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    • The usual treatment of the subject follows the idea that it was just a natural part of the mid-to-late 19th century style for men. *** g00 1/22 p. 24 A Close Shave *** In ancient Greek society, beards were normally worn by all except the nobility, who were often clean-shaven. In Rome the habit of shaving seems to have started in the second century B.C.E., and for several centuries thereafter, a daily shave remained the custom. With the fall of the Roman Empire, however, the beard once a
    • And what have you learned regarding helping the children concerning talking to them about such things? Information you convey here and give insight to those on this forum and any onlooker who is a guest.
    • Yes that is true. Spiritual Jerusalem does not reject the Christ. Although Witness is as blind and misguided as ever so evident, Witness was aware of these despite confusing Earthly and Spiritual in the past, and did not make the correction even later on. The New Covenant is of HIGH importance, we should not belittle ourselves to the level of stupidity and or ignorance of what it entails, something the MSC does not understand, the interfaith among them twist what it means and tarnish what t
    • Clearly, I do not kid. So I suggest you answer the question, which I will quote again. The others can be addressed based on you not recognizing the heirs:   Also in the link regarding the discussion about who the Destroyer is, you contradict regarding what is addressed here. What you do not get is there are people, lost ones out there who want to learn about who God is, questions like this they themselves will ask as they make progress to accepting the teachings of t
    • @Equivocation I want to hear evidence from claim from him, this is a debate that is ongoing. @Equivocation @Srecko Sostar  Also for the both of you, this is signs of a losing debate, as we can see what Srecko is suffering from. Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. Apparently with little discernment, anyone who is on the receiving end of a debate is always angry, not to the point of becoming the hulk, no, but to the point of copyi
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