting higher education, you have changed the direction of that child's life. That is manipulation. In my opinion, manipulation isn't just pushing a person in a direction, it can also be, putting up a barrier to make a person change direction, especially if that new direction is the deliberate intention of the person in control. And of course once a child is baptised the manipulation gets worse as the Elders now have control. The threat of shunning and disfellowshipping, and thereby being thrown out of home, is the new fear a child has. I've seen it all take place. I've seen a young man made to live in the family garage as he had nowhere else to live, but they would not let him live in the house. Manipulation is alive and well in the JW Org. It's not in people's mind. There is proof of it happening.
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    If a conspiracy promoter doesn't want to be discredited they should be more careful with facts and evidence. There is a lot of truth in many of the things that any good conspiracy promoter uses. But all too often they start to promote an ideology or an agenda that requires them to begin avoiding and hiding facts that don't fit. If they are not completely honest, then they should be discredited, not for the whistleblowing or truthful parts of their message, but only for the untruthful parts.
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    I'm sure I could find a thousand places for that, if I thought arguing over conspiracy theories was important. The idea of cheap labor is a constant search for companies everywhere. I worked for an international financial company that was constantly looking for cheaper labor for call centers, programmers, print and mail centers, even data centers (in spite of the dangers of having financial data transmitted over open lines often unencrypted). Several countries had bad reputations from 'fair labor' perspectives. China is a large country that is still basically poor even though the majority of persons are already above what the USA would consider a poverty level. Their track record on labor practices is no better than most other poor countries in spite of better laws than most countries on workers' rights and labor practices. The evidence on "factory suicides" in particular is probably not a number I'd expect to get very accurately, but overall reported suicides in China (9.7/100k) are relatively low, with much higher suicide rates in Russia (31/100k), with USA suicide rates (15.3) somewhere between those two countries, worse than China, but better than Russia. China's rate is about as low as Georgia, and the US is about as high as Sweden.
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    China traded on the greed of of countries/companies willing to do this, only allowing them to base factories in China if those countries/companies were willing to share important intellectual property patents. Of course, this is how the US got many important patents, too, by sharing with other countries, or syphoning off inventors from other countries. I was surprised to learn that many of the patents that US companies have fought over were actually already on the books years earlier in other countries and it is only the US version of the patent that is being fought over. This even goes back to the 19th century telegraph (later AT&T) where S.F.B.Morse was only getting a patent for a version of a design already in use in the UK. I agree. If you read Exxon Mobil's annual financial reports, sometimes you'd think you are reading the charter of one of the most powerful nations in the world, not merely an international company. That's true, although these corporations usually have lawyers to lobby Congress to put laws on the books so that none dare call it treason. Absolutely true, and it keeps getting worse because they have reached a degree of power so that they keep pushing the envelope on what they can get away with with no one to stop them. Investigative reporting is expensive and cuts into profits, and all too often will embarrass the corporate advertising sources of the media outlet, which is itself a monopoly with conflicts of interests after merging with and buying up competing media outlets. Entertainment made from "fluffy" or insignificant (or fake) news is what the audiences have already been trained to expect - and want. Most people probably don't realize that their news is carefully culled for them so that they don't learn anything real about what their own country is doing. And even a serious and important issue can be manipulated to create fear, propaganda, or a distraction from something else that should be more important.
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    Good night

    Good night
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    .... probably the random synapse discharges from the neurons of a dying mind.
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    Why do I feel like central banks printing massive amounts of money to prop up dying stock markets can't be a good thing in the wake of this pandemic?
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    dduane: …I don’t normally post things twice in a row, but I uploaded this super gif from Paul Wood (@superretroid) at Twitter last night, and no matter how many times I’ve viewed it since, I haven’t seen it animate ONCE. So here it is again. Let’s see if it moves THIS time. (sigh) World News
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    Revelation: Babylon the Great, etc.

    I am not going to argue with you over conspiracy theories and what is true and what is not. However, one is naive if you think that powerful corporations did not willingly move their factories to China to benefit from the cheap 18-hour slave labour shifts where so-called inspections were never done to ensure fair working hours. Factory suicides were prevalent. Avarice and greed allowed them to finance factories there, allowed them to share important intellectual property patents which helped China in their race to build satellites, rockets, and military equipment. US corporations assisted China to spy on their own citizens and made concessions to the government in order to get permission to operate in the country. It may not be conspiracy but i do think their greed made them act in a treasonous fashion. The US government was asleep and allowed monopolies to proliferate and also never held these companies to account. It is now too late to stop China in its quest to control the wealth of the world. These treasonous corporations still pay very little taxes on their profits in USA but have their headoffoffices in other tax havens....... Too many of the high-up politicians also have stakes in Chinese corporations....... What people are allowed to do today would have been called treason a few years back. While I do not care what they have done (I do not take sides) - it does tell me that the top echelons of society and corporations have no morals and are lawless. Politicians have conflict of interest and do not declare it ....... because very little investigative research journalism is done these days. The six major media companies in the west are Have started using bots to prepare the news.......
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    Thank you for proving my point on how people here like to distort their views because they think of something that is not. Just like a group of apostates like Srecko, 4jah2me, etc does not amount to witness. Therefore instead of wasting your time, make something good out of it. Preach falsehoods to the rest of the world, since it falls on deaf ears to true witnesses.
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    He did said that on the broadcasting. Maybe is just out of sync on the video, sometimes happens when u upload videos.
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    Watch from minute 53.00 - 56.00 - "...so we will never change our Scriptural position on that subject....." His lips said that :))))
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    JW Broadcasting—November 2017
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    Coming from a man who pretends to be someone else, even though all names come with the same personality. Where is the logic in that?
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    I couldn't agree with you more. No faithful prophet of God from old, or faithful disciple of God and Jesus Christ, have as their agenda, a personal vindication. Jesus vindicated His Father, knowing also that he would be glorified. But his motivation was out of pure love; firstly, for God and then for those whom he knew, and whom he desired to experience the love which becomes mutual between God and man. When I was a JW, the paradise promise was always put before me. Obey the direction of the organization and that reward was waiting. I see it so differently now. I can understand how one yearns to please the Father and Christ. It is not because of the reward, but it is through an awareness of THEIR love for a mere worm wriggling in the dirt. Isa 41:13,14 I know that obedience brings its reward; but having the fear of God within one’s heart, the respect for His power, patience and love, His blessing bestowed on those shown Truth, helps comprehend that earnest desire to be where truth, Christ and God reside. It is the connection that love makes through the blessing of Holy Spirit. It is “the bond of perfection”. Col 3:14 Michael – “Who Is Like God?” That is the call of Christ’s faithful servants in the last days. Rev 12:7 Through the developing an authentic love for the Father only possible through His grace, nothing should stand in our way of making that call – no organization that demands to be glorified, no man who expects obedience to his failures, no man-made rules that cannot be verified by God’s Word. Isa chapter 48
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    This is in effect what the GB is. There is a good reason why Christ wanted spiritual wholehearted people to lead the way. It’s people like you that elevate the GB to something they are not. It is people here that pretend to acknowledge the GB have stepped away from their role a wise shepherds. This is apparent by certain “witnesses” that believe their personal view and understanding of scripture elevates their personal knowledge of scripture by boosts apostate views that condemn themselves rather than willing to serve God in, an appropriate manner. Therefore, who is more in error, the GB that serves God the correct way, or opposer's that believe, the GB are attempting to play the role of the messiah? Blasphemy is not an option. I recommend ex-witnesses reread the scriptures they post, and fully understand the mentality they live in. Then perhaps their comments would have some kind of logistical value to oppose their distorted value and the submission of distorted understanding of someone's, literature.
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    I am not interested in survival at any cost ... it did not bother me one wit the 4-1/2 billion years before I was born ... and after I am dead, I strongly suspect I will not be upset about that for longer than about four minutes. I have found that those who serve God as a mechanism to try and live forever have TOTALLY missed the point of why we should serve God. A coward dies a thousand deaths, the valiant only once.
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    This is what I know and you know. It was only those who left the Jewish system and its problems behind in the first century, who had any chance of survival. Matt 24:15,16; Luke 17:22-37; Rev 18:4-8
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    I understand these principles better than you do, Witness It is clear to me that in Jesus' time on Earth, the system of theology practiced by the Jews he fulfilled without exception, until it was God's time to change it, The Jewish System had the EXACT same problems we do today in Christian Congregational arrangement. Such are the limitations of we poor souls, made of DNA, and dust. We are just big ugly bags of mostly water, but the fact of the matter is ... that is the best we are capable of.as humans, of which I have a realistic expectation of little or nothing. If you know a global Christian Congregational Arrangement that does NOT have these common problems,, and still has a core of pure Truth, let me know, and when verified, I will abandon what I have and switch to what you have discovered. Until then, your opinions as expressed are irrelevant hyperbole, and I will wait in expectation, content that loyalty to God, common sense, and Truth (where I find it), will be enough to "make do".
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    dduane: …I don’t normally post things twice in a row, but I uploaded this super gif from Paul Wood (@superretroid) at Twitter last night, and no matter how many times I’ve viewed it since, I haven’t seen it animate ONCE. So here it is again. Let’s see if it moves THIS time. (sigh) World News
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    20,000 + infected..... I still think the damage to the economy is going to really hit hard in the months to come. Someone told me today that March in the US will hit hard..... Brace for impact!
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    Even Jesus stayed on the "old leaky boat", until it was time for the launch of the "new boat".

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