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    • This is something I disagree: when you are not able to attend an assembly you are told that you are not being obedient. Today I learned about a sister asking for money " to go to the convention". Another sister said she was going to give her some money but no more again, as she has her own expenses as well. In the end sometimes  what should be a joyful ocassion becomes a burden. Of course I don't doubt about Jehovah's power to bless people sometimes in unexpected ways
    • WORKSHOP                                                                                                        A silversmith needs a workshop. The same with a potter. What about Jehovah? Christian meetings are Jehovah's workplace where he works on molding us. What about Satan? His wicked world is his workshop. If we don't attend meetings and stay in the world, who will end up molding us?
    • This canvas painting was found in Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion, prominently displayed in a large waiting room near the entrance. It was in the news for about three days. Could be worse ..... .... could be Hillary in a Ferengi outfit. I understand Hillary and Bill still share the same bed, but he sleeps on top in that "Monica Blue" dress, and she hangs from the bottom upside down with wings wrapped around her body.
    • I went to the web site you posted, but apparently missed something.  The only thing I could find was a button where you could donate money. Do you have a link to a SPECIFIC set of videos where I can see a REAL plane taking off and landing? I used to build model airplanes that could fly, but if you took every part and scaled it up to a real-life airplane, it would NOT fly. It seems to me that ground resistance and wind shear would make such an under powered real life aircraft no mo
    • Several years ago four Sisters out in the Ministry were traveling in a car in Grand Prairie, Texas, just west of Dallas, Texas, and as they were going through an intersection, they were T-Boned by another car, and all were instantly killed. How would that relate to what you have posted above?
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