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    Please, Jehovah bless the works of the diligent ones.
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    I am sorry, my dear Brothers & Sisters, but my Laptop Internet stick will not work today, its too weak... I can't post for you ;-( Only my iPad is working. But I need my Laptop for posting here, awww I will call for help tmw, now its night here, not possible, sorry. Gnite to you all and til tmw? bye bye In few days at home again with wlan... Hilarious
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    Drink more water everyone. I think we all typically fail at this. Good health to you all.
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    Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters! Today, we started our letter writing to Russia! Were also having another evening on Monday to write letters! This is our second week for our Memorial Campaign! So, today I got in three hours of service to Jehovah! I'm so proud of myself, to be one of his loyal servants out of the over 8 million today! The latest update is the post office is running out of international stamps, and a sister was mailing her letters and the man behind her was so impressed, he said "I'll take care of this"! Even the post office employees are replying to all the letters being mailed to Russia! We definitely have Jehovah's holy spirit supporting us worldwide! I hope all of you have a great weekend! Agape love, Shirley!!!?
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    Me gusta sus posts.. pero .. si deseas que otras personas puedan compartir y responder bien... seria mejor poner sus posts en esta categoria https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/forum/105-testemunhas-de-jeová/ Agape! Status Update is not really for making searchable and shareable posts but rather just a quick comment I think Your "wall" on here doesn't seem to work the same as a post on your Facebook wall so to speak.
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    Com 200 anos de antecedência, Jeová revelou ao profeta Isaías o que aconteceria com Babilônia. https://www.jw.org/pt/publicacoes/revistas/g201101/babilonia-na-historia-biblica/#?insight[search_id]=4c7dc935-672a-4bf2-b604-874e5c024660&insight[search_result_index]=2 https://www.jw.org/pt/publicacoes/revistas/g201102/medo-persia-na-historia-biblica/#?insight[search_id]=77aec593-6650-47b0-8cf6-ab663f6ec027&insight[search_result_index]=3
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    Post this on the days text Sister Queen
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    ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫
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    Hi my dear friends, I am HOME by my dear friend WLAN Its night time and we see us Monday, JUU HUU I am happy?
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    O mais novo Salão o Reino em construção no distrito de Limoeiro Feira de Santana-Ba. Todas Congregações das cidades vizinhas estão dando apóio a equipe de Construção. Ficamos gratos, e Agradecemos ao nosso Deus Jeová.
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    Dear brothers and sisters, I am so sorry, but my Laptop is not able to post my nice things these days... I am sad ;-(( Need a new keyboard and hope, in very short time all is okay again. Miss my postings and you all❤️ can only watch with my iPad, give a comment and reputations. Need my mouse & Laptop for nice postings ! A nice weekend for you and until very soon, your Esther ;o)
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    Hello all my spiritual brothers and sisters! I just had to share my two wonderful experiences I had Saturday before my field service and during my field service! I usually have my latest issues in my magazine bag, but I had forgotten them at my house, so I went back to get them. Then I went to McDonalds to get my yogurt parfait! I normally put them in my magazine bag, but I had left them in my lap, so as I was paying for my yogurt parfait, the cashier said to me "Give me one of those books" I love to read them and look up the scriptures, and bring me some more! Wow, I was so excited, I said Thank you Jehovah!! The next experience I had was in the territory we worked in Saturday! It just so happens that my return visit was in the territory we were working in, so I went to his house too, and gave him his latest issue, but my experience that I'd love to share with you is that in the last house the woman and man were sitting in their car, so I approached the woman and showed her my Watchtower No.4 and she said " Oh I used to read those books , and the man grabbed it out of her hand, and was going to give it back to me, and told me "She goes to her own church" and she grabbed it back and said" I'm keeping it"! So she went into her house and I explained to the man, that were not trying to change their religion, were just carrying out Jesus commandment to us , to preach the good news as Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28:19 &20 says!! He did listen to me ! So Jehovah's Holy Spirit and his angels were with me as always!! Agape love, Shirley!!
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    Soon I'm in Holiday my good friends... my tablet and laptop always want coming with me, LOL, so we have contact daily too ! I think, middle of July.... tell you in time ! For all a very nice weekend ! from far away Germany.... I think to you all ❤
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    The Librarian

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    To the Librarian / Admin..... PS. The new Login was me, with my new iPhone 11 - All okay.... just now with my iPad mini 2019 ! My a lot posting-time in the last years I will not stop, but the time is coming to reduce it, so sorry😢 It’s better for my health in our ENDTIME bec. Jehovah🙏 We see us on and off, YES👍 Many things are changing in our time.... I really miss you ALL❤️ and my loving work! Until soon, warm regards from ‚Queen Esther‘ 🌹💖🌹
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    Hello my dear friends After a serious time and one week in a hospital.... I'm back by Camping. I had alot luck, yes. And I hope, all is ok now. A great week to you all, health and much Love from Germany❤️? ???
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    Although I probably shouldn't... I am going to go make myself some english muffins with lots of butter on them as an evening snack.
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    Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa ? But my grandson and I are on vacay in the USA, we've hit 3 states already (VA, OH, AZ now on the 4th and last (ID) before going back home.We thank our God of love Jehovah for belonging to this amazing worldwide brotherhood ??
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    Raquel Segovia

    Toscana, Italia

    Toscana, Italia
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    I can see you enjoying riling up the German @Queen Esther .... in between sips you must be grinning widely.
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    My sister, on the post about Gog from Magog, i see many many are apostates. But , often , informations are write for us JW. As that, many "sensitive" informations are give to them by this website. Why do you not put out these kind of poeples ? (Sorry for my English) Love !
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    Hello my loved ones. You remember the attack in Finland (in Turku) Two people were killed and unfortunately one of our sisters paid the high price. Know one thing, where our sister lost her life now, a Kiosk. Yes, the government has built a small house, or our Brothers and Sisters are protected, but there is also a canopy against the rain, and in the same shelter, the displays and magazines may have remained. Superb testimony
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    The ''Independance Day'' that I am looking forward to, is , Armageddon, when all wickedness and injustice are wiped out forever. And then we can begin the clean-up to make our Earth a true Paradise, the Resurrection when we welcome all our loved ones back who are now asleep in death, and for all to come to know Jehovah for the wonderful Father, righteous Sovereign Ruler, and great God that He is.
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    internet in 1 min.

    internet in 1 min.
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    This is so loving to do this for individuals like us thank you so much for your hard work and sharing it.
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    This is the new Google Earth

    This is the new Google Earth
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    Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters on here! Yesterday, I went to the Post Office to mail my letters to Russia! Remember, don't forget to count your time writing your letters! I'm so proud to be a part of this Global Writing Campaign! This really nice lady, Barbara, went up to the postal worker before me, she was waiting to talk to someone else, then I went up to the postal clerk, and asked her if she could take my photo holding my letters, she said, she couldn't do it because of the security cameras, so I asked Barbara, she said she would, also she had overheard me say Russia! She said : Your going to Russia! I very respectfully replied: No, I'm sending these letters to Russia! Then I explained why I was sending these letters to Russia! She was very impressed and told me that she hopes these letters will change their minds!! I told her that all we can do now is write our letters and pray for brothers and sisters in Russia! I told her that we have to mail our letters by April 1st! They will make their final decision on April 5th! I asked her politely if she would take my photo of me holding my letters, she took my photo, and then we introduced ourselves to each other! I told the postal worker before I gave her my letters to mail, I hope these letters reach their hearts, she said they will! I was able to witness to both of them about the situation in Russia! This is our last week for our Memorial Campaign!!! I know Jehovah was so proud of me! Agape love, Shirley
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    Thank you for all the info you sent. Much appreciated it.
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    Check out the Albums tab to the left.... you might like how the albums you create in Gallery are your own and are also a part of your profile. Enjoy!
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    MRI scan of the human body.

    MRI scan of the human body.
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    From yesterday’s study article: ‘For instance, a man tells his boss or fellow workers that he cannot be at work the next day or that he must leave early because he has a “medical” appointment. In fact, his “medical” appointment is merely a brief stop at a pharmacy or a quick visit to the doctor’s office to pay a bill. His real reason for not being at work is so that he can get a head start on a trip or so that he can take his family to the beach. There may have been a grain of truth in his mentioning a “medical” appointment, but would you say that he was being honest? Or was he being deceptive?’ The friends were intrigued over this point and many discussed it at the special Bible study meetings held at individual homes last night. Photo: Vic
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    Sempre Confie em Jeová https://www.jw.org/pt/publicacoes/videos/#mediaitems/AllVideos/pub-tiy_T_x_VIDEO
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    Jehovah - The God of Tender Mercies IMG_4792.mov
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    World map of 24-hour Global Internet usage
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    Brothers and Sisters missionary Galaad distributed humanitarian food after the Matthew hurricane 2016 from Anse-d'Ainault/Grande-Anse Haiti. VID-20161223-WA0004.mp4
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    I really did enjoy thisweek meeting . Especially the portion dealing with the shulammite girl
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    In Germany its already Friday.... ❤ For all Brothers and Sisters ❤ Phil. 4 : 4, Always rejoice in the Lord. Again I will say, Rejoice ;o)
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    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
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    A wonderful weekend to all my brothers & sisters ❤
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    Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters! I've been through a lot of chaos within this past month! My roommate attacked me, and I left the house immediately, and by the time the police arrived, she left! I had to leave my former congregation for a little while and move in with my son!! Get a storage unit, and rent a van to carry some of my stuff to my storage unit! I felt so lost, even though I was living with my son! I attended another congregation that Sunday!! I just cried and prayed to Jehovah, and trusted in him!! Well, 10 days later, I was checking out various places to rent, then I saw the sign, efficiency for rent, he only had 2 left, and one upstairs bedroom loft, so I had the choice to pick the apartment I wanted! I'm so thankful to Jehovah for listening to my heartfelt prayers to him!! I will always trust in Jehovah, he takes care of all his loyal ones!!! No matter what we are facing in these critical times, we can always put Jehovah first, and he will take care of us!!! Agape love, Shirley!!!!
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    Hi! Excuse me, why are you using Google for translate or what is the principal language of this forum. If anyone can do the translation from english to spanish, I would like to help with that. Just email me. Best regards, Jei.
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    Was out for awhile. I'm back Bros and sisters
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    You seem to be bitter, unhappy and have a hate for the Witnesses - hence the constant criticism. You seem to presume I do not read other materials .....For your information, I am not a spring chicken who has only lived in America. I was a reporter for many years (not in English) and I therefore DO look at other materials so as to inform myself of what they say - and they seem to have similar stories. Most believe in Hell fire, Immortality of the soul and hence do not understand that Jesus' really died (his soul died), are not neutral in wars, take blood, and believe Jesus is coming back in the flesh... etc. I am actually on my way to live in Scandinavia - my husband and I are packing up.... I have lived in Africa, Europe and America.... so I have 'lived' in many cultures, I have seen many different ways of life and how people react to their environments.... and Yes - I have experienced the association with Witnesses in all of these countries. I have learnt one gets out of it what you put in. Nothing one does well comes easy - and one must be prepared to sacrifice things - then you get more back - like Jesus did. I also read Arabic (taught myself) and preach to mainly Muslims.... I have read the Qur'an, Hadith, the Siri and much more. Have you investigated all of this? Have you really sincerely sat down and study what the Witnesses believe? ...And how this fits in with what is happening on earth today? As a loving fellow here on earth, I refuse to tell you what to believe - I can only encourage you to not to be a smarty-pants. I have met many apostates/opposers - and they all trust in their own brilliance...and seem to have an all consuming hate of the Witnesses. It takes up their whole lives.
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    Mabuhay! Welcome back Alexa. If you need a new category to share something in any of the sections just ask me. Agape!
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    I was wondering on how can I get the Convention Notebook for this year.It has helped me prepared each day for the meeting and get a better understanding of the things I don't understand. Can anyone help me find it or point me in the right direction? Thank your for your time and have a nice day.
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    Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters on here! I'm so proud of my youngest daughter,who graduated this Thursday,June 9, 2016!!! All of my grown children, make me so proud of them! Also, my oldest daughter is expecting my fourth grandchild, it's a girl in August! I would love to get to know my brothers and sisters on here! Let's chat sometimes!! Agape love,Shirley!!
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    Mit manchen Menschen zahlt es sich einfach nicht aus zu reden. Das ist doch im normalen HzH Dienst oder innerhalb der Familie genauso. Wir leben in einer Parallelgesellschaft, wie in einem anderen Staat, und sind zu Besuch hier, halten uns an die Regeln und Basta! Meine Romanhelden in meinen Novellen kommen auch alle zu diesem Schluß, das ist der Sinn meiner Schreibereien. Und die nicht wollen müssen sich dann mit der neuen Regierungsform im Reich Gottes herumschlagen - und das geht dann sehr schnell. Wer dann nicht will, muß eben gehen.So einfach ist das.
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    It's never what you earn. It's what you SAVE!
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    You brighten my morning each day! When I think of how grumpy until I get coffee, which is so uncouth, I look at you seeking Jehovah"s word and providing us with it daily. I have my book but it is so i nice to think of email I,used to, now I come to this sight just to read the text daily. May Jehovah CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU! LINDA C. GRIFFIN

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