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  1. Most ex-JWs get on with their lives .....but there are a few that develop problems....because they cannot go on to pursue their own life and desires. They are the ones who display revenge symptoms or hate-OCD.
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  2. In Kenya, $100 of US money will buy two 90kg each, of maize and beans. Plenty, for a family for a month, although it is a restricted diet, supported with greens that they may grow. That is, if they have the land to do so. This box, costing $75.00 requires a contribution from each member in a congregation to purchase it. Also, there is a fee to update it regularly. How long will the spiritual food last, provided from that box? A month? Maybe a year? (John 15:16) Are these people spiritually nourished in the long run, by what it offers? The “generation of 1914” who were not to
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