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    I suspect that most people harbor a lingering sense of What if I'd followed my heart?, and there's no way to ever really know the answer. A life, after all, is simply a series of little lives, each of them lived one day at a time, and every single one of those days has choices and consequences. Piece by piece, those decisions help to form the people we become... Nicholas Sparks September 2, 2017 Every Breath- page 9
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    Thank you . Much Appreciate it.
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    Good night

    Good night
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    Pray Incessantly

    Pray Incessantly
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    Good morning 💕☀⛅ Thank you so much!!
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    Hallo liebe Esther habe lange nicht mit euch Kontakt, bin wieder einmal im Krankenhaus. wie geht es dir ich Danke dir nochmals für deine tolle Aufmunterung. habe neue Mail (hberger725@gmail.com) jehovas reichsten Segen würde mich freuen was von dir zu hören. Bin noch Pionier. heidi
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    Twyla, from myself and family, I wanted to thank you for the time you spend in preparation of the weekly study materials. This is a gift you freely give to us, I remember when we were working and how much we appreciated the timely materials you provided. We’ve been retired 11 years in July and still appreciate your gift too us. Thank You Ron & Bernice
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    « Love never Fails » Jehovah’s Witnesses 2019 International convention May 17-19 at the Mercedes Benz stadium 🏟Atlanta , Georgia. F264C888-8DE1-441B-BB9A-07ED7B5894F5.MOV 49423520-64BB-4714-A0A3-5782C815B758.MOV 4D73AB95-D6B6-4786-8DF3-8A44C54C6607.MOV F264C888-8DE1-441B-BB9A-07ED7B5894F5.MOV 4D73AB95-D6B6-4786-8DF3-8A44C54C6607.MOV
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    2019 ‘’Love never fails ‘’Atlanta Georgia (Mercedes Benz Stadium 🏟): My first international convention since i’ve been 12 years baptized in the truth! Extraordinary ! so incredible !
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    i very much enjoy and appreciate these study materials , but now they are now allowing me to down load them any longer is there something i am not doing right ?
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    "Why did God create mosquitoes" was a question once asked by a reader. I'm late because I've been battling to find that post. However, Monty Python's song "All things dull and ugly", a spoof on "All things bright and beautiful" is very funny.
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    Not sure if I’m writing in the right place as it’s been a while. but I’m responding to witness.who had a question put to him as to what he would do to correct or help the .org. he gave admirable thoughts...which I’m sure all of us would back up. The major thing that is escaping your notice Witness...is nothing you or any one else here could improve on anything really... For what is escaping your notice..,is never in the history of Jehovah having a people on this earth have they ever been able to do things to his satisfaction or right, Its the pattern constantly laid down in the history of the scriptures. the Israelites became worse than the nations around them...BUT he still considered them his people even tho severely disciplining them. the Jewish syste, also became corrupted and self righteous ...and thus received divine harsh punishment... Paul once again said wolves in sheep’s clothing would enter Into the cong and would treat the sheep harshly..and infact even whilst still alive he stated the man of lawlessness was already at work... Jehovah never ever wanted to send judges and prophets...he did that because they would not listen to or work out when their God was taking his spirit away from them...hence he sent men forward to actually communicate with them. he did not want them to have Kings as they would treat them harshly and tax them heavily...this life under them would be a burden... Our God knows than no man or group of men or faithful and discreet slave....of whom are yet to be judged as such...can ever do What his people in the past has never been able to achieve . so it’s no good leaving....or thinking ANYONE can do better...because you are not learning the lesson that Jehovah is trying to teach you... Moses sinned....David sinned..Aaron sinned...Saul sinned..Peter denied Christ three times and they all fled and abandoned him... Jehovah’ is showing us at this time...NO ONE can do it right or will do it right...and we all need to humble ourselves and realise that it’s only when he returns in his appointed time....that most of us may realise that... we are no different that the Israelites...pigheaded stiff necked lot....or like the Pharisees...self righteous and pious..thinking we can do better"....well history has shown that won’t work nor was ever meant to work,,,, so we need to put up with and develop the attitude of Symon the priest and just get on with our business and have our peace with Jehovah...and that witness....is where endurance comes in...and patience...and a faith that Our God will rescue us in these confusing times. Because you to would mess up witness.....every single one of us here would....
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    What's your theme song today? 😎
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    What is everybody up to tonight? besides on here of course.... I need to head to bed soon to wake up early for work. I had some pizza with some delicious Italian sausage.
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    I like how you added the GIF's @admin (Although they do add slow)
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    Good morning everyone! I just decided to change up the look a bit. Everything should still work the same.
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    Bonjour Eric merci pour ces bonnes pensées. Ton frère dans la foi. Michel
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    You seem to be bitter, unhappy and have a hate for the Witnesses - hence the constant criticism. You seem to presume I do not read other materials .....For your information, I am not a spring chicken who has only lived in America. I was a reporter for many years (not in English) and I therefore DO look at other materials so as to inform myself of what they say - and they seem to have similar stories. Most believe in Hell fire, Immortality of the soul and hence do not understand that Jesus' really died (his soul died), are not neutral in wars, take blood, and believe Jesus is coming back in the flesh... etc. I am actually on my way to live in Scandinavia - my husband and I are packing up.... I have lived in Africa, Europe and America.... so I have 'lived' in many cultures, I have seen many different ways of life and how people react to their environments.... and Yes - I have experienced the association with Witnesses in all of these countries. I have learnt one gets out of it what you put in. Nothing one does well comes easy - and one must be prepared to sacrifice things - then you get more back - like Jesus did. I also read Arabic (taught myself) and preach to mainly Muslims.... I have read the Qur'an, Hadith, the Siri and much more. Have you investigated all of this? Have you really sincerely sat down and study what the Witnesses believe? ...And how this fits in with what is happening on earth today? As a loving fellow here on earth, I refuse to tell you what to believe - I can only encourage you to not to be a smarty-pants. I have met many apostates/opposers - and they all trust in their own brilliance...and seem to have an all consuming hate of the Witnesses. It takes up their whole lives.

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