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    • God said His WORD is like fire.  Jer 23:29; Heb 12:29; Ps 29:7   It is a symbol of authority - power.  Do you see a literal dragon of Revelation breathing literal fire through its pawns/false prophet and organization?  Rev 13:1,2,11,12 The "two witnesses" of Revelation 11 breath "fire from their mouths".  Is this literal; or is it instead their speaking the Word of God?  Rev 11:1-5 Satan's false prophet of Rev 13:11,12 has been given the authority to speak Satan's "fire", from the
    • If WT is not able to control their own people behavior .....let them dfd all, all those who are out of control :))))))) Now, let us be serious. Systematic program of Elder Body Judicial Committee is to put people's (bad or not bad, question is open) behavior inside controlled boarders. Boarders are made by Bible Principles and by WT human rules. Sometimes they are in collision, but that is another issue.  It would be nice to see all those "clear instruction/s" about CSA issue from, as
    • Yes, they speak about the same thing. In addition Daniel 7 speaking about the little horn that grows in power and then persecutes the saints during 3 and half biblical years is about the same king and the same persecution and about the same time period. And Daniel 12 talking about time time and half a time and 1335 days including 1260 and 1290th day are about the same period. Those explanations in Daniel 12 are just clarifications to those previous visions. And it is important to under
    • Perhaps because it's ONE O'clock in the morning, I see NO connection between the topic "I was wrong", the scripture you quoted, and the comment in red. Could you please explain, as if to a to a two  year old, who need crayons and hand puppets?
    • When Dan 8:20-23 says four kings  sprang up from Greece, this already happened according to some people    “20 “The two-horned ram that you saw stands for the kings of Meʹdi·a and Persia. 21 The hairy male goat stands for the king of Greece; and the great horn that was between its eyes stands for the first king. 22 As for the horn that was broken, so that four stood up instead of it, there are four kingdoms from his nation that will stand up, but not with his power. 23 “And in the final par
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