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    Me gusta sus posts.. pero .. si deseas que otras personas puedan compartir y responder bien... seria mejor poner sus posts en esta categoria https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/forum/105-testemunhas-de-jeová/ Agape! Status Update is not really for making searchable and shareable posts but rather just a quick comment I think Your "wall" on here doesn't seem to work the same as a post on your Facebook wall so to speak.
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    Post this on the days text Sister Queen
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    O mais novo Salão o Reino em construção no distrito de Limoeiro Feira de Santana-Ba. Todas Congregações das cidades vizinhas estão dando apóio a equipe de Construção. Ficamos gratos, e Agradecemos ao nosso Deus Jeová.
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    Dear brothers and sisters, I am so sorry, but my Laptop is not able to post my nice things these days... I am sad ;-(( Need a new keyboard and hope, in very short time all is okay again. Miss my postings and you all❤️ can only watch with my iPad, give a comment and reputations. Need my mouse & Laptop for nice postings ! A nice weekend for you and until very soon, your Esther ;o)
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    Soon I'm in Holiday my good friends... my tablet and laptop always want coming with me, LOL, so we have contact daily too ! I think, middle of July.... tell you in time ! For all a very nice weekend ! from far away Germany.... I think to you all ❤
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    Jehovah - The God of Tender Mercies IMG_4792.mov
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    World map of 24-hour Global Internet usage
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    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
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    You seem to be bitter, unhappy and have a hate for the Witnesses - hence the constant criticism. You seem to presume I do not read other materials .....For your information, I am not a spring chicken who has only lived in America. I was a reporter for many years (not in English) and I therefore DO look at other materials so as to inform myself of what they say - and they seem to have similar stories. Most believe in Hell fire, Immortality of the soul and hence do not understand that Jesus' really died (his soul died), are not neutral in wars, take blood, and believe Jesus is coming back in the flesh... etc. I am actually on my way to live in Scandinavia - my husband and I are packing up.... I have lived in Africa, Europe and America.... so I have 'lived' in many cultures, I have seen many different ways of life and how people react to their environments.... and Yes - I have experienced the association with Witnesses in all of these countries. I have learnt one gets out of it what you put in. Nothing one does well comes easy - and one must be prepared to sacrifice things - then you get more back - like Jesus did. I also read Arabic (taught myself) and preach to mainly Muslims.... I have read the Qur'an, Hadith, the Siri and much more. Have you investigated all of this? Have you really sincerely sat down and study what the Witnesses believe? ...And how this fits in with what is happening on earth today? As a loving fellow here on earth, I refuse to tell you what to believe - I can only encourage you to not to be a smarty-pants. I have met many apostates/opposers - and they all trust in their own brilliance...and seem to have an all consuming hate of the Witnesses. It takes up their whole lives.
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    I was wondering on how can I get the Convention Notebook for this year.It has helped me prepared each day for the meeting and get a better understanding of the things I don't understand. Can anyone help me find it or point me in the right direction? Thank your for your time and have a nice day.
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    Twyla, from myself and family, I wanted to thank you for the time you spend in preparation of the weekly study materials. This is a gift you freely give to us, I remember when we were working and how much we appreciated the timely materials you provided. We’ve been retired 11 years in July and still appreciate your gift too us. Thank You Ron & Bernice
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    What's your theme song today? 😎
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    The Librarian

    Interesting new block @admin

    Interesting new block @admin
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    I listened again. Thanks. We often listen but do not follow the advice. I recently sent money to a refugee and a close friend (a sister) tried to talk me out of it because the "brother" may not be a strong brother or may not use the money for the purpose I sent it to him. Now that I call fleshly thinking. I rather err on the side of showing love and mercy than the other side.
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    Anna Rajala

    Hi 💖 💞 😈 ✂✌

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    The entire National Geographic August 2018 is about sleep. One third of us will experience diagnosable sleep disorder. Animals will sooner die from lack of sleep than hunger. An upset in a substance called beta-amyloid is closely related to Alzheimer's. About 60% of the residents at our frail care home are sufferers.
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    Reflexiona todo el tiempo que necesites, pero actúa todo lo rápido que puedas.
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    thank you so much an our bro and sis thank u too
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    Raquel Segovia

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    Raquel Segovia

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    Thank you for providing our family with the weekly study material!! Your hard work and effort is greatly appreciated among us all.
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    Welcome! I would love to hear and see more about our brothers in your area. Please post some news and photos when you get a chance. And don't forget to add yourself to our member map when you get a chance. Agape!
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    Welcome! I would love to hear and see more about our brothers in your area. Please post some news and photos when you get a chance. And don't forget to add yourself to our member map when you get a chance. Agape!
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    Raquel Segovia

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    A wonderful weekend for all my Brothers & Sisters Best wishes and greetings from Germany ( see us to my evening again !)
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    Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters on here! I'd love to share my cover photo with everyone! This lovely spiritual sister was at my first wedding on October 30,1976! She attended my wedding at Duncanville Kingdomhall Of Jehovah's Witnesses in Duncanville,Texas! She now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico! She was staying with another sister who takes me to the meetings on Thursday! So, after our meeting a brother took this photo of us! I still have my original wedding photos of her and her two children at my wedding! Sadly, our marriage only lasted 20 years! He became inactive, and I assumed his role of training our two children to serve Jehovah! Unfortunately, they stopped serving Jehovah! It's been 41 years since we've seen each other! Jehovah has taking very good care of us all these years! I was so happy to see her still serving Jehovah! One of her son's is a Pioneer, they live in McKinney, Texas! Jehovah has blessed me with another client! So, hopefully soon, I'll be able to buy a car! One of our lovely elderly sister's daughter whom she was studying with passed away on Tuesday! Her daughter asked to be cremated, and a small gathering of her family and friends is this Saturday! She's lost other children too! Soon, she will welcome them back in her arms again, as we await the resurrection! I'm so excited on December 30, 2017, I'm attending a formal party that a sister hosts every year! This year we have to wear red, white, or black! It's a lot of fun, first we eat, then we enjoy entertainment, and then we dance to different songs! Also,we have door prizes! I hope I win something this year! I'm really excited to start our Congregation Bible Study in our new book: JESUS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE this Thursday! Well, 2017 is almost over! Only 12 more days left for 2017! I love our new year text: THOSE HOPING IN JEHOVAH WILL REGAIN POWER- ISAIAH 40:31! I hope everyone has a great 2018! My prayers are with my spiritual brothers and sisters losing their homes in the fires in California! May Jehovah comfort them and protect them! Agape love, Shirley
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    i am looking for some audios and talk outlines of the 2009 KEEP ON THE WATCH DISTRICT CONVENTION, DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THAT CONVENTION?
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    Animo mi hermano cristiano, que caminas cansado el sendero angosto no tomes en cuenta su curso accidentado, es todo sagrado y esta santificado por los benditos pies del Amo. Considera cada espina. una rosa cada roca ,un hito que nos conduce a la meta. Mantèn la vista fija en el premio !!! Atalaya Julio 1879
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    Un regalito para los nenes y las hermanas de la congregación
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    Hello World!

    Hello World!
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    Felicidad en el servicio a Jehovà...calma el dolor del amor
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    Good morning, I am new at this.. I dunno how to post a request... my name is Stef I am from Italy, I am searching for this brochure: (Jehovah’s Witnesses and Disaster Relief..) If you ever came to get a copy would you be so kind to send me a link or the copy via email? i look forwar to hearing from you Kind regards Stef Parlan
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    Hello to all my spiritual brothers and sisters! I've recently moved in with a single spiritual sister, who also is my client, and another spiritual sister with her two daughters on September 30, 2017! My lease to my old apartment I lived in for a year, expired! So, I prayed to Jehovah to help me make this major decision affecting my life! I felt this was the right decision for me, to make for right now! I now have all my personal belongings in storage! Now, I don't have to ride buses or trains to get to work! I'm a lot closer to my kingdomhall now! My client attends a different congregation, so sometimes I go with her, or if I get a ride from someone in my congregation, I attend mine! I'm so proud of my congregation, we've been assigned the Hub! September 29-October 22, 2017, 5,000 volunteers from different congregations meet at my kingdomhall at 5:45 a.m. are assigned to different locations in downtown Dallas. This is the first time this provision under Jehovah's direction, and the Branch, of Special Cart Witnessing has ever been done during the opening day and closing day of the State Fair of Texas. Since I turned 60 years young, on October 19, 2017 I was able to get my Senior ticket to be admitted free only on Thursday's! I'm also seeking another employment, so I can buy another car! The sister charges me $275.00 for my rent! We all cook sometimes different meals! I also found out that on Dallas Housing Authority had removed 5,000 names including mine, from the waiting list I was on! So now on November 1st, Section 8 will open up and take in more applicants and stay open! I pray to Jehovah to help me get my housing soon! this is just a temporary move right now for me! I just have to be patient and wait on Jehovah! Sometimes, we have to make major changes in our lives, that were not ready to face! I know my heavenly father, Jehovah will always take care of his loyal servants! My prayers are with all my spiritual brothers and sisters who were displaced from their homes, in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico, during Hurricane Maria! May Jehovah bring comfort to each and everyone of them! We also lost a beautiful 42 year young, spiritual sister in Las Vegas! My prayers are with her husband, and her six year old daughter! I read there were over 1,000 people who attended her funeral! She will be in Jehovah's Memory! I hope everyone has a great weekend, agape love, Shirley!
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    Looking forward to the weekly Audio, It really makes my day when I see them posted.
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    Twyla....I always have a terrible time finding the study material so I'm following you to see if that helps. I sure do appreciate all that you do and would give anything to be a fly on the wall to see how you manage Darla
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    Do you work for Boeing? Just curious.
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    Claud's Lst

    Thanks for the video.

    Thanks for the video.
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    No meeting info for coming week
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    Share if you see the green dot:

    Share if you see the green dot:
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    6.576 visits / day ~ WORLDWIDE!
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    Please help, where do we find TB's weekly study material. The previous web site is closed?
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    Thanks sweety pie - yes one wastes one time on people who have made up their mind and believe everything bad about Jehovah's people.... that we still follow Russell religiously. But I am sure that some other people who love the truth can pick up something to think about. I did not try to write scholarly notes... too much time to research for people who do not care anyhow... Thanks for the encouragement!..... I think I will really show more restraint in future as these people have so much time to waste.... but of course they do not think it is a waste because they have an agenda.... I don't really have the time.... learning 2 languages and also packing up to go to Sweden .... and then I get sucked in....
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    I'm wondering about some themes....... I'm a person, wanting a clear answer ! Ok. lets see today.....
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    Tudo super interessante, eu tiro bastante proveito em conhecer a história das testemunhas de Jeová.
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    Hi I am Sister Jan Pardee and I was singed up but I got a new computer and don't know where to go or how to sing in, can you help me? My email is jan.p2013@yahoo.com Agape' Love Sister Jan Pardee
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    I had a wonderful Memorial - ceremony with a very good Talk for our many guests❤ Very simple but clear and evidence. Now back here for you all ;o)
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    Vincent Daniels

    Aloha, From HAWAII !

    Aloha, From HAWAII!
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    Please forgive me for the late post, but I'm trying to download the material for the week of March 14 because the circuit overseer is coming early and also it continues to say '' problem occurred''. I was wondering if there is another way to download this. If it's not a problem, could u resend it please. Thanks a lot Sis. DeGrate
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    Thank you sister for the wonderful material and taking your time to do this because time is valuable to all JW. Much appreciated agape, Bonnie Wilson
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    One again thank you for your daily day's text . Much appreciated

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